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Friday, 24 August 2012

England victorious!!

499 years ago!
As the SNP are building up to huge celebrations across Scotland, of the 800th anniversary of the defeat of an invading English at Bannockburn, spare a thought for the anniversaries of the many battles fought to defeat invading Scottish armies.
9th September is the anniversary of the Battle of Flodden Field when one of the last of many invading Scottish Armies was smashed, in 1513. Here is a link to the wikipedia account which is worth reading
Next year will be its 500th anniversary. What should English nationalists do to mark the occasion?


  1. It's nonsense to maintain that in the modern world some kind of Englishness can be preserved on a small island off the North West of Europe - a quote from Professor Stuart Hall

  2. Go to Flodden to Celebrate Englands Victory !

  3. Good time to go to Northumberland for a holiday!

  4. Robin, today is not a good day to be a nationalist. What is the difference between a nationalist and an ultra-nationalist as Breivik has been described by the arch-internationalist Beeb? Is the difference only that an ultra-nationalist is one who blows people up and shoots them? I hesitate even to use the word Marxist about internationalists as that is the word that Breivik used. He has been a godsend to the internationalists as he is another Hitler whom they can use to demonise nationalists everywhere. He has stained our hands with blood. So how does this place Alex Almond? He seems to be an internationalist nationalist. He wants an independent country called Scotland but one flooded with third world immigrants so it will no longer be Scottish at all. As regards Norway, few would have ever thought that this peaceful little country of 50 years ago would one day be the battle line between nationalism and internationalism. Few realise that the summer camp was practising landing on the beaches of Gaza to liberate Palestinians from Israel. Breivik was pro-Israel, one of the few countries that are not Arab or Afro-Asian that are allowed to be unashamedly nationalist and ethnocentric. But there is worse to come for Norway thanks to the left-wingers' insistence on imposing on a hitherto homogeneous country their multicultural dream. I have previously posted that some muslims are proposing declaring the Oslo suburb of Groenland as a separate Islamic state. They intend bringing this about by bringing the Norwegian government, whose politicians over the last several decades have welcomed them to Norway, to its knees by a campaign of terrorism. Norway faces more bombs and bullets but this time from anti-semitic Islamofascists. Perhaps Norwegian politicians will soon be made to realise that in their hatred of Israel they may ultimately bring about the destruction of their own people. And perhaps in time they will come to realise Israel's and the Jews' plight when they have made of Europeans a new race of wandering Jews forced into a diaspora where once they peopled a homgeneous continent.

    1. The anti-nationalist are taking advantage of the Breivik situation to clamp down on critics of immigration, not only into Norway, but into other European countries. The anti-nationalist are putting it about that, Breivik has caused Norwegians to acknowledge their true national character, which is to throw their borders open and welcome aliens.

  5. I've been to Flodden and it isn't that easy to find the field. There is a pretty good exhibition at Etal castle. Perhaps next year the English Democrats should start the trend to uphold English honour?

  6. The Scots always commemorate the Battle of Flodden Field during Coldstream Civic Week. It is always from the Scots point of view and they march to Flodden Field. They were the aggressors, and not us English. I really wish the Scots would just put history behind them and move on.