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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A guest article

Some of the readers of this blog kindly send me articles to publish. Here is one by 'Leon Legend' which is interesting, thoughtful and thought-provoking but is based of course on his opinions. See what you think.

He has called it 'ISLAM'
In order to understand the rapid demographic transformation of Britain and especially England it is important to understand the context in which these changes have taken place and this means that we must go back to the post war period and look at the developments that took place in the following decades.
After the 1939-45 war the British economy was in need of reconstruction. There was a shortage of labour due to the number of war dead and it was assumed by politicians at the time that if any meaningful post war reconstruction was to take place then those labour shortages would have to be filled. The invitation was given to start a campaign to encourage West Indians into the country to fill vacancies in the health services, transport and manufacturing. Initially thought of as a temporary arrangement this immigration eventually took on a dynamic of its own as family members came to the country to join those already working here. The British people did not like or want this as they began to see their historic places of abode demographically transformed in a very short period of time. Enoch Powell sensed the unease of the nation and warned the political establishment and the country in his now famous 'Rivers of Blood' speech that if this process of immigration continued there would be social and racial conflicts as the demographic profile of the country continued to change. Powell was a visionary whose demographic projections have turned out to be perfectly accurate e.g. he told his audience in his Rotary Club speech that 4.2 million immigrants would be settled in Britain by 2002. The ethnic population of Britain in 2001 was 4,635,296. Mocked and ridiculed by Liberal/left politicians Powell stands out as a man of integrity and honour compared to the intellectual pygmies of the traitorous Liberal / Left that so despise our history and heritage today.
During the 1970s immigration took on more impetus with the arrival of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who came to work primarily in the cotton mills of England. Again it was argued that these workers were needed to fill gaps in the labour market and to ensure the survival of northern industries. Places such as Bradford, Burnley, Oldham and Rotherham saw significant arrivals of cheap labour into these areas and within a decade the demographic profile of these areas had profoundly changed. As it happened these arrivals only enabled a temporary reprieve of these redundant industries and many were forced into unemployment as the mills closed down. As these new arrivals settled evidence of racial and cultural conflicts began to emerge and people were increasingly uneasy with the levels of immigration into England. There had in fact been violence and conflict between whites and West Indian immigrants in the late 50s and 60s.
Although many in the country deeply opposed the levels of immigration into England it must be recognised that many people today have come to accept the views of the European and British elite opinion formers. I believe that the wounds of racism and fascism were still wide open even into the 70s and 80s and that popular misgivings about immigration and particularly Islam were easily quashed by official 'anti-racist' doctrine and politically correct intellectual fashion. Another factor that is often ignored is that the threat from the Soviet Union during the Cold War seemed very real and the European elites were preoccupied with the materialist ideologies of the Cold War. This preoccupation with the Cold War meant that the collective eye was taken off the radical Muslim ball as it was during this time that the Muslim world was reawakening and becoming bellicose and aggressive and this was precisely the time Britain allowed many from Pakistan to enter the country.
Continuing with this theme I think that Post war exhaustion and the collapse of the British Empire gave rise to a post war flagellatory guilt. The humiliation of the Suez crisis in 1956 impressed upon Britain and the world that she was no longer the major force that she had been. The dominant moral mood of post war Britain and indeed Europe was one of repentance for two historic misdeeds; Colonialism and Nazism. Post war Europeans and the British in particular felt a sense of moral illegitimacy that deepened as the decades passed in relation to immigrants and ethnic groups. Driven by postcolonial guilt and the loss of Empire, the collapse of a world role Britain's elites have decided that England's identity and values are largely racist and discriminatory.
Nationalism and patriotism, especially English patriotism is dangerous and incompatible with the emerging post war world. During the 70s and 80s as these feelings of guilt increased the need to transform a national culture into a society based on diversity and multiculturalism gained strength. Majoritarian values and the idea of the patriotic nation are now viewed as illegitimate and a source of shame. This of course explains why Britain has become enmeshed in the E.U. as it allows the liberal left elite to promote the doctrine of universalism expressed through, for example, Human Rights laws and transnational organisations such as the U.N. and the International Criminal Court or the European Court of Justice. The deligitimisation of the nation state and the undermining of patriotism are necessary conditions for the emergence of a multicultural and diverse Europe governed by transnational elites. All national cultures must be viewed with suspicion and this is why our children are no longer taught their national story or their history. They must be denied a sense of historic place, a sense of belonging to a specific people with a specific history and culture; they are denied their rightful heritage, robbed of it, so that they can be ideologically manipulated to be citizens of a new multicultural order. This is what the social engineers of the new world order must do to our children to make them citizens of the new Europe! Mass immigration is a strategy the political elites use to undermine nationalism and patriotism as it weakens national cultures and fragments society. This is underpinned by the concept of cultural relativism.
Cultural relativism dictates that all cultures are equally moral and valuable, though in practice western culture is often presented as inferior to others, stained as it is supposedly by racism and imperialism. If all cultures are equal then the State cannot promote any specific culture as being dominant, even those of its own people. The cultural relativists of the left deny that immigrants should assimilate since that by definition suggests that there is a dominant culture to assimilate into that is more valuable than ethnic cultures. Cultural relativism is gradually destroying English traditions and cultural identity, but of course that is the whole point of it. English culture, what's left of it, is simply one of many and no longer has any special status or significance. It is no more valid than any Pygmy culture!
The increasing unease the working class felt about the rapid demographic changes taking place were ignored by most politicians and indeed those who raised the loudest protests were deemed to be racists and xenophobes. By the 1980s the levels of post war immigration had reached significant proportions and it had become a major issue for the Left. It was clear that sinister developments were taking place on the Left of the political spectrum as they abandoned the working class for its failure to achieve its historic mission of transforming society from a capitalist to a socialist utopia. The working class remained stubbornly patriotic and did not share the liberal elite's love of diversity. The working class went from being the salt of the earth to the scum of the earth as the Left salivated over its new agency of social transformation i.e. immigrants from the Third World.
These neo-Marxists continued to use the Marxist model of capitalism which argued that there is a conflict between two main groups; the working class and the capitalist class with the capitalist class exploiting and oppressing the working class. Now the new oppressive class is the heterosexual white middle class male and the oppressed and exploited are the new victim groups: Blacks, women, Gays, Muslims and any other designated group that does not support the so called white middle class hegemony! Same Marxist model; new actors! These new victim groups have replaced the working class as the vehicle of social and economic transformation so desired by the Left due to their hatred of western civilisation. Such was the new agenda and politics of the 80s.
The greatest betrayal of the working class of course was yet to come. In 1997 the country elected Tony Blair's New Labour Party and during Blair's term of office the levels of immigration skyrocketed and changed the demographic profile of England forever. More immigrants came into the UK (mainly England) between 1997- 2010 than arrived on these shores between 1066-1997; some 3.7 million arrivals and an unspecified number of illegal immigrants that could number anything up to a million. New Labour politicians deliberately lied about the numbers coming in and the alleged benefits these immigrants brought to the country.
The impact that these levels of immigration have had on the English working class have been well documented by Migration Watch UK: workers priced out of the job market by cheap immigrant labour, depressed wages for those in the lowest income brackets, English people pushed to the back of the housing queues, whites reduced to minority status in their towns and cities, difficulties getting their children into local schools and nurseries, white children reduced to minority status in their schools with the subsequent promotion of every culture but their own and the working class treated with contempt and seen as being beyond the pale because they wouldnt subscribe to the cult of multiculturalism and political correctness in the way the political elites would have liked them too. The working class have been punished by the Left liberal elite for their failure to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism; they have been abandoned and left to rot on stinking run down council estates with their anxieties and concerns simply ignored. The New Labour project did not need them for they found a new proletariat in the Third World immigrants to realize their new vision of multicultural utopia.
Writing in Prospect magazine Professor Coleman, a leading Oxford University demographer, warned the huge numbers of foreigners landing on our shores will transform the U.K. He said official projections estimate that the U.K.'s population will rocket to 77 million by 2051 and 85 million by 2083.
The expert went on: 'On those assumptions the 'white British' population would decline to 45 million (59% of the total) by 2051. He states that; 'Were the assumptions to hold, the white British population would become the minority after 2066'. 'It's a milestone that would be passed much earlier in younger age-groups'.
Worrying as these demographic projections are it is clear to any objective observer however that the immediate danger to the people of these Islands is the existential threat posed by militant Islam. Melanie Phillips in her book 'Londonistan' argues that; ' London has become a major global centre of Islamist extremism-the economic and spiritual hub of production and distribution network for the most radicalised forms of Islamic thinking which pumps out an ideology of hatred for the West and recruits soldiers and raises funds for worldwide terrorist Jihad
In January 2008 Michael Nazir Ali the Anglican Bishop of Rochester declared that the ideology of Islamic extremism had succeeded in turning already separate communities into no-go areas where people of a different faith or race risked threats, abuse and even violence if they accidentally stumbled into these no-go zones. Of course it was fitting that a Pakistani convert to Christianity exposed these areas of segregation as any member of the white indigenous population would have been called a racist for pointing out the obvious! This is the situation now in Britain and particularly England that only people from ethnic minorities are able to discuss issues that most whites would like to discuss but are afraid to do so openly because governments Hate Laws.
The Bishop is of course correct in his observations, Muslim enclaves are just that: areas of separate development which are not integrated with the rest of a town or city-just below the surface in these communities exists a low level form of warfare between Muslims and their neighbours which occasionally explodes in rioting and violence. Of course the liberal elite in Britain do not refer to these areas as Muslim but refer instead to them as 'Asian' areas blaming the cause of the conflicts and tensions on racism or discrimination. The issue of religion is carefully avoided.
The terrorist attacks in London in 2005 by 'British' Muslims should have demonstrated to the Left / Liberal elite appeasers that a bellicose and aggressive Islam with a religious agenda had embedded itself in Britain and was part of a world-wide resurgence Of Jihad against the West. Instead our cowardly politicians blamed socio-economic factors and or alienation among young Asians who were vulnerable to Jihadist propaganda. Every excuse was mustered and every rationalisation used to avoid the obvious conclusion that these attacks, like every other Islamic attack, were religiously inspired and therefore part of the global Jihad against the West.
Islamic immigration continues relentlessly into Britain and Europe our politicians have abrogated any responsibility to ensure the safety, well-being and security of the British people. The creeping Islamisation of Britain continues apace with many parts of the country now taking on an Islamic character. Areas that were once white and proudly working class now resemble parts of Pakistan and Bangladesh. These are largely no go areas for non-Muslims and the police have effectively given up policing these places for fear of being accused of racism or Islamophobia. If the demographic projections are correct the Muslim populations will continue to grow and with their higher fertility rates we can expect over the next 20 to 30 years more and more of our cities taking on an Islamic character with more concessions made to Muslims by cowardly politicians keen to win the Muslim vote. It is very likely that a Muslim Party will form and that Sharia will become more evident in British culture. There is no question that it will be promoted and practiced in Muslim segregated areas. The future looks grim indeed for Britain and Europe, according to many.
It is my belief however that we can stop these processes and reverse these trends. People do not want to be subject to population replacement because they feel attached to the civilisation their ancestors created and they don't want it exchanged for a society in which they are forced to adapt to the culture of Islam. However our freedoms and our civilisation will disappear unless we fight to preserve them. Freedom is not a right passed from one generation to the next. Each generation must be vigilant and fight to maintain freedom. Our children will not forgive us if we don't.


  1. Excellent article. A good explanation of post war developments and why we are in the state we are! The author is right to point out the dangers of Islam also.

  2. Kenneth Clarke in his Civilisation series on the BBC in 1969 said that European Christian Civilisation will only come to an end if we lose confidence in ourselves. This was a year after Enoch Powell had spoken and I am sure he and Powell knew what was planned for Europe. I have never lost confidence in European Christian Civilisation, the most advanced the world has ever known, responsible for well over 90% of the world's inventions and the development of the modern world. Unfortunately, others, particularly those younger than I, have been beaten into submission by the Mad Marxists and their banker allies. You are right, both immigrant and indigenous are now totally rootless and have no sense of blood or belonging. However, we are not alone as regards Islam. Northern Europe is now full of Islamic states within a state where the police dare not go. As I have posted elsewhere, the suburb of Groenland in Oslo is on the verge of declaring itself an Islamic State. This will be copied all over Europe and in places like Tower Hamlets, Luton, Bradford etc here. The Social Democrats in Scandinavia are as mad as hatters with the Swedish sort the maddest. They are shovelling in mulsims as if there is no tomorrow. The Left has discovered that Islam will help them bring about their revolution, see potty Ken and George. They are ditching the Jews in the process and abandoning them to Islamic anti-semitism. See the recent case of the couple from Rochdale? who were targeting Manchester's Jews. The multicultural Olympics, which completely revised our history to suit their agenda, was I feel their high point. We have now reached the day before D-Day and all over Europe Europeans are going to turn on the Anti-facist facists in what we hope will be a bloodless revolution but probably not. After all, British muslims, including a convert, were on their way to wipe out the leadership of the EDL when they were rumbled. If they get away with it next time then Enoch's rivers of blood will flow. As regards the poor West Indians who were brought to the mother country after they had been promised sweetness and light, they will just continue to riot each generation as they have since their arrival her in the 1950s and as happens in America. The Marxists, including new Labour with Mr Milliband of continental Marxist ancestry, always have denied human nature ever since the Russian Revolution, which was not the work of most Russians and millions have died trying to square the circle. As regards the mill owners of the 1950s and 1960s, now long dead, may they rot in their graves for having bought themselves a few more years of lining their pockets and leaving the Lancashire of my childhood and the Yorkshire of my ancestry with intractable problems.

  3. If you thought that Islam was a European problem, think again. I have just read a report on the celebrations for Eid in the US. Can you believe that the Empire State Building was let up in green or that thousands of muslims gathered at various places in Texas - Texas!!?? It seems they are allowed to make more of it there than is happening in Europe. Haven't they got nuclear missiles in Texas? If they are allowed anywhere near them we are sunk.

  4. Marxism and International Capitalism have a shared interest in destroying nations

  5. The Future is Islamic (the Ummah)
    Twenty years ago, the world had about 1.1 billion Muslims. Twenty years from now, it will have about twice as many - and they'll represent more than a quarter of all people on earth, according to a new [Pew] study released [January 27, 2011] Thursday.
    That's a rise from less than 20 percent in 1990.
    . . .
    The Muslim share of the global population will rise primarily because of their relatively high birth rate, the large number of Muslims of childbearing age, and an increase in life expectancy in Muslim-majority countries, according to the report, "The Future of the Global Muslim Population."