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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


This is a press release which the English Democrats have just issued. Will we get your vote?

NEWS RELEASE 29/05/2012



On Wednesday, three of the English Democrats’ potential candidates for the November 15th election of Police and Crime Commissioners attended the Association of Chief Police Officers Conference held in Manchester.

The candidates were Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats, Essex Police and Crime Commissioner candidate, Stephen Goldspink, Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner candidate and Michael Felse, English Democrats’ Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner candidate.

The English Democrats are in the process of selecting their candidates for Police and Crime Commissioners for the 38 Police Forces across England which are due to have elections on the 15th November. The Government has now published draft rules on the conduct of these elections.

The Police and Crime Commissioners will replace the previous largely ineffective and anonymous Police Authorities with a Directly Elected Commissioner with the power to hire and fire the Chief Constable and allocate the Police Force’s budget and set priority policies.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said: “Our manifesto has good old fashioned English common-sense policies for policing and I expect will strongly appeal to the electorates of most English Constabularies. Elected English Democrats’ Police and Crime Commissioners will purge their police forces of political correctness and focus their police forces on catching real criminals and maintaining traditional English Law and Order rather than Politically Correct social engineering projects or excessive harassment of motorists as an easy target to enable Chief Constables to claim inflated clear-up rates.

“If elected I shall remove motoring offences from Essex police statistics so that the clear-up rate of real crime is clear to Essex’s voters. I also intend to seek a mandate from the people of Essex that every police station should fly the Cross of St George; that “communities” budgets are used to promote Essex’s celebrations of St George’s Day and upon a zero tolerance attitude on the part of Essex’s police force to petty crime and anti-social behaviour, that blights so many of our communities.

“I fully intend to use the Police Commissioners power to dismiss the Chief Constable in the event of non-compliance.”

Further information:

Robin Tilbrook,

Chairman, The English Democrats,

FB Profile:

Key facts about the English Democrats

The English Democrats launched in 2002. The English Democrats are an English Nationalist Party campaigning for a Parliament for England, First Minister and Government, with at least the same powers as the Scottish ones within a Federal UK; St George’s Day to be England’s National holiday; Jerusalem to be England’s National Anthem; Referendum to leave the EU; An end to mass immigration; The Cross of St George to be flown on all public buildings in England; The English Democrats are England’s answer to the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru. The English Democrats’ greatest electoral successes to date: winning the Directly Elected Executive Mayoralty of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council; 2009 EU election gained 280,000 votes after a total EU campaign spend of less than £20,000, giving the English Democrats by far the most cost efficient electoral result of any serious Party in the UK.

Relevant parts of the English Democrats’ manifesto are below:

1.6 The English Flag

1.6.1 We call for the compulsory flying of the English flag, the cross of St George, on all state-maintained public buildings in England.

2.11 Policing

2.11.1 Policing is an increasingly difficult job due to changes in our society, which now lacks the social cohesion and shared values that once gave us a mostly peaceful and well-ordered way of life. Our cities have become places where it is impossible to perform traditional communal policing.

2.11.2 English Democrats seek a return to a system of policing which recognises the principle that all citizens are treated equally. In their efforts to prevent crime and catch criminals the police should not be hindered and demoralised by unreasonable ideological constraints.

2.11.3 We should not lose sight of the fact that the basis for the maintenance of law and order in England rests on a firm foundation of active participation by law-abiding citizens. A relationship of trust and co-operation between citizens and police is essential to effective policing and the prevention of crime. With that in mind, it is reasonable to expect that policing should not be oppressive. The aim is a peaceable society in which liberty and justice can flourish.

2.11.4 It is essential that the police force be adequately trained and resourced.

2.11.5 Police forces should be more democratically accountable than at present. This would require the election of Chief Constables or the Police Authorities which appoint them.

2.11.6 English Democrats call for the creation of a scheme enabling businesses to pay for their security staff to train and register as Special Constables, their powers of arrest applying to their place of work and its neighbouring streets. Such registered security staff would be subject to Police staff performance monitoring and discipline.

2.12 The Legal System

2.12.1 The primary role of a legal system is to provide the means for settling disputes. It should enable those who suffer loss, in the form personal injury, theft, or damage to property, to be properly compensated by the party at fault. Laws, and the penalties for breaking them, should comply with the principles of natural justice.

As societies have become more complex, so have their law codes. To a great extent, this is unavoidable.

2.12.2 However, states and their governing elites are extending the reach of law into areas that infringe upon individual liberties. The result is a body of law which is more restrictive and complex than it need be. Many of the customs and principles of English law are being undermined in the political quest for greater conformity with Continental ideas and practices. Law is being used as a tool for imposing dogma. One of the consequences of these changes is that the police are increasingly being made the enforcers of political doctrine and moving further away from their traditional role of upholding the delicate balance between Order and Liberty.

2.12.3 In order to obtain justice, citizens must feel able to consult and employ the services of the legal profession. Many people are deterred from this by the procedures and costs of the present legal system. Improvements have been made in recent years but more needs to be done to make the system user friendly and efficient.

2.13.4 The English Democrats favours less law and a simplification of law. There are far too many matters currently covered by the criminal law. There should be a drastic reduction and rationalisation of the number and extent of criminal offences.

2.13.5 We must reform the jury system but not abandon it because the jury provides a democratic check on the legal system. The law is not the property of lawyers; it belongs to the people and should serve their needs.

Our preference is for a return to comprehensible, just and effective law. Given its current chaotic state, the law should be codified.

2.13.6 Once the criminal law has been properly codified, the English Democrats would ensure that the criminal law is vigorously policed and enforced.

2.13.7 Except in an emergency there should be a single annual implementation date for new law. This will help rectify the current muddled situation where no one can be sure, without considerable effort or expense, whether a clause of a new Act has been brought into force or not. Also, some rules, for example the Civil Procedure Rules, are being rewritten so frequently that new editions are being published more than once a month! This leads, not surprisingly, to the shameful situation where no-one, not even the judiciary, can be sure of the current rule in force without first making unreasonable efforts to research the point.

2.13.8 In order to avoid such excessive complexity developing again, a monitoring system should be devised which ensures that new law is unambiguously comprehensible and properly and efficiently enforceable. This could be a function of a reformed Second Chamber.

2.13.9 The English Democrats respect the right of victims of crime to defend themselves and their property against criminals. The English Democrats would extend the right of self-help.

2.13.10 The English Democrats believe that every victim of a criminal offence should have the right to address the court on the question of sentence and for the court to be required to bear the victim’s views in mind when passing sentence.

2.13.11 It is not acceptable that 100,000 hardened criminals commit over half of all crime in the U.K. Once a criminal is identified as beyond effective rehabilitation he or she must be kept out of the community until no longer a risk.

2.13.12Prisons should be designed and equipped so that prisoners are not subject to degrading conditions

3.20 St George’s Day

3.20.1 The people of England should be able to celebrate St George’s day as a National Holiday.



  1. Sam Pickstock an English Democrat29 May 2012 at 20:43

    How can any English Man or Woman afford not to sign up for Membership of the English Democrats
    immediately and support the English Democrats in every possible way?

  2. Isn't being a commissioner of police and crime a conflict of interest?

  3. What most people want is the return of bobbies to the beat, and to live on their beats' so they know what's going on. The hard pressed constables must be sick to death of their masters cow towing to the wreckers in parliament.

    My first action would be to get the police on their heels, with truncheons preventing crime not vainly trying to solve them, which is much harder.

    Many of us have lost faith in the police 'service' and want a return to a police force of visible, trusted and honourable constables, not jaded revenue gathering 'officers' filling in forms away from the people they are there to reassure by their presence on the streets of England.

    The bobbies need to know that the government will privatise their good pay and conditions out of existence to enrich a few senior officers that pass through the revolvingng doors from state owned entites to profit hungry corporations.

    Five thousand per cent increase in expenditure on shoe leather, with massive cuts in 'acting up' , superintendents who still retain batmen, political brainwashing courses at the COMMON PURPOSE nest of vipers benefit, and a reinstitution of duty and service throughout the ranks.

    1. NorthEasterner31 May 2012 at 05:14

      I think we are all sick of being fed up of the police as well.

      The Police & Crime Commissioner elections could be an ideal way for any retired police constables to really fight back against successive governments that have been undermining community policing for decades.

  4. The PrangWizard, of England30 May 2012 at 10:50

    If anyone should be in any doubt about the sense and justifiaction of this consider the comments made by Sara Thornton, Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police and Rachel Robinson of Liberty, these are taken from the ED website page compiled by Chris Beverley.
    Sara Thornton is reported as saying:
    "If there had been a referendum on police commissioners it wouldn't have been voted in.On the other hand I don't think it would be good for the service if there is a very low turnout in November. The issue about more extreme candidates becomes a bigger issue."
    And Rachel Robinson of Liberty said;
    "If certain extreme groups are able to mobilise their supporters to turn out to vote and general turnout is incredibly low then we're facing a really serious problem, and minority groups can legitimately be fearful about the kind of service they're going to receive in the future."
    They are both saying as clearly as can be that the ordinary people of England (the 'plebs') must not be trusted with the vote because they might vote for the wrong people; meaning people not like them. These outrageous arrogant and anti-democratic comments are evidence enough that they have lost their grip on reality, and full justification for English Democrat policies. Do they not realise that the people of England have, throughout history, risen up to rid themselves of such attitudes of mind in their rulers and oppressors? I can imagine these two, back in 1819, on horseback and wielding their sabres, charging the crowds at 'Peterloo' in Manchester, for daring to challenge for political change.
    Every self-respecting Englishman and Englishwoman should vote for these changes and for English Democrat policies, and tell their friends; it is the only way to rid ourselves of these modern day aristocrats.

    1. If you are from where I am the police are still not trusted from the strike. Like the Peterloo massacre the police used cavalry charges on men in 'T'shirts, jeans and pumps. At Orgreave they knowingly drove men over an embankment on to a railway line.

      Of course, we don't need coal anymore do we, like we need all those bankers.

    2. Right on all counts. The Plod cavalry drove us onto the m18 during a peaceful protest at Thurcroft pit in 1984. They had waited patiently for the rush hour traffic to pick up before they did it too. and we're supposed to respect and trust them???

  5. Well done, Robin ... let common sense and simplicity prevail!

  6. Well Said: 0ne and all! And isn't it about time that the Water Cannon were ordered?

  7. I think to use a photograph of a Chief Constable who committed suicide under very tragic circumstances on a press release designed to court support for your campaign is disgusting, degrading, immoral and shows a distinct lack of respect for the police. Clearly this is your intention if you are lucky enough to be elected. I will be encouraging my colleagues in Essex to view this so they may come to an informed decision on whether your policies and your attitude to the police will be positive and to the good of the service. I might even report you to the electoral committee for standards.

    1. I am not sure what or whom you are talking about. My interest in the picture is the officer with the Taser.
      I have great respect for Policemen doing a proper policing job but not for those indulging in Political Correctness.
      There is no 'electoral committee for standards', so good luck there.

    2. Yes I see what you are referng to and have changed the photo. It was not captioned on Google and so I wasn't aware of it being Mr Todd.

  8. Sorry to be 'off topic' but I can't understand why the turnover of articles is so slow on the main English Democrats website. I thought a story on the large Sikh protest against Muslim rape and forced conversions (last night in Luton) would have made an interesting article for discussion. Why are there not more stories? Why would anyone look at the website when it only seems to have a new story every week or so rather than one a day?


    1. Sorry about that - we will try to do better! Please bear with us we are all volunteers who simply care for our country!

    2. Don't apologise. I quite understand, but the website seems to be any organisation's easiest means of communicating with the public. It appears that the EDs are not utilising this resource to anything like it's full potential.

      Does that mean that the EDs need people to submit articles, moderate comments etc? Surely lots of people have short topics of interest and relevance which they might like to submit?

    3. I think this only goes to underline Robin's comment above i.e. "Policing is an increasingly difficult job due to changes in our society, which now lacks the social cohesion and shared values that once gave us a mostly peaceful and well-ordered way of life. Our cities have become places where it is impossible to perform traditional communal policing". Luton is showing us what the future holds when the religions and politics of the Sub-continent become more and more important. The battle will not be between the ethnic English and non-ethnic as the English will just silently drift away as are their cousins on the continent and in Scandinavia but a recreation, as Enoch Powell predicted, of the conflicts of the Sub-continent. I have recently had reason to pass through the centre of Birmingham and was taken aback by the transformation. The English seemed to have mostly melted away. If Birmingham is to be England in 40 years time then England will be finished except as a battleground for different non-English racial and religious groups. Meanwhile in Norway where Anders Breivik's trial is still underway the authorities are busy re-directing new immigrant arrivals away from the capital, which already has an immigrant level of at least 25%, presumably so as to avoid the level reaching over 50% as will shortly happen in Birmingham. Bergen has a 10% level and Stavanger must be at least as high so presumably their levels are destined to grow. I am just at a loss to understand the mindset of the socialists and greedy capitalists who have done this to countries which once had unique identities and characters. Do they really think that these countries will be better when populations are identically multiracial? They will certainly never again have the social cohesion and shared values of the previous racial and cultural homogeneity which most of them had enjoyed for at least a thousand years. What are these dimwits trying to prove? This weekend we heard the statistic that when the Queen acceded to the throne only 4% of the population were foreign born, now it is one sixth and that does not include those whose father or grandfathers have come to this country since 1952. This would show how close we now are in 60 years to becoming a minority in our own land. On another tack, I would be interested to know what the rank and file English bobbies are actually thinking. It is only a few decades ago when children were afraid of the police and the consequences if they broke the law. As in a recent case in Brampton, Cumbria, where children under ten vandalised a church and the police spokesman said he would be talking to them to ensure that the knew they had done wrong, most children nowadays probably think the police are a joke and they are probably right.

    4. Great comment by anonymous 3rd June above. That could be a main website article in itself.

  9. 3.20.1 - May 5th is Old St George's Day. Why not use the May Bank Holiday to celebrate St George?

  10. the attempt by Cameron and co. to hijack the Queen's Diamond Jubilee to promote 'Britishness' has backfired. the English wanted to celebrate the Queen of England not Britain. Union flags and union flag themed memorabilia have been left on the shop shelves unsold. they can hardly give them away. outside London, the Union flag is being rejected in favour of the English flag. the only remaining fans of the Union flag are Nick Griffin, and Nigel Farage

    1. Watching the jubilee celebrations showed how multiculturalism works. The crowds in London were 99.9999% white and British, ie English, Irish Scots and Welsh and loyal friendly Americans and Aussies ans Canadians etc.

      Nowhere was the ethnic diversity represented . This shows that the non Christian immigrants are not loyal or grateful, merely 'here for the beer'.

      Having a British passport does not make you British as it used to. Those who celebrate our culture and history and are prepared to fight and die are, and the crowds in London show who they are.

    2. In actual fact I gather that Lenny Henry did comment on this by saying he could only see two other blacks in the crowd. This was after he had caused offence for criticizing the Queen for not being there when she was probably with her husband at the hospital. Anyhow, I have been reading the comments on Yahoo again in connection with the latest stage of the Anders Breivik trial. Somebody called Jeremy said that he could not wait for the English to be gone or reduced to the same status as the Native Americans. Either Jeremy is a masochistic Marxist who wants his own people extinguished or it is a pseudonym for somebody of non-English origin. He then went on to say that Asia, Africa and America were multicultural so Europe should be, too. Asia and Africa are not multicultural, apart from Malaysia and South Africa. As regards North America, we know that Europeans will be in a minority in the USA by 2040 and probably in Canada not far after. Toronto now has a white minority and it would not surprise me if the same will soon be true of Vancouver. Whites are facing their final days. As to who has done this it is still a mystery to me. Is it a requirement by the UN, why is this happening? As regards the Jubilee, it occurred to me that the British are clinging to the Queen as the last symbol of their historic identity. After all, all English people whose blood goes back before the Conquest are meant to be related to her and the same may be true for the Welsh and the Scots through the Tudors and the Stuarts. Whilst the politicians wish to destroy us and relegate us to a minority through the EU and mass non-EU immigration, we know we are one blood with the Queen and that is why I believe you did not see many non-British in the crowds. It would be nice to think she could have done more to save us but you will probably find she and her family have been threatened with extinction also by those same evil people. But we are not alone, the same is happening all over Western Europe and in North America. The Antipodes are holding out but are now being subjected to immense pressure by the one worlders. I have just read that the Catholic Salzburg of Mozart is now only 70% Catholic. Germans protestants ( probably from Eastern Germany ) have settled there but more importanly the city is now 10% Turkish muslim. How long before they become 20%, 30% etc. What would Mozart think? - Rondo a la Turque anyone? What would his fellow citizen Hitler think? There were probably fewer Jews in the city in his day.
      I am sure that the aim of the one worlders is the abolition of the remaining European monarchies. Mass immigration is the easiest way of achieving this as has been done in Canada and Australia with regard to the Queen as head of state. I heard that 80% of Norwegians now want the country to be a republic. Undoubtedly this includes all the immigrants. Disestablishment has just taken place there so it is nice that the Queen has stated once again her deep Christian faith. I just wish she wasn't so obsessed with the Commonwealth, especially the New Commonwealth. Don't believe Cameron when he says he wants England to remain Christian, it is just another lie to garner votes.

    3. It is the Christian world that faces destruction. We happen to be mainly white. This destruction is the result of cultural marxism after communism failed to destroy the west in the great war and ww2.
      The Queen has betrayed her subjects and her oaths,she is no longer sovereign, as we are ruled by a foreign power. She, like you and I are eu citizens.We are daily invaded and have to pay for the privilege and are jailed if we complain, yet those who groom and rape our vulnerable children are protected and excused by the those in authority that are there to protect them.

    4. I have now watched Michael Wood's history of Britain regarding the Norman Conquest. It is interesting how anti-Norman and pro-English Wood is. He underlines William the Conqueror's excessive greed and points out that the Norman aristocracy became the British Establishment and that the English became the English working classes ruled by a foreign power. He states that this division still exists as the richest, the most educated and the healthiest people in England still have Norman French names. He points out that the unification of the British Isles was a Norman project and after a thousand years began to unravel in the order of conquest, Ireland first, Scotland to be next and Wales the last leaving, we hope, England once again free to regain its pre-conquest status. To do this the English must finally defeat the Norman establishment, still characterised by excessive greed and a pseudo-democracy which is little more than an oligarchy. Don't blame the Queen, I genuinely believe she is aware of our plight but she is a constitutional monarch and is hamstrung by generations of corrupt politicians. If they voted to abolish her there would be nothing she could do, except that that would surely be the catalyst that would finally lead the English to rebellion. Interestingly, Wood says that there is no trace of Norman dna in the blood of the average Englishman - presumably there would be in the aristocracy. Our dna is Anglo-Saxon and Viking ( I think there is older dna there as well ). When you think about it, it took the establishment 900 years to give back to the ordinary Englishman the democracy he had enjoyed in Anglo-Saxon times and unfortunately, it was mostly a charade as our membership of the EU and mass immigration have shown, neither of which he would have voted for had he been given the chance. In the Zagorsk prophecy, which predicted the Marxist spirit from hell that would sweep over Russia and the entire world, it was predicted that England would be brought to almost total ruin ( as has happened ) but would be saved by praying women. Could the Queen just be one of them, but where are the others?

  11. hang about Anon 8 June -the Normans were descended from vikings, and therefore must have some of the same dna...

    1. Yes, this is where I think Michael Wood slipped up as in that programme Blood of the British when they mapped dna across England and the Celtic fringe they did say that they could not tell the difference between Norman and Viking dna but I chose to go with Michael Wood. Seems the Normans might actually have continued with the old rape and pillage after the Anglo-Saxons and other Vikings settled down to be peaceful and democratic. Hence my theory that it was never the British Empire but the Norman Empire and the Anglo-Saxons had to go along with more greed and pillaging. Can't even be proud of my Danish viking blood as most of the Vikings who settled in Normandy were meant to have been from Denmark. Can we just agree that those 100 years in Normandy made them different from the other Vikings who beat their swords into ploughshares. In fact, I don't know why I like the Norwegians so much as if it had not been for their King Harold Hardrade and Stamford Bridge we may never have had a Norman Conquest. The only plus point is that it did for the Norwegians as well and put an end to the Viking era - except for the greedy pillaging Normans who are still at it of course!!

  12. Brilliant discussion. We English still have a say, although only in the Ether it seems.