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Monday, 21 May 2012


Here is an impassioned plea to every Englishman and woman from one of our members - what do you think?

"Fellow English Men, Women and Children

Where-ever you are,

In the World.

May 2012

Dear All,



The plan for a European Socialist Super State to rival America has been unfolding throughout the years since the death of Karl Marx on the 14th March 1883. However, despite its fundamental impact on the wealth and prosperity of the English Nation in the period since the end of the Second World War, the way in which that ultimate political objective has been pursued does not seem to have been widely appreciated by the vast majority of the English supporters of the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Political Parties.

Conservative supporters alive at the time and politically aware appreciated that the concern of those who had created the Labour Party in the early 20th century was not the welfare of those either working with their hands or labouring in the fields, the coal mines or elsewhere who, unlike school teachers, Local Government Staff, Civil Servants and others paid from the public purse, had neither social security nor pensions to rely on. It was the pursuit of political objectives. They were creating “a Brand” with which the “working man” would identify and which the Socialists could successfully inhabit because, “compassionate souls” that they were, their concern was to identify with and support the working man in his dealings with greedy and oppressive employers.

The worst fears of those Conservative Supporters were realised when the General Strike “in defence of miners’ wages and hours” got under way on 3 May 1926 and they were completely taken aback by the knowledge that it had been possible for the Socialists to get between 1.5 and 1.75 million men to leave their work and march. However, the Socialists had overlooked the fact that, unlike themselves, these men were neither in public sector salaried positions nor had money in their own right. If these men didn’t work, they didn’t get paid and not only did those involved go home but were left with no stomach for more industrial action until they were paid whilst engaged in it. The lesson was learnt but it was too late to prevent the occurrence of a period of unprecedented prosperity that only the Second World War was able to bring to an end.

As Paul Oliver, Ian Davis and Ian Bentley identified in their Book “Dunroamin the Suburban Semi and its enemies” first published in 1981 by Barrie & Jenkins Limited, there were over 600,000 families without houses at the end of the First World War in 1918 and another eight years were to go by before the picture began to change.

But change it did in the aftermath of the General Strike and within just twenty years of the end of the 1914-1918 War there was as large an excess of homes over families (600,000) as there had been families without homes 20 years before.

It was a truly remarkable period in history and delivered an astonishing rate of economic recovery with many of the houses in areas where there were problems of unemployment.

As a result of the outcome of the strike, widespread prosperity was enabled to develop in a remarkably short period and continued until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939.

The population of the United Kingdom had, for the most part, experienced the enormous benefits of a thriving economy whilst at the same time being bombarded with unfounded allegations of jerry building being attributed to the four million new homes that were built and sold with no increase in their price throughout that time. They knew that people could rent a new home from the builder and when the time came that they could afford to buy it, they did so because the price hadn’t gone up! Equally importantly, they knew their neighbours, their kids played together and went to school together, and the hoarding of building land by builders in order to monopolise the market as they are now doing was unheard of.

Only the advent of the Second World War enabled this idyllic period to be consigned to the dustbin of history and steps taken to try and ensure that never again would it be allowed to happen.

The defeat in the 1945 General Election of Winston Churchill, the man who had led and inspired the Nation to Victory in the Second World War seemed inconceivable to many but the subsequent creation of the Welfare State confirmed the power and influence of Socialists. Along with the creation of the Labour Party in 1920 as a Brand with which the working man would readily associate himself, The British Broadcasting Corporation was established with a Charter that enabled it to the be managed by Socialists and function in the way that the Socialists directed in pursuit of their political objectives. With the most powerful propaganda machine that the world had ever known to serve their interests there was only one more potential threat to the plan for the creation of a European Socialist Super State and that was the men who had fought and died in the most appalling conditions on the battlefields of France in the First World War. The circumstances in which those people came together had to be controlled but what better way than to create an organisation that, like the BBC, the Socialists could control and ensure its credibility by associating it with Royalty. The Royal British Legion was established and every year the BBC provides outstanding radio and television coverage of a brilliantly organised and most moving occasion.

So who are the English? They are people who, like their ancestors have lived in England for generations along with others who have come to England throughout the period since the end of the Second World War, and whose children have been born in England and together they are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen of England in the belief that England offers both them and future generations of their family, wherever it originated, a better quality of life than would otherwise be possible.

The bonus for the Socialists is that these are British Organisations and are thus able to play a significant part in encouraging the English to think of themselves as British and thus passively accept their fate of being consigned to the dustbin of history as the British Regions of a European Socialist Super State.

The English are, undoubtedly, the most tolerant and law abiding nation in the world and the extent to which the indigenous population absorbed the mass immigration initiated by the post Second World War Socialist Government of Clement Atlee is proof of the fact. And why not? The English along with their Welsh Scottish and Irish neighbours had fought and died alongside other members of the Commonwealth of Nations during the Second World War and when our Royal Family make official visits to other parts of the Commonwealth they are well received. And that is equally true of our sportsmen and women.

If the majority of these people had been told that they were being deliberately induced to the come to the United Kingdom because mass immigration was a significant plank in a Master Plan conceived before the end of the 19th Century to consign England to the dustbin of history as the British Regions of a European Socialist Super State to rival the United States of America, they would never have believed it.

Quite simply, if the English would tolerate a continuation of post war austerity combined with mass immigration and measures to prevent the prosperity generated by unfettered house building from ever again threatening the plan for the European Socialist Super State they would tolerate anything.

If anyone doubts what has been said, they should try and explain why the Scotland Act was one of the first pieces of legislation brought before Parliament by the Labour Government in 1997 under the leadership of Tony Blair. At face value, on any basis, despite Blair and his Chancellor Gordon Brown both being Scots it did not make sense. Why would a British Government want to break up the United Kingdom? Obviously, Scottish Political Independence would obliterate support for the Conservative Party in Scotland as a result of the attempts by the Conservative Party to sustain a United Kingdom through opposition to the legislation. The Welsh Assembly, already well established by a Labour Government, could be given further powers to strengthen their robust Labour Party representation and the Northern Irish had better behave otherwise they would wake up one morning in a United Ireland.

As for the fate of England; on coming to power in 1997 the Blair Government set up unelected Regional Assemblies throughout England as a dress rehearsal for “Victory for Socialism Day” when The English Royal Family and what is left of the English Aristocracy along with the rest of the English Nation will become inhabitants of the British Regions of the European Socialist Super State and the hated English can be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Incidentally, the dress rehearsal having been undertaken, the Regional Assemblies have since been disbanded as quietly as they were constituted.

If anyone has taken the trouble to read what has been said thus far, he or she should need no further persuasion that the Labour Party does not have the interests of England at heart, that the Liberals are nothing but a distraction that helps to undermine the Conservative Vote and the Conservatives are so politically inept that they have never appreciated the Plan for the European Socialist Super State, regard the European Union as inevitable and believe they are the best people to represent Britain.

The UK Independence Party is clearly making inroads into support for the other parties but is likely to take more votes off the Conservative Party than the Labour Party and thus deliver the Labour Victory that will facilitate the realisation of the dreams of those who laid the plans for a European Socialist Super State at the end of the 19th Century.

It is only the English who have an interest in saving England from the fate of being divided up into the British Regions of a European Socialist Super State because only the English would be fundamentally adversely affected.

Consequently, if you care about your English identity, if you are adamant that you don’t want England to be broken up into the British regions of a European socialist super state, so that the only thing that is English is an international language freely available to be exploited by others for their own commercial advantage, I urge you to unite in membership of the Political Party that is devoted to the preservation of the English Nation order to save our English nation, our English Identity, our English Culture, our English sportsmen and women, our English history, our English head of state, our English Parliament, the commercial exploitation of our English language and everything else that is English and consign the British Regions and everything else that is British to the dustbin of history.



Yours faithfully,

Harry Billington

an Englishman




  1. Well said, sir. Difficulty is, that despite watching the Europeans with their single currency take themselves and the rest of us to the brink of economic oblivion, the English don't seem to see Europe as an issue any more. Shame, really! Maybe, after the horse has bolted.....
    Clive. Weston-super-Mare

    1. A bit confused really as he says that mass immigration was one of the tools the Marxists used to destroy England, the English and their national identity and yet seems to think that those whom he claims have been brought here for that purpose since the War are just as English as the rest of us. Since a recent report published by the Runneymede Trust showed that the vast majority of non-indigenous "Britons" voted for and would continue to vote for the Labour Party then presumably they are not phased by the thought of their England of the regions as they cannot possibly feel the same as the ethnically indigenous English nor can they have any feeling of being racially and culturally European in the Europeans' home continent. Whatever silliness has been eminating from Brussels and elsewhere on the continent since the War and it is virtually certain that the euro and the EU will both collapse in the next few years, we need to be aware of the things that we do have in common. We are racially and culturally European and share a vast cultural history which has been dismissed by the Marxists as being Eurocentric and hence irrelevant to those they have brought here since the War. As a consequence it has been denied to English schoolchildren whose heritage it is. As the Olympics are reminding us, Greece kicked the whole of European culture off and we must look to them to start the European revival. Europe was a fascinating patchwork of differing countries which were home to different forms of the white race and differing interpretations of European Christian culture, from Iceland to Greece, Portugal to Vladivostok. The same applied to Africa, India and China but only white countries seem to have been targeted for destruction. What Marxism is creating in Europe is a uniform multicultural multiracial mess which ultimately will have nothing European about it at all, for as Berthold Brecht said, if he people do not want a Marxist revolution then we will have to change the people. Meanwhile the other races will have their own continents untouched. Even after the EU has collapsed the countries of Europe will be left with vast areas that are Arab, Indonesian. Turkish, Indian, Pakistani, African or home to those from the Antilles. Yes we have been very welcoming and tolerant because we dared do no different or we would be called racist or white supremacists for wanting to maintain a European homeland for Europeans, just as the BBC has just called the late Eugene Terreblanche the same for wanting to do the same in his corner of South Africa. What I want to know is why nobody calls the Chinese Yellow Supremecists for wanting to maintain their racial and cultural integrity and for believing, as they have for 4,000 years, that they were superior to all other races. As for being welcoming and tolerant, so were the Native Americans to the first European settlers and look where it got them. We English are destined to go the same way in the next 100 years.

  2. the English look like sharing the fate of other defeated and demoralised peoples such as the Red Indians, the Eskimoes,and the Australian Aborigines - descent into drink and drugs, deprived of their language and culture and a minority in their own land.

    1. The mind boggles as to what that land will look like. I am still trying to find out whether the woman who was walking around with rabies was English and had been for a cultural experience in the smelly disease-ridden sprawl but booming modern economy (!!??)that is India (not my cup of darjeeling) or an Indian returning from visiting relatives where rabid stray dogs roam the streets biting people at random. Still at least we are not alone. The French have been told that 50% of their population will be black or Arab by the second half of the century and the Dutch and others are due to be outbred also. The Europe of Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Turner, Wren and Handel will be no more. Two thousand years of cultural and scientific progress chucked on the scrap heap by the greedy, the megomaniacal and the Marxist idiots. Incidentally, American Jews have one of the highest levels of autism in the world ( i.e. totally lacking in empathy ). This may explain why the likes of the bankers of New York really don't give a monkey's about those struggling to pay their mortgages. Vince Cable has just said in Berlin that German is booming again because they did not have our financial crisis. Well I didn't cause it so could Mr Cameron's financial and city chums please be rounded up pronto and shot - along with him wouldn't be a bad idea either. I saw him and Muddlyband point scoring in the Commons yesterday. It made me sick to the stomach, they are all out for themselves or following a political agenda that the English would never have voted for nor wanted.