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Friday, 8 June 2012

Lib/Lab/Con - Confidence trick or conspiracy?

Dear Reader, consider this extract from Esmerelda Weatherwax’s review of a new book about Dewsbury’s politics ‘The Islamic Report of Dewsbury’ by Danny Lockwood’.

Lockwood “had a run in with Baroness Warsi, “sweet, smiling, witty Sayeeda”, as he calls her. He tells how wondering aloud whether to accept the political courtship of the Labour Party or the Conservatives. Both parties could see the value of an articulate educated and ambitious Muslim woman. Her history in the ‘human rights’ field suggested she was left wing, but the Conservatives offered immediate local career openings.”

At first glance you might think that this story (and the many similar ones; eg Chris Patten) confirms just what every grumbler in the corner of the pub says about establishment politicians (to para-phrase!) that they are utterly without any principles.

On reflection though doesn’t it arguably show that the Labour and the Conservative parties are interchangeable? Value free career paths for the personally ambitious?

When you look at the Lib/Lab/Con parties in this light it is no wonder that they are so tweedledee and tweedledum and that political difference is so often about froth and blather minor differences (like Pasty tax) rather than about any great matters of principle?

England needs and deserves a principled renewal of politics - and that needs people to get involved! Will you?


  1. When Chris Patten graduated from University he applied to both the Labour and Conservative Parties for a job as a Party Researcher.

    The Tories had a position available and Labour did not.

    So Chris Patten became a Conservative.

    Says it all really.

  2. All true English people can prepare to have their heart wrenched this evening by watching Michael Wood's history series on BBC2 when he discusses the fate of the Anglo-Saxons in the years following the Norman Conquest. As he remarks, the Battle of Hastings and 1066 provoke a strong reaction; in myself one of melancholy and dejection. He uses the term Norman yoke but has made an interesting discovery. Those with Norman French surnames here are still the wealthiest, the best educated and the healthiest. This of course proves that the aristocracy - i.e. those with Norman French surnames - or the establishment are still keeping the poor Anglo-Saxons under. This same Norman establishment sucks in anybody who will ensure that the English never rise up and reclaim their land. This happens to most who takes their seats at Westminster. They become part of the Norman establishment elite. But the Normans have received a few shocks over the years, most notably with Oliver Cromwell and even latterly as late as the 1920s when they feared being toppled, or under Heath or during the miners' strike. And it was the Viking blood of Yorkshire or the Fens that seems to have played a role. But now they have found the ideal solution, replace those pesky English with foreign hoards from the third world or wherever. Breed them out or outbreed them and they will never again pose a threat to their Norman overlords. Yes, with Viking blood, I will get involved. They will not see us gone. We have seen what a continental totalitarian bureacracy is like in the EU. This is a repeat of the Norman Conquest whereas freedom and democracy are to be found in the lands that sent their sons and daughters to found the truly democratic land that was late Ango-Saxon England, namely North Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and especially Norway. Do not confuse Hamburg or Hanover or Bremen with Berlin or Munich. The Marxist multicultural brainwashing machine is in full pelt with the Euros 2012. Teams are being taken to Auschwitz to ensure that they are so guilt-ridden as to never consider deviating from the multiculturalists' script. They little realise that there are more subtle ways of achieving genocide. As regards Poland and the Ukraine, perhaps it was because they spent so long being subjected to Marxist one world propaganda (although blacks in communist countries never fared that well) that they are so hostile to multiculturalism and the supression of national white identity. Action and re-action are equal and opposite and this is perhaps what we are seeing there and will probably see in those Western countries at present being subjected to Marxist one-worldism in the decardes to come.

  3. Of course they all follow the marxist dream of a NWO, with the liberal elite in charge.
    Cameron, Clegg,and Milliband step up.

  4. On reflection though doesn’t it arguably show that the Labour and the Conservative parties are interchangeable? Value free career paths for the personally ambitious?
    So what’s new ? Didn’t Tony Blair have a Conservative family and famously get advice from M Thatcher ?
    Obviously a personally ambitious young person seeking a career in Politics would do best in choosing whatever ‘The Opposition’ is for a career opportunity since, as the wheel turns, the opposition will inevitably come back to power and it leaves time for a young man to rise through ranks and make his mark..
    I’m not a political person but even I don’t need to ‘reflect’ to know that..

    When you look at the Lib/Lab/Con parties in this light it is no wonder that they are so tweedledee and tweedledum and that political difference is so often about froth and blather minor differences (like Pasty tax) rather than about any great matters of principle?
    Exactly like the Extreme Right then…
    England needs and deserves a principled renewal of politics - and that needs people to get involved!
    Yes. I’m not certain that the English Democrats are not formed by politicians of the Extreme Right, who are not just as personally ambitious as the rest though..
    Will you ?
    Well you certainly haven’t convinced me that you’re not any different from those you critisise, Robin.
    I’m a ‘floating voter’, and I have sympathies with both ‘sides’ ( which is ridiculous obviously, since we are all on the same ‘side’).
    I would say that I am a person quite typical of my background and influences…you’ll have to do alot better than that to convince me (us) that you are not just ‘frothing and blathering’ Extreme Right views under a kinder label than other Extreme Right parties, and that you and your representants are not just as personally ambitious as all the rest.

    1. I used to vote Conservative. Until 1997, we had a straight choice; Conservative or Socialism. Then Blair produced "New Labour" - all things to all people. Their rise to unprecedented Elective Dictatorship owed not a little to their vote-purchasing Devolution promises. Referenda were held in Scotland And Wales to ascertain whether their people wanted autonomy (bankrolled by the English taxpayer.) Of course, they voted "Yes"; (who wouldn't?) Trouble is, they didn't hold a referendum in England to ask if we wanted Scots and Welsh autonomy, and, more importamtly, if we wanted to pay for it. That just got foisted on to us. So, we now live in a "United" Kingdom, with three out of its four components enjoying autonomy through their own parliament/assembly but England, the fourth and largest component not enjoying the same autonomy. Furthermore, we English pay the bulk of the cost of the autonomy of those other three's privileges.
      Scots enjoy free university courses. English students have to pay £9000 per year. The list of such inequities goes on and on.
      The English Democrats oppose such unfairness. I oppose this unfairness. If that makes me a "Right-Wing Extremist", then hey! I'm a right-wing extremist!! Fortunately, it doesn't and I'm not. I'm an Englishman seeking a fair deal for England. I'm neither Right, nor Left; I'm just English.
      Funny, that's exactly what the English Democrats Party is and that's why I'm proud to be a member.
      If you want to continue to ride the LibLabCon merry-go-round that's your privilege. It won't help England, though.
      Clive, Weston-super-Mare.

  5. Have watched the news item on yahoo about the chap from the Golden Dawn in Greece slapping one woman on a tv interview, the communist I think and chucking a bottle of water over another left-wing female politician. One of the commentators obviously saw this behaviour as typical of "nationalists", insinuating that nationalists cause all the trouble and should be kept down if not locked up. Obviously, there are unsavoury elements in the Golden Dawn party but it looks as if they may win seats on June 17th. However, the comment suggests that a generation has now been brainwashed into believing that national pride and identity are the cause of all the world's ills and this is the new golden age of the NWO, the Marxist internationalist multicultural dream. Yes the Marxists are winning for the moment but we must wait for the velvet revolution. This excludes Scotland of course but then Scottish independence is all part of the plan of splitting up Britain to create the Europe of the Regions. It would be nice to think that Michael Wood, who obviously shares a nostalgia for democratic unified homogeneous Anglo-Saxon England and a dislike of the Norman establishment could be persuaded to join the EDs; but not a hope, he would be banned from the BBC (who still seem to be extremely adept at tracking down non-white people to home in on, their coverage of the Jubilee was a case in point, although a challenge), thrown out of the academic world and nothing of his would be published again, just one remove from burning his books. However, this surely is now on the cards for the new anti-fascist Fascists.

    1. The 'liberals' are the biggest book burners in history, it just occurs more subtly though. After ww2 books and history began to be re-written by the victors, the social and literal marxists and their ideaological masters.

      Books just stopped being published without the precribed narrative.

      If you want evidence look at David Irving.When he failed to uncritically accept the holocaust and include a chapter about it in one of his books, citing 'he was only including primary source material, and there was was no documentary evidence from the Germans', regarding said event, he was instantly proscribed.

      Michael Wood's programme I have not dared to watch after seeig a brief trail in which he opined about British and Syrian people being 'all the same'. One must remember, in order to work for the bbc, at his level, the anti English blasphemy must be adhered to, either blantantly as with the recent Diarmud Maculloch's ' How God made the English' in which he promulgated the myth that race is a social construct and the English as a mongrel race ( another provable lie ) didn't actually exist, except as an idea. Or obliquely as he probably does by setting the seeds of doubt in peoples minds a la Wood. In any event I bet there will be no nationalist perspective on English history presented on the bbc soon.

      The social re constructors at the beeb will still be smarting about the hideously white crowds in London at the jubilee and desparately trying to spin that out. Their salvation will be the farce of the corporate money sucking Olymics.

    2. I have already anticipated what the opening ceremony of the Olympic games will be like and will be most surprised if I am proved wrong. I will not be watching as it will break my heart. There will be Scottish pipers and and a Welsh Male Voice Choir but probably no morris dancers. There will be African tribal dancers, Indian drummers, Chinese dragons, West Indian steel bands and any other race or culture they can squeeze in. My only hope is that the Americans and the Old Commonwealth will be horrified and the Chinese and Japanese will merely laugh at our folly. In my neck of the woods the torch will be carried by a fell runner and the streets lined by English people. That won't go down too well. Perhaps the beeb will have to bus in a bit of multicultural enrichment.