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Monday, 9 April 2012

Don't you just love Peter Hitchens when he is on one of his rants?

The trouble is that he is a lightening rod that electrifies people only to earth them and leave them flat, with an enervating sense of powerlessness.

It is almost a staple part of English culture to grumble, stereotypically in the pub, that "THEY" should "DO something about" whatever it is that offends our sense of fairness - and there is certainly and rightly plenty to do so!

However we, as English Nationalists, need to focus on actually doing something to try to make a positive difference for our country and nation - and not just grumble about it or wait for others to do it!

The beauty of doing so within the vehicle of a campaigning political party is that the task is readily broken down into do-able parts - while you are reading this I am off out leafleting and canvassing!

This is Peter Hitchens' Mail on Sunday column 07 April 2012

I said I'd never stand as an MP... Well, I've changed my mind

"If George Galloway can get elected, should I too stand for Parliament? I have resisted the idea for years. I once worked at Westminster and saw the powerlessness of the individual MP against the thuggish pressure of the party whips.

I know that almost all elections in this country are rigged to suit the big parties. I am saddened by the way so many good people honestly imagine that they pick their own MPs at General Elections.

In fact, by clinging to habitual party loyalties, they just confirm the choices already made for them in secret by the party machines.

These machines are ruthlessly centralised nowadays, so that any independent or honest person is sifted out of the selection process. A few get through by accident, but you will have noticed that the experiment with open primaries has not been repeated. We can’t have actual voters playing any real part in picking candidates for safe seats. That would mean revolution.

Then there is the problem of party loyalty itself. I am endlessly baffled by the way in which the patriotic, honest, law-abiding people of this country vote for Labour and Tory candidates who loathe Britain and refuse to stand up for nation, law, liberty or justice. Yet they do. The millions of patriots who voted Tory at the last Election committed an act of self-harming idiocy. To support Mr Cameron’s openly declared Left-liberal project was as unreasonable as punching yourself repeatedly in the face, or burgling your own house.

Yet suddenly, in the past few weeks, I think we can hear the sound of mental chains snapping. The ridiculous and squalid performance of the Government on so many different subjects has – perhaps briefly – woken large numbers of people from their dreamlike doze of dangerous complacency.

They may have vaguely known that government was for sale. But the sight and sound of the unlovely Peter Cruddas openly selling the Prime Minister of this country (and his wife) to anyone with the money to pay suddenly brought home the truth in a way that thousands of words could not have done.

Mr Slippery’s attempt to get himself out of this was even more obviously the act of a fraud who has been found out and knows it. Caught in the searchlight, we saw a naked Public Relations Man, whose first and last resort is trickery and slickness, because that is what he prefers.

First we had a fake panic over petrol, then a fake pretence at being a man of the people by claiming to have stuffed his face with a fictitious Cornish pasty from a shop that had long ceased to exist. What a surprise, then, to find him last week claiming unconvincingly to have a lively Christian faith, while his Home Secretary gets on with snubbing and sidelining genuine Christians in the accursed name of ‘equality and diversity’ – Mr Slippery’s real religion, as we surely must now realise.

Those of us who have known this for ages, who have studied Mr Slippery’s bottomless cynicism, grotesquely greedy expenses claims and instinctive Leftism on all major issues, have until now been stuck hopelessly at the edge of things, surrounded by deluded optimists who think that Mr Slippery is only held back by Nick Clegg, and is preparing to emerge as his true self at some vague point in the future, round about the same place as the one where parallel lines meet.

Surely this is now unsustainable. As for the other parties, they are the same. I think that is one of the reasons for George Galloway’s victory in Bradford West. The old loyalties are at last dying, the Coalition actually speaks for nobody, there is no proper opposition in Parliament and – instinctively, like a flower seeking light – the electorate is recognising that this has to be put right. Mr Galloway is not, of course, the solution. We must do better than that.

John Maynard Keynes once said: ‘When the facts change, I change my mind.’ And he asked those who criticised him: ‘What do you do, sir?’ Well, I too have changed my mind.

And I think several hundred other people should do the same. In each parliamentary seat, concerned and wise men and women should now turn their minds to finding a candidate who has independence of mind, who is neither bigoted nor politically correct, who loves this country and is proud of its independence and its ancient liberties, who hates crime and injustice, who supports the married family and the rule of law, who understands that education without authority is impossible.

Where by-elections arise, they should be ready to fight them, and when the next General Election comes they should be ready to fight that too, to bypass and overthrow the sordid, discredited tyranny of spivs, placemen and careerists that is now ruining what ought to be one of the greatest civilisations on Earth.

I urge them to do so, under the simple motto of Justice and Liberty, a name that nobody can copyright and a pledge that nobody can fake. And if they do, then I’ll seriously consider putting my name forward."

I do wonder whether Hitchens will ever cease dithering and DO something!

But I hope that every reader will!

Will you?


  1. I have a lot of respect for Hitchens minor, he takes a lot of stick for his beliefs. I agree with most of what he says.

    He likes his big salary and perceived impartial journos position too much though, to 'screw his courage to the sticking place', I suspect.

    I hope I'm wrong, as he is a knowledgeable and skilful debater, and would draw much popular support to the cause of common sense and British, if not English nationalism.

    His masters will no doubt hike his pay to make sure he stays put, and to ensure that the camel's back isn't broken - yet.

  2. From little acorns do mighty oaks grow,a small glint of light is starting to turn into a beam.Joe Public as you say is starting to wake up to the fact that no matter how they vote the government is there to do Europe,s bidding,we have no say in policies,they let us vote in meaningless on-line polls to make us believe we can help forge policy,but it,s only there to keep you quiet and keep voting for the same old same old.We can,t deport someone who is a danger to national security because it goes against his "HUMAN RIGHTS" to family life,WHAT ABOUT OUR RIHGTS TO LIVE IN A SAFE SECURE COUNTRY WITHOUT FEAR OF BEING KILLED BY SOME CRAZY RELIGIOUS ZEALOT.If your not sure who to vote for vote Independant and make them listen.Most people have had enough but are that brainwashed by the media and mainsream politicians into believing there is no alternative,but there is so when you get the chance use your vote and make a change.

  3. 08/04/2012 in Local Government

    Fall in Lib Dem election candidates

    The Liberal Democrats will stand 1,198 fewer candidates across the country than Labour in next months local elections, new figures show. In four major metropolitan council elections on 3 May the party will not have a "full slate", while in five other councils in England the Lib Dems are fielding no candidates at all, according to analysis by the Independent on Sunday.

    Party insiders blamed widespread disenchantment

  4. Anthony Whitehead Hodges9 April 2012 at 21:52

    The Mail papers often have sensible, down to earth criticism and articles that condemn the traitorous political classes enjoying 'free lunches' Westminster. However after writing such articles life goes on exactly the same as ever. The answer is the formation of a high- powered radical party that throws off the shackles of cronyism and the old boy network that at the moment embraces almost all politicians, media commentators, et al of the three main cabals. This means either the English Democrats or the BNP. UKIP seems far too conservative so they need to stand up and be far more blunt and less hitched to the bandwagons of the main parties apart from their anti EU rhetoric which is good but not enough. Oh and by the way how many of the loud mouths who villify the BNP as racist or conversely ignore the English Democrats as being 'too small' have actually read their political objectives free on line for all to read. They are both refreshingly candid compared to the mush of lies, halftruths and mealy mouthed words of the mainstream groups.

  5. I am not sure to which civilisation Hitchens is referring when he speaks of one of the greatest civilisations on earth. If it is European Christian Civilisation which he feels is now being brought low by the greedy, self-seeking and plain evil, then surely it was only as he describes because it was just that, homogeneously European and Christian. He may just be referring to the version of it as it existed in these islands until the 1960s and 70s when the Marxist students left university with a mission to use Britain as a test bed for their one world Marxist revolution, thereby tainting all politicians since. He then goes on to tell us we need independent people who are neither politically correct nor bigoted. By bigoted, I assume, he is taking about indigenous European Christians who are being targeted for obliteration by the Left and are becoming alarmed as the tipping point is reached where Britain slides from being European and Christian to being Afro-Asian with a majority non-white (estimated at 20+% by 2050 so over 50% by the end of the century) and non-Christian population as these people replace Christianity with the religions of the Sub-continent Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism. The more they grow in numbers, the more the indigenous inhabitants will flee overseas. So what does he define as bigotry? You can't have it both ways Mr Hitchens. Either Britain remains ethnically European and culturally Christian or it doesn't. You can't sit on the fence. I have just been reading some of the statements of Yasmin Alibi-Brown. She told Gavin Essler that she looks forward to the situation in 100 years' time when all whites have disappeared from this land. Strange how she was never prosecuted for advocating genocide. Imagine if the likes of Peter had said the opposite on behalf of the indigenous population, even though millions might agree with him. His career would have been finished and he would most probably be serving a prison sentence. He is saying he wants England to be wrestled free from the main political parties and returned to how it was 60 years ago but then again he doesn't. Multiculturalism is the Left's tool for achieving European genocide. What does he want?

  6. Westminster is now just an exclusive club for the corrupt and feckless.
    I think it is time for a Cromwellian solution and clear out the den of thieves.
    I can see no other way.
    But then the Marxists have got that covered too. Keep the army small and abroad.
    The only positive note to add is they are condeming their own descendants along with ours.

    1. I don't think so, most of them have the right of return or are wealthy enough to find some un polluted corner of the globe.

      Cromwell's solution, by the way, was funded by and allowed back into this island, those that have worked since that day to destroy us.

    2. With regard to the second paragraph above, I thought that happened under William of Orange, perhaps it was both of them. I am sure Robin could correct me but I believe those people from Amsterdam founded both the Bank of England and the Stock Exchange. They certainly created a love of money which is alien to the English soul but not to their own. That having been said, since all our industry virtually has now been sold off or shut down we would have nothing without their legacy of the City of London. But most true Englishmen would rather be inventing and manufacturing then be obscenely rich and looking forward to their next £1m bonus. Now those same Englishmen are left with the option of a fast food outlet or a supermarket for their place of employment, thanks probably to the legacy of those immigrants from the Low Countries.