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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Islam-ism's first triumphs in England?

George Galloway’s electoral triumph last Thursday in Bradford was not only the widely headlined humiliation of the Ed Miliband, but it is also the second time now that nakedly Islamist politics has triumphed electorally in England.

The first example was the election of Lutfur Rahman as elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets, on an independent Islamist ticket, and now George Galloway’s "Respect" Party triumph which was supported almost entirely by the votes of radicalised Islamist Asian voters.

For anyone that doubts where George Galloway stands it would be worth watching this video of one his performances in East London. (If the link does not work for you, copy and paste this >>>

Also see this article in the Guardian reporting him praising Allah for his victory (click here >>> ).

Also this excellent article by the Telegraph’s fearless reporter Andrew Gilligan (Click here>>>

The rise of successful Islamist electoral politics in England should not only be seen as a threat to the traditional culture of England but also a threat politically to the Labour Establishment, particularly when the Labour Leader is ethnically Jewish and therefore unacceptable to hard-line Islamists.

It is worth reflecting on how other Labour figures will react to these victories. We have already had some inkling of one reaction from Ken Livingstone as you can see from this extract and video from the Daily Telegraph (Click here>>>

Ken Livingstone also supported Mayor Rahman in his rebellion against the official Labour Party candidate and he and Respect activists helped to get him elected in Tower Hamlets. Ken Livingstone was of course one of the principal architects of the Left’s so called “Rainbow Alliance” (originally of Greens, gays, Islamists, Irish Republicans and politicised ethnic minority groups, together with much of the Far Left). This alliance has increasingly broken down as the tension between Islamists and the others has escalated. The Greens left some time ago. Many of the Gay Rights activists, like Peter Tatchell, have left and now even Jewish voters are leaving in droves, as can be see from this Jewish Chronicle article (Click here>>> )

What does all this mean for the future? The outcome is dependent obviously on a variety of factors, one of which is the huge subsidy to the official Labour Party from institutionalised Trade Unionism. For as long as this continues and remains legal (there are moves afoot to try to limit the amount that Labour can get), the official Labour Party’s future must be fairly well assured. If the funding were to be substantially reduced then we could be fairly sure of a rift developing between those in the Labour Party who still have attachment to English working class culture and those who side with Islamism. The existence of such a rift will in any case create increasing tensions within the Labour Party even while the official Party structure holds.

Whether the rising Islamism of one faction within the Labour Party will lead to a clearer reassertion by another faction of English working class values, as is suggested by Jon Cruddas MP (click here>>>, we have yet to see.

Nevertheless this fault line within the Labour Party leaves it deeply wounded. So the ramifications of George Galloway’s victory are not just the superficial damage to Ed Miliband’s leadership.

What should our reaction be to Labour’s internal ruptures and wounds? Labour, although wounded, is still a big beast and like a primeval hunter we should follow it carefully, give it no rest, harry it when it tries to lick its wounds, keep it separate from the rest of the herd and watch for the opportunity when it is so weakened that we can get close enough to finish it off with our clubs!

In doing so we must always bear in mind the extent to which the rest of the Lib/Lab/Con herd support each other and work hand in glove to keep down any serious threat to their hegemony . We must not let any of their diversion tactics distract us from our quarry (like 50% tax rates, gay marriage or fuel scares). They want to keep a system were the votes of 21.6% of the electorate deliver the appearance and powers of a democratic majority. Tally ho!” anyone?


  1. Very interesting article by Jon Cruddas you linked to, Robin. I would like to see the labour Party build up their own version of a "working class values" faction. That would be something to see. Jon Cruddas may be genuine in wanting to do this but is also completely oblivious to the contradictions that the Labour Party will never be able to remove. They would be too busy carrying out purges against "reactionary" viewpoints to ever connect to working class people, who I see expressing their disgust at all the mainstream parties with increasing frequency.

    The Labour Party have become something of a wounded woolly mammoth but as you are pointing out, one which has also developed a multi-personality disorder. It probably is best to keep a safe distance and wait for it to keel over.

  2. I have tried posting a comment on this following the article on the shootings in France but it does not seem to be working so I will try again here. Firstly, we now face the strange prospect of Ken Livingstone and George Galloway of the far left being opposed to gay marriage in their desperation for anybody's block vote, even the islamofascists, whilst the "conservative" ( in name only ) David Cameron is in favour of it. As the Labour Party becomes more desperate for the votes of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Somalis then will they ditch the gays as well. After all Jack Straw already depends on Blackburn's Pakistanis for his seat. Glenda Jackson will not be happy! And I had another wry smile as Clegg the Clump shows his horror at the prospect of all our e-mails, phone calls, text messages etc being tracked by MI5 for anti-terrorism purposes whilst they and the other three main parties have and gladly would invite in thousands and thousands of potential terrorists from the muslim world over the last 60 years. We now hear that Saudi Arabia is funding the spread of Al Qaeda in Africa and "Britons" from the "Somali Community" may join the fight there. I wonder whether they will be recruiting from Obama's muslim tribe in Kenya. What a laugh!! This just shows you how these naive left-wingers have come unstuck. The only reason why they support these people is because they are not white Christians well they will drag you as well as us down to hell with them. Now, my other post that never made it. I heard the other day from a friend who has friends in Holland that Dutch professionals with competent English are taking flight in their thousands for North America or the Antipodes as they realise that the writing is on the wall for Holland and it is only a matter of time before Holland becomes Northern Europe's first muslim country. Rotterdam already has a muslim Arab mayor. Then the race will be on between France and England, if the likes of Livingstone and Galloway are anything to go by. Still Belgium is closing fast and then there is Denmark, Norway and Sweden. There is meant to be a conference in Denmark aimed at stopping any further muslim immigration into the EU but since 2m have come in following the Arab Spring where are they going to begin and where is the Dutch Peter who is going to stick his finger in the dyke and save Holland? Thank you the Marxist/International Socialist elite who have sealed Europe's fate. May they all be the first to be beheaded as unbelievers.

  3. It is a pity that the English Democrats were unable to put up a candidate in Bradford West leaving the English working class unrepresented

  4. Sorry, I meant to add that I thought that George Galloway was a Roman Catholic. His Irish Republican, Irish Roman Catholic mummy must be spinning in her grave faster than the wheels on the Popemobile. The man needs certifying fast as he is obviously a total and utter and dangerous lunatic. I am assuming that MI5 bug his every 'phone call, e-mail and text, if not they should be.

  5. perhaps we are seeing what can happen when democracy is not kept within certain boundaries, we owe our democracy to the English civil war,where Parliament/Witan won the day so people could start to run their lives through this elected body and later a parliamentarian monarchy the 1688 revolution, which gives a stability being set away from politics.
    The trouble is we have not been having a democracy, but a winner takes all in a very juvenile behaviour where democracy is used and others suffer, and what we have seen is our country going downhill being sold to the highest bidder with no regard what so ever for its future well being, in fact they could not give a dam and so unbeknown because they have stopped the people of this country having a voice,as they have brought in all sorts of laws to silence us, others will take the vacuum with traitors of our own and fill that void,which is expanding everyday and one day it will be too late to do anything about this, Hitler only had to wait to allow our own stupidity to destroy our Jerusalem. What we are seeing is the legacy of victory? of the last war, our own children which is all are they destroy the very hand that feeds it and they the spoilt children rub shoulders with the very people who hate and despise our very existence and replace it with Islam.
    as we say bullshite baffles brains as we see they have taken it lockstock and barrel, with the other very true saying, no peace away from God
    Stephen Bennett

  6. Spot the Difference - (and theres probably many more)

    Ed Miliband - Doncaster North
    David Miliband - South Shields
    Tony Blair - was Sedgefield
    Peter Mandelson - Hartlepool
    Jack Straw - Blackburn

    They all represent constituencies which they have no connection to apart from stepping stones to further their own career of the back of working class voters. They can be destroyed off if the English Democrats stand candidates who are locals and highlight to the voters what the Labour party are all about, ie stepping stones.

    Also, get Benjamin Disraeli face on your leaflets, can be used in both Con and Lab consituencies. Con consituencies, with the heading "Even the die hard patriot Benjamin Disraeli would of defected by now, vote English Democrats." Lab consituencies, "The rich should work with the not so rich, just like the patriot Benjamin Disraeli suggested, vote English Democrats."

    North East Nationalist

    1. English Democrat Supporter5 April 2012 at 20:09

      Yes, it is amazing that constituencies like Hartlepool end up with the likes of Peter Mandelson as their MP. Results like this stem from the mainstream parties ability to rely on people voting according to simple economic self interest and of playing different social classes of people against each other. And even then, it has taken place within a decades long background of people being demoralised by and resigned to our first-past-the-post voting system.

  7. What a load of tat! We should welcome the integration of Islamic people into our society; just as we should welcome the integration of Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Humanists, Creationists, and whichever other opinion, path, belief that exists. Only through learning to understand and appreciate these cultural ways of approaching the lives we have can we possibly enrich ourselves and make our lives more meaningful. The type of comment in this article is born out of fear and ignorance and although deep set, an unnecessary anger. To attain any way of improving our destiny we need, absolutely must work together. Highlighting differences with the only intention of stirring up this type shortsightedness serves no beneficial purpose.

    1. your an idiot!

    2. have you told that to the Muslims ? I live in a City with a high Muslim population and cant wait to leave. MY Wife gets spat on by them as she's blonde, my Kids get harassed and I'm sick of their preaching in the streets about their bloody prophet.

      Ironicaly I moved my family here 14 years ago so my kids would grow up in a Multi racial City, but the Muslims dont want integration! it's against their Religion, The Quaran says "and you shall convert the Pagan, or scourge him with fire and sword" .

      they want us all to be Muslim nd live under their extremely unpleasant Religious Laws

    3. Wakeup and smell the coffee,we have welcomed other race,creeds,religions, and colours into our country. Far to many in my humble opinion. the fact is none have been in the slightest a threat to our way of life. but Islam is,and continues to be. Laws have even been bent to pasify,along with condisending atitudes towards all Muslims. Our troops are in forign land to secure democricy,while it is being flushed down the toilet here at home. not forgetting of course,Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.

    4. Oh yes. We've had the atrocity of Halal meat imposed on us in the name of integration.
      We have mosks springing up all over the place, proved to be centres of anti-western propaganda that the authorities are too scared to address.
      Whe have black youths running amok in our cities with no one pointing the finger.
      We have large areas that are Asian colonies.
      Also Asians taking over our shops, newsagents, post offices, taxi services etc.
      And there are no quotas to include personnel of the host population. Why?

      Integrate for a better understanding? Take off your tinted glsses and shudder.

    5. We have welcomed all these people, but among them only ONE group blows up trains and busses, insults us and our Armed Forces, tries to force us into their Stone Age religion and threatens to take over the Country. I am one of the many who will resist this! If that is to be called Islamophobia then so beit.

  8. I was 4 years old when i saw my first asian man I just stared at him,He came over and picked me up by my lapels,when you see your father tell him he is a white bastard and a slimy C*** I ran home and told my mam she in turn got my dad from work he asked me take him to where I had been, this I did he then sent me home.when I was about ten he warned that the asian invasion was starting and nobody was doing a thing to stop it wind forward and look where we are.Enough said.Its here its now what are we going to do probably nothing.GET YOU HEADS OUT OF THE SAND GREAT BRITAIN AND HOPE THAT ITS NOT TOO LATE.

  9. Mr tillbrook the 3 main party's and especially the odious Marxist labour party will desperately attempt to tie there political flags to a English parliament when bit happens this can not be allowed to happen. The islamfication of ENGLAND! By the cultural Marxist which began in the sixties are totally to blame for England's great peril, the torys are just traitors , the destruction of labour Marxist Leninism in England must be are portraiture of all Englishman and woman GSTQ of England

  10. 1/ i have no love for galloway
    2/ you can't even get the area right,its bradford WEST
    3/ it is not only aians voting for galloway.
    4/ the only reason galloway was elected is the incompetant bradford council. it was not a protest vote but a vote of no confidence.
    bradford council have so much going on against the wishes of bradford people a camel would have been voted in, it could'nt do any worse. if you want to know the feelings of bradford people read the comments from the local paper in the have your say section. tells it as it is, straight from the horses mouth, and how bradford people feel. only a few of those are non-white, very few have any love for galloway but quite a few want change and galloway could give us that. there is no room for such bias as you show, here we are suffering from an inept council and don't care for point scoring, only the city we love and live in.

    1. another comment taken out of context as well you know. if you can't keep your mind on the job without scoring cheap points you are in the wrong job.
      the green party councillor for our area is going over to respect, as are several other candidates. all welcome if they turf out these deadwood councillors, we don't want the self-serving, whats in it for me type like we have now, we want people that will ask the right questions and get the real answers.
      just a thought, where are the english democrats in this area, or are'nt we good enough for you?

  11. Having suffered George Galloway up here in Scotland (in years gone by) he may well scupper himself...he is sleazy, vain and corrupt. He has become more and more pro-Muslim and pro-Palestinian a the years have gone by. All ppl like him do is drive increasing numbers of ppl in the direction of the BNP.

    1. Whats wrong with the B.N.P they speak the truth expose the corrupt and stand by our pensioner's and our brave troops fighhting a phony war.

  12. The writer above extolling the religious freedom of minorities has a valid point. However- why should this liberalism extend to a takeover of many inner cities and the slavish changing of out traditions in order to gain votes?
    If incomers cannot integrate or learn the host language in a lifetime- then they are not able to contribute to our society.
    They are not a direct threat in this mode , but do allow subversion to take hold in their communities.
    This allows the state to impose draconian measures on the masses rather then face the problem THEY have created.
    Every move we make to redress this is then portrayed as racist or elitist or whatever- but we HAVE to reclaim the common political ground and make a solution possible.
    The average voter is not stupid, but just phased by so much spin and lies they don't think long term- and get picked off in stages by adept manipulators.
    The fact that Islamist action is so powerful is that their single message captures a minority with no deviations- as the general public have to tarry with under 'Pseudo Democracy'.
    Galloway is just another such opportunist who has read the runes locally to his advantage.

  13. This gives us a great opportunity to Vote English Democrat in the May local elections.
    Make sure everybody turns out as every vote wil count this time as the LibLabCons are so despised now.

  14. Wake up Great Britain before its to late.

  15. The Muslims have integrated the English out of existence democratically in Bradford, London, large parts of Manchester,Birmingham, Sheffield etc



  16. come on england time to wake up
    before we have a muslim in 10 downing street

    1. so ain't it about time the true british made a stand againts all this bull and stood together?
      up the revolution alf garnit for PM

  17. Cllr Seamus Dunne5 April 2012 at 23:15

    A brave and courageous article - well done.

  18. Study that face above carefully. I see something very disturbing. Do you?

  19. I am emigrating as England no longer belongs to the English. Some of my friends are brain washed by political correctness. I think it's too late now. I lived in a Muslim country for years, they do not integrate and think other non-Muslims are Scum. Wake up uk

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