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Thursday, 5 April 2012

1984 in 2012 - a guest post

The UK is today on track to be a Police Surveillance State on a par with China and Iran.

The British Government has again announced it is to enact legislation to enable it to look at all our emails, texts and website searching. It will also monitor all our telephone conversations. That means that everything you say and read and do, will become State property. The State will steal your right to privacy, freedom of expression and association. All this is to be done in the name of 'State security', a chilling phrase to those who believe in freedom of the individual above that of the State, and have knowledge of recent history. They tried this before in 2010 but the outcry caused them to defer the plan. Maybe now, however, they feel that we have become softened up to the idea of intrusion into our private lives by large corporations and particularly internet media and organs of the state, that we will be more amenable to its re-introduction.

All this should, however, send shivers of fear down the spine of every man and every woman who believes in Freedom. And those who peddle the naive belief that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear are almost as dangerous as those who wish to implement this measure. Let us not forget that for evil to prevail it only requires good men to do nothing.

The people of England, through long tradition, probably still believe in freedom of speech and association, and probably believe they still exist, but political correctness and its agents eroded that long ago.
For nearly fifty years after the Second World War was won against a totalitarian regime, another war, 'The Cold War' was conducted. This was mainly a war of propaganda and espionage and it was waged against the stated evils of the Soviet Union and its satellite States, which were genuine. The People of the Nations of the UK were told those States had to be opposed because they also spied on their people and controlled their thoughts and actions. They viewed their people as potential 'enemies of the State'. They also encouraged their people to spy on each other. Millions of pounds were spent on opposing these States, vast resources applied to the propaganda effort. Lives were lost. The grounds for all this were the protection of our Freedoms against foreign domination, when all the evils described would be visited upon us.

The British State and its political Establishment is now intending to introduce these very evils. State security will take precedence over the freedom of the individual. Don’t be fooled that this is aimed at terrorists and potential terrorists, for it is all of us who will suffer, the ordinary innocent subject. It will turn the police still further into agents of the State. The police will need to be looked upon with suspicion, more than they do now. It will be the policeman who knocks your door down at four o’clock in the morning, probably accompanied by someone in a long coat (maybe even a leather one!) because you have used the wrong word or phrase in your email or text message. Because State spies will be scanning every one of your messages for key words and phrases which they deem dangerous or threatening. They will be monitoring your innocent debates and discussions, and the websites you visit; the ones they think subversive or threatening, and if you visit them more often than they think you should you will be regarded as a subversive. Your file will be marked. We will have our own British ‘stasi’.

And don’t believe them when they say this is all for your own good, or that surveillance will be limited, or that it will all be carefully controlled. This is just the kind of thing that gets out of control; it acquires a life and momentum of its own. It won’t be long before ‘State Security’ deems the measures inadequate, and that more are needed. Apparatus is already in place for your innocent meetings in the street to be observed. Next your conversations there could be heard too. All this will happen unless, we the people, rise against it again, and object as we did about the introduction of Identity Cards, a previous dangerous authoritarian measure.

So far, I have only mentioned terrorists. But these measures are to be aimed at criminals too. What level of criminal - international drug smugglers, people traffickers? It could be quickly extended, and you could be an innocent victim if you are by chance going about your lawful business but in the wrong place at the wrong time (or underpaid your tax by £10!).

And there are civil rights to be considered. We know the State is worried at the ease by which demonstrations can be organized. But these demonstrations are legal in a free society, so what right does the State claim to monitor communications of this type?
There is no time to be lost. These proposals are dangerous to the Freedoms our ancestors fought for. They fought against the powerful and unanswerable organs of State, religion and aristocracy, hundreds of years ago, which brought about modifications and reform which we all enjoy today. Lives were lost then to bring about a Free society. They must not be allowed to have been lost in vain.

We cannot rely on the Established parties. It has been said ‘you cannot get a cigarette paper between them’, and although ‘Nick’ is doing his usual ‘grandstanding’ by claiming to be putting a brake on the proposals he is part of the State power introducing them and his word, as we all know, is worth nothing.

Action must be taken, we must make our views known to prevent these measures being brought in, but we must turn away from the major parties. New political grass roots voices, such as the English Democrats, are being heard and we should turn to them, to bring political power back to the ordinary people of England.

4th April 2012

Keith Birtwhistle


  1. They claim that they will not actually listen to our phone calls, read our text messages and e-mails etc wily-nily as this will require a warrant. I am sure that the warrant thing will in the end be done away with as it would slow things down too much having to go to court to get one each time. So you are probably right in saying that soon we will be bugged up to the hilt. I thought that they already read e-mails that emitted certain buzz words like revolution - think I have just used that one, or the CIA are doing so anyhow if not MI5. In the time of Good Queen Bess England was riddled with spies acting on behalf of continental catholic powers. But slowly things became much more relaxed. This is what happens when you try to create One World - still don't know whoever wanted it apart from the Mad Marxist and Money Mad few - in which there are no real borders and every Tom Dick and Harry can wander into what once were the free and democratic countries of Northern Europe. Nicholas nice but dim, ultra-wet and dangerous Clegg, has not quite worked out that if you have 60 years of third world immigration and now Eastern European crime tourists then this is what you end up with. There was a good reason why England never needed identity cards, because we were a community of like souls who repelled all foreign invaders and were staunchly xenophobic; so we wished one another well and trusted one another. Now the opposite is true but still Clegg the Clod wants to continue with the EU/One World experiment. We are not alone, just see the problems that Scandinavia has with East European criminals and Islamic terrorists.

  2. Very good article.

    Another consequence of this will be that it will allow the government of the day to use the politicised police force to monitor suspected whistle blowers whether they be politicians, journalists or whomever. All they have to do is to fabricate an allegation of criminality and the surveillance can be started up. It would create a climate of fear for whistle blowers.

    1. This would not presumably include the whistle blowers who have been brainwashed into going along with Marxist/Bankers' one world. We are now starting to see a breed of Marxist/Communist-style whistle blowers which shows you just how far towards 1984 we have advanced. I am thinking of the primary school children reported by their teachers for "racism", were there any coloured children among them? And more recently, the Met racism case all arose because the officers involved were shopped by one of their own, probably a fellow severely brainwashed Englishman who felt compelled to tell Big Brother. This is now quite frightening. I remember reading a comment by a lady from the Czech Republic who said that multicultural Britain was little different from communist Czechoslovakia as far as freedom of speech was concerned. Surely the next step is for primary school children to be encouraged to observe their parents for any racist tendencies and if necessary to report them to the police.

    2. Race laws only apply to white Christians. Another foetid BBC programme showed this to a 'T' the other night. 'Angels of Mersey' followed, in his instance a Vicar and a Rabbi at Liverpool 'Uni' (ugh) during freshers' week.

      Rev offered open invitations whilst the Rabbi just looked for jewish students, to make sure: 'That they stayed true to their culture and identity and did not aquire non jewish ways or girlfriends'. I paraphrase, but that was the top and bottom of it.

      Imagine old Rev trying to ensure his flock stayed white Christian and English, and re - assuring the parents of Christian children not to acquire partners outside their race and religion and to keep true to their history and ethnicity and identity eh?

      You know the rest.

    3. I suppose the Jews do have a point as I have just checked and the present Jewish world population is about 13.5 million and they are spread around the world in small pockets in a diaspora which they would say was of the Europeans' making since the Romans turfed them out of the Middle East. We know there are now 1.3 billion Indians, a fourfold increase since the War. This excludes Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. There are over a billion Chinese and there must be at least a billion Africans. The number of Europeans/Whites in the world is now 5% compared with a third a hundred years ago. This is because Europeans have acted responsibly and chosen to limit their families whilst other races, excluding perhaps the Chinese recently and the Japanese i.e. Africans and Asians have just bred like rabbits and their population is due to double again. Perhaps Hitler had got wind of something when he urged German women to keep the numbers up. But the result of his actions is that Germans are now below replacement level. The Marxists, whoever is controlling them, have brainwashed Europeans into believing that European Christian Civilisation is behind all the evils in the world whereas without it the furthest the
      rest of the world would have advanced by now would have been their equivalent of our Middle Ages. Africa would still be in the Stone Age. If you scream guilty at a person often enough they eventually lose confidence in themselves. Whoever is behind this has realised that if they turned around Hitler's ideology of European racial superiority they would quickly beat us into submission. Racism and colonial guilt, encouraging our children to believe that we alone are guilty of such evils and need to make amends; and our former colonials that we owe them an apology and they can come and colonise and pillage in retaliation is the way they are doing it. Now time is running out. I am sick of hearing that the old taboos on interracial marriage have broken down. A war of attrition has been successfully waged against us. Research has shown that Europeans produce geniuses with an inventive spark in the way that others have not. They want us to disappear by breeding ourselves out but the world will go down with us. It is frightening how easily the British and other Europeans have been manipulated. But history has shown that the evil/the devil always oversteps the mark. People are not stupid. Reading recent comments on the Met racism business, many by English people state how they are racially abused by other races on a daily basis and nothing happens. Also, they must see the irony of the black police officers' association complaining about too much white racism in the Met. Why a black police officers' association? However, to show how conditioned we have become to accept our own extinction on the grounds of the supposed evil we have purportrated in the world, the mere suggestion of a white police officers' association sends a shiver of guilt through our souls. We should perhaps take a leaf out of the Jews' book as the EDL has tried to do and label ourselves as an endangered and threatened minority in the world which is being targeted for genocide and demand a homeland of our own, like Israel, except that ours should encompass the boundaries of Europe from Iceland to Greece, Spain to Vladivostok, as well as those countries of European settlement overseas.
      We always thought that way until Hitler came along and they acquired the ideal weapon to beat us with, shattering our defences, leaving us brain dead and devoid of any logic and common sense, enfeebled, spineless and incapable of standing up for ourselves and arguing in a logical rather than in their emotional manner.

    4. Surprised by the 'Silent Witness' puff in this week's Radio Times, I eagerly awaited the exposition of the racial and religious hate crimes perpetrated by Asians (a slur on all Asians who are non Muslims)on white Christian girls, in this weeks story line. Then it simply was not there. Another episode mysteriously replaced it.

      How strange?

  3. Further to the above, if you can bring yourself to then I suggest you log on to the UKIP website and look at Tory to UKIP Euro mp convert Roger Helmer's facebook piece on the Lib Dems and UKIP level pegging at 11% in a recent poll. There is a link to a muslim anti-British demonstration in Luton and in the comments to the Norwegian Freedom Party's youtube clip from Oslo, in 1960 the safest city in the world. Look at the comments and you will see that people all over Europe and North America now know that the Marxist one world agenda has one aim, to eradicate Europeans and their Christian Civilisation. People know that the virtual gas chambers are in full swing and they want to bring down the political elite that is leading them down the path to their destruction. Everywhere this is proving difficult as even the Gaullists, Germany's Christian Democrats and British Conservatives seem to be singing from the left's hymn sheet. All now see a violent confrontation as inevitable. They have used guilt, hippy style "love and peace" and legislation so successfully that they have brought Europe almost to the point of no return.

  4. The PrangWizard9 April 2012 at 09:02

    Stick to the point people. The piece above is not about ethnicity or religion or race. It's about the abuse of state power, the loss of privacy and freedom of the individual.

    1. Strands of the same rope

    2. Well spoken. There are lots of important issues to discuss but talking over others only gets things buried.

  5. There is of course one last chance that we all have, the Scots started the process in 1979 after the failed devolution referendum. A group of Scottish Nationalists went directly to the United Nations and other international organisations.

    Here's the link:-

    Europeans must do the same about the coming 'white genocide'

    Here's an article taken from the website majorityrights about international law

    "International law defines genocide as an international crime against humanity, with grave punishment for violations. As far as the international recognition of the reality of race, ask the ghosts of Saddam Hussein or Wilhelm Frick if the Kurds or Jews, respectively, are mere social constructs. Race is an internationally-recognized reality and is a major factor in the crime of genocide. In the future, the political and economic elites that are responsible for the policies of White genocide may face trial before an international tribunal. The 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II states:

    In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group"

    The original article can be found here:-