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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

How Scots think about the Union - the latest poll

Here is an article from the Scottish Newspaper "The Daily Record":-

Price of independence: Poll shows majority of Scots would back split.. if it made them £500 better off
Dec 5 2011 By Magnus Gardham

TWO-THIRDS of Scots would back independence if they believed it would make them £500 better off, according to a poll.

But only one in five would want to go it alone if it meant a £500 a year reduction in living standards.

The findings suggest the economy will be key in the run-up to the SNP's referendum, expected in 2014.

Overall, 32 per cent of voters said they were in favour of independence, despite First Minister Alex Salmond's efforts to convince the public.

However, the figure is the highest recorded by the Scottish Centre for Social Research since 2005, when it stood at 35 per cent.

Support bounced back from a low of 23 per cent last year.

The research centre's annual Scottish Social Attitudes survey also showed growing support for a beefed-up Holyrood with wider powers over domestic policy.

Polls expert John Curtice said: "The appetite for a more powerful parliament, including independence, has grown in the past 12 months.

"However, support for independence is still no higher than it has been on previous occasions since the advent of devolution.

"If the SNP are to persuade a majority of Scots to back independence they will need to convince them of the economic case for leaving the Union, and that is a debate that is still to be won or lost."

The poll showed that, at present, 34 per cent think the economy would perform better if Scotland split from the UK, while 29 per cent think it would do less well. The findings sparked a war of words between parties last night.

Deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "This is a big boost for Scotland and independence.

"Now we know that two-thirds of Scots are prepared to back independence on a positive basis.

"Since the reality is that Scotland puts far more into the London exchequer than we get back in return, the 'yes' campaign can and will win the economic case for independence."

But shadow Scots secretary Margaret Curran said: "Far from being the breakthrough the SNP wanted, this shows the vast majority of Scots support devolution and want to see it stronger and better.

Sturgeon and welcomed latest poll "The SNP have been in power for almost five years and each year support for separation is actually lower than when Labour formed the Scottish government."

She added: "Polls like this explain why Alex Salmond won't name the day. There is nothing in the SNP manifesto that stops them calling a referendum now and the only reason for delay is because they fear the verdict of the Scottish people.

"The referendum isn't a test of how much you love our country - every Scot does - but is about what is best for Scotland."

This article moved one of my correspondents to write this to me, what do you think?

"The recent revelation that the Scots would leave the union only if it was financially viable says all that any English person needs to know.

It is obvious that the majority of Scots see Britain as a free credit card. It was money in 1707 and it is money now.

Are we so desperate that we have to pay the Scots to stay in an unwanted union?

Divorce is long overdue in this marriage of convenience.

England must not allow the British Government to negotiate the terms. Cameron with his proud “Scottish blood” is no friend of the English and his British Government seems hell bent on destroying us one way or another.

Even the most complacent of Englishmen must now recognise that we need our own parliament to look after our interests or we shall be taken to the cleaners once again."


  1. Far too many Scots have made careers out of giving the English some perspectives they have been too laid back to acquire and the 'softy South' have paid heavily for that. Armed forces,Engineering, Teaching, BBC etc.Is there a day without a Scots accent on a R4 play?
    They have contributed a lot- but in Politics they have extracted a heavy price.
    Interesting to see how far they push to detach from the Mother Lode...
    but an English Parliament is the No1 priority.

  2. Well, I, fro one, pray they succeed. Then we won't need an English Parliament, We'll have Westminster. Providing, of course, that we can persuade the Welsh to go it alone as well.

    Maybe if we make them put everything in English and ban the Welsh language anywhere in Wales, it would tip them into it?

  3. I don’t think the canny Scots want independence; it’s a bit like shooting the goose that laid the golden egg.
    They didn’t have the best of deals for many of the earlier years, but they were smart enough to turn that around and now they do have the best of deals.
    Our big women’s blouse English MPs have been outflanked by the Scots.
    We are in a bit of a spot because we do need the Scots Welsh and Northern Irelanders.
    We have messed up somewhat in Europe, and have let them walk all over us too. Thank God we didn’t join the Euro.
    Time for all of the MPs in the government to stop bickering, get off their back sides, do the job they were elected to do.
    Time to stand up, get some back bone, tell the Americans and Europe WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO! Regarding our extradition, our immigration, our human rights, our economy and everything else that is OUR business.
    Our government is IN CHARGE of our Country so let’s see some leadership. Perhaps we should get rid of our two Prime ministers, and elect a proper one not a talker but a doer.
    The way the coalition is going the next election will be a disaster for the conservatives and we will have another coalition made up of Labour and Liberals. I bet Clegg is already working out his strategy. He doesn’t care who he works with so long as he calls the shots, that goes for his party members too, I don’t think he pays much attention to them.

  4. Good luck to the Scots they have worked long and hard to take control of their Country.
    I want to have a party that will work just as hard for England and the English.

  5. I would point out that not only is there nothing shameful in my fellow Scots being pragmatic, it is thoroughly admirable.

    Scottish MPs, MSPs et cetera are there to do one thing, maximise Scottish interests, and further Scottish aims.

    But on a personal note, I can tell you, most Scots want devolution max rather than independence. Why? Its pragmatic and in our interests. With Devo Max, we control our oil, in fact, we control everything including all tax and spending ... but we leave the UK to pay for defence and foreign policy.