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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Alex Salmond is The Times' 2011 'Briton of the Year'

Congratulations are due to Alex Salmond not only for winning this rather inappropriately misnamed award (given to the leading opponent of Britishness)but also on his being a constitutional game changer.

As the Times' leader says:- "One incumbent politician managed to defy the odds, to win re-election despite everything, to win a majority when the election system was designed to prevent anyone winning a majority, to come from behind to destroy his opponents. That politician was Alex Salmond."

His achievement includes even kickstarting the adamantly anti-English British Coalition Government into considering the English Question even if they can't yet bring themselves even to mention the "E" word!

As the Press Association reported recently:-
"A commission to resolve the so-called West Lothian Question will start work in February, the Government has confirmed.

Cabinet Office minister Mark Harper said the commission would then report by the end of the next Parliamentary session, in the spring of 2013.

In response to a written question by Conservative Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, Mr Harper said work had been on-going since the Government's last announcement on the issue in September.

He told MPs: "We have been in consultation with House authorities on how the commission can best address the relevant issues on the business and procedures of this House.

"It is my intention for the commission to start work in February 2012 to report by the end of the next session, in spring 2013.

"I will make a further statement on the commission in the new year."


  1. Add to my stories27 December 2011 at 22:03

    It's hardly surprising that a zionist organ like the Times might support any national strife - except in Israel of course. Salmond is a most treasured patsy. By both chipping away at the Union and feeding the institutionalised anti English bigotry of the Scots whilst simultaneously condemning them to the disparate cultural oblivion of multiculturalism, he must be held in the same esteem as Antony Blair, almost.

  2. Interesting article. You readers may wish to learn that SNP MP's do not vote on any English matters.

  3. Salmond can get any reward, he is not a Scottish
    nationalist, he is like Blair, Brown, Cameron and many others, a Scottish TRAITOR who will do nothing for that beautiful country except hasten
    its destruction. He has no understanding or no
    interest to understand the destructive effects
    of Islam and therefore he sees no danger in that
    evil cult.If Moslems love Scotland, which they
    mostly do, you can bet your bottom dollar that they have an even freer hand to do anything they
    want up there. That means they are increasing
    their influence and building up the numbers
    without the poor wee sheeple of Scotland being
    able to awake from their trances. That country
    may well beat England in becoming a Caliphate.

  4. I'm getting a little tired of hearing that SNP MPs don't vote on English matters - because they do. They only claim not to.

  5. the main thing is .. that Alex Salmond is allowing Scotland to be free from The restrictions placed on it by Westminster.... failure or success.. Scotland will have without the Westminster interference...Alex Salmond is indeed a very astute Politician.. he is unquestionably the dominant force not only within Scotland.. but within all UK.

  6. If only we had a Salmon in England with the
    same wily determination and credibility then
    our campaign would be more effective. Still we are always optimistic;

  7. As a Sith Ifrican of Scots descent, may I add my tuppence.

    As soon as we get rid of the Scots from this wonderful country called England the better. In reality I am fairly ashamed of being of Scots descent, as they seem so left wing up there. And far too many in Parliament.