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Saturday, 24 December 2011

English Taxpayers mugged Olympicly

This Article, on the Society of Procurement Officers' website, tells all those who have ears to hear or eyes to see a telling tale of how, in practice, the (post-colonial?) 'British' government rules England.

The price for any spending of English Taxpayers' money in England is a payment of Danegeld to the increasingly fractious and demanding, not to mention separatist, Nations of Scotland and Wales.

This wholly unjustifiable policy (aka the 'Barnett Formula') is applied even to British 'Vanity Projects' like the 2012 Olympics.

A project which, I might add, not only provides no benefit to the English but also in which we, as a Nation, are not even permitted to be represented by any English National Teams whatsoever!

Here is the article >>>

Olympics consequential funding

Sector: Central Government

Date: Thu 22nd Dec 2011, 14:11:32



Working together through the Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC) the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments and the Northern Ireland Executive have reached agreement on an inter-administration dispute concerning the application of the Barnett formula to funds set aside for regeneration and transport within the budget for the Olympics Games in 2012.

The issue was discussed at a plenary meeting and helped clarify unresolved issues in the dispute. It also confirmed administrations’ shared interest in resolving those issues creatively and constructively with a view to ensuring the success of the 2012 Olympic Games. The meeting’s communiqué noted agreement ‘to consider the matter further to examine ways in which progress [could] be made’.

The administrations have agreed:
?to reaffirm their shared commitment to the success of the 2012 Olympics and other major sporting events in the UK.
?that there have been significant changes in public finances since this dispute first arose and that they should therefore not revisit decisions on the Olympics budget first made by the previous UK Government.
?that the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive will receive a one-off sum equivalent to the Barnett formula consequentials of relevant changes to Olympics funding since the present UK Government took office in May 2010. These sums amount to £30.2m, of which the Scottish Government will receive £16m, the Welsh Government £8.9m and the Northern Ireland Executive £5.4m (rounded to the nearest £100,000).


  1. Well there you are on the face of things the English don’t exist; it’s like having a secret and/or a lie, now where would you hide a secret as in the TRUTH, obviously in full view where it will be ignored because everything else within and without is corrupted and therefore being English is not admissible or acceptable even though it still exists in image, words, deeds and action and always will. This world and country is run and ruled by a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. Good Article above

    PS The Handle Mr Rob who posts on the BDF has being outed Mr Rob is UKIP Blogger Stuart Parr.

  3. Is there anything in the "Union" for the English?

    What is it that keeps the English Democrats wedded to a Union that denies its own roots, England and English identity?

  4. Calling it 'Danegeld' obscures the fact that the provincial English actually choose the governments which so disfavour us - sad but largely true! (Don't blame me, I voted for Ken!).