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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Scots win battle of patriotism over English, study shows

Yesterday in the Daily Record, a leading Scottish newspaper, was this intriguing news item:-

Scots win battle of patriotism over English, study shows

SCOTS are fiercely patriotic compared to the English, according to research.

They are more likely to celebrate St Andrew's Day and fly the Saltire, while many English folk fear displaying the flag of St George would spark accusations of racism or right-wing bias.

More than three-quarters of Scots also consider themselves to be "patriotic", with almost two-thirds happy to show their national pride in public.

But only half of people down south feel the same.

A spokesman for, who commissioned the survey of 2000 folk, said: "Scots are well known for their patriotism but it seems they are well ahead of the English in the pride stakes.

"Some of the biggest dates in our calendar, such as New Year's Eve and Burns Night, see us cover the country in our flag without any shame or embarrassment.

"It's a shame English people can't follow in our footsteps and show the same pride in their nation."

The poll found a third of Scots celebrate St Andrew's Day, compared to just 19 per cent of those in England who mark St George's Day

Here is the website of the pollsters whom I have emailed to ask for a copy of the poll:-

I don't find the scale of this result entirely credible, as my experience is that English people are now much more patriotically ENGLISH than even a couple of years ago. The result might well reflect either the question or the sample questioned. Nevertheless I do think English people are still much more confused and conflicted between ENGLISHNESS and BRITISHNESS than Scots tend to be.

Also Scotland has the blessing of a highly active and successful nationalist party - the mission of the English Democrats is to emulate that success for England and so to give the lead to the English to feel free to be at least as Patriotic about England as Scots are about Scotland!


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  1. Of course this is a moot point, is it not? because there are as many Scots living in England as there is the whole population of Scotland. But then of course the Scots living in England are English are they not?
    Except when they do not want to be, if you get my drift.

  2. Very interesting.

    I have just posted up a very brief article about the treatment of David Starkey, which contains a link to an aricle written by him back in 2004 that will be of interest to English Democrats:

    my article is here:

    Chris B

  3. The Daily Record (or Daily Rebel as it is called in Glasgow) is a filthy anti-British rag. Scotland is being run by Alex Salmond and as such the media follow a "Braveheart" agenda. Presently they are busy carrying out anti-sectarian policies to root out "bigotry". What that really means is an anti-Protestant agenda. Look at the Flags flying at Ibrox - where do you see a Saltire/Lion Rampant - answer nowhere!

    Rangers fans and Protestant people are being victimised under the name of "sectarianism" and blubber chops Salmond is the leader. Our pubs cannot fly the Union Flag outside - because that is termed "bigotry" We cannot sing traditional songs either in our football grounds or our pubs. However, Celtic fans can continue to wave the Irish tri-colour, can continue to hold large photographs of IRA hunger strikers in their grounds - Why? Because that is "political" not "bigotry".

    Forget the anti-Scottish shite you keep producing. Yes, I am bloody proud to be Scottish but I am equally proud of being British. What is that now though?

  4. Nationalist Party in Scotland. Don't make be bloody laugh. A blind man can see that Alex Salmond is deliberately putting policies in place in order that the English people (whatever that is now), will vote to break away the union.

    The SNP are chip-on the shoulder, blame the English - and chase the Muslim vote just the same as Labour.

  5. A language is the soul of a nation. Welsh nationalism would be nothing without the Welsh language. Scotland has two languages - Scottish Gaelic, which is a dialect of Irish, and Scots, which used to be known as, "Inglis", and is a dialect of English.
    The English do not have a language. What is referred to is English is now a 'global' language and no longer owned by the English people. We need 'New English'. The English Democrats must put Englishness at the core of its philosophy. That means putting the rebuilding of the nation's soul and 'New English' at the heart of its policies.

  6. My oath of allegiance to Great Britain, the United Kingdom and that gaudy, grubby, ghastly 'Onion Sack' sorry 'Union Jack' was renounced upon the manifestation of 'devil-lution' whoops sorry did it again 'devolution'.

    Its too late for the union and Britain I am afraid. Nothing against my Caledonian & Brythonic neighbours, I wish you heartfelt prosperity, fortune, peace, goodwill and a bright future but the Union is dying. The last vestiges of it are being slowly replaced by 'The English Awakening' and your own'Celtic Conscience'.

    The world is evolving therefore people and communities want greater control and freedom over their uniquely parochial and cultural rights, affairs and destiny. Just look at Yugoslavia, USSR and the Iron Curtain just over a decade ago. Then this year there has been the 'Arab Spring', an emancipation of expression and a desire for freedom and democracy. Is it the arrogance of the British predominantly English that is trying to emulate the futile deed of Canute but this time repelling the inveitable political tsunami that still is under the misconception of a UNITED KINGDOM and EMPIRE? Look at the crass disparity, discrimination and humiliation England suffers with regards tuition fees, prescriptions, devolved parliament, no anthem (only a British one), a dearth of English produce but a surfeit of Scottish and Welsh produce etc etc etc.

    Of course that does not mean we have to be secretive and insular nor does it have to mean greater suspiscion, emnity and conflict. We can still engage in cultural exchange but this must be done from an equal and level playing field.

    To my English compatriots with deluded unionist and imperialistic views. Your views are obsolete and futile my friend, You must accept and embrace change otherwise I fear you will only stagnate and succumb in your own delusionary perceptions of the position Britain holds in the world today through your own high yet sad arrogance.

    Don't cling on to the past;learn from it and embrace the future.

    The future is hope, The future is bright, The future is England.

    Together in diversity.