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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

“The Devil Makes work for Idle hands “?

This is the old saying but what we are witnessing now is nothing less than what happens when the whole edifice of Law and Order is exposed as a ‘Paper Tiger’!

Now, wherever there is a risk of copycat arson, burglary and looting, there needs to be a display of real leadership shown by, amongst others, England’s Council Leaders. Instead we are getting a classic display of those in “Authority” trying to pass the buck.

The Police need be given firm and public orders by Leaders to take immediate and vigorous action at the first sign of trouble and to arrest as many as possible of those involved. Heads to be broken if necessary!

Where there is a risk of rioting Council Leaders should be applying now to the courts for a Public Order Act ban on groups of more than, say, 20 youths congregating in potential trouble spots, so that the police can arrest or disperse them as they see fit.

More generally we need to see an end to political correctness in dealing with criminality and also to those aspects of official ‘Multiculturalism’ which put Gang-culture on a par with traditional English culture. The purpose of the police is not social-engineering; it is a Force to crack down on criminals. We also need a return to our English traditions of local communities, homeowners and shopkeepers being empowered to enforce the law and defend themselves and their property.

In the longer term, the criminal justice system needs radical overhaul to make it much more of a deterrent to criminals and our primary and secondary education system needs to re-embrace, as a basic part of the curriculum, the idea of discipline.

Also the Government must recognise that Youth unemployment needs a much greater effort and focus. We need better youth training and an end to low skilled immigration taking jobs that our country’s native youth could do, together with a Welfare system which encourages and rewards Work.


  1. These riotous situations needs the full support of the public behind the police to get the job done (and without the Human rights act interferance)and stop this anarchy. Finger pointing can be done later. But one is is for sure the UK Government has proven beyond all doubt how it's treated the people of England as second rate citizens and it has proven it cannot be capable of fairness to 51 million people. There is absolutely NO DOUBT, the England MUST be given her own parliament to deal with her own issues. The British goverment has caused this mess in England due to it's prioritising of the the Scots and the EU time and time agains.

  2. One of the more sickening features of this crisis has been socialist politicans such as Kenneth Livingstone and Harriet Harman, using it to try to make party-political capital. Blame the cuts. Blame the police. Blame anyone except the mobile-phone-organised rioters and thieves, ("Looter" is a euphemism for "thief",)themselves. Much of the problem seems to be that our police are hamstrung by politically-correct "do-gooders" who criticise them whatever they do. If they go in hard, they're "heavy-handed." If they don't, they're "soft." If they try to arrest a heavily-tanned individual, they're "racist." We need an end to "political-correctness." (How we ever bought into it is beyond me!) We also need an end to this "human rights" nonsense, which protects criminals and criminalises victims.

  3. Don't fall into the trap of accepting the main party's explanation for these riots. Both are keen to write them off as thuggery and criminality, pure and simple, with no cause.

    The truth is considerably more complex. Political correctness, multiculturalism, utter lack of political representation for the "under classes" in favour of the middle and pseudo middle (i.e. the working class who think they're middle class, because they have a job, road legal car and a mortgage).

    Amongst many blacks, especially, even if they had the prospects of a job, (most haven't), they would prefer to be a "playa", a big fish in a little bowl: getting one's head down and doing things the traditional way is seen as "white". Thanks to the failed "multiculturalism", they now feel entitled to have this view: many of their immigrant parents and grandparents did not.

    The problem is made worse by such an attitude spreading to whites and Asians.

    However, in a society where standards of behaviour and morality have slipped massively since I was a kid, and where true decency is seen as a mug's game, is it REALLY a surprise that the underclass adopt a similar if more extreme attitude of "me first" as the middle classes? The middle classes may not set light to your home, but they'll happily campaign to have it knocked down and some "development" they can make money from put in its place. This is a society where corrupt politicians thrive, where media moguls run countries and vilify "dole scroungers" whilst hardly paying a penny in tax. Is it not surprising that the rot should spread?

    These people have NO political representation. NuLabour disowned them years ago. The Tories were never for them and never will be. People do not want benefits, least of all when they're working: that just reinforces to them that they're poor. Pride is important in getting people to behave well.

    Bottom of the heap are ordinary, poor, white English people. They are being driven into the arms of the BNP, who are big on hate messages, very small indeed on ideas.

    I hope that the English Democrats will make the case for ALL Englishmen, rich, middle and poor, and will attempt to undo the damage done by 30 years of misgovernment and greed and also by multiculturalism and Political Correctness.

    If they can convince me, then they'll certainly get my support and my vote.

  4. My letter is the second in the Nottingham Post, see here:-

  5. Black Dog is surely right. The establishment has created an underclass over the last thirty or forty years with the income gap increasing under both Labour and Conservative parties.
    It is no surprise that the rioting began in London where the differences are more glaringly obvious. This is a consequence of 'globalisation', which the traditional parties see as a 'good' thing.
    If governments set out to create third world social condidtions, they cannot complain when the result is third world behaviour in the form of rioting and looting. They have encouraged immigration from the third world, it should be no surprise that these people respond to adversity as they would in Jamaica, Jo'burg, Karachi, Mumbai or Mogadishu. And it should be no surprise that they are joined by members of the white underclass. In London this underclass shows its class solidarity by speaking 'Laandan' or mock Jamaican.
    Globalisation and cosmopolitanism can only lead to more social division in England with an increasingly large human zoo underclass on one side and a class of stratospherically super rich on the other, consisting of bankers, paying themselves bigger and bigger bonuses, footballers, lottery winners, council executives, 'celebrities', and all kinds of spivs.
    This can be seen starkly in London. If England is to be saved, a cordon sanitaire has to be cast around London to contain the 'third world' within London and not allow it to escape and contaminate the rest of the country, as it did spectacularly recently in certain provincial cities such as Manchester.
    The new English Parliament must be in somewhere like Leeds (York was a capital in Roman times) or Nottingham (where the English parliament met in the middle ages), as London is not an 'English' city. This is signalled by the predominant presence in London of the British flag, rather than the English flag.

  6. What a load of bull!