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Friday, 12 August 2011

NEW English Democrats Website Launched

You can view the all NEW English Democrats website at

The new site features campaigns, online petitions and numerous other features. It will also be updated regularly with new news items, election results, party news and press releases.

Please make sure you bookmark it and keep checking back for new updates!


  1. A much better approach than the old party website. The streaming element on the old site, involving commentary that couldn't be monitored 100% of the time was just a hostage to fortune. The EDP website should just be a site where those that might be interested can get clear information about what the party stands for. All the best for the new site!

  2. A real positive step forward for the English Democrats!

  3. Ecgberht the West Saxon14 August 2011 at 19:01

    The government petition site seems to be trying to avoid accepting a petition to set up an English Language Board, like the Welsh Language Board and the Gaelic Language Board,to develop and promote National English (New English derived from Old English/Anglo-Saxon as described in 'How We'd Talk If The English Had Won In 1066' by David Cowley)

  4. we have to reclaim English as our national language, that means 'New English', not English as a global language (Eng-glob, or AmUkese)which is a language which we do not own as the French own their language.

  5. sign epetition for the teaching of New English/National English

    google: "New English" petition

  6. Just wish to extend heartfelt praise for the sterling effort both you & your indefatigable party are undertaking to uphold our nation and national identity from the heinous attepts by the government,media and commerce in the'cultural cleansing'of England with their vile Anglophobia.

    Your endeavours are a most laudable and creditable defence of England and will no doubt be appreciated greatly by future English generations which will conversely however deliver their judgement and show their utmost contempt for all those treachorous mercenaries who sold out their own country and conspired to subjugate our people whilst erasing our nation. The shame is theirs but the judgement will be ours.

    Gold Stars all round methinks:-)