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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Oh, Of course! If it's bad - it MUST be English!!

News flash

UK riots: BBC presenters told to call riots 'English'

The BBC has instructed presenters to refer to "English" instead of "UK" riots in case they upset residents of other regions.

Police come under attack during rioting in the Toxteth area of Liverpool

Police come under attack during rioting in the Toxteth area of Liverpool Photo: SPLASH

A BBC spokesman explained: "While the rioting and disturbances have been taking place in England, our initial approach was guided by the story's impact for the UK as a whole - for example, the UK Prime Minister returning from holiday and the decision to recall the UK Parliament.

"However, with the events confined to several cities and towns in England and not Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we have listened to feedback from our audiences and are now referring to 'England riots' in our on-going coverage for absolute clarity."

The BBC was accused of political correctness earlier this week when it continually referred to violent looters as "protesters". Fran Unsworth, head of newsgathering, admitted yesterday that using the term was wrong and said journalists had been ordered to stop using it.

Now really don't you just love the BRITISH broadcasting corporation?


  1. At least the Beeb is now using the word 'England' - a good opportunity to point out that we do not in fact an English First, Minister, English Government or English Parliament to deal with these matters. England has no national focus and no opportunity to promote English patriotism.

  2. Typical BBC left wing anti English bias .but we should not be surprised its disgusting coverage of these criminal acts by the maj ethnic so called community and what I call white ferrel trash was manner from heaven to the BBC and its allies in the maxists labour party.It is summed up well by the BBC and all the other media organs ,when Sikhs, Muslims and other other ethnic community defend there so called areas they are heroes ,when the English do likewise they are racists i fear these riots are the prelude to terrible times for our great nation.and I would ask all other MPs from none English parts of the UK not to attend the commons debate this is a English matter and should be dealt with by the English MPs (if there is any out there)

  3. What do they call the Rioters Now? It should be Hooligans!

  4. Well, we can't really complain about this one - the riots were in England, but not in Scotland or Wales. I suppose the question must be, why was that? Is it something to do with comparative levels of spending per head? That might be dificult to sustan since London gets more spent on it per head than anywhere else in the UK. Is it, then, something to do with the sheer size of cities in England, with London, Birmingham and Manchester, for example, being far bigger than any city in Wales or Scotland? Or is it something to do with the ethnic makeup of different communities, and the reality of quite separate communities co-existing side by side? That could well be part of the explanation of the murder of the three men in Birmingham. Or is it the unchallenged strength of drug gangs in many cities and towns? There's no easy answer to this, but, as a starting point the police needs to be reborn as a police FORCE, not service. We can't have this again. Perhaps it is time to take a leaf out of France's book, and establish an English CRS, or, for us CSK - Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom. Oh, and one last thing, the disgusting looting by the great unwashed is, of course, but a mirror of the even greater looting by the bankers and financiers. A plague on both their houses!

  5. Unfortunately this all began with another shooting, perhaps laws need to be changed, I may be wrong but I am sure the police said this man shot first, but the only other bullet found came from a police gun. Now if the officers said that man shot first and there is no evidence then surely they should be charged with at least murder and trying to pervert the course of justice. Something the police have been doing for years. Dont get me wrong, I feel we need the police but we dont need officers who blatantly lie because they want to hide behind the uniform. We need the police to uphold the law full stop. If the officer said the man had a gun and he panicked and shot first, I for one would support the officer, but not lying about it I wont.

    We have a situation in this country where the people English nationals and Legal immigrants will always be at the mercy of illegal immigrants and organised crime, simply because the police force years ago went from trying to prevent crime to wait for it to happen then get arrests. This is financially better for the police force. Where illegal immigrants are arrested they get let go or deported, but can come straight back into our country.

    So why dont we like the USA have stringent border controls, and any one who has lived here for more than 1 year should be made to swear allegiance to England. Then every one will be happy to see the George cross flying. Or move out!! If people want to live in this country then they should look after it or sod off!!!

  6. Funny how the 'hooligans and vandals' can be English but on any government forms we are not allowed to be! I am English, I want to be able to state as much wherever I have to sign my name.

  7. I wonder how many of the roiters, or looters as they should be called, are English or of English origin. Judging by what has been shown on the BBC news and other news channels, not many.

  8. I don't think there was anything spectacularly interesting about the disturbances. They WERE a surprise but what stands out is the foolish tactics of the police. They seemed to simply stand still almost inviting a bit of target practice.So why would the rioters stop rioting? Quite clearly a much firmer initial response from the police was required. The looting was pre-planned and the riots were a cover for this criminal enterprise.

  9. Should be : Riots in england caused by Africans.

  10. If you look at a map of Britain showing the ethnic make-up, you will see that the cities along the backbone of England have a very high density of blacks and Asians. This is not true of Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland - yet.

    By the way, as this is a board dedicated to England, may I suggest that attention is shown to English spelling and grammar. Cheers and best wishes.

  11. The very next report after the riots headlines, was worded something along the lines of: "Students will be saddled with huge debts after the need to pay tuition fees".

    See, they dropped the word 'English' before the word 'Students'.

    Marxist Anti-English SCUM.

  12. The Jewish areas are usually security patrolled
    by young Jewish males in the CST or Community
    Security Trust who were apparently trained by the Met. Nobody seems to object to this but when EDL, a protest group at the moment but likely to turn into a political party soon, turned up in Eltham in small numbers to organise the locals into a self-defence group, 500 Police with several dogs arrived to keep order. It did seem like they were provoking the locals, but why do we have these double standards. Cameron also verbally put the boot in on EDL which was ludicrous. Both groups, CST and EDL were helping to keep the peace, so why such awful behaviour towards EDF?

  13. One reason why these riots affected England more than the rest of Britain is the fact that English communities have been subjected to the devastating effects of mass immigration to a far greater extent. My understanding is that 14% of England's population are not indigenous compared to just 2% of the population of both Scotland and Wales. A multicultural society is by definition a more divided society, and a more divided society is a less stable society. Alongside multiculturalism goes moral relativism and the culture of victimhood whereby everything is someone elses fault and there are no agreed rules for societal conduct. A multicultural society is one which has been socially engineered by the left and hence will display all the problems which arise as a consequence of liberalism.


  14. Of course the 'riots' were in England, but caused by 85% of persons NOT of English origin.

  15. 1, They were not "riots". Riots have a definite cause, like anti-government protest etc. The so-called riots last week were purely an insurrection with the object of looting, mugging and pillaging.

    2. For the last few years the establishment, i.e. the Govt, the BBC, newspapers etc have refused to acknowledge that "England" exists! Now that there is trouble in Britain suddenly it's "Englands" problem!

  16. It is a sad state of the England , that I remember.
    They should ship the trouble makers back to where they came from .They live of the English workers.
    and cause unknown problems .