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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Green and Pleasant Land?

Today I am as appalled as anyone by the Yardie type gang rampage in Tottenham and would be glad to see a firm, old fashioned, no nonsense, police response but I think this article spells more long term trouble for what remains of England's "Green and Pleasant Land".

The Tories, as ever, when in Office (whatever they may say during elections), the Party of globalist big business and the EU, are anxious to be able to force through planning decisions in England without even the perfunctory nod towards local democracy which our current planning laws provide.

In Scotland and Wales their countryside, of course, will have the protection of their own national parliaments and governments but in England we have only the last days of the Raj mentality of the British Government to rule us.

This is an extract of the Wikipedia (auto?)biography of the Tory minister who is leading their attack against anyone daring to challenge their rush to concrete over England. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions as to how patriotic an Englishman he is!

"Robert James MacGillivray "Bob" Neill (born 24 June 1952) is a British barrister and Conservative Party politician..... He is .... a member of the EU's Committee of the Regions,[2] and a member of the European People's Party - European Democrats. A pro-European, he supported former Conservative Chancellor Kenneth Clarke in both of his bids for the leadership of the Conservative Party."


  1. Gang culture does not respect authority nor the law of the land the Government is taking a very 'nicey nicey', almost apathetic approach to it.

    The lack of authority and punishment for criminals, using the debate over the EU human rights act as an example, is the exact reason why people are inclined to vote for bringing back capital punishment.

  2. I remember the front of the Conservative party website, it showed a JCB digging, it was entitled something like... 'Labout want to concrete all over the Country'. The Cons saying they would stop it. Well the Conservatives have lied too and treat the English with the same Discrimination and contemt as Liebour did. Our Country is welll and truly over populated, this is the problem that needs addressing. Also the Devolved Countries will not do their bit for this broken UK. 'The 1997/8 Act of DISCRIMINATION' (devolution) has treated every individual and MPs who inhabit England a second rate citizens and cannon foder. So Westminster Racism continues and the people still sit there. But not for much longer the arm is twitching.

  3. If the consecutive governments of this country were not pouring billions of pounds into overseas aid, or paying interest on debts to some vague banking institutions that dictate our economic policy they might invest some of it into providing the jobs and education that is required by the people of this country.
    There is no excuse or condoning of the mindless violence seen in Tottenham last night, but then I am not living in their shoes . . . it is so much different when your on the inside of a desperate situation than it is when you see it on Sky news.

  4. Good to see you blogging, Robin. It is very important that we can read your take on events, and how you see world. You are spot on about the Conservatives, and the gap between their opportunist rhetoric when in opposition, and the reality of their fundamental stance when in office. The disastrous failure to award the Thameslink rolling stock contract to the railwaybuilders of Derby is another case in point. The difference between the Siemens bid and the Bombardier bid was only £18million, which is, as has been pointed out by the railway press, less than the cost of a premier league footballer (something's wrong there too). And, of course, if one factors in the loss of tax revenue, and the increase in benefits that will have to be paid in Derby, then the English option would have been a much better choice. The government's defence is to cite EU rules - back to your point on the Conservatives. Keep bashing the globalists, Robin. Looking forward to reading more of your blogging.

  5. I hope none of these black youths, are not in your party Robin tut tut tut

  6. At last, a party that sees through the lip service patriotism of the Tories.

    I am always amazed that so few also recognise where a lot of the "bad culture" has come from: America. PC, Multiculturalism, rampant Free Marketism (but with "concessions" left, right and centre on the sly). The brainless variety of feminism and resultant death of the family. I could go on.

    I'm not anti American by any means, but I want ENGLISH culture as it was not such a long time ago.

  7. Surprise surprise the Conservative show their true nasty colour and it aint green. Silly me,how naive am I to think we are in Libya toremove a tyrant when in fact the CIA and MI6 was propping up Gaddafi'sevil regime by providing him details of dissidents. We know why dont we, OIL,the same ugly commodity that was central to Iraq.

    Going back to the countryside and our hallowed green land it does not come as a great shock tome at all to understand their surruptitious and pernicious plans.Money greed and power as always been Conservatie policy and subtefuge, intimidation and corruption as been the vessels to permit that.

    How many housing association CEO's and chairmen have members or ex-members of the Tory Party or share a common penchant for golf. Well let me tell you whilst you are practising your swing in the 19th at the tax-payers expense that the housing shortage is a crass and manipulative myth perpetuated by greed as there is an abundance of vacant properties out there.

    Ask yourself this people of England. For every residence/accommodation built the council receives council tax which a proportion is sent to HM Government coffers. Whether or not the occupier receives full council tax rebate is irrelavant because the remainder of the population has to contribute through other direct and indirect forms of taxation to cover. With the pigs well and trully having their snouts in the troughs they have a personal vested interest to see as many properties being built as possible as to receive as much council tax as they can. That is aside from any donations or sweeteners they may receive as a financial persuasion.

    Now we know the real reason for allowing uncontrolled immigration,its a smokescreen and ideal opportunity to claim the country is suffering a serious housing shortage when in fact it is nothing more than demographic chicanery and political manipulation to shang-hai the English population through misinformation, deception and emotional blackmail.

    Surely any responsible and honourable government would initiate measure and policy to curtail the growing population through education and incentives and restrict immigration. But honour and responsibility are not part of the Conservative Party's manifesto.

    I shall leave you with those immortal words from William Blakes devine anthem for England, Jerusalem.
    "Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, Til we have built Jerusalem in Englands green & pleasant land"