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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Good news for English patriots and bad news for the British Political Establishment!

Good news for English patriots and bad news for the British Political Establishment!

For those interested in the future of the United Kingdom, the rising support in England for independence should be front and centre of their consideration.  As William Hague said, way back on the 9th January 2000, when he was Leader of the Conservative Party “English nationalism is the most dangerous of all forms of nationalism that can arise within the United Kingdom because England is five-sixths of the population of the UK”. 

Well the good news for English patriots and the bad news for the British Political Establishment is that English nationalism is on the rise!  This is despite the fact that it is only the English Democrats that have been campaigning for English independence with our very limited resources and almost no access to the mass media. 

Nevertheless we have now reached the point where, as can be seen from a recent opinion poll, by the highly respected pollsters YouGov, that 35% of the electorate (and interestingly almost half of the supporters of the Conservative Party!) support full independence for England and thus a full dissolution of the United Kingdom. 

Many of the others no doubt want an English Parliament and thus relatively few want what Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party elite want, which is to maintain the current arrangements.

If there were to be a fully resourced English independence campaign, spearheaded by a fully resourced English nationalist party, then it might well be that in the 2024 General Election we could achieve what was achieved in Canada where the Globalist Liberals of the old Canadian conservative party were swept in just one election.  They went all the way from being in office straight into oblivion!  Who could deny that might not happen here in the 2024 General Election if there were sufficient resources to take on the British Establishment with equal resources?

In terms of the rapid turnaround that could occur, in the effectiveness of English nationalism with sufficient resources, it is worth noting that Labour, outside the metropolitan areas, is equally vulnerable.  So it would be possible, with sufficient resources, to change not only the political situation between the United Kingdom, but also its very existence. 

In this respect it is worth bearing in mind that if the United Kingdom ceased to exist it is a fundamental principle of international law that all its treaty obligations and rights could also be disclaimed.  Even the UK’s Security Council’s seat at the UN would change hands, just as the Soviet Unions’ Security Council seat changed hands, when that Union was dissolved. It is now held by Russia alone. 

There would therefore be a very significant realignment, not only in our politics, but also in world politics, sweeping away the currently entrenched Globalists of the British Political Establishment. 

For those who would say that none of this could happen on the basis of 35% support, it is worth bearing in mind that in our electoral system 35% of the electorate is more than enough to have control of the House of Commons. 

Tony Blair in the 2005 General Election with the votes of just 21.6% of the electorate (36% of the vote), won a landslide majority in the House of Commons which enabled him to change the constitution at will.  Also this 35% (in the opinion poll) is when there has been no well-funded campaign to bring the issues to peoples’ attention and to build electoral support. 

Given the level of English National Identity already e.g. the results of the 2011 Census poll (which showed that over 60% of people in England regarded themselves as English-only and not British), it would be surprising if a well-funded campaign did not have a huge impact recruiting almost all of those English identifiers to support English independence. 

All that English people get for the vast subsidies which we give every year out of our taxes for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is the “bill and the blame”!

Here is what the Yes Cymru Campaign say on their website.  You can find a link here >>>


  1. Well Well Well, This could be the final countdown! We Want Our Country Back!

  2. Brilliant news. The English are sick to death with everyone attacking them for no justifiable reason. Of paying for everyone else. The English are increasingly realising the hypocrisy, hate and threats against them from the British establishment and globalists. Support for English nationalism will go viral and will not be stopped. Either get on board or get of the way.

  3. There will come a point at which Westminster will allow another Scottish independence referendum, to be quite honest the pro union side did not make a good case last time but managed to win because of a last minute bribe from Gordon Brown.


  4. Would the Government of the New England (New Albion?) have sole control of the issue and regulation of its own currency, and its Ministers be answerable to a popularly elected House, as befits a sovereign state? Or would that function be farmed out as now to a central bank which in economic if not in legal terms operates for the benefit and advantage of the Money Power rather than the People? If the new state does not undertake the duty, and exploit the opportunity, of issuing and regulating its own currency for the benefit of the People, then nothing will change except possibly for the further increase in the amount of the state's burden of falsified indebtedness aka the national debt as a result of the ongoing accretion of interest on its principal amount.

    We need to roll back, and way past 1694.

  5. Nationalism, Nationalist and National has to be the principle focus/theme of the party! Personally, I think connotations of the word Democrat conjures up many negative political concepts! I would prefer the secondary word Nationalists to follow our descriptive party word "English" for every theme and context it evokes!