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Tuesday, 17 March 2020



Thank you to all those who have been involved in organising today – you know who you are!

Thank you all also for coming to our Spring Conference here in the lovely and historical English City of Shrewsbury and helping us to fully takeover this hotel!

Thank you also Ladies and Gentlemen for ignoring the mainstream media’s hysteria and scaremongering over the Coronavirus. 

Ladies and Gentlemen I just want to confess that not even my own wife would claim that I am very sympathetic! 

The other day she was telling me that as a result of her cancer treatment pills she has got tinnitus, which is a constant ringing in her ears, and so she could not hear what I was saying.  I said that I had an old friend of mine who had tinnitus who I thought had got cured. 

So she immediately took my phone and texted my friend.

Here is what the text says:-  “Robin was just mentioning over our romantic pub lunch that you used to suffer from tinnitus and now it's gone. I now suffer from this, it must be all the political talk!! I just wondered  how you got better?”

We got his text back:- “Hi Claire, firstly I'm most flattered that one of my myriad afflictions should be a talking point during your romantic lunch, but I'm afraid that tinnitus is still very much with me. Just a kind of white noise/background  hiss which I've sort of got used to. So if you come across something that helps do let me know, and sorry to learn of a fellow sufferer!  Partners aren't always as sympathetic as they might be, which is something you may experience..Batten down the hatches..and all the best”

So I responded:-  “Oi! what do you mean about lack of sympathy? I just told her to stop moaning and pay attention!”

So you can see Ladies and Gentlemen that there is no use coming to me if you have got a cough!

Also Ladies and Gentlemen I am not sure if you heard the rumour, that has been going around on social media, that the famous actor and dancer, John Travolta, went into hospital, about this time last week, with a temperature saying that he thought that he had got Coronavirus but after testing him the doctors said that it was not Coronavirus – it was “Saturday Night Fever”!

I am sorry Ladies and Gentlemen but our National Party Secretary, Stephen Morris, insists that I always tell a terrible joke!

So Ladies and Gentlemen let’s have a “2020” vision look around the world at what is going on which seems likely to make a difference for England, the English Nation or for the the only campaigning English Nationalist party – the English Democrats.

On the subject of Coronavirus clearly we do not know how much disruption is going to be caused by government reaction to it – just look at Italy and China!

As a disease however, it certainly doesn’t seem that it is going to be nearly as bad an epidemic as the Spanish flu epidemic in 1919, just after the First World War, which is thought to have killed 80 million people worldwide. 

This looks more like a particularly bad but ordinary flu. 

Flu routinely kills many hundreds of thousands of people every year around the world.  People who have, as the doctors keep telling us, “underlying health problems”. 

Most people catch flu, or apparently this virus too, either by being in a confined space where someone with flu is sneezing and they breathe in some of that mucus spray, or even more likely from shaking hands with someone with flu, who has just sneezed or coughed into their hand or even fiddled with their nose and then touching their own eyes, nose, or mouth before washing their hands. 

So Ladies and Gentlemen remember to be careful to wash your hands.  I think, in the circumstances, we all should be quite open about doing that.

Coronavirus does however look like it is going to have a big impact on the world economy, partly because of the hysterical way in which it is being dealt with.

Maybe the result will be that globalism and internationalism will be less popular as people are having it vividly demonstrated that, the more interconnected the world becomes, the quicker disease and invasive species and, for that matter, criminality, will cross borders. 

Ladies and Gentlemen we are living in a moment in history when the downside of globalisation is made more apparent to people than it usually is.  This may be an opportunity for the case for economic nationalism to be more carefully considered.

The Chinese economy will struggle to recover quickly from the kind of drastic shutdown that has been imposed there and it may be that the heavy handed way in which the Chinese Communist Party has dealt with this crisis will encourage more Chinese people to challenge its stranglehold on power in China. 

President Trump must certainly be hoping that that will be the case! 

Although I did see a disturbing report that the Chinese Government and police have been using the crisis to dramatically increase IT surveillance.  We must be on our guard that the British State doesn’t try to do likewise!

By the time that we are having our Autumn Conference we will know who the President of the United States will be for the next four years. 

From the abysmal way in which the Democrats have been handling their presidential candidate selection process, it is looking pretty good for President Trump being re-elected. 

Turning to domestic politics, did you notice the way that, on the BBC’s Question Time last week, Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for English Health was talking as if he had jurisdiction over Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish health when talking about “our Nation” and “our Country”.  Did you notice he was never once challenged even by the Scottish, Fiona Bruce?

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, however much ignored by the BBC, the Mainstream Media and the British Political Establishment, the “English Question” will simply not go away until it has been properly answered.  Ladies and Gentlemen it’s one of our roles to make sure of that!

But Ladies and Gentlemen getting back to our 2020 vision of our politics. 

So far as the Conservative and Unionist Party is concerned, Boris is still in his “honeymoon” period and despite the constant sniping and carping by the BBC etc., they won’t be able to make a dent in his popularity until towards the end of this year when we can see how much of a betrayal of Brexit his actual deal with the EU is going to be.

Ladies and Gentlemen I read an interesting article on ‘UnHerd’ recently trying to explain Boris’ approach to speechmaking and arguing. 

It was UnHerd: “The two faces of Boris Johnson”

Here are some extracts:

The PM's classical education instilled a rhetorical world view well-suited to our times
Boris Johnson may not strike you as a master of rhetoric. He seems to shrink from, rather than rise to, big set-piece speeches and tends to affect a kind of embarrassed shuffle. When they do come, his sentences rush out in staccato dribs and drabs, and he pauses after each one as if awaiting praise for having managed to utter it. Barack Obama he is not.
And yet, in terms of understanding what is going on behind those darting blue eyes, and predicting what we might expect in the months and years ahead — now that he has nominally delivered on his pledge to ‘get Brexit done’ — you could do worse than read up on the rhetorical tradition of the classics that dominated his education.

The rhetorical world view, descended…from (the Roman poet) Ovid, sees people as changeable and contradictory like the universe they inhabit; they are the sum of their outward performances rather than possessing a single inner truth.

Young men in the ancient world were educated in rhetoric in a way that would be unrecognisable today — learning massive passages for recital, taught to speak with equal conviction on either side of a question and to become masters of ad-libbing and stylistic flourish. The aim was to win at all costs. Very few modern paths of education are even comparable, but Boris Johnson’s journey through Eton, Literae Humaniores at Balliol, and the Oxford Union is probably the nearest equivalent. Footage of him reciting huge chunks of Homer from memory certainly calls it to mind.

This rhetorical education produces a very particular kind of person:
“Rhetorical man is an actor; his reality public, dramatic. His sense of identity, his self, depends on the reassurance of daily histrionic re-enactment… His motivations must be characteristically ludic, agonistic. He thinks first of winning, of mastering the rules the current game enforces. He assumes a natural agility in changing orientations. He hits the street already street-wise. From birth, almost, he has dwelt not in a single value structure but in several. He is thus committed to no single construction of the world; much rather, to prevailing in the game at hand.”

Such high-minded literary theory may seem a long way from today’s No 10, but it lends credence to the notion that when, say, Boris Johnson writes one column in favour of Brexit and another column against it before coming to a decision, it is not simply an act of cynicism.

But in a political context, his rhetorical world view is proving spectacularly well matched to the times.

The ability to be two things to two different people may sound duplicitous to our modern ears; to rhetorical man it is the highest accomplishment. But which viewpoint is really more deluded?

In a similar vein, Boris’s success at the general election was to appear, simultaneously, pleasingly jingoistic and anti-establishment to Brexit voters, and liberal and sensible enough to Tory remainers. Was this a trick, or just good politics? Who else but a Janus-faced leader could have brought together a coalition so deeply divided?

So the message Ladies and Gentlemen is – when listening to Boris make a speech, or reading one of his articles, or give an interview – relax and treat anything said as a performance devised to win – a bit like you would listen to an actor in a play!

Turning to Labour:-

Labour have got their leadership elections at the moment in which it looks quite possible that Keir Starmer might be going to win. 

Keir Starmer is a “full on” Remainiac who said in their recent leadership debates that he did not rule out campaigning for a Labour Government under him to re-join the EU.

Labour generally has not learned the lesson that the English Labour network has been trying to tell them that they need to be more patriotic and pro-English.

Or the lesson General Election should have shown them about the unpopularity of political correctness and multi-culturalism. 

This was shown vividly when Trevor Philips, the anti-racism campaigner and Labour’s former appointed Head of the Racial Equality Commission, who was suspended from the Party for commenting on the existence of Pakistani Muslim Child Rape Gangs. 

That was said to be Islamophobic! 

Nobody who wishes Labour ill should be unhappy about that decision! 

Just listen to this extract from the Charges that have been brought against him to get a flavour of the attack upon him and their denial of the truth.

Draft Charge
Mr Phillips (the Respondent) has engaged in conduct prejudicial and/or grossly detrimental to the Party in breach of Chapter 2 Clause L.8 of the Labour Party Rule Book 2019 by engaging in conduct online which:

a)    May reasonably be seen to demonstrate hostility or prejudice based on race, religion or belief:
He has said:-

·       Item 5 – “But the most sensitive cause of conflict in recent years has been the collision between majority norms and the behaviours of some Muslim groups.  In particular, the exposure of systematic and longstanding abuse by men, most of Pakistani Muslim origin in the North of England”

That Ladies and Gentlemen is a charge against him!

What about:-

“A group of Germany’s five million or so settled Muslim migrants had, for some reason, suddenly and inexplicably decided to run amok and that to some Muslim men in Germany, basic norms of decent behaviour are irrelevant”
“she asserted that it was ‘improper’ to blame recent migrants; but then advised women in public to stay at least an arm’s length away from possible attackers – presumably with men of Arab or North African appearance in mind.  It has since emerged that the German’s are not alone in experiencing this kind of cultural conflict”.

b)    May reasonably be seen to involve Islamophobic actions, stereotypes and sentiments;

·       Item 3 – “Muslim communities are not like others in Britain and the country should accept they will never integrate, the former head of the equalities watchdog has claimed”.
“He told a meeting at the Policy Exchange think tank in Westminster on Monday that Muslims ‘see the world differently from the rest of us’.”


·       Item 4 – “the unacknowledged creation of a nation within the nation, with its own geography, its own values and its own very separate future”


·       Item 5 – “At a recent conference of Muslim scholars, I had the privilege of addressing a hundred or so people at a leading British University.  Most of the audience were Muslims themselves.  The event took place just a few days before Remembrance Sunday. I noted that just three people in the room displayed a poppy, myself, a (white) journalist and one Muslim attendee.  Raising the point, I could see the incomprehension on the faces of those without poppies; they weren’t meaning to offend, but as a group, they couldn’t see why they should”.

Now spare a thought for the Liberal Democrats! 

They were crushed in the General Election so badly that their Leader, Jo Swinson, who only a few weeks before had been boasting about her being a potential Prime Minister, in the event she actually lost her seat!

The Liberal Democrats had so nailed their colours to the EU mast that it is difficult to see what they have got left. 

Did any of you see the ghastly Liberal Democrat MP, Leyla Moran on Question Time last week?  She is the one who boasts about being a “Pan Sexual”.  She was holding forth in a most self-righteous manner about Boris’ Home Secretary, Priti Patel, having allegedly shouted at somebody.  However Ms Moran was arrested not so long ago at a Liberal Democrat Party Conference, for assaulting her then boyfriend.  What can I say?

Then let’s turn to UKIP.

I think we should all be grateful to UKIP for its long and ultimately successful fight for an EU Referendum.  I do think that UKIP would have struggled, having achieved the referendum, as the public thought that its job was done, even if UKIP hadn’t descended into its increasingly vicious leadership problems.

UKIP had many good people in it and those who can support English patriotism should be welcomed to our Party.

Then turning to the Brexit Party which in many ways was not even technically a party, as it is a Limited Trading Company owned by Nigel Farage.  The £7.5 million which it raised is in effect Nigel Farage’s property. 

Nigel is now talking about setting up a new party which he has claimed is going to be called the Reform Party, but as there is already a Reform Party registered with the Electoral Commission. Also Nigel has managed to thoroughly alienate Katherine Blaiklock, who actually set up the Brexit Party and so actually understood the process of getting a party registered.  I would be surprised if Nigel manages to get anything that actually works as a political party off the ground. 

I also suggest that Nigel’s erratic behaviour over whether or not he was supporting the Conservatives during the last General Election would give many people pause for thought before supporting his next venture.

Then outside of England, the Scottish National Party still seems to be going strong. 

Scottish patriots don’t seem to have fully woken up to the fact that the Scottish National Party is dominated by a woman, and her supporters, who are Internationalist, Europhile, Socialists!

The problem is similar in Wales, with Plaid Cymru.

In Ireland, Sinn Fein might well be in Government in the South if they had been able to put up a full list of candidates in their recent General Election. 

Sinn Fein now are very strange, multiculturalist, Internationalist, standard bearers for the Irish Nation. 

It seems then that Celtic “Nationalism” has gone down the blind alley of Internationalism, Europhilism and Socialism and is also in favour of mass immigration into their countries.

I think this whole weird faux nationalist attitude is best summed up by Nicola Sturgeon in the TV Leadership Debates in the General Election. 

She had previously said that she was embarrassed by the fact that her Party is called the Scottish Nationalist Party.

In the debates she claimed that her ambition for Scotland is for Scotland to become an “Independent, Internationalist, Country” - within the EU!  What can I say?

Let’s now turn to ourselves.  I recently did an interview with David Clews of the Unity News Network which is on YouTube. 

In that interview David said that although he is both Scottish and a passionate Unionist, that he could see that there is a slot on the political spectrum for an English Nationalist party and he thought that we could be that party!

David is a Unionist, and so is not very keen on English Nationalism, but he does see that the present party spectrum simply does not represent English patriotism, which is an increasing view point in England.

The English Democrats have been at the spearhead of this issue for over 17 years and in that time have distributed over 40 million leaflets.  We all know from personal experience that it has been a slow burn for many English people to wake up to but it is now happening!

There are still many many hurdles to overcome, both for our Cause and for our Party but together we can overcome these. 

Where we are on an equal footing with our opponents in an election, we have taken up the 25% of the vote, like we did in Doncaster, so the voting system matters to us as does the spread of votes. 

I am going to argue later that this should focus us on those elections which are on the Supplementary Vote System, like the Police Commissioners and Electoral Mayors.

Parties need money and manpower to fight campaigns. For a year now we have been working on developing our Party’s recruitment and fundraising and have made great strides but there is much more to do but we do.  We can however do so confident in the Justice of our Cause!

Our job is to make the most of our Party and our fight for England and for the English Nation.  Our job is to make the most of it every opportunity, if – to use a phrase from the Brexit campaign – If, we want our country back!

Ladies and Gentlemen do we want our country back? 

Back not just from the EU but also from the Globalists?

Back from the Internationalists?

Back from Big Globalist Corporate Business?

Back from Big Internationalist Trade Unions?

Back from a British Political Establishment which wants to break up England?

Let’s make it happen Ladies and Gentlemen!

Let’s campaign to get England back!

Let’s work hard to make it happen – For England and St George!

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