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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The drums are getting louder!

The drums are getting louder!

Over the last few years we have seen an increasingly audible and increasingly un-ignorable, drum roll of problems arising out of militant Islam and Islamist activists.

This drum roll whilst getting louder and faster is of course nowhere near its crescendo as yet.

But recently here in Europe we have not only had the attacks in France, Belgium and Germany but also a number of foiled attacks and also attacks that are no longer sufficiently dramatic to attract much media coverage but which would once have been reported.

Then on the same day we have now had the deliberate murder, using a truck as a weapon, not only of the Polish truck driver, but also of a dozen who were at a Christmas market in Berlin, but dozens of other, no doubt, many very seriously injured.

There was also on the same day the outrageous murder of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey by a Turkish policeman. Had the Russians wanted to they would be well within their rights to treat such a murder as a cause for a very serious escalation of hostile relations between Russian and Turkey. President Putin has however shown himself to be very statesman like in his response to this provocation, which after all is of no lesser level of provocation than the provocation to Austro-Hungary of the assassination of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand.

It would seem that President Putin has seen that President Erdogan’s over-zealous reaction to clamping down on his political opponents, following the attempted coup in Turkey, and the ending of the siege of Allepo, as being a moment in which Turkey has far fewer allies than it had, but also the moment in which Russia could emerge in the Middle East as a far bigger and more effective power broker than has been the case in recent history.

Given that President Erdogan has a track record himself of being an Islamist and indeed has spent time in Turkish prison for his Islamist activities, it remains unclear whether a rapproachment between Turkey and Russia will lead to any slackening of the tempo of the Islamist drum beat.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the effect of the current low oil price, not only on the Russian economy, but also on the long term prospects of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis are using up the capital that they have built up over decades. Not long ago the Financial Times was predicting Saudi Arabia would run out of money before 2020. If that happens Turkey will probably again become the leading Sunni power and also there will be a collapse in funding for Sunni Islamism across the world.

The oil price is however a consequence of an undeclared economic war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Iranians calculate that they have much greater ability to endure low oil prices for much longer than Saudi Arabia and therefore they can economically bleed out Saudi Arabia and emerge as the regional Shia Power. If that happens there will be, of course, a whole new real politique dynamic in the Middle East.

In the meanwhile the drum beat will I suspect continue to grow louder and faster as Saudi Arabia starts to see the collapse looming. That may be the moment when the panicky crescendo hits us.

As citizens of Western European countries we can only hope and campaign for our leaders to show more sense than they have done so far over the Islamist question! Or to replace them!

Happy New Year!


  1. An excellent and correct piece of writing Robin. We need the British public to wake up to the fact that our country, people, culture, language and race are under a real threat from islam and the liberal/left who have, and are, betraying the interests of our country and people. They are supporting staying in the EU against all common sense, that has seen our courts lose control, our borders not under our control and unlimited mass immigration now effecting our towns and cities. Nationally 25% of births are now immigrant, in areas, such as London and the Midlands that figure is over 80%. Over 400 British schools where English is no longer the first language and our own white children are in a minority with sick staff not allowing Christian teaching and the Christmas message in case offends muslims. We must combine and take our country back. Other wise Britain will not exist as we know it. The choice is up to you people, support the right and support your country. Roger Bennett

  2. Robin, I surmise that you, too, tune in to the "proganda bullhorn" that is Russia Today from time to time. The news today of the Syrian ceasefire negotiated between Iran, Turkey and Russia has pointed to the fact that an immature America has been sidelined. The great hope is that Trump will not be able to have a good relationship with Russia without going along with Russia's view of the world which is for world peace. You failed to mention that it was Russia who brokered the oil deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Russia has talked to Japan about an agreement over the disputed islands whereas Trump is talking about giving Japan nuclear weapons. Interestingly, the recent speech by Japanese pm Abe showed that Japan does not want any more war and to fight one against China just to please the Americans. And Putin has spoken to Pakistan and China about their border dispute. Hopefully, in time, they can bring the Palestinians and Israelis together as well. Today there was a comment that Turkey could bring Saudi and Qatar to the peace table over Syria and that the settlement of the Syrian civil war could led to peace throughout the Middle East.

    And nobody is saying that Saudi Arabia is behind salafist jihadism in the Middle East and Europe. Neither the British government nor the Americans seem to be able to ween themselves off arms for oil with Saudi Arabia which is another way of their supporting salfist terrorism. After all, the Turks have just told us what we already know, that ISIS is the creation of the "West" as a tool for achieving world hegemony. The Russians always believed that Christ would return in Russia and if not the Saviour himself then perhaps some of His teachings are, hopefully, influencing their moves to bring Eurasia at least together.

    1. Great piece by Anonymous. It seemed impossible that Russia would ever be the peacemaker of the Middle East and some what in the Far East. Much to the Ashkenazi Zionist controlled America and the Western country's. After all the years the Communist's tried to deny the Russian People Christianity, did not expect so much difference from a KGB Agent. The Man has worked wonders.

  3. The three most important speeches made this year are:-

    Viktor Orban's speech on the invasion of Europe 'Brussels must be stopped YouTube 15-3-2016
    Viktor Orban's speech-'Brussels tricking Europe by making deals with Cities for migrants-YouTube 12-9-2016.

    Vladimir Putin addresses the decline of Western Nations. A speech made on the 26-12-2016.
    This incredible speech nails it,regards the appalling demise of the once Christian West. A must watch for all nationalists. To see this crucial vid, either Google as titled above or direct-

  4. Nationalists and Nationalist policies are the only ones who will save our country, culture, language and race from demise. The choice is now that simple. We see the sick liberal/left that has betrayed our country and our children still peddling their sick policies to continue this betrayal. There is no middle way, we are in a serious situation our country as we have known it is at serious risk. Take the decision people, take our country back by supporting British nationalism.

  5. What was Glanville Williams on about when he wrote it was better to 'petere fontes' than 'sectari rivulos'?

    1. Who flooded Western countries with non-assimilable aliens, and why? Whose NGOs are assisting these mass population movements with funding? Who has sedulously advocated for mass alien immigration into the West - and the West only - from 1965 and beyond? Why is there endless talk of 'migrants', asylum seekers and refugees and not of immigrants?

    2. Cui bono, who benefits from the endless wars in the Middle East which alienate native populations and incite population movements, real refugees and asylum seekers, under cover of whom economic migrants find an easier entry to the West?

    3. Who is promoting anti-White demoralisation and hate in the media and notably TV, not just through biased programming but through reframing and visual advocacy of race mixing in advertisements? Who is seeking to redefine - to the worse, based on civilized accomplishments - the genetics of the British and other indigenous populations of the West? In case you think me hypersensitive, here are but three examples of human rights infringments that the media seem to find perfectly acceptable:
    "Ex-French President Sarkozy: Call for forced Race-Mixing".
    "David Cameron: Too many White Christian faces in Britain".
    "Frans Timmermans: Europe will be diverse, or war!"

    And then there's this:
    "The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states, the UN's special representative for migration has said.

    4. Why do OUR elected representatives not represent US but pay allegiance to a foreign power? Remember the massive public demonstrations in UK against the (second) Iraq War, but the politicians still went ahead regardless?

    5. Why do stupid members of the general public still vote into office people and parties whose track record confirms them only as nation wreckers? Would we have had 150,000+ (600,000, 1mio+ according to source) Iraqi civilian deaths since 2003 if a 'racist' BNP or NF had been a majority in the UK Government?

    6. Why did virtually no MPs attend the HoC debate on Money Creation and Society in November 2014, including the MP for Westminster and the City who was notably absent? Given the British imbalance of trade, why should EU membership be a factor at all justifying open borders, except for financial institutions who will demand to maintain free access to this greatest by number market in the world, and who now push for open access to the Indian market, the price (paid by another) perhaps being increased sub-continental immigration to the UK?

    Whatever or whoever the cause, the general population is ultimately responsible, because they have not resisted this subversion, and are now unable to protect themselves from the proxies of their hidden rulers since guns were largely banned from common ownership following notorious outrages (Dunblane, Hungerford, Port Arthur Massacre, etc - in the West only, again) - never before seen prior to the advent of psychotropic drugs.

    A nation that does not even protect its own children is finished.

  6. More symptoms - but causes???