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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Labour’s Scottish Leader, Kezia Dugdale, declares WAR on England!

Labour’s Scottish Leader, Kezia Dugdale, declares WAR on England!

Recently the BBC was lauding one of their Labour pets, the Scottish Labour Leader, Kezia Dugdale, who was making what was hailed as an important speech at the Labour supporting Institute for Public Policy Research “think tank”. Here is a link to that speech >>> Kezia Dugdale on her plan for a federal UK - YouTube

It is remarkably poor and ill thought out, but what caught my eye was this comment in the starry eyed BBC news coverage.

Labour’s Kezia Dugdale makes proposals “with the objective of adding English regionalism to existing devolution” in a federal UK!

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen Labour’s Scottish Leader has declared WAR on England. For what else is it, when a leader of one nation calls for the dismemberment of another nation, but a declaration of war against that nation?

History is full of many instances of lesser provocations than moves to dismember a country being considered, in St Thomas Aquinas’s terms, a cause (“Casus Belli”) for a “just war”.

I wonder what it is about the “very idea of England” (per Charles Kennedy) that so many Scottish leaders seem to find objectionable?

Are they perhaps still fixed on a rematch of the Battle of Flodden? I suspect that there would be many in England who would be up for that fight! And the result would be the same!

(Kezia Dugdale is also quoted as follows:-

“Kezia Dugdale has CALLED for a "new Act of Union" in a bid to "save the UK for generations to come".

The Scottish Labour leader outlined her plan for a "federal solution" for the UK in a speech to the Institute for Public Policy Research in London.

It would see extra powers for English regions as well as Holyrood via a "People's Convention" for the UK.

The SNP said Labour had been promising "federalism max" for years but had "consistently failed" to deliver.

Ms Dugdale tasked former UK justice secretary Lord Falconer with exploring a federalist approach following the UK's vote to leave the EU in June.

Her deputy Alex Rowley has called for Scotland to "move beyond narrow unionism and nationalism" and wants Scottish Labour to campaign for "home rule within a confederal United Kingdom".

Ms Dugdale pointed out that the 1707 Act of Union still underpins the relationship between Scotland and the rest of the UK, arguing that there should be a new act "for this new century".

She said: "The time has come for the rest of the UK to follow where Scotland led in the 1980s and 1990s and establish a People's Constitutional Convention to re-establish the UK for a new age.

"The convention should bring together groups to deliberate on the future of our country and propose a way forward that strengthens the UK and establishes a new political settlement for the whole of our country.

"Some may say this is unrealistic, but it would follow the model of the Scottish Constitutional Convention which, without government support, established the basis for the settlement that delivered a Scottish Parliament in 1999.

"It would also - for the first time - provide a coherent approach to answering the question of how our country is best governed.

"I would not want the convention to just deliberate and report, but to produce a new Act of Union which would reaffirm the partnership between our nations and renew it for the future. After more than 300 years, it is time for a new Act of Union to safeguard our family of nations for generations to come.

Here is the link to that article >>>


  1. They never give up, do they.
    The EU failed so here we go with the clone c#version.
    It will never pass muster but the fact they keep trying to emasculate our fine England means we always have to have our claymores at the ready!
    [As yopu have ,Robin ]

  2. This fair overview also ends up bringing in the regional thing- from another Nation, natuirally..

  3. It is noticeable that the Celtic fringe talk incessantly about being a nation once again but don't want England to be a nation at all. It is obvious that the Scottish aim is to weaken England just as the "West" has aimed and hopefully failed, to partition and weaken secular Syria. This is a bit like Belgium calling for France to be split into similar regions, which is probably also on the cards unless Le Pen swings it next year.

    There was an interesting programme on ITV about 2016 and the year of revolutions. Tom Bradby even made comparisons to the Peasants' revolt. I was surprised at how pro the people it was. ITV should be backing the populist parties. UKIP has said that you can't trust the Tories on Brexit, Labour want continued mass immigration ( despite the fact that the country is stuffed full ) and the Lib Dems want to reverse Brexit. If this continues then revolt might actually turn to warfare.

    Enter the nice but dim heir to the throne who on BBC's Thought for the Day said that populists should not be allowed to persecute minority religions. The backer of the Oxford Islamic Centre surely had one particular religion in mind. Nice for Charles. Perhaps if he had been the last man standing in her street - or woman rather - like my aunt in West Yorkshire, he might think otherwise. The fact is - as ITV brilliantly pointed out - events over the decades since the War have just added to the enrichment of the elites and the impoverishment of the rest. The programme pointed out that the elites had shunned and never talked to the people. Perhaps Charles should get out more, too. I am a Royalist but the English people have supported his ancestors for a thousand years. Perhaps he should talk to us rather than live in his little pink and fluffy utopia. Interestingly, a speaker about the King Leopold the third plaque removal business spoke of the treatment of the English by the Normans. And it seems that Charles is still at it. As Margaret Thatcher said, we are not giving you what you want but what you need. Well, now the people are telling them all, we didn't need what you have on offer at all and definitely don't want it.

    By the way, German politicians have now stated that we are at war with jihadism but the BBC gave no coverage to Trump's recent statement that this is a war against Christianity, both in the Middle East and Europe and the US. He spoke of thousands being slaughtered. The "liberal" western elites have declared their own war on Christianity, blaming Christians for the crusades whilst making no mention the way Islam murdered, forcibly converted or created dhimmitude in former Christian lands. Instead, the BBC have made a lot of the treatment of a lesbian teacher in Siberia. Any excuse to point out how evil Christian Russia is.

  4. I've become used to Scottish politicians sticking their noses into English business. Whether it's the SNP or the Other SNP (Labour in other words) Scottish nationalists never tire of interfering in things that are none of their damn business.

  5. Does Alex Rowley know the difference between confederal and federal?
    Perhaps the Eng Democrats should call for the replacement of the Scottish Parliament with regional assemblies in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen?

  6. The problem is - PM May and all the rest up there will not threaten Scottish illusions of grandeur whilst the edifice of democracy still creaks along.
    No way should we be putting up with these fringe lunatics popping off endlessy -but it's a bad habit now.
    Only a new English governance will shake these monkeys out of the tree. A long wait..