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Tuesday, 3 January 2017



The devolved Welsh Government has submitted written arguments to the “Supreme” Court in the Brexit case. My eye was caught by part of their submissions:-

“6. As the Welsh Government recently said in its written evidence to the House of Lords Constitution Committee’s inquiry The Union and devolution, devolution has become a fundamental and effectively irreversible feature of the constitution:

(i) Whatever its historical origins, the United Kingdom is best seen now as a voluntary association of nations which share and redistribute resources and risks between us to our mutual benefit and to advance our common interests.

(ii) The principles underpinning devolution should be recognised as fundamental to the UK constitution, and the devolved institutions should be regarded as effectively permanent features of that constitution.

(iii) Devolution is about how the UK is collectively governed, by four administrations which are not in a hierarchical relationship one to another. The relations of the four governments of the United Kingdom should therefore proceed on the basis of mutual respect and parity of esteem.

(iv) The allocation of legislative and executive functions between central UK institutions and devolved institutions should be based on the concept of subsidiarity, acknowledging popular sovereignty in each part of the UK.

(v) The presumption should therefore be that the devolved institutions will have responsibility for matters distinctively affecting their nations. Accordingly, the powers of the devolved institutions should be defined by the listing of those matters which it is agreed should, for our mutual benefit, be for Westminster, all other matters being (in the case of Wales) the responsibility of the Assembly and/or the Welsh Government."

The whole of their submissions to the “Supreme” Court can be found here >>>

It is however bitterly ironic that the 'Counsel General for Wales' then makes no mention throughout his 28 pages of legal submissions of the dreaded “E” words – ENGLAND or the ENGLISH! 

He also switches hastily to legalistic detail instead of further general statements of constitution principle. 

I suspect that this is because the above quotation would lead naturally to a discussion of fairness, equality and the unfair anomaly that England has no English First Minister, no English Government and no English only Parliament - unlike Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland!


  1. We are now facing the abolition of England and the English. We only have a few decades left. I have now viewed Putin's speech on Boxing Day referred to in the comments on the previous blog. Exactly what we are all thinking but are not allowed to say, not at all if the proscribing of "far right" organisations takes its course. What Putin is referring to is the one world agenda many of us have known about for decades.

    We now hear that the government has plans for garden villages of ten thousand peoples to be built in the more sparsely populated areas. These are not villages but small towns. One lady commented that only 15% of the land is at present built on. I presume she was talking of the United Kingdom. Much of Wales, the North and Scotland are not suitable for house building so we are talking about English agricultural land. The result will be more and more reliance on imported food. And we know that during the War we made ourselves self-sufficient in food. Such a thing would be impossible now. And now they say our population will outstrip that of France which has half the population density. I thought it had already as some say our population is 66m and that of France a mere 63m. I estimate that much more of the land in England than 15% has been built on.

    There is no doubt that the worm is about to turn in Europe, it will probably spread from east to west as the Poles are up in arms after a native Pole was stabbed to death by a Tunisian immigrant.
    Putin has shown that he is prepared to save the West if we will let him. Russia was predicted to re-Christianise the West and this may be the start.

    There is another matter. I watched some of the programme on the sitcoms of Croft and Perry recently. There was a comment that the English have gone from being gentle to poisonous. Those sitcoms show the last of England and the English.
    However, there was also an explanation of six things that make the English English, one was a sort of eccentricity, another a preference for the amateur over the professional. Most important was that statement that they were socially cohesive but with a hierarchical form or society. We were all related to the Queen. Such social cohesion has been blasted apart through mass invasion/immigration and a loss of national identity. And this explains why the English have gone from being gentle to poisonous; plus the fact that if you cram too many people into a small space, like laboratory rats then this is what happens and it is going to get worse and worse unless we reverse it.

  2. "..a voluntary association of four nations" is a good summary of what the UK should be. Perhaps you might drop a line to the Welsh Government to welcome this unequivocal statement?