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Friday, 9 December 2016

Immigration to UK hits record 650,000, official figures reveal

A New Manchester to be built?

Immigration to UK hits record 650,000, official figures reveal

The British Government has released a gross estimate of 650,000 immigrants coming to the UK in the last year alone. Their figures lead to a net figure of 327,000 more people. So according to the Government’s dodgy and unreliable guesswork 650,000 migrated here to live, almost all in England, between June 2015 and June 2016! (See article (Immigration to UK hits record 650,000, official figures reveal) >>>

These figures are extremely unreliable as they are not based on any carefully checked data at all. They are largely a guess given the numbers coming in through the major airports. In all probability the real number is significantly higher. Some discussion of the quality of these statistics can be seen in this article by Migration Watch >>>

In any case, even on the British Government’s own statistics, however unreliable, in the last year alone, more immigrants came to England than came in the previous thousand years prior to 1945!

Another way of looking at it is the population of a city greater than the size of Manchester came here last year!

These people will have to be provided for with food, water, jobs, welfare benefits, medical facilities, the NHS and education for their children, use of transport facilities and, just as importantly they will have to be housed.

The British Government is already intending to build literally millions of new houses in England in response to the mass immigration which we have had since Tony Blair came to power. Now a further city the size of more than Manchester will have to be built!

Soon the English patriotic anthem of "Jerusalem" will have to be changed from mentioning a ‘green and pleasant land’ to a ‘grey and concreted over land’!


  1. With respect, "Jerusalem" is the very last thing I should associate with a renaissance of English national identity.

  2. Apparently a study of more than 100 European cities suggests that British roads are the most congested in Europe with the number of so-called “traffic hotspots” more than double those in Germany and ten times more than in France. 
    The Office for National Statistics has stated that net migration to the UK has stayed near record levels in the year to June. 

    Could it be that this small island home of ours is getting just a little bit overcrowded?

  3. I am sick of saying it but the Optimum Population Trust set the optimum population for Great Britain at 30m, the population it was a mere hundred or so years ago. England alone is at 50m at least and rising. David Attenborough has said it, Chris Packham has said it on environmental grounds, namely that the population is too high and needs to be reduced.

    But who cares what the educated and wise think, we are screamed down by the left with shouts of racism and sneered at by those who are lining their pockets through driving down wages and cashing in on building houses. Neither those of immigrant heritage nor these greedy sociopaths have any feeling for England, its landscape and history. Those who live in London do so because they love being part of the urbanised cosmopolitan set and would be quite happy for the rest of England to be like London as long as they are making money out of it. No wonder that Blair did away with the death penalty for treason. But the country was already overpopulated after the War and thereafter virtually no immigration should have been allowed at all.

  4. What are the English Democrats' thoughts on the possibility of the SNP fielding candidates in England?

  5. I heard Yvette Cooper on the radio some days ago outlining plans for a "consultation" on immigration which takes the form of meetings to be held in divers locations across the country. She asserted that it isn't "racist" to express concerns about immigration, so long as you don't say anything "divisive". "Divisive" a new all-encompassing word which the Politically Correct have added to their lexicon and (since they don't provide us with a definition,) appears to mean saying anything at all that they don't want people to hear.

    1. Clive,

      I read a strapline on RT about an item that never appeared on their news. This was about a new report that the government had produced expressing concern that the different communities were not integrating and more should be done to make them do so.

      Apart from forced integration, there probably isn't anything they can do. Forced integration has already happened of course when they took homogeneous white countries and forced multiculturalism on them, whether they wanted it or not. It was of course being done for our own good.

      No doubt, the Marxist ideal is a street in which every race and culture and religion is represented and all live together happily. This will never happen and has never happened. But there are signs that these people are finally about to admit defeat and that the world is to recover the sanity of homogeneous nations living and trading independently as sovereign nations together bereft of any supranational umbrella; just as God intended.

      But the more they fail in their endeavour then the more draconian are their attempts to make it work.

      In a recent Channel 5 news programme about Trump they showed a "neo-nazi" placard saying "make America white again". But it was only the Left and those wanting to get rich on endless cheap labour who made it otherwise. Please will these people start working with human nature and not against it before we are all in an even greater turmoil in the "liberal" West than we are already.

    2. Why can governments foist multi-culturalism on us against our will? Because of Political Correctness and the fear of being labelled for trying to question it. More insidious is the concept of the "Hate-Crime". I believe that these can carry custodial sentences and if they can't, government can easily fix that. That would in turn preventing any vocal individual from standing for parliament.

  6. So THIS is why the S. Yorks police were so remiss in investigating Islamic child rape gangs - some of the police themselves were in on the act?!

    1. I will have a look at this but wasn't it the same story with Cyril Smith in Rochdale. Football coaches are an easy target but rest assured that they will build a firewall to ensure that the investigatory flames never spread to parliament, the BBC or even the Royal Family. As a friend said, the BBC are reporting on abuse in football but keep quiet about what went on or possibly is still going on at the Beeb.