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Monday, 26 December 2016

The value of English subsidies to Wales

The value of English subsidies to Wales

On Monday, 12th December, I was invited by the Law Society of England and Wales to a reception in the House of Lords to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Prime Ministerial Office of a famous solicitor – David Lloyd George (cue lots of jokes about whose father or grandfather “knew” Lloyd George!)

It did however give me an opportunity to talk with various interesting people including a Welsh law professor who candidly said to me that he felt that the Union of the United Kingdom was well worth keeping for Wales solely because the Welsh needed English subsidies!

The learned professor also made clear that he felt that without English money the Welsh standard of living would be drastically reduced.

I agreed with him about the standard of living, but naturally politely avoided agreeing with him about the merits of the Union!

I wonder if, looked at the other way around, how many English people would say that paying subsidies to Wales is of benefit to us English?

Here is a detailed paper bythe Welsh Assemblyon this >>>

What do you think?


  1. Scotland take more subsidy from us than the Welsh- and are never happy, to boot.
    At least they stuck with us getting out the EU, for all the bribes they were given.
    Good for them!

  2. Old hat. Robin. English Independence is all that we should be considering. The Welsh, Scots & Irish will need to approach us to discuss the nature of THEIR post UK relationship with us and not vice versa.

  3. Migrants will decide England's future not the English.This fact begs the question "What exactly is the point of English Democrats busying itself with matters that is non of their business?" Better that they consult with the future owners of England don't you think?
    Better start by reading this news article and the report it is based on.

  4. Re the above comment, the way things are going, the English will be seeking sanctuary in the Celtic fringe to an ever increasing degree.
    I wonder if those countries will be blocking our entry as refugees?

    However, there are signs that, as Iben Thranholm has said, the Tyranny of tolerance - or another term for it is the Dictatorship of Diversity, which is ideologically based within the EU and conflicts with reality, common sense and human nature has met its Waterloo. Iben has said that if you do not believe in open borders and "inclusion" then you are dismissed as a racist and full of hatred. The recent statement by Juncker on this subject shows how out of touch the Coudenhove Kalergists in Brussels are with the peoples they rule. Juncker more or less said, that being mown down by a terrorist's juggernaut is a worthy sacrifice for the ideal of diversity. Perhaps he should take care when crossing the road from now on.

    It occurred to me that we will shortly reach the point where to say that one hates mulculturalism/multiracialism will land one in court charged with a hate crime. Interesting viewing last night was Raymond Briggs' cartoon "Ernie and Ethel" about his parents and his childhood in pre-multicultural London. I wonder how many children watching kept asking their parents or grandparents where all the diversity was? And I mused that those who had to put up with Hitler's V2 rockets would never have imagined that one day the cockneys would have been exiled and London would have a Pakistani Muslim mayor.

    According to RT, a recent report has concluded that blacks and Asians are failing to get the top jobs, despite doing well at school and university. We are coming to a crunch time now as to who rules whom in our land. It was inevitable that things would come to this pass. I feel sorry for blacks and Asians who have been brought here for ideological reasons and not for their or our good. However, as Enoch Powell said, armed with the education we have given them, they are now well equipped to improve the lot of those they have left behind in their ancestral homes. The question is when they will think for themselves that this is the best future for them. No sign of that happening at the moment, just more conflict.

  5. I agree with you @Anonymous 29 December 2016 at 14:38 except for "how out of touch the Coudenhove Kalergists in Brussels are with the peoples they rule" which implies a well-intentioned incompetence or lovably naughty misbehaviour.

    They know exactly what they are doing. This is no 'experiment'.

    So their eventual responsibility should be measured accordingly.

    Brute force is the only thing they understand.

    Banker James Paul Warburg said in 1950:
    "The great question of our time is not whether or not One World can be achieved, but whether or not One World can be achieved by peaceful means. We shall have World Government whether or not we like it.
    The question only is whether World Government will be achieved by consent or conquest."

    It's a Darwinian struggle for space. The Brits have had it easy being on an island, which fact may go to explain why their performance to date now spells their annihilation.

    Mind, they can still rough each other up after football.