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Monday, 2 February 2015

South Yorkshire Police Commission By-election update

South Yorkshire Police Commission By-election update

Here are the expenses for the South Yorkshire Police Commissioner By-election:-


Number of votes: 74060


Cost per vote:£1.68.


Number of votes: 46883

Spent: £157048.65

Cost per vote:£3.35


Number of votes:18536

Spent: £18231.51

Cost per vote:98 pence.

English Democrats:

Number of votes: 8583

Spent: £9567.

Cost per vote: £1.11.

While I had already done a previous Blog item about this by-election, which can be found here >>>, I thought it was interesting that actually, contrary to some of the comments that I have seen about the relative position of the English Democrats and UKIP, that despite them spending over sixteen times as much money as we were able to spend in the election, and significantly more than even Labour’s spend, they were still not anywhere near beating Labour in South Yorkshire.

It was also interesting that UKIP spent more than three times as much than we did on each and every vote that they received. I think the moral is that if we were actually able to raise enough money to match UKIP’s spending, not only would we beat them, but we would have been more likely to win election than they ever could be.

Could that be something to do with the relative appeal of English nationalism as against British nationalism?


  1. As I previously said, Brian Cox seemed to equate UKIP with English nationalism. This must be a bit galling for their Scottish euro-m p - I think Coburn is his name - who often pops up on Russia Today. Two things have led to the end of Britain and the emergence of its constituent parts in a way that means that - as during the War - the idea that Jocks and Taffies were just a slightly version of the English consensus has gone. The first was, of course, devolution, which gained a momentum of its own. The Scots and Welsh having tasted a degree of freedom from Westminster acquired a taste for it and wanted to go the whole hog.

    The second was mass immigration where everybody was suddenly British wherever they hailed from in the world and so British ceased to mean what it had done during the War and before that since the 18th century. To differentiate ourselves from this multicultural British identity and re-establish our own national identities we had to break free from the British stranglehold. This horrified the British establishment as identities more than 1,000 years old began to re-assert themselves.

    Well done for doing so well with so little. The difference between Labour and the Conservatives and the overall spend is that the main parties were not having to spend more to break through. I get the impression you are asking for more money.

    A recent statistic has revealed that the non-white population of London is now 44%. Probably only another ten years before we have a white minority there and in Birmingham. As for the cockneys they only number about 45% which means that the difference is made up by our fellow whites from the Continent. Things are coming to boiling point.

    The New York Times has told us that the Americans are now arming Kiev. There was an interesting interview with Colin Powell's deputy, Colonel Wilkerson, last night who seems to know exactly how the world works whilst Washington is peopled by those who are totally clueless and incompetent. He wants everybody to get together and sort the world out but is prevented by the Neocons whom he described as radicals and not Conservatives. Radical is the wrong word, they are actually insane, especially John McCain and are raving psychopaths. Wilkerson said that he suspected that the drop in the oil price was engineered by the Saudis and Washington to bring down Russia. So now our oil workers and being laid off and our dairy farmers going bankrupt because of this hegemonic nutcases. Why aren't Cameron and Osborne coming to the aid of those affected. I think you will find that it is because they are cut from the same sociopathic cloth as their American and Israeli colleagues. And most leaders on the Continent are totally sick of the lot of it as they have some brains and are not just plain greedy and mad.

  2. You are absolutely right about the relative appeal of English nationalism against British "nationalism". That is why the English Democrats will supersede Ukip. Ukip's muddled thinking will be revealed. The English Democrats' policies are clear, unlike Ukip's.

    1. UKIP is in a bit of a spin because there are many within it we think they are about maintaining English identity whilst Farage is constantly backpedalling and surrounding himself by New Britons so as to fend off the charge. This is no more than the dilemma facing England and other European nations. They thought they would just somehow stay the same with mass non-European immigration. They will not, they will be confined to the history books.

  3. The problem is trying to maintain in English identity in a country which is rapidly beginning to have no identity at all. Having just checked the results of the 2011 census re London, I see that the drop from the 2001 census was from 58% White British to 45% - and it is probably less than that now, perhaps 40% or below, soon to be one third. The percentage of other whites has dropped so that the proportion of non-whites has increased. In 2011 London was the most ethnically diverse city in the world - so what? Why is that such a wonderful goal. What is so desirable about diversity and battling minorities as opposed to homogeneity; except in the books of those whose aim has been to destroy the homogeneous nations of Europe for their own ends, assisted by their Marxist useful idiots. Sometimes I wonder whether Marx was in on the game and working for those wealthy interests he purported to oppose. Meanwhile the BBC continues to churn out programmes about our history made by the few of us who are left.
    Of course, these would be of little interest to our youngsters who are just taught Europhobic topics like the Holocaust, Slavery or Civil Rights in America. Polls show that most have no idea about the likes of Wellington or any other major historical figure of English history.

    Apparently, although I have yet to see chapter and verse, the French prime minister Marcel Walls has said that France is now on the verge of disintegration or melt-down as the utopianist dreams of the Revolution and the Republic prove to be unworkable. I will be interested to learn how Marine Le Pen fared at the Oxford Union, battling with Unite Against Fascism spawned by the self-interested elites and the woolly thinking do-gooders. It is interesting that she actually did receive an invitation, perhaps an indication that not all Oxford undergraduates are following the party line.

    As for following the party line, Angela Merkel can no longer be blackmailed into silence by Washington and has spoken of the sheer insanity of the Pentagon's arming the government in Kiev as being a guarantee of massive further bloodshed whilst we all want to sit down and talk about peace. Colonel Wilkerson described Hillary Clinton as another chicken hawk; i.e. somebody who loves causing war and spilling blood but will never fight or send their own to fight. When are your sons going to join the forces Mr Chicken hawk Blair? The fact is that they are all in it for the money or the power and care little about anybody or human life. In fact they are little different from the Hitlers and the Stalins of this world and are way beyond the confines of rationality.

    Meanwhile, the Greek finance minister did not fare too well with George Osborne on his tour of European capitals. When, I wonder, are Tory voters going to realise that Messrs Osborne and Cameron are batting for the financial elites, the bankers and their industrial subsidiaries and care about nobody, let alone the starving of Greece or in this country come to think of it.

    1. My mistake, the prime minister of France is Manuel Valls not Marcel Walls. My apologies to him.

  4. Devoluton has had an effect but I personally believe that it is mass immigration which had done the most damage. British nationalism is a civic one and English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish had no problem identifying with it when Britain was more of a white country than it is now. Our masters really have been thick to believe that flooding this country with migrants from all around the world wouldn't have an effect upon the white population and their sense of Britishness.

  5. London has been a foreign country for a long time. Now they are setting about making the rest of England foreign.

    1. On Cross Talk on RT on Wednesday a German journalist Ernst Wolff explained who they are and that the EU and the euro are the creation of the finance industry with Goldman Sachs cooking Greece's books for euro entry so they would fail and become the major debt slave nation. And now we see former Goldman Sachs employee pm Yatsenyuk with fellow psychopath with blood lust in their eyes preparing to kill thousands more in the East whilst Merkel and Hollande are trying to bring about peace. No sign of Mr Bankers' boy Cameron of course though loose cannon - with nothing to lose now - William Hague has said we will not be arming Kiev.

      As for mass immigration, Goldman Sachs are there again with their boy UN commissioner for migration Sutherland calling for further mass immigration into Europe. I am hoping soon that the link will be emphasised between mass immigration and the bankers as well, all with the help of the Marxist useful immigrants as was agreed at the first meeting of the Bilderbergers.

      Niall Ferguson in his book "Civilisation" explains why the competing nations of Europe pulled ahead whilst monolithic, over bureaucratic China fell into stagnation around 1500.
      And as regards Islam, the muslim world became ensnared in religious control, whilst Europe broke free with the reformation and then the enlightenment, although Christianity had a part in its success as well. So now Money and Marx have brought us back to Middle Age China and want us to be dominated by Medieval Islam. All our progress of 500 years will be lost and with white genocide who knows how the world will look in 100 years' time.

  6. Part of our problem in hetting our message across is that we do not have communications networks the put our point of view forward. No doubt sections 17 and 18 of the Public Order Act 1986 are used to block the spread of nationalism. Surely the same parts of the act can be used to stamp out our enemies propaganda? Right. Not a chance because our enemies already control the msm the police the cps public authorities and so on. Instead we should attack them using the supply of goods and services act 1982 and equality act 2010 with english national origins being the protected characteristic.