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Monday, 16 February 2015

UKIP 'believes' in “Britishness” not Englishness!

UKIP goes for “Britishness” not Englishness!

There has recently been a development within UKIP which I didn’t think I could leave unmentioned. Nigel Farage has given several important speeches recently, but has written the article which appears below for the Daily Telegraph. In all these he has made clear where UKIP’s national identity/nationality lies.

I have recently read an excellent book about UKIP written by Dr Matthew Goodwin and Dr Ron Ford called “Revolt on the Right”. It is such an excellent read and analysis of UKIP’s situation and of the whole of what the authors call “the radical right”, that it is well worth reading. Here is a link to purchase a copy on Amazon >>> Revolt on the Right: Explaining Support for the Radical Right in Britain (Extremism and Democracy): Robert Ford,.

The interesting thing is that the authors of “Revolt on the Right” compellingly compare UKIPs position with the growth of the Right across many other Western European countries, such as the Front National in France. It is noted that all share some common characteristics. These are Euro-scepticism; hostility to mass immigration; attachment to traditional values; hostility to the current political elite; and assertive nationalism.

UKIP of course shares all these points but had been making noises about being interested in England and Englishness. This all began back in late 2010 as a serious effort by UKIPs leadership to destabilise the English Democrats using various dirty tricks.

So for several years now there has been an ambivalence about UKIP’s talk about England, the most extreme example of which we saw only a few weeks ago when Paul Nuttall said that he personally supported an English Parliament as his punch line on Question Time.

Now all that is over and UKIP has nailed its flag to the mast. The only element of the radical right agenda that they had waivered on was which national identity. Now that is clear, as you can see reading Nigel Farage’s article below. There is no more prevarication or hesitation and we can see the colours of the national flag that they have unfurled!

English nationalists should no longer be under any delusions about UKIPs national identity.

Here is the article:-

Nigel Farage's appeal to Britons: believe in Britain

Ahead of the general election, Ukip leader Nigel Farage sets out his party's vision

This election campaign has been incredibly dull so far. Labour is trying to claim our National Health Service, as if they own it. The Tories are trying to grab at the economy, as if they haven’t presided over a doubling of the national debt in just five years, and failing to erase the deficit. Pretty predictable stuff.

And that’s because these two parties – the legacy parties – have forgotten that there is a country out there.

There’s a country beyond Westminster, crying out for attention, respect, and assistance at a time when politicians are trying to convince them that everything is absolutely fine.

But it’s not fine. Now more than ever, this country needs a positive political party, with firm ideas for the future of this country. I believe that at this election, Ukip will be that party.

When you look at somewhere like Castlepoint in Essex, this election presents voters with a stark choice.

Ukip’s candidate is a local lad, Jamie Huntman, a timber merchant, who is deeply patriotic, involved in his community, and known as hard-working, straight-talking guy.

He’s a man who, in spite of this country’s woes, despite the ruling classes telling us we can’t be a great nation again, still believes in Britain.

We believe that the backbone of this country – small business owners, families and indeed the legal migrants who come here to better their lives – know that we no longer have a capitalism that works for all.

Instead, we have corporatism, lavishing attention on big corporations while ignoring the little man. Only Ukip will address and tackle this imbalance.

We’ll turn the other cheek to insults and negativity and focus instead on what we could deliver for the country if we have enough MPs.

No one will have a majority after this election. They all know it. But the thing they fear the most is a sizeable number of Ukip MPs in that chamber, holding them to account for you.

And when we say we believe in Britain, we believe in the whole of Britain. We’re the only political party with representation in all four corners of the United Kingdom.

The Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru are obviously regional parties. Labour has increasingly become a regional party in the North – though voters in the one-party state they tried to create there are now beginning to revolt. The Conservative Party is now a regional party of the South.

Ukip, on the other hand, is doing as well in the North as we are in the South. We’re a party that represents the whole country and, even more importantly, we have broken the class divide in British politics.

And our greatest, most recent growth has been in Labour areas. So far from the narrative and amusing conference line from Mr Cameron, that if you go to bed with Nigel Farage you wake up with Ed Miliband, the truth is that from Birmingham to Hadrian’s Wall, we are the challengers to Labour.

Ukip will put at the heart of its campaign not just the cost of living crisis, because we know that Britons are feeling the pinch, but also the cost of government crisis.

We will have a costed manifesto that deals with these issues, which includes taking those on the minimum wage out of tax, reducing energy bills, and by ending our costly membership of the EU.

But we’ve got to ask ourselves as voters: at what cost do we keep electing the current, Westminster college kids?

At what cost to our freedoms? At what cost to our communities? At what cost to the confidence and belief in the values that underpin British civil society?

These are the big questions the political class don’t want you asking. They’ll try to bore you into submission, or convince you that you’ll let someone else in if you vote for us. Ask Douglas Carswell or Mark Reckless about this. If you vote Ukip, you get Ukip. Nothing else.

A Britain which can govern itself. A Britain with an ethical immigration policy based on the Australian-style points system. A Britain that doesn’t weaponise the NHS, but makes it work for those who need it. A Britain that is more than just a star on someone else’s flag. Ukip believes in Britain, and we know you do too.

We believe in a Britain that can trade freely with the world, honour our troops, work without a nanny state, stop propping up dictatorships through aid, and stop spending your money on white elephant projects like HS2.

I believe in a Britain that has confidence, stands proud, projects a national identity based on our Judaeo-Christian heritage, and our tremendous natural resources.

We believe in a Britain that is the fifth largest economy in the world, not because of our governments, but in spite of them.

A Britain with room to grow, not based on debt, but on real, tangible assets: our fisheries, our gas supplies, infrastructure like Manston Airport, and the prospects of our youth and people who come here legally and integrate and become the best of British themselves.

Not only have we found a way to inject £3 billion more per year into our NHS, but we also want people to have a say in how the NHS is run.

We want to scrap hospital car parking charges, acknowledge that the future for the NHS relies on the innovation and dedication that we will get from British graduates (not middle managers), and invest in research and cleaning up our hospitals.

This is why I’m pleased to say that we would scrap tuition fees for students studying science, technology, engineering, maths, or medical degrees.

And we’ll also fight for a right of recall for MPs who have failed voters.

We’d reverse the opt-in to the European Arrest Warrant, because Britain believes in “innocent until proven guilty” and we believe in Britain.

And we’d reward our Servicemen and women with a National Service Medal, social housing priority, and jobs when they return to civilian life.

We’d toss out ideas like the bedroom tax, and the mansion tax, because they’re two sides of the same coin, equally unconscionable and intended to divide us.

And we’d say no to propping up a government that refuses us an immediate EU referendum – no to any coalition deals with the establishment parties who have taken us so far into this mess.

But we need you to come with us on this journey. So I urge you, when you go to the ballot box, when you send in your postal vote: believe.

Believe in Britain. Believe in real change. Believe me when I say this is not just another election and yours is not just another vote.

If you hold onto those beliefs, if you want that change, then we believe, that together, we can achieve great things.

Here is the link to the original >>> Nigel Farage's appeal to Britons: believe in Britain - Telegraph


  1. Independent - 16th February 2015

    Ukip has been named the most hated brand in the UK, beating even Marmite which uses its ‘love it or hate it’ divisiveness as a marketing tool.
    The euro-sceptic party, which was embroiled in a string of controversies last year, was followed by the Conservative Party in second place, while the yeast-extract spread claimed third.

    The Labour Party and Tory coalition partners the LibDems came in as fifth and sixth, respectively.

  2. Farage wrote, "Labour has increasingly become a regional party in the North – though voters in the one-party state they tried to create there are now beginning to revolt. The Conservative Party is now a regional party of the South. "

    "And our [Ukip's] greatest, most recent growth has been in Labour areas. So far from the narrative and amusing conference line from Mr Cameron, that if you go to bed with Nigel Farage you wake up with Ed Miliband, the truth is that from Birmingham to Hadrian’s Wall, we [Ukip] are the challengers to Labour."

    Like the Lib Dems, Ukip is presenting itself one way in the North and differently in the South. Like the Lib Dems, Ukip will be found out.

    The English Dems have to recognise that they must conquer the North, "from Birmingham to Hadrian's Wall", before they can turn to the South. The first step must be to sweep Ukip from the North where it is not so entrenched as it is in the south.

    1. To do that, the English Democrats have to promote policies which will appeal to disgruntled Labour voters in the North, as Ukip is doing. The risk Ukip is taking by doing that is of alienating its Southern supporters and pushing them back into the arms of the Tories.
      If the English Democrats recognise that they have to win the North first, they will not face the dilemma which confronts Ukip of trying to win Labour areas in the North and Tory areas in the South. Ukip is becoming increasingly schizophrenic over trying to appear to be one thing in the North and something else in the South .

    2. Farage wrote: "We’d toss out ideas like the bedroom tax, and the mansion tax, because they’re two sides of the same coin".
      This is a perfect example of Ukip's schizophrenia. Clearly they are not two sides of the same coin. In other words they are aimed at opposing support bases.
      The English Democrats must have policies which include abolition of the bedroom tax, and introduction of the living wage (scrapping HS2 would go a long way towards funding these) which appeal particularly to the North's traditional Labour voters, and expose Ukip's duplicity, e.g., opposition to the mansion tax which will only effect wealthy Southerners [wealthy as viewed from the North, but maybe not from London and the South East]).
      Labour would throw out the bedroom tax and introduce the mansion tax, because they want to secure their Northern vote.
      The Tories would keep the bedroom tax (spare room subsidy) and reject the mansion tax, because they want win back the Southern vote which could looks like going to Ukip .
      Farage is right that Labour and the Conservatives are now regional parties. Ukip is now the alternative to the Tories in the South. The way forward for the English Democrats is to become the alternative to Labour in the North.

  3. Farage is bragging about the possibility of his party's holding the balance of power after the election. He says that he will not "prop up", nor enter into coalition with any party unwilling to hold an immediate in/out EU referendum. That's a plus!
    Equally, he may not hold said balance of power or anything close. So the possibility of the Scottish National Party propping up a Labour (puppet) government has to be considered.The Scots are pro-EU as are Labour - so no referendum there, then.
    So which of these alternatives, should they materialise, is better for England?
    The prospect of an immediate EU exit referendum has considerable appeal. However, that of a Labour so-called government, with the strings being pulled from Edinburgh by Nicola Sturgeon, demandimg more and more concessions for Scotland seems to me to the one that presents the greater opportunity to awaken the apathetic English from their somnambulation into oblivion.
    So let's hear it for our Nikki!
    One caveat, though; we need a strategy to confront either eventuality.

    1. Not so much a reply as a postscript. I drove past UKIP's headquarters here in Weston, today. A banner over the door and shop window includes "End Tuition Fees". That's another of our unique selling points the've nicked!.

    2. Clive,
      If the policy of "End Tuition Fees" was ever unique to the English Democrats, it aint no more.

    3. Quite right. My comment was slightly keyboard-in-cheek! It seems that Ed Balls' latest wheeze is to reduce English students' fees by a third, (to a paltry £18000,) by yet another socialist raid on people's pension savings.
      His generous pension will be unaffected, of course.

  4. North East Lincolnshire should be a shoo-in for the English Democrats, but anti-English Ukip is confident of winning there in the general election in May.

  5. Robin,
    What progress has been made with getting English Democrat participation in the TV leaders' debates, as the only English nationalist party?

  6. The problem is that anybody can be British but to be English still implies that you are a member of the indigenous and vanishing tribe. Have just been shown a letter doing the UKIP rounds sent to Cameron and Milliband from a pensioner who sees us as a dwindling minority, ignored and despised. But this was not all he wrote. Needless to say he did not get a reply.

    I see that the Greens are making great inroads into the Labour and Lib Dem vote. In some respects I can see why as they are not alone in wanting the renationalisation of the railways and the utilities. But they are meant to hate UKIP/nationalists and are pro-EU. As for immigration, I still don't understand how they do not want to put an end to it as new housing and infrastructure gobbles up what is left of dear old England.
    Presumably, any hint of "racism" is anathema to them as they are more left than Labour and mostly Marxists with ex-communists among their ranks. Blacks and Asians are still going to vote Labour by 4 to 1 so it will be the neglected English worker who is looking elsewhere.

    I am now reading "Suicide of the West" by Chris Smith and Richard Koch. Labour peer Smith struggles as he concludes that Europe triumphed because of its identity and homogeneity. Despite the constant wars and the splits between Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox, Europe was a cohesive whole because of a common racial origin, common religion - and he says that the legacy of Christianity still provides us with an edge - and a common culture, despite minor differences from north to south and east to west. One reason for Europe's decline, and America's, is the fragmentation due to multiculturalism and the urge for regional independence because of the EU.

    Greece is being bullied by the bankers and made to accept more banker con austerity which will mean they never recover but just pay the interest for ever and a day and get poorer and poorer. One of my heroes, former US treasury secretary Paul Craig Roberts has told them to default and look for funds from Russia, China and the BRICS bank.

    The war against Russia is now on and the bankers of the City and Wall Street lie and lie and lie. John Laughland on RT said that TTIP will be forced on us and then a common US/European currency. The plan is to oust Putin and gobble up the different states of the Russia Federation in their bid for total financial world control. Kissinger said as much years ago. Hopefully, Greece first and then other EU states will join BRICS and escape. But it will be a hard battle. Very difficult to stay cheerful when we know that their oligarchic totalitarian one world of brown people - with whites gone - is their ultimate dream, one they have harboured for centuries.

  7. The male rate of suicide is at its highest since 2001 with middle-aged men most at risk, according to the latest data with a rise of 4% between 2012 and 2013.

    The north-east had the highest rate in England at 13.8 deaths per 100,000, while London had the lowest with 7.9.

    This marked difference between the north-east and London seems to indicate a higher rate of suicide among the native English than among the New Britons. Red Indians and Australian aborigines also have levels of suicide which are higher than those of the colonisers.

    1. And the native English don't have reservations, unlike the first nation Americans and the Australian aborigines.

    2. The evidence of demoralisation and depression amongst the English working classes is one I have raised before when it was announced that Asians and blacks were achieving better than the natives in schools. The spokesman said that this is normal for immigrant parents who want their children to get on. No mention of the fact that they now feel abandoned by the political elites ( especially the Labour Party they formed as their protector ) and were at least 40 years ago. As for reservations, they are now forming themselves. You will find that the North East of England and the North West outside cities such as Manchester and Leeds and the muslim caliphate that stretches from Bradford through to Manchester/Preston is one of the last English reserves.

      The working classes are now constantly castigated for overeating, drinking and smoking too much. But this is typical behaviour for the natives, having lost their land and their traditional employment to globalisation, they drug themselves up to their eyebrows and slump in front of their wide screen tellies.

      We are now reaching a tipping point and a point of no return not only here but in many countries in Western Europe and North America. Here 11,000 years of ethnic and cultural history are to be swept into the dustbin. What is going to happen when crunch time finally comes? Will it be civil war, a demand for mass repatriation or will the English just slip away or commit mass suicide and let the New British take over as they have in London and elsewhere? Some of us can understand the desire to end it all. We grew up in a country that was ours where we lived with our own people, bar tiny minorities of non-whites and Jews. We were safe behind our wall of sea. Now there are Hislop's dark clouds, or as a woman said a dark tide or an immigration tsunami sweeping over the land to end us and replace us, a despised people, for all time.

      Meanwhile, Cameron has been chastised for his catastrophic misunderstanding of the Ukraine crisis. He did not not understand but, just like Obama, did the bidding of the banking and industrial elites in the US who now hold Europe to ransom and are itching to buy up the Ukraine as they have Kosovo and Serbia after their NATO "intervention". As for the ignorance in the foreign office, as in the US, this is the result of the appalling education system we now have, especially where history and geography are concerned. I hope that the Lords' report will make our media. Cameron thinks he can strut around and shout. In fact it is all like being at Christ Church in the Bullingdon Club and throwing bread rolls across main hall. And this is the man who was nearly sent down for smoking pot. People think he must be clever. He is not, he is a blustering fool, obsessed with money and just working for the bankers and big business like the rest of them. It would have been nice if the Lords had said that UKIP had warned them about the Ukraine. But of course nationalists are beyond the pale for these people, except in the Ukraine. Well done France and Germany. Britain is now a laughing stock.

  8. It is noteworthy that nowhere in this article does Farage refer explicitly to taking the UK out of the EU. Could it be that Ukip is rowing back on its key policy? Could that be because it would be illegal to take the UK out of the EU against the wishes of Scotland and Wales, as Nicola Sturgean says? She is after all a law graduate..

    1. Then the answer must be independence for England. When the English people learn that they are being kept in the EU by the Celtic Fringe they will respond accordingly. The union cannot hold together under such a strain. But the EU is a massively powerful body. Just look at the way that they have treated poor little Greece.

  9. BBC Radio 4's 'Woman's Hour' is inviting female representatives/candidates onto the programme to explain why women should vote for their parties.
    Female representatives of Ukip have been on the programme. They will be followed by women from the SNP representing the Scots, and following them, from Plaid Cymru representing the Welsh.
    There was no mention of women speakers from the party which represents the English. Is that because the English Democrats have no suitable women to represent the party?

  10. Having just finished "The suicide of the West" by Robert Koch and Chris Smith I would refer potential readers to the profound comment from George Orwell on page 162. Orwell said that some things are so stupid that only intellectuals can believe in them. The authors refer to communism and American liberal imperialism. It is questionable as to whether those behind the latter are intellectuals or "boneheads" as an American said, probably the former though. Such a movement aims at spreading "freedom and democracy" by the bomb and the bullet. The only consequence of this has been to create "blowback" as we hear that the Islamic State in Libya is sending half a million "refugees" to Europe with terrorists hidden amongst their ranks. And in Cross Talk today we learnt that such a policy in the Middle East is to create manageable chaos so as to achieve hegemony and control. Many of us suspect that the US is doing the Zionists' work for them in this regard. But it was also pointed out that behind the American industrial and military complex who are cashing in and behind them are the bankers and their corporate subsidiaries.

    So we have the same mixture of collectivist utopians who were at the first meeting of the Bilderbergers with the bankers. And the same story is true for mass immigration and multiculturalism. Just as the Russian peasants and workers were never really behind communism, so the ordinary English working man was opposed to mass immigration and multiculturalism. It is he who has suffered the most by being driven out of his towns and cities, his communities broken up and his labour being undercut. The intellectuals still think it is all wonderful as they gather together in Hampstead. But behind these Marxist useful idiots are once again the bankers and the big corporations who want to destroy the homogeneous countries of Europe to make their EU and their euro work.

    Once again it seems to be managed chaos or divide and rule. Just as Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Assad kept stability and in the case of Gaddafi the sub-Saharans out of Europe, their removal has meant/ will mean the same chaos in Europe and North America that has engulfed the Middle East and all to their advantage. I remember learning that there is a gentleman in America who is going around telling such woolly headed idiotic intellectuals that the their country and the world will be a better place without them, the white race. And they agreed. We must only hope that the common sense and logic of the ordinary working man finally prevails, even if he has to fight for it. I remember meeting an Oxford don who was proud of being a Marxist. I wish I had asked him with his public school and Oxford education if he had ever met a working man. I suspect not.

  11. Map of English v British identity as selected in 2011 census:

  12. "David Cameron and Ed Miliband will be pitched in a head-to-head live televised debate exactly a week before the May 7 general election, if the TV showdowns go ahead, it has been announced.

    Britain's four major broadcasters announced the order in which they will screen three proposed debates, which was decided by drawing lots.

    ITV won the right to stage the first debate, scheduled for April 2, which will pitch Mr Cameron and Mr Miliband against Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg, Ukip's Nigel Farage, the Greens' Natalie Bennett, the Scottish National Party's Nicola Sturgeon and Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru.

    The same line-up of seven leaders have been invited to take part in the second debate, a fortnight later on April 16, which will be hosted by the BBC.

    And the final showdown between the two men most likely to emerge from the general election as prime minister has been scheduled for April 30 on Sky News and Channel 4.

    Mr Cameron has yet to confirm whether he will take part in any or all of the debates, having expressed concern at the exclusion of the Democratic Unionist Party from the format proposed by the broadcasters. However, the TV companies have indicated their determination to go ahead with the broadcasts in the absence of any leader not willing to take part.

    Liberal Democrats have voiced dissatisfaction with the proposal to exclude Mr Clegg from the third debate.

    Labour's election strategy chief Douglas Alexander confirmed that Mr Miliband will take part in the April 30 head-to-head debate and challenged Mr Cameron to commit himself to turning up.

    In a letter to Conservative chairman Grant Shapps, Mr Alexander wrote: " I am happy to confirm on Mr Miliband's behalf that he will turn up to debate on April 30. Can you today confirm that Mr Cameron will be there too?

    "Failure to answer this question will lead many to conclude that you and Mr Cameron are reluctant to give the British people the chance to make up their own minds.

    "The broadcasters have set the date. The invitation is in the post. The only question remaining is whether David Cameron is willing to go head-to-head with Ed Miliband."

    Electoral Reform Society deputy chief executive Darren Hughes said: "We welcome today's agreement by the broadcasters as another important step forward in getting the TV debates which the British public deserve.

    "But it's now up to the parties to commit, once and for all, to taking part. The time for negotiation is over. The debates must go on as planned, with no excuses and no backing out. That would be an insult to democracy.

    "We want to see all the invited party leaders do the right thing and confirm that they will take part in the debates. The British public deserve the opportunity to hold the main party leaders to account in the run-up to the election, especially the parties that could form a government after May. Now is the time for commitment, not copping out."
    The Scots will be represented by Nicola Sturgeon; the Welsh will be represented by Leanne Wood. Who will speak for the English?

    1. Personally I will not be watching any of it. Whichever of the three main parties you vote for you get the government. The real rulers of England are the shadow government of the bankers and their corporate subsidiaries via the EU and other means. Democracy - if it existed at all - lasted from the 1880s to the 1970s. As for the English, no they must be kept firmly in the box until they are too weak to put up a fight. In addition, all the leaders of the three main parties are "cosmopolitan". In the case of Cameron, we know of his ancestor who financed the Japanese-Russian war of 1903 via his links to continental finance. Milliband's ancestry has similar ties which, as with Cameron, would make his attitude to Putin's Russia problematic. And Clegg is half-Dutch with Russian aristocratic blood. This all makes them prone to regard themselves as internationalist rather than nationalist. Give Nicola Sturgeon her due, at least she will be batting for Scotland alone.

  13. We discovered last night on Russia Today UK news that the French have produced a secret report on the possibility that Islamic terrorists might use drones to launch attacks on nuclear power stations. They would not need to use an immense amount of explosives but just enough to destabilise the reactor and send it into melt down mode as per Chernobyl. The spokesman, a nuclear scientist who had helped the French with their report, said that our politicians had not taken the idea seriously. Still, at least, if they were watching, the terrorists have been give the idea. And doubtless they are capable of re-using the drones which are being used against them in Iraq and Syria in order to create their own. Or Israel, which is the chief manufacturer of drones and which, we learnt last night from Eric Draitser, is funding Al Nuzrah who are part of the Islamic State, might be able to help.

    Three people, at least that I have spoken to recently , have expressed the view that it is now a terrible, terrible world. For an explanation as to why then look no further than the hegemonic psychopaths in London and Washington and Tel Aviv and the woolly headed liberals who thought that if we opened up all the borders we could all live together like one big happy family, no matter what race or religion. As I always say, Good fences make good neighbours.

    The nuclear scientist said that our nuclear power stations were mainly built in the 1960s and 1970s when such terrorism did not exist. The IRA were a small outfit limited to one geographic area and would never have been mad enough to do something like this. The jihadists, due to the attacks on Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya are spreading throughout the Middle East and North and Central Africa, with sleeper cells in most European countries.

    Of course, this explains why those halcyon days of the 1950s, 1960s and even the 1970s now seem so marvellous by comparison with the country and the world we are now faced with. We had the cold war but half of Europe was closed off and there was an even balance in nuclear weaponry making a nuclear conflict highly unlikely, despite the fears we were confronted with in the 1970s. Some of us have been very lucky in knowing nothing but peace throughout our 60 plus years. The future now is looking much less certain, simply because common sense was abandoned in the 1960s and 1970s in the name of "progress". I remember reading a letter from a lady who said that immigration must stop or the country will be completely destroyed. Well, we are well on the way there.

  14. I was fascinated watching Cameron before the Commons select committee on the Ukraine, even though it was like an old boys' club where all could have a jolly good laugh over the fact that 5,000 plus civilians in the east have been blown apart.

    I was fascinated because Cameron in pushing the bankers' aim for world hegemony failed to understand that he had been accused of not being diplomatic and being in the room at peace talks with Hollande and Merkel so he said he was pressing for peace by helping Kiev to fight in case the peace did not last. He is even more of a diplomatic irrelevance than before as when asked to come up with diplomacy he comes up with a military solution, albeit one that has no commons' mandate, something which backbenchers have pointed out.

    Of course he is preparing for the day when the peace talks fail, he says, and "Russian aggression " resumes. Russia is, he claims, winning the media war by putting out misinformation but the his BBC is telling the truth. I don't believe so and western journalists are at last beginning to have the courage to present a different version from that of the City of London and Wall Street.

    The hegemons are in a great rush to defeat China and Russia in order to achieve total world control. But China and Russia have at last come up with their trump card and begun to dump American debt which will sink them. Soon, I hope, they will be history as will Mr Cameron.
    We have had enough of your bankers' Europe and America, we don't want your bankers' world.

  15. Iwas having a debate with a university friend of mine. He bacome lefty while I turned nationalist. Fortunately he was intelligent enough to see my point of view and later admitted that he now had reservations about the multicultural experiment. I explained to him that a welfare state was perfectly possible as long as we had not multiculturalism this fact alone started to short circuit the brainwashing he went through at uni. There are glimmers of hope that we as a people are waking up.

    I finished off and sent my friend the official judgment of Mark Souster v BBC anti English discrimination case and a day later he confirmed to me in secret that he returned to patriotism and now supports the EDP.

    The coming years will see not only the untangling of the multicultural experiment but also the breakup of the apartheid UK which was used and abused by bankers since Cromwells revolution. Why else is English history concealed from us because when one puts the jigsaw pieces together it becomes evident that we were taken over by foreign interests nearly 400 years ago.