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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Will a SNP/Labour coalition A.E.C. aka “ice” the UK?

Will a SNP/Labour coalition A.E.C. aka “ice” the UK?

There is much talk and speculation in the media about an SNP and Labour minority coalition after the General Election.

This is particularly after Nicola Sturgeons’ ground breaking announcement that the Scottish National Party after the General Election will vote for English-only issues.

What she and the SNP seem to be looking to achieve is a coalition in Government with a minority Labour Party. There has also been talk of including the Greens, Plaid Cymru and Sinn Fein.

So for example we may have a House of Commons composed of Labour with 275 MPs, the Conservatives with 300 MPs and the SNP, on the latest opinion polls, with 54 MPs.

In that scenario the SNP and Labour together would then have overall a majority in the House of Commons and be able to form an effective coalition. This would be a Government under which the interests of England, would not merely be ignored and over-ruled but utterly trampled upon! Indeed it could be described as a Government of anti-English Conspiracy or an Anti-English Coalition i.e. A.E.C. (pronounced “ice”). 

So my question to you, dear reader, is how much in favour of English independence do you think the English will be after 5 years of being A.E.C.ed (aka “iced”)?

As you may have guessed I have been searching for a suitable expression with an element of menace to it.

I wonder if you think that the idea of the UK being “A.E.D.ed or “iced” has legs? Here is a definition of the meaning of “iced”from the “to kill” as in “I'm gonna ice that punk”.

What do you think? Another alternative that I considered was to talk about a Government of Anti-English Conspiracy.


  1. I wouldn't call it a conspiracy as it's well in the open. I'd go for Anti English Coalition ie: an extreme imbalance of democracy, where splinter groups are fighting over other's interests, in this case the majority.
    How long can it go on, I wonder? Not sure I want an answer..

  2. Perhaps we can invent a new word - we've been STURGEONED.

  3. If the Celtic fringe come to rule us than hopefully the English will then demand independence. But we have been ruled by a minority since 1066 so no change there.

    Our dairy farmers are now being affected by the sanctions against Russia imposed on Europe by American psychopaths such as Joe Biden who claimed he "shamed" Europe into it. But Greece has discovered its democratic roots and is refusing to play ball. Hopefully, the farmers will now ditch the Tories as they realise they are just the party of international hegemonic capitalism. As for Labour, they don't give a stuff about the English; in fact they hate them, too, as do all the main parties.

    A pall bearer at Churchill's funeral has spoken of the total silence, none of that Italian buffoonery and their clapping. The funeral has made the English realise their ethnic and cultural destruction. Good timing for the election. Britain First whom the government want to silence have vowed to take back the East End from the Pakistani and Saudi colonists. Churchill would have been all behind them and Enoch would have not been surprised that they want to take back the whole country as well.

    The local vicar in the East End was horrified at their Christian tag. But this is just muscular Christianity rather than his wimpy variety. Many churchgoers now realise they are under the same threat as Christians in the Middle East; with the whole hearted support of the Marxist despotic secularists. The worm is turning and conflict all over Europe is inevitable.

  4. The Prangwizard of England31 January 2015 at 12:43

    I have just read Philip Johnston's article in the Daily Telegraph about Magna Carta. No-where does he mention the word England. There isn't a single reference anywhere.

    This is part of the British Establishment's current and long-standing anti-English conspiracy. Make England invisible as much as possible, and divert thoughts away from England's role in history.

  5. English Democrats can make a difference as even the labour party was small once.We just need time.

  6. I watched the Scottish actor, Brian Cox, being interviewed about his switch from Labour to the SNP. He said that the SNP after the election will hold the balance of power at Westminster. However, interestingly he spoke about UKIP and the rise of English nationalism. I am not sure if he thought that UKIP were English nationalists; but at least he realises that nationalism in England is increasing. And if we are ruled from north of the border then I predict that not only will those in England wanting a parliament increase but those wanting independence will as well. So the SNP may get their way by so angering the English that they demand a divorce. Watch this space.

    Meanwhile, we have it at last, Krishnan Guru-Murthy talking to Nicholas Soames about Churchill called Soames' grandfather, with rather typical subcontinental arrogance, a racist. No racism in India, Krish, how about sending a few million Africans there? Soames, used to such comments no doubt, said that his grandfather had been a child of his times just as Guru-Murthy was a child of his. However, we should not blame those whose roots lie in the Sub-continent for being arrogant and oblivious to the feelings of the English as they know that the British Establishment wants them to continue to grow exponentially and drive us out. The British Establishment have for 70 years wished for the dwindling and disappearance of the English and their eventual minority status and subsequent disappearance.

    Democracy is hopefully returning from its birthplace. The Greek finance minister, a well-known economist, has told the bankers to get lost in the form of the troika - which has no constitutional basis in terms of EU treaties. The ECB is, I have been told, controlled by a certain banking family and the International Monetary Fund was formed for benefit the bankers not those whom they are pretending to help. No doubt the Greeks know this.

    The Front National is on the rise after the Charlie Hebdo attacks; this is no surprise.

    I have been thinking again about Churchill's funeral. If Peter Hitchens says that the country of 1965 has ceased to exist then this must surely equate to genocide. However, as we know Blair hot footed it to the UN - which is according to a recent programme the front for those same bankers that Greece is now fighting and told them it was not genocide because there is no such thing as the indigenous English. The Chilcot Enquiry is delayed and delayed having taken six years and cost £9m. Many think it is to protect Blair and Bush from being sent to the ICC.
    However, protestors are now 100% sure that this is the case and will not let it rest. Hopefully, therefore, Blair will get what he deserves.

    I am afraid I cannot come to terms with what has been done to us.
    When I see those scenes of Churchill's farewell I am enveloped in anger and in grief. My one hope is that, as Enoch predicted, they will never get away with the extinction that they have planned for us.