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Friday, 6 February 2015

Rotherham – The creaking British Establishment shuffles into action 15 years late


Rotherham – The creaking British Establishment shuffles into action 15 years late

In Rotherham and many other towns and cities across England it appears that Labour’s “one party state” administrations have covered up a widespread problem of predominantly Pakistani/Muslim child rape gangs being allowed to operate with impunity. 

Whenever anyone has sought to challenge this, the very authorities who are paid to act turned a blind eye. They not only refused to help but bullied and discriminated against the very people they were paid to help. This was done for reasons of political correctness. 

When the Creasy report was published on the 4th we saw from the BBC the same mentality displayed in their inadequate reporting of the issue. They tried to make out that there is no element of race or religion in the matrix of either these crimes or the widespread cover-up. This is an official cover-up which may well amount to offences of a “conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”.

The English Democrats demand not only that every member of the child rape gangs be prosecuted, but also that every client of theirs be prosecuted too. Those unfortunate girls were widely prostituted and trafficked so that the gangs could make huge profits (an estimated £200,000 per girl per year). 

We further demand that all those guilty of these crimes be, wherever legally possible, deported after serving lengthy jail sentences.

There should also be an enquiry in the case of each perpetrator as to whether the members of their family have a legally enforceable right to remain in this country. If not they should be deported too.

So far as the Police Officers, Labour Councillors and Labour supporting Council officials, social workers and care workers are concerned, all should be barred from holding any offices of public responsibility and wherever possible they should be prosecuted.

We also demand extra Legal Aid funding should be granted to enable every victim to sue every perpetrator and every conspirator and the guilty authorities to extract full compensation for the horror of their experience.

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats, who is a Solicitor, said:- “The victims of these child rape gangs may be entitled to compensation of £50,000 for each and every rape. For those victims who endured hundreds of rapes, potential compensation may well run into millions of pounds. The scandalously inadequate British Establishment owes these victims justice and the funding of their quests for full compensation.”

He continued:- “This scandal, running to perhaps over a hundred thousand cases, which reached up into the highest levels of the Labour Government, is one of the worst scandals in the whole of the developed world.”

He added:- “Journalists who knew what was going on and who were involved in covering up are also complicit in these crimes and should be debarred from journalism”.

Robin Tilbrook


The English Democrats


  1. Robin, I learned yesterday that girls are selling their bodies on the streets of Bradford for £2.50 to buy drugs with. I am not saying who they are selling their bodies to but it is Bradford I suppose.

    There was an interesting interview with Bez, somebody called Mark Berry, who is to stage an anti-fracking lie-in with his girflfriend in John and Yoko style. Although inarticulate, I was amazed how clued up Bez was. He told us that Gordon Brown not only sold our gold in 2002 but signed us up to TTIP. I see that the Greeks are refusing to ratify TTIP so I fear their pm and finance ministers may meet with an "accident" Robin Cooke and David Kelly style re Iraq. He said that Cameron was in the pay of big business. I think you will find he is just doing the bankers' bidding as his whole ancestry is one of corrupt money making and finance. He said he thinks that our m p s are being blackmailed to make them do the bankers' bidding. He talked about their having their fingers in the till. But then there is the Westminster paedophile ring. The enquiry is being delayed and now they need somebody from NZ who is probably not connected to those involved. Some of us suspect at least three former prime ministers since the War. Finally, Bez said that the IMF are behind the propagation of war. I think that more and more people are beginning to realise that it is bankers that start wars. In his book "Civilisation", Niall Ferguson alludes to Nathan Rothschild with regard to the financing of all sides at the start of the 19th century.

    And they are at it again in the Ukraine. How sickening was that NATO security conference in Munich with the lachrymose, baby faced Senator Lindsey Graham talking about freedom and those psychopaths McCain, Biden and Kerry ( he of the dead psychopathic eyes) smiling. Fortunately, one gent rolled his eyes to heaven. Interested to know who he was. And where was Dave, when the peace talks were going on, away with the bankers of course. For Washington today read Berlin in the 1930s.

    Ferguson in his books compares South America to North America since colonialisation. Once reason for the South's failure was inter-racial strife between whites, mixed race, blacks and Native Americans. The North solved that problem by removing the Native Americans and keeping the blacks down and having laws against intermarriage which were still in place in some states in the 1960s. So the North remained European until now when it will shortly be the same as South America. There were other reasons but perhaps this goes to underline the relative success of homogeneous nations; a success that the creators of the EU and the architects of mass immigration and multiculturalism in Europe are determined to put an end to. Soon England will be like South America or South Africa with decades, if not centuries of conflict to follow until the indigenes have disappeared.

    1. The UK Conservative party is having to go out of its way to win over Black and Ethnic Minority (BEM) voters to vote Conservative. They are following the lead of the Canadian Conservative party which has been successful in achieving that. If the UK Conservative party does not succeed in this, it will disappear, because of the number of constituencies in which BEMs will soon be in the majority.

    2. Rochdale (population 100,000) takes more asylum seekers than all of the South East of England

  2. So Julian Assange is costing the Met too much money because of the bankers' austerity con. I wonder whether they just want him out of the Ecuadorean Embassy so as to try and seize him, as apparently Wikileaks were behind the HSBC business. Also, according to journalist Tony Gosling, Assange gave all the information on Bush and Blair and Iraq to Malaysia who will arrest them and send them to the ICC if they set foot on Malaysian soil. Some suspect that this is why the Malays have lost two planes, pour decourager les autres. Assange knows too much and one girl he was meant to have raped was later filmed with her arm round him. It looks like a frame up and the Swedes will not go to London as the Americans want him in Sweden so they can get him.

    As for the Swedes, their arms manufacturer p m is now one of the elites who with the bankers want continual war and he wants Sweden to join NATO so Sweden has to keep pretending the Russian subs are patrolling in the waters near Stockholm. According to Gosling NATO is the military arm of the Bilderberg group, at the first meeting of which were experts in totalitarian control and the head of that same big banking family. Edmund Burke said that if you destroy the old order then you end up with an oligarchy and dictatorship. He was very prescient and the bankers have been at destroying the old order since the time of Cromwell, the so-called English Revolution, followed by the French and Russian ones and then the biggest project yet, the Marxist EU and euro.
    They were probably behind the start of the continuous war in Europe from Napoleon to the Ukraine. Destroy the old order and those with the most money call the shots and democracy can go hang. Now we are about to have another economic collapse because of the massive world debt which will lead to more debt until total control is achieved by the Oligarchic few. Hopefully, Russia, if it survives, has put a stop to it all.

  3. Back to topic. The Prof Jay report has shicked the multiculturalists to the core and they find a way out. So what do they do? They consult the Muslim community on their opinions theteby taking advantage of the muslim midirection tactics known as Kitman. Kitman is just another deception technique that is used to throw us off course even Proj Jay fell for it when said there was no conclusive evidence to suggest that the grooiming was motivated by racial prejudice.

    I came across misdirectiin during design infringement proceedings in Court the Muslims are expert at it increasing our cists ten fold. Just look at the 72 virgins promise given ti them and wikislam says they are white skinned virgins.

    Islam is therefore an anti white ideology no wonder marxists and communists love islam

    We meed to use legal procedures in the civil courts because the crimunal courts have dailed. Sue the mosques and bme pressure groups which are actually inducing anti white racism in the first place.