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Friday, 7 November 2014

A very good way of explaining the unfairness at the heart of the UK?

Payment for running siblings' new cars

Back in 1999, the parents of three children bought two of their offspring, a new BMW, each. The third received nothing.

For the next 15 years, they did not acknowledge their third child's existence although they forced him to pay the running costs of his siblings' new cars.

However, after those 15 years, circumstances forced them to recant slightly and they bought their third child a second-hand moped. He still had to pay his siblings' running-costs.

By coincidence in 1999, the British government granted two of the three countries of Great Britain (Scotland and Wales) their own parliaments and with them, selfdetermination. The third, (England) received nothing. For the next 15 years, the British government refused to acknowledge England's existence, although they forced her citizens to pay the running-costs of these Scottish and Welsh parliaments, enabling the Scots and Welsh to enjoy freebies which they were denied.

However, after those 15 years, a Scottish independence referendum forced them to recant slightly, and the people of England have been told we're going to get EVEL (English votes on English laws). We will continue to be made to pay the Scots' and Welsh running costs.

We weren't asked. The Scots and the Welsh got a referendum - we didn't. The Scots and the Welsh each got a brand new BMW. Now, after 15 years, we're being told we can have a second-hand moped - "take it or leave it".

Clive Lavelle Weston-super-Mare English Democrats


  1. In this Armistice Season, it is clear that the only candidate for the English national anthem has to be 'I Bow to Thee My Country'

  2. Business rates and the Barnett formula; Institute for Fiscal Studies:-

    "The calculations presented in this paper suggest that these flaws have resulted in Scotland receiving around £400 million more and Northern Ireland around £130 million more in funding this year than they would have if a ‘corrected’ version of the formula had been in place when the fiscal consolidation began in 2010."

  3. Is it a good way to present the unfairness at the heart of the U.K.? I thought so at the time. The Western Daily Press thought it warranted an outing. We English are being "ripped-off" to finance the Scots and Welsh. Nobody (barring a handful of us,) seems to care.
    By the way: it's "I VOW to thee my country." "the service of my love". The problem with these words is that "England" is not specified as "my country". I'm a "Land of Hope and Glory" man, myself, (being a terminal Elgar fan,) but that song falls at the same hurdle.
    "Jerusalem" at least makes reference to England.
    There is some merit in Flanders and Swann's "Song of Patriotic Prejudice". "The English, the English, the English are best. I wouldn't give twopence for all of the rest."
    Clive, (author of the above.)

  4. I have just discovered that, although living only about 50 miles from the Scottish border, I cannot use my bus pass on the other side. I wonder if it works both ways or, as I suspect, Scots can use theirs when they cross to the south. It strikes me that the English give all to the Scots nd get nothing in return, although they would obviously claim we are getting the money from their oil.

  5. Yeah obviously we would and revenue on things like whisky... a huge export. But that's as may be and we can argue who subsidises who till we're blue in the face. But ultimately I actually agree that England should have its on Parliament. English votes for English Laws just papers over the cracks. Have four lean federal parliaments for each nation and a small senate for issues of UK wide importance such as such as defence, EU and foreign policy. The only thing I wouldn't be in favour of is retaining the HoC at it's current size and HoL. A small central UK senate would be sufficient. I think England has suffered from - to be honest - everything being drawn to London. Senate could be in London with the Parliament further North or vice versa.

  6. Oh by the way Scottish bus pass does not cross border