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Monday, 10 November 2014

Explosive Report on Guy Fawkes' day - Immigration of NO net economic benefit to UK!

Migration Watch UK have issued a Comment on CReAM’s revised report 'The Fiscal Effects of Immigration to the UK'.

CReAM is the acronym of
the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration. It is based at UCL and is part of the classic Leftist trick of creating a network of mostly bogus groups that pop up in an orchestrated or choreographed way to respond issues that are of interest to the Left. Here are some links:-
In this case most of the funding (maybe all) came from the EU funded "European Research Council". So you, dear taxpayer, paid for it!

In assessing the credibility of Cream's "Experts" you might like to bear this report in mind:- " 'Expert' behind migrant report was man who said just 13,000 would come from Eastern Europe

Here is Migration Watch's comment:-
“This report confirms that immigration as a whole has cost up to £150 billion in the last 17 years. As for recent European migrants, even on their own figures - which we dispute - their contribution to the exchequer amounts to less than £1 a week per head of our population.”

Migration Watch UK Press Comment on CReAM’s revised report 'The Fiscal Effects of Immigration to the UK'

1. CReAM have now published a revised version of their paper first put out in November 2013 on the Fiscal effects of immigration to the UK. The original CReAM paper was given extensive media coverage and flourished as conclusive proof that immigration was a fiscal benefit to the UK, and that migrants contributed more in taxes than they took in public spending. It was claimed that their estimations were robust and certain and made on the most extreme of conservative assumptions.

Migration Watch published an assessment of this original paper highlighting that

The presentation of the paper had failed to highlight its own finding of an overall fiscal cost of some £95bn to the UK from 1995-2011.
Despite its claims of using ‘worst-case’ scenarios, in many cases the paper in fact detailed very much best case scenarios that were likely to have overstated the contribution made by migrants.
In areas where it was claimed that no evidence was available, there was such evidence and that a paper purporting to provide robust and certain results should take these into account.Our assessment suggested that the likely fiscal cost of migration over the period might well be over £140bn.

The authors have now carried out what they call ‘robustness checks’ using different scenarios that do take on some of the points raised by Migration Watch and others. None of these reduce the overall fiscal cost. In fact the overall finding - still absent from their headlines - now appears to be a fiscal cost of £114 billion [para 4.2.1] as a best case, and worse-case scenarios extending this to a cost of up to £159 billion [Table A7 Panel (a) (c)] . Quite different from their previous suggestion that the worst case was a cost of £95bn, and with the MW assessment well within this range.

In their press release the authors continue to avoid highlighting their overall finding of this high fiscal cost of migration of billions of pounds each and every year between 1995 and 2011.

Instead, as before, they cherry-pick particular periods or groups to distract attention from their overall result, which they now concede is an even higher cost than they previously thought.

2. Their original and much publicised headline that - despite the overall cost - EEA migrants since 2000 have contributed 34% more than they have received has been endlessly repeated as a justification for continued high levels of migration particularly from Eastern Europe. They have now revealed that even on their extreme and optimistic assumptions, migrants from Eastern Europe has barely paid its way and on what is now their best-case estimation contributed only just over 10% more than they received.

The authors continue to call this in their press release a 'substantial contribution' from the accession countries. Not only is this a much smaller amount than people have been led to believe, but to suggest that this is somehow more than their UK-born peers is simply wrong.

They put this contribution "mainly down to their higher average labour market participation compared with natives and their lower receipt of welfare benefits". Actually, all this means is that they are more likely to be working-age and not receiving old-age pensions, and much is often made of the fact that these are young workers in the prime of life. But official statistics show that in the UK as a whole, working households without children actually contribute twice as much in tax as they receive in benefits. The assertion we hear so often that migrants in general and Eastern European workers in particular contribute far more than their UK-born counterparts is simply not comparing like with like and certainly not demonstrated in any way by this paper.

3. On specific points raised by Migration Watch:

We said that income should be taken into account in estimating means-tested benefits (including tax credits). This is an obvious and highly significant point that appears still not to have been addressed at all.

We said that attribution of company taxes by simple population share will distort the contribution of recent migrants. The authors have taken account of this in a variant scenario that - in our view correctly - no longer assumes that even the most recent migrants have just the same financial stake in UK plc as lifelong residents.

We said that employee wage data alone from the Labour Force Survey was unlikely to be a sufficient basis for any reliable estimation of personal taxes. The authors have now taken some account of this in varying their estimation of taxes paid by the self-employed.

We said that Business rates should not be attributed to self-employed individuals. The authors have taken account of this in a variant scenario that - in our view more correctly - attributes these in the same way as company taxation and better represents the financial stake that recent migrants have in UK plc.

We said that there are significant characteristics of migrants generally or specific groups that are likely to make a difference to fiscal impact. The authors have taken some account of this in relation to housing benefit, consumption taxes, and family size. On the other hand they do not appear to have taken account of some other issues we raised like inheritance tax or council tax.

The effect of even these partial changes has been to significantly up the authors’ estimate of the fiscal cost of migration and show that Migration Watch was on the right track and correct to draw attention to these issues.

4. These adjustments have a disproportionately large effect on the most recent migrant groups, particularly from Eastern Europe. In fact, the cumulative effect in the authors’ own alternative scenarios is to reduce the contribution made by this group to a mere £66 million over the ten years from 2001-2011 (Table A7 Panel (b) (d)). This is clearly likely to be less than the margin of error in the calculation, and shows that the fiscal contribution of Eastern European migrants - notwithstanding their high rates of employment and their youthful age-profile - may well be nothing at all.

Commenting on the report, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said:

“This report confirms that immigration as a whole has cost up to £150 billion in the last 17 years. As for recent European migrants, even on their own figures - which we dispute - their contribution to the exchequer amounts to less than £1 a week per head of our population.”


  1. As the election nears there is more and more pro-immigration propaganda appearing. Thank God for Migration Watch. We were recently told that the number of immigrants in the United Kingdom was a mere 12%. I wonder when they started counting? The BBC insists that one in six faces on our screens be non-white. So the number of coloured people in the country must be over 16% alone and the bulk of these are probably in England making the percentage higher. To this you have to add our fellow whites from the Continent so that the figure starting in 1948 is probably more like 20% plus

    I was in church when the cenotaph service was televised but gather the Queen got a round of applause. I also gather that Tony Blair was there as a former prime minister. It would have been nice if he could have been greeted with abuse but those abusing him would then have been hauled away and arrested. The man must be a total psychopath to think that he is wanted at or even merits an appearance at the occasion marking the death of our servicemen and women, many of whose deaths he has caused in return for doubtless financial reward.

    Equally nauseating was the sight of Cameron at the RBL Festival of Remembrance. I am afraid I had to switch off. Security at the Cenotaph was high because of the fear of an attack by Islamic State or its affiliates and yet here is the man who has sold weapons to Qatar and Saudi Arabia who are then arming the Islamic State to come and blow us up.
    Not only that but we hear that his property speculator friends are cashing in on Qatar's property shopping spree in London.

    People have got to realise that wars since the 17th century at least in this country when the Amsterdam bankers bankrolled Cromwell have been a business for the bankers and the arms salesmen, often in the case of the Rothschilds and Cameron's ancestors, the same people.
    As a friend of mine has said with regard to the attack on Russia, "the bankers want another war".

    And I wonder how much has appeared in the western media about Mr Gorbachev's speech in Berlin on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall which he brought about. Germany and Russia are now working together in a way that the failed to do bar briefly during most of the 20th century. In fact, how important that it should be Berlin from where both world wars were launched against Russia. But as Gorbachev, who has never recovered from the duplicity of the US with regard to the expansion of NATO which they told him would never happen, said; the US is now attempting to split Europe from Russia for their own geopolitical ends. The US care nothing about Europe, but then they are the frontmen for the Crown Corporation and probably never have except as a cash cow. Gorbachev said that their aim is to benefit the gulf states. We know that Saudi Arabia wants a Syria to their liking so they can with the US and Turkey build an oil and gas pipeline to Europe. Hence the attack on Russia. However, we now hear that such is the amount of gas that China will be taking that supplies to Europe might ultimately cease. Whatever Europeans want their future will be decided by the City of London, Wall Street and Washington. As Gorbachev said, in the 1980s we had a chance to create a united and stable world. But that was the last things that the psychopathic hegemons in the West want. Tomorrow on Armistice Day just remember that the only people who ever wanted war were the above for their own evil ends. And of course our taxes are being used to protect the likes of Blair from his many, many enemies.

  2. Everything you say rings true.....The elite are Thugs and Liars...they always have been...hopefully we are seeing the awakening of the masses to this reality. Keep up the good work.

    1. God bless you Sir or Madam for that. Apparently, the number of people wanting to stay in the EU in this country has risen. Funny that as the election approaches! I have now doubt that it will continue to rise until May of next year. They are probably rigging it as they probably rigged the 1960s EEC referendum - I was duped - which was preceded by a massively biased campaign as the 2017 one will be after Cameron has "renegotiated".We are still paying the 1.something billion to the EU, half in two stages next year and the other half we get in our usual rebate. Lies, lies, lies.

      Tony Blair was paid £41,000 a month for selling Saudi oil to the Chinese after he had sent us into Iraq to please Saudi and the Gulf states and Israel. He is also getting paid by the Zionists at Goldman Sachs. This must be his reward for Iraq. And the security services told him that Iraq would lead the Islamic extremism that we are now witnessing. But they want that as well. It is just another way of seeing off the English and whites in general. Apparently, Blair has added Bristol to his rental property portfolio, along with Liverpool and poor old Sedgefield where he duped the Labour voters no end. Bristol is because he has bought a house for his son who is studying law so he can becoming another crooked barrister and then crooked politician like daddy. A young man has just written a book about the corporate corrupt cesspit that is Westminster. Alright there is David Davis and Frank Field but that is about it.

      In his speech to his fellow crooks in the square mile last night, City boy Cameron was worried about Ebola, which they have probably created, Islamic State which he and his New World Order chums definitely created and Russia which they have created as the bogeyman 1984 style. Sadly for the oligarchic hegemons the train has now left the station. At the Apec summit in Peking, Russia and China walked hand in hand and Obama was left in the wilderness. China has now formed a bank with Malaysia. This is the Malaysia which is the enemy of Washington because they opposed the Iraq war and have probably lost two of their planes through CIA skulduggery to punish them. The rest of the world is fighting back and we must depend on them to save us from the New World Order and their Marxist totalitarian oligarchy. One thing does please me, it is that Cameron always bites his lip at Remembrance time, a giveaway to show that he may have a conscience and he knows what a b......... he is. Sadly I don't think Tony Blair even has that.

  3. well thats clarifyed a lot of my concerns. seems i was spot on all thetime.

  4. Paedophilia is in the air. On Anissa Nouai's programme last night on Russia Today, the lovely Anissa expressed surprise that Britain now has a grooming gangs problem more akin to the third world. Anissa, these gangs are the third world, silly. You can take the people out of the third world but you can't always take the third world out of the people. Anissa then turned to the new human rights guru, Peter Tatchell, for a comment.
    He explained that it was all about bringing up young men not to regard women - or even men! - as sex objects. Peter deftly avoided any mention of the third world in our midst in cities cited as Bradford, Manchester, Rotherham, Oxford etc and Anissa either was ignorant of this or played along. However, thanks to those useful little readers' comments that pop up during interviews she would have learnt that the authorities that the virtuous Peter slammed were so afraid of being called racist that they left the poor children to their fate, including being burnt alive if they squealed. But there was more. One commentator said that paedophilia was endemic in the British establishment and then a third cited Operation Ore and Peter Mandelson and his mate Tony Blair. I am not sure of the connection and will cease from guessing on the grounds that both I and the EDs may be sued but if anybody knows it would be interesting to hear more.

    This matter was raised again by the gentleman I referred to in my last blog. He is called MacGowan and his pseudonym is the artist cabbie and he was on the Max Keiser programme last night. Firstly, he, quite rightly, described the square mile as the heart of darkness controlling the whole world and that Westminster or Westmonster as his forthcoming book/film titles it, is totally controlled by the City and its lobbyists. Democracy! don't make us laugh. Then he got to the investigation into Westminster paedophilia - such a useful tool in the hands of the government whips and their black books - and the fact that the investigation keeps stalling. When asked by Max whether he thought there would be a revolution, he replied that the people had been too brainwashed so it was probably a non-starter. I am not so sure but doubt if it will start here but spread from the Continent or the US. As for bread and circuses, television is totalitarianism's great gift for reasons of propaganda and diversion. Any revolution could not take place when the X Factor, Great British bake-off, Strictly Come Dancing are on although there is a chance on a Sunday evening now that Downton Abbey is coming to an end.

    Meanwhile, we hear that Turkey and the Gulf States are growing impatient as they want the "world community" to take out Assad before bothering about the Islamic State that was created for that end anyhow.
    Fracking in Romania has now proved a non-starter and there are doubts about its durability here or in America and so they must get that pipeline to Europe built as soon as poss. Russia is turning its back on Europe and leaving it to the mercy of the oligarchs; but they have lost their bid for world hegemony, just destroyed the hitherto white world. The greed and rapaciousness that led Europe to lead the world has now turned in on itself. As for the ordinary people, none of this was their doing. They were always the serfs, the victims, to a greater or lesser degree and still are. As for the heart of darkness, darkness is descending over Europe, both literally and metaphorically as we approach the year end; but with Christmas comes the birth of the Light of the World. We, like Russia, must hold to the faith and hope for a miracle for the Satanists, of whom Marx was apparently also one, are in charge until they are cast into the outer darkness, as they will be.

  5. Has Robin picked up on the fact that the CBI have said they wanted unrestricted immigration so that the 1% oligarchic elite can further line their pockets? Where they are going to live is anybody's guess as the balloon is about to go up on houses everywhere. But Cameron probably hopes to ride the storm as long as the developers' and big business's money keeps rolling in. He faces a double challenge in his constituency though from UKIP and a pro-NHS candidate. The latter might suck enough votes from him for UKIP to squeeze home. Wouldn't that be a coup!, no wonder he is getting a bit wobbly. The EDs would be nicer but Oxfordshire is rapidly being de-anglicised anyhow and the natives fleeing, as we in the North gather is happening all over the South-East and the North is one of the places they are fleeing to.

    Meanwhile back to Syria. According to an ex-member of the Labour party I know, 99% of the Syrian population backed Assad. So what we are seeing is another CIA backed colour revolution; as they have just tried out and failed with in China. But there is worse; Ken O'Keefe the ex-US marine said last night whilst talking about Palestine that September 11th had Mossad's fingerprints all over it. A French friend said he had heard that the Israelis employed in the World Trade Center were told to stay at home that day. And the US is refusing to release the information about the Saudi connection. Here we go again; as with Syria this seems to have been a joint CIA/Mossad and Gulf States operation using entrapment to launch the War on Terror which would take out the Gulf States' enemies, and allow for American and European oil companies and the American industrial and military complex and the banking cartel to cash in. Israel no longer has any opposing arab states and the oil sheikhs in the gulf states have created a virtual monopoly. And the Bushes with their oil interests must be so happy, too. As for Zionism, it is meant to be about Greater Israel which doesn't mean occupation just control of the area from the Tigris to the Nile through weakening it. And of course the spin off is further terrorism and mass immigration into the West so that any opposition to the One World plans ends up unable to coalesce. The future is beginning to look rather bloody.

  6. So Pussy Riot are in London telling us not to watch Russia Today. Could it be that too many people are and beginning to question what the western media controlled by the 1% are feeding us? Last night we were told that unconfirmed reports from a Moscow news agency had it that Samantha Lewthwaite, the white widow, had been killed by an anti-Kiev sniper as she led her little group backed by the newly elected "democratic government" in Kiev. We are still awaiting confirmation but of course not a peep from the Beeb, Sky News et al.
    Apparently, the white widow may not be all she has been shown to be.
    Last month she was in Syria with the Islamic state training suicide bombers to be used against Assad's forces in a country where Assad has majority support. Now Obama is telling us that defeating Assad will lead to the defeat of the Islamic state that the Gulf States, the US, definitely France and probably ourselves, as well as Turkey, are arming.
    There is no intention of defeating the Islamic state who have now formed a pact with Al Qaeda - probably brought into existence by the CIA in Afghanistan, as they are one of their weapons to defeat Assad. There is no moderate opposition left.

    But there is worse, according to Mike Raddie, the CIA and MI6 are in Syria training these terrorists and then sending them back to Chechnya, North-west China and now the Ukraine; basically anywhere where they can be used to bring down Iran, Russia and China in the bid for world hegemony. And no doubt they are also being trained to return to Europe. Terrorism or the fear of terrorism is a way of controlling the West, together with an excuse to spy on us all day and night and wherever we may be. My guess is that Islam is not being contained but deliberately spread from the Middle East and Pakistan etc as Islam is the religion of submission and that is what they want us to do. As in those hitherto secular states they have destroyed they want the remaining Christians, that is white Europeans, to be taken out of forced to convert. I am sure that somebody will pull the plug on RT etc and that will be that; but they will still have to shut down every internet connection of those talking to one another around the world.

    And now back to that "nice" Mr Major. It looks as if he is the Tory Party's secret weapon brought out to counter UKIP and the EDs. He has described UKIP as the nasty party and probably thinks much the same about the EDs if not worse. I don't think the Tories are any less nasty than they used to be; indeed our friend Leanne Woods of Plaid Cymru has recently referred to this cruel government in respect of the bedroom tax etc; needed because of the housing crisis caused by 4m people arriving every ten years. And what is more nasty than genocide Mr Major?

    But Honest? John did admit that it is getting a bit crowded and that legislation needed changing. Another promise for the election which will not be acted on like the 2017 EU referendum. After all the CBI, whose chairman is appointed by the government, will never allow anything that threatens ever mass immigration or our exit from the EU.

    Anybody wanting to buy a couple of warships off France? They are going begging as America is threatening the French with dire consequences if they go ahead with the sale and now Russia is threatening punitive costs of billions for the breach of contract. So poor old France is between a rock and a hard place but they say that if you sup with the devil in Washington, New York and London then you need a very long spoon.

  7. I enjoyed watching the programme the other night about the Congolese orchestra and choir that had been brought over for a tour of Britain.
    Like most Africans they were cheerful and enthusiastic and very courageous managing with the minimum by way of instruments and a rehearsal venue. They seemed to live in dire poverty as their country has collapsed since the Belgians who, despite their faults perhaps, ran it like clockwork, left. What struck me was that right at the end, even after having seen all the wealth and supposed civilisation of London, a happy Congolese said he just wanted to go home.

    The lucky man could go home in a way that we no longer can. The orchestra were given gifts by the "Congolese community" in London.
    London is no longer England, of course but just a collection of disparate "communities" or mini-colonies occupied by people from every race, culture, country and continent on the planet. Somewhere there may just be an English community hanging on but being squeezed to the periphery or out of its own capital completely.

    Watching events in Jerusalem today and the possibility of another Palestinian intifada, I was interested to hear a member of the Knesset say that the Jews want their own homeland. At the same time the Palestinians want theirs but the Jews have gone way beyond the original mandate and occupied more and more. And what about the English? How come the Jews deserve a homeland but the English don't? We are in effect the Palestinians.

    Meanwhile in Holland there is a rumpus about Zwarte Piet, St Nicholas' - or Santa Claus' - little black helper. He probably predates Christianity there but because he is subservient to the saint is deemed to be a disgraceful piece of racial stereotyping and today's "tolerant and multicultural" Amsterdam, has to go. Eventually no European country will look like Europe at all. The Marxists' and John Lennon's drug-induced dream of hitherto white countries - in Western Europe and North America at least - being like a box of liquorice allsorts will have been achieved and Europeans will be squeezed into exile from their own lands or just squeezed into extinction. But in Germany the "far right" is now protesting against the possibility of a muslim takeover of Europe and our ancient homelands becoming a caliphate. We want England to remain English and every other country to retain its national identity. What's fair for Israel should be fair for everybody. Time is now running out so fast and we have to wonder whether the English will ever stage their own intifada of some sort or just resign themselves to self-genocide and the pages of the history books. I love my own race. I feel more in tune with them than with others but that is only natural and I love all the history and culture of Europe and am proud of it. Why should I have to seem them destroyed for the sake of the few who want total wealth and total world power and their lackeys the international socialists with their immature, unworkable and John Lennon style impossible dream. Have they seen what is happening in Ferguson Missouri? Enoch did warn them. Oil and water do not mix either in Israel or anywhere and pluralism does not work. Christ said he would call the nations unto him; and by nations he meant tribes. Ethnic nationalism does not constitute a nation, never has and never will.

    Mr Cameron has told us that TTIP will bring us millions of new jobs in Europe - the estimate is a loss of 600,00 as American corporations work on minimum staff and probably the US minimum wage of £3 an hour.
    Mr Cameron is just a stooge for them and the Wall St banking cartel so he would be all for it. Apparently, American food safety standards are very low and they want the same for Europe saying ours are too high.
    As with everything touched by the oligarchy and their Marxist useful idiots we are aiming for the lowest common denominator in our to further boost the number of billionaires and their possession of the world which belongs to us all.

    1. That should have been civic nationalism of course.

  8. Have just heard that UKIP are against the privatisation of the health service which should give them the edge over the three main parties.
    I presume that the EDS think along similar lines. Thanks to Tony Blair and PFI we are destined to pay £60b for the hospitals that should have cost us £11b. Apparently, Cameron has told us that the world's economy is on the verge of collapse. The only reason I can think he would say this is that he is trying to tell us that TTIP is the only thing that can save us. It amazes me that the sheeple haven't yet caught on to the fact that the New York Banking Cartel and their big corporation subsidiaries and the industrial and military complex are working hand in glove. The former have deliberately bankrupted America and Europe for their own financial gain by way of massive debt repayments and then tell us that the only way out of "austerity" is through massive privatisation. This is the game they are playing in Greece. Basically, they want to reduce us all to debt-ridden, low income serfs forced to work on zero hours contracts and rely on food banks.

    Meanwhile, you will probably find that the BBC, where an anti-Palestinian bias has been admitted to, has given more airtime to the murder of four elderly rabbis and an Israeli policeman than to the hundreds of women and children murdered by the IDF in Gaza. Sorry for spelling intifada incorrectly in my post of yesterday, yet to appear. And I meant to say that when Christ said he would call the nations unto him he meant the tribes i.e. the ethnic nations and not civic nations. There is a suspicion that when the English intifada does break out as we are forced into a minority in our own country, they will need to bring in continental troops and police to quell the riots; hence the enabling of this through the Treaty of Nice. The best of luck to those seeking an ethnic homeland; be it the Jews, the Palestinians or the Catalans. The alternative is unnatural and unworkable as such nations split into rival factions and inter-racial conflict, including Brazil. It is interesting that the Balfour declaration came at the same time as the carving up of the former Ottoman Empire - which some Turks are wanting to re-create - in the Middle East by America, Britain and France for the oil. Some might say there could be a connection.