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Thursday, 27 November 2014



We have long-standing family friends who live in Ashbourne which is a nice old-fashioned market town in Derbyshire near the border with Staffordshire.

Around the corner from where they live there is a row of houses which are overlooked by the path which I use to walk my dog. I know your heart is sinking already at the thought of a long drawn out story, but in fact the nub of the matter is simple and very encouraging to any English nationalist.

When our friends first moved to their house about 15 years ago, I went out for a walk and looked down on this row of houses there was then one flagpole which flew the Union Jack.

About 10 years ago there were two flagpoles, one flying the Union Jack and the new one flying the Cross of St George.

About 5 years ago there were two flagpoles with the Cross of St George and the one flying the Union Jack.

Last Saturday there were seven flagpoles all flying the Cross of St George and that also included the flagpole that had previously flown the Union Jack.

I suspect that this is very bad news for the Emily Thornberrys of this world and all those who hate and fear the rising sense of English national identity!

But in case you are wondering, these seven flags appeared to have been flying for some time and not to have just been raised in the last few days in order to tell the Islington set to “go forth and multiply”!


  1. Less encouraging is the Smith report on more powers for Holyrood. One of its recommendations is that the Scots should set their own tax rates. Another is (of course!) that the Barnett Formula continues.
    So we could see the rate of income tax reduced in Scotland to 15%, 10%, (0%?) in the knowledge that the English will coninue to pay 20% and provide the funding for the subsidised Scottish rate.
    I contacted "Your Call" (BBC Radio 5's phone-in,) this morning to try to present some pro-England views on-air. I had about 35 minutes before I had to go into work. I sat through 25 minutes of Lord Smith outlining his proposals, followed by Scottish politicians, all concluding that today was "a great day for Scotland." They hadn't beegun to take listeners' calls by the time I had to go.
    Have you noticed that even "Unionist" Scottish politicians don't give a tuppeny damn about the "U.K."? Their only concerns are Scotland and Scots.
    Then we got Cameron saying that this was a great day for Scotland (and the U.K.!) and that he would be railroading EVEL through by Christmas.
    Finally, we got the whinging Welsh demanding the same powers for their tin-pot parliament as the Scots are about to get.
    Yup! today was a great day - for Scotland.
    (Bitter and Twisted!)

    1. Interesting to hear the maverick Godfrey Bloom telling Russia Today that this will not keep the Scots happy and they will still expect the English to pay for everything. He said that the Scots will never be happy, we will never stop paying and nobody every asked the English whether they want to maintain the union. Anissa Nouai was a bit surprised but one commentator said that it is time for the English to vote on ending the union and like Godfrey waving the miserable Scots bye bye.

  2. Trouble is, that UKIP are getting voter attention, not EDs, right now.
    A snarky post earlier said we were finished Electorally- but it's a sad fact that UKIP are pushing ahead on the anti EU/population control ticket.
    I'd still rather see a Union Flag than the EU star spangled Flannel- but better when EDs get a wider hearing, by far!

    1. UKIP have vast resources available to them. Surely there must be some very rich people you could get on board Robin. England is perhaps unique in Europe for having a flag which is associated with the indigenous population and another flag - the union flag - which is for the British. The British can mean anybody who has been allowed to settle here since the end of the War. The English is an ethnic description as is the Scots - although the SNP will deny it - and the Welsh, although Plaid Cymru will as well. Watch the Eistedfodd if you want to see the Welsh. Because there are an overwhelming majority of ethnic Welsh still as ethnic Scots they are still able to carry the blacks of Tiger Bay or the Italians of the Valleys or even a few Asians without being compromised. Watch all this change as - as in England - the number of non-ethnic Welsh and Scots begins to skyrocket. If Scotland and Wales end up with - as in Sweden- a third of their population being immigrants - and this does not include the children and grandchildren of immigrants then will they ever be the same countries again? As I have said, there will soon be little difference between England, France, Sweden or Holland as the once so distinctive natives will be edging towards minority status. All will be pluralist, multi-racial and little different from the United States. Europe's unique homogeneous nations will be gone for every, all according to the plan.

      The UKIP effect is now becoming noticeable as the English patience - backs against the wall - has finally run out. A majority now would vote to come out of the EU and 72% blame the EU for immigration. I am not sure if this is the whole picture. And now Owen Pattison has told Cameron that any attempt to change the free movement of labour will be sat on by Berlin. England is full to bursting and people know this and they also know that pluralism is not the answer it was touted as. Pluralism suddenly became fashionable pushed on by the naïve and infantile Marxists against all the received wisdom because of the actions of Adolf Hitler who pushed ethnic nationalism to absurd proportions. But pluralism is just as destructive and unsustainable as his Third Reich was. The signs are that the fashion is beginning to fade just as the EU is beginning to collapse and fragment as people realise that it is not just for Christmas but for ever and a day and that their ancient nations will be totally destroyed in the process. Once they are gone they can never be revived.