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Thursday, 30 October 2014

South Yorkshire Police Commissioner by-election

David Allen - English Democrats

Today is voting day in the South Yorkshire Police Commissioner by-election - which is an election using the Second Preference voting system.

Our English Democrats' candidate David Allen is head and shoulders above the other candidates in this election as was shown in the BBC Radio Sheffield debate broadcast yesterday.  To listen to this please click here >>>

The debate begins at 02:02:40
Anyone who doesn't vote is wasting this opportunity to make a difference! 
Should we also frankly say that anyone who doesn't vote is an Idiot who is handing the election to those very people who have betrayed the trust placed in them?
As Wikipedia ( says An idiot in Athenian democracy was someone who was characterized by self-centeredness and concerned almost exclusively with private—as opposed to public—affairs. Idiocy was the natural state of ignorance into which all persons were born and its opposite, citizenship, was effected through formalized education. In Athenian democracy, idiots were born and citizens were made through education (although citizenship was also largely hereditary). "Idiot" originally referred to "layman, person lacking professional skill", "person so mentally deficient as to be incapable of ordinary reasoning". Declining to take part in public life, such as democratic government of the polis (city state), was considered dishonorable. "Idiots" were seen as having bad judgment in public and political matters. Over time, the term "idiot" shifted away from its original connotation of selfishness and came to refer to individuals with overall bad judgment–individuals who are "stupid".


  1. I wish Mr Allen the best of luck. It should be an interesting result, especially because of the paedophile grooming business. I wonder how South Yorkshire differs from West Yorkshire which is one of the "regions", with Wales and Scotland being quoted - now doubt to their anger - as regions, seeking devolution. I suspect that this is the beginning of the Islamic Caliphate of the North that I have previously predicted, stretching from Bradford (soon to have a Pakistani Muslim majority) to Blackburn over the border in Lancashire (soon to have a Pakistani Muslim majority). And if it were to be the case then what would the lot in Westminster do about it; send NATO in?

    This brings us to the subject of identity. I saw a trailer for a programme on immigration based in Leicester. One gentleman said that we are losing our identity. It is frightening how quickly this has happened. Even a mere 20 plus years ago it was still almost recognisably England.
    Arguments over immigration are also centred on economics and jobs nowadays. Nobody is allowed to mention identity as it is tied up with ethnic nationalism which under the new Marxist Eurostate is deemed to be evil and taboo. But everybody needs an identity. Everybody needs to belong to a tribe of people like themselves. Hence people need to feel male, female or some new sex in between. The eradication of identity is probably leading to a growth in mental illness as its eradication and the ensuing feeling of being insecure and threatened can do just that to people. This is why "far right" movements are breaking out all over Europe and America is at breaking point and fragmenting fast as the gathering storm between blacks, browns and whites approaches.

    Meanwhile, watching a Ukrainian spokesman speaking to Oxana Boyko last night we were shown how deep the hatred now is between some Ukrainians and Russians; who, however, still regard themselves as brothers and are bound by family ties. This is all down to the EU dancing to the tune of American hegemons as they attempt to bring Russia down.

    Interestingly, on Cross Talk the other night there was a comment that what has happened in the Ukraine is a typical George Soros undertaking. There was then a reference to the Rothschilds and the Shadow Government. This popped up again last night when Max Keiser informed us that the Clintons have been paid 300m dollars by Wall Street and that the Rothschilds, Bill Clinton, Soros and Christine Lagarde of the IMF have been meeting in London. They are undoubtedly getting ready to ensure that Hillary becomes the next president, swinging the election through fraud as they did with Bush and Obama. So perhaps I haven't been imagining things after all.

    And now we learn that one in four people in this country is low paid, four times as many as in Belgium. Cameron will go on about the free movement of labour but he will do nothing as his mates and donors want to ensure this continues and gets worse through the continued importation of foreign labour. As for England, a few more decades of this and we will be gone just as UN Commissioner for migration the Goldman Sachs' man, Peter Sutherland and the Goldman Sachs' advisor Tony Blair intend. But I do not believe that the hitherto homogeneous nations of Europe are going to give up without a fight.
    And that may include England if the sheeple finally stop being distracted by bread and circuses. As for Russia Today they are using it to ramp up the Russophobia, even almost shooting down that poor Latvian cargo plane. It is just getting farcical.

    Still no comment on the EU destruction of our legal system, Robin?

  2. According to some reports at Friday’s count, 80% of those who voted in the byelection did so via post. Yes, a turnout of 14.65% is nothing to celebrate. But that’s more or less the same as 2012, when Shaun Wright became the county’s first PCC, and many people predicted much lower participation. So this latest win is testament to Labour’s army of rosette-wearing foot soldiers who spent the last four weeks knocking on doors and trying to persuade South Yorkshire’s million voters to take part in an election very few knew about – or believed in.
    The only way for Ukip now is down - the bookies had them to win. The ED vote was squeezed, but Ukip will be found out and the English Democrats will rise despite the support of the "liberal" press and media for Ukip and their hatred of the English.

    1. Perhaps you are right that this is down to Labour's knocking on doors. He is not my favourite politician, or ex-politician but former euro-m p Glyn Ford of the brownshirts of the anti-Nazi league had something interesting to say on Russia Today last night. Firstly, he told us that the new EU Commission, including another ex-Goldman Sachs banker like pm Yatsenyuk in the Ukraine, Victoria Nuland's choice, is now a de facto EU government. He then went on to say that the "far right" and eurosceptics and "neo-nazis" were on the rise all over the EU.
      However, he said that this was particularly true in the UK where "white males" were the driving force supporting "far right" parties. Most interestingly, he maintained that the working classes in the majority had switched to such parties and ditched the Labour Party. How he squares this with the switch to the SNP I am not sure unless he views them as "far right" because they are nationalist!?

      On the EU, we are witnessing demonstrations all over France in response to the killing by riot police of an eco-demonstrator through their use of a stun grenade. Robin is still keeping quiet about the Nice Treaty but I am given to understand that this gives our government the right to deploy those friendly French riot police here, or any other continental police force, to quell dissent should they so choose. My ex-copper pal tells me that the police in London lost control of the streets for three days during the 2011 riots. No need for that to happen again as those happy French chappies will be only to glad to help. By the way, from being a family of nations, the EU seems to have now become a nation of families and Barroso is so proud of his further European integration. Laughing like a clown when he said goodbye, it all reminded me of the Supreme Soviet, which is what they are, totally detached from the European people.

      Neither is Ken Livingstone one of my favourites but he was telling us how the Americans, British and the French have decided governments in the Middle East for a hundred years in order to control the oil supply. He then went on to say that anybody is parliament can be sure of a plumb job on the board of any American corporation on retirement if they toe the New World Order's line. Anybody who disagrees with the hegemony just meets with some kind of accident. I assume he was talking about Robin Cooke and the Iraq War and probably John Smith, too.

      That outspoken ex-CIA man Ray McGovern seems to have met with an "accident" perhaps at the hands of his former employers and tried to get in to hear General Patraeus speak with his ticket but was refused entry. He was then manhandled with his broken shoulder and protested in agony so was charged with resisting arrest and put in a cell. Is that the home of the free?

      East Ukraine has voted in line with the agreement made at Minsk between Kiev, the EU, America and Russia. Now wait to see if that vote is deemed by the US to be illegal. After all, America has 200 years plus of breaking any agreement to serve their self-interests as the Native American know to their chagrin. The American white man still speaks with a forked tongue, or rather those obeying Wall Street do.

  3. I expect you are aware, Robin, that a recent poll in Scotland showed 53% now in favour of independence. Those who switched to the no vote at the last minute last time in response to Cameron's promises now realise that they were duped. However, apparently two thirds of Scots now want another referendum in the next ten years so I may yet live to see an independent Scotland and hopefully an independent England, too. Were this to happen the thinking is that Scotland would remain in or re-join the EU whereas England would leave. Why Scotland is not choosing to follow Norway and Switzerland and stay out with their oil and finance like those two countries is a bit of a mystery. However, in the next ten years the EU will probably have imploded.

    I am now getting very weary and fighting the gloom at what has happened and is continuing to the English is getting harder and harder.
    The new chief of GCHQ has told us that our privacy is not a right.
    This is all because of 60 years of mass immigration, especially the 3m plus Pakistani and other muslims that have been allowed to settle here.
    Churchill was right when he said Keep Britain White or rather Keep Britain indigenous but even to say so now means you might face arrest.
    Diversity everywhere is a dangerous and destabilising policy - look at America as Powell begged us to do. The IRA was never such a problem. After all there are only 2m in the island of Ireland and there are nearly 200m in Pakistan alone. So we have been forced to abandon all our freedoms and privacies because of the One World totalitarian state. With a total lack of democracy - all main parties are bowing to Wall Street/ the Crown Corporation - and European police forces becoming more and more like the Stasi the Marxist dream has arrived.
    The Libertarian Ron Paul has just expressed the view that America is now a one party state - just as all countries in the West. A one party state with a militarised police force as the West becomes like the Soviet Union and post-Marxist Christian Russia like the old West. Plus with the Republicans taking over the Senate, the War Party has probably got a further boost of support. The mystery there as here is why the sheeple continue to be brainwashed into voting for parties that only do them harm.

    Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs' man, prime minister of the Ukraine, Yatsenyuk, is now slabbering at the mouth beating the war drums for war against Russia and probably first the total ethnic cleansing of the East. NATO is surrounding Russia and ready to join the fight in what could be World War 3 especially if they involve the Middle East as well. The sheeple seem totally powerless as the oligarchs press ahead with world hegemony and the reduction of the rest of us to serfdom. It is more and more like 1984 with Big Brother doing exactly as he wants and liquidating the opposition. Eventually, the forces of truth and freedom will triumph but it is touch and go as to weather the psychopathic oligarchs will take us all down with them. As regards Yatsenyuk, I wonder whether Goldman Sachs pay by results. I am wondering about this with regard to their man Blair who is desperate to get boots on the ground in Syria and has said that more immigration is essential. As regards that arch sociopath, the Chilcot Enquiry will not report back before the election and will probably whitewash the British establishment. The evidence with regard to mps' expenses has been shredded and they keep postponing the inquiry into the Westminster paedophiles by looking for somebody else to lead it. All this is probably no accident. We must all be made aware that we are ruled by a cosy corrupt club of war mongers for financial gain, fraudsters and paedophiles but so it has probably been for decades.

  4. I wonder how many watched Michael Portillo in Russia on his Great Continental Railways Journeys. It looks as if the programme was made as recently as the midsummer of this year and yet you would have no inkling of the attempts by the West to rape and pillage the Ukraine for its resources and destabilise and achieve regime change in Russia. Portillo left with a sense of delight at a modern and go-ahead and inventive nation with a very friendly populace. He was speaking as one born in the 1950s like me who could remember the old Cold War and Iron Curtain days and he was overjoyed that those days are now gone. Portillo spoke to some Geordie tourists, of the same age or older, who shared his delight at being in Red Square in the new Russia. So why are the hegemons bent on destroying all this new era of peace and bonhomie for their own selfish ends of power and wealth? The answer is, of course, that the west is now ruled by psychopaths who cannot empathise with ourselves or modern Russians because empathy is unknown to them. Indeed, it is known that banks and financial outlets now employ their fellow psychopaths deliberately for that very reason. Eventually they will be dislodged and their plans of total world power and white genocide defeated but it is still going to be a long struggle.

    Watching the reports on the million mask march demonstrations in Europe and North America last night I happened to hear a masked female say that one of their aims was the end of white supremacy.
    I agree with her inasmuch as European and American rulers, bankers and big corporations are bent on exploiting muslim countries and the third world for their own selfish ends. But the result has been that, rather than turning their backs on whites, the rest of the world has flooded in to the hitherto white nations, driven there by the oligarchic and political white elites. Yes, I agree, that if possible, such white domination must be ended; in fact it is on the verge of collapsing of its own accord; but on the basis that the rest of the world returns home once the exploitation ceases. Whites may have ruined their homelands, for example the American military and industrial complex and probably the Crown Corporation are fomenting wars by selling them Sub-Saharan Africa arms; but ours have been ruined as well as a consequence.

    This was underlined by a gentleman who had adopted two African girls
    who almost drown on one of the hulks bringing her to Europe. He was complaining that Britain had stopped its rescue mission for such refugees on the basis that this merely encouraged the people traffickers to send more and more. However, his point was that until the "white supremacy" ceases from exploiting their countries and forcing them to flee nothing will change. I agree but with a no longer democratic and logical world where voting for the main political parties only maintains the status quo then there is only one course of action. It is just getting the sheeple to adopt it that is the problem.

  5. We are told that the UK benefits from EU immgration, but it's only marginal and nothing said about the extra costs in housing, schools, health, etc. It is acknowledged that immigration from the rest of the world is a huge drag on the economy, but they hardly mention that.