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Friday, 28 November 2014



Early on Thursday, 20th November, I was quietly fuming to myself about the article which had appeared in the papers about a primary school in Lincolnshire being marked down by Ofsted for being too English. The phone then rang and I was invited to come to Russia Today’s studios at Millbank Tower to be on this News to talk about it. Naturally I was happy to do so and the YouTube of my interview is below. Before you look at that interview though do read the article:-

Rural school is denied top grade by Ofsted inspectors because it's 'too English' and not diverse enough

 A high-performing primary school has missed out on Ofsted’s top grade after being judged too English.

Pupils at the rural primary lacked ‘first-hand experience of the diverse make-up of modern British society’, declared the watchdog.

However, around 97 per cent of the population in the town to which the school belongs are white.

Ofsted refused it an ‘outstanding’ rating and graded it ‘good’ instead.

It said the school was failing to do enough to ensure pupils understand the ‘cultural diversity of modern British society’ and experience ‘first-hand interaction with counterparts from different backgrounds’.

But parents complained Middle Rasen Primary in Market Rasen was being punished for factors outside its control and had effectively been told it was ‘too English’.

The row is the latest controversy over new rules on teaching ‘British values’ introduced in the wake of the Trojan Horse scandal, in which Muslim extremists tried to infiltrate schools in Birmingham.

Schools are required to ‘actively promote’ British values such as democracy, tolerance, mutual respect, individual liberty and the rule of law.

However the rules – and Ofsted’s enforcement of them – have brought criticism from some schools and faith groups. A Christian school in Reading says it was warned it could face closure for failing to invite imams and other religious leaders to take assemblies.

In another case, a Roman Catholic school in East Anglia was marked down for failing to do enough to ‘teach students about the dangers of extremism and radicalisation’, although the report was later withdrawn.

The 104-pupil Middle Rasen Primary, in the town of Market Rasen on the edge of the Lincolnshire wolds, was inspected last month.

Ofsted praised it for high standards of teaching and leadership and the courteous and enthusiastic behaviour of pupils. But the inspector said: ‘The large majority of pupils are White British. Very few are from other ethnic groups, and currently no pupils speak English as an additional language.’

It said the school should ‘extend pupils’ understanding of the cultural diversity of modern British society by creating opportunities for them to have first-hand interaction with their counterparts from different backgrounds’.

Yesterday parents attacked the Ofsted decision. Mother-of-two Kirsty Egen, 29, said: ‘I think it’s ridiculous. It’s a brilliant school.

‘Why would the school spend time on trying to teach the children how to integrate with people who aren’t even there? It seems very vindictive to just mark them down for something they cannot change.’

Jodie Miller, 35, whose daughter Dylann, six, attends the school added: ‘We are a small rural community, there just aren’t many children here from different backgrounds.’

Julia Weeks, 47, who has a son of ten at the school, said: ‘To mark a school down for something they cannot control is crackers. If there were more people from ethnic minorities around then maybe you could have a complaint, but there just aren’t.’ Father-of-one Benjamin Bannan, 33, added: ‘It’s outrageous that a British school can he punished for being too British.’

Head teacher Melonie Brunton said the school was now looking to partner with an inner-city school in an effort to comply with Ofsted’s recommendation.

‘Ofsted are very keen on British values,’ she said. ‘We were very pleased to have got the very positive comments. We are a rural Lincolnshire school and that is always going to be an issue.’

Ofsted said: ‘We judged this school to be good across all areas, including teaching quality and pupils’ behaviour. All schools must teach pupils about fundamental British values.’

Father-of-one Benjamin Bannan, 33, added: 'Its outrageous that a British school can be punished for being too British. It just doesn't make sense at all.

'We would welcome people from different cultures with open arms I'm sure - but there just aren't any ethnic minorities around here.'

Ms Brunton said the school would look to look to partner with an inner-city school to develop their understanding of multicultural issues.

She said: 'We would have liked to be 'outstanding' but we were very pleased to have got the very positive comments.

'We all worked really hard - everybody, the staff and the pupils have worked hard.

'I think the problem is that we are a rural Lincolnshire school and that is always going to be an issue. I agree that we could do more and we are trying to get a partnership with an inner city school.'

The head said school trips usually involve visits to the countryside, such as farms and zoos.

But they recently had a trip to Derby, which included a mosque visit as well as touring the Rolls-Royce factory.

She added: 'We try to do things but not enough. I felt the Ofsted comments were a backlash against the Birmingham Trojan Horse issue and Ofsted are very keen on British values.'

Reverend Charles Patrick, who was head of the governors at the time of the report, added: 'There is always more that you can do and maybe now we look at twinning the school with ones from other minority areas or something like that.

'But this is a rural area, like 80 per cent of the country, we don't have many non white residents. Perhaps it would be a different matter if we were in the middle of London or Manchester or something.'

Tory MP for Gainsborough Sir Edward Leigh said: 'This is political correctness gone mad.

'Middle Rasen Primary School is an outstanding school by any standards, and Melonie Brunton is a brilliant headteacher - I back the school and its head one-hundred percent.

'Just last week I wrote to Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, objecting strenuously to the new so-called 'equality' regulations she is implementing in schools.

'Conservatives have always stood for freeing our schools from the deadening hand of state-enforced orthodoxy.

'Why there has been such a massive U-turn under Nicky Morgan is inexplicable to me.

'Multiculturalism is an irrelevance in Lincolnshire with its low number of ethnic minorities, who are already welcomed and well-integrated into our local communities, as they should be.'

A spokesman for Ofsted reiterated that it was not the only factor in depriving the school of its 'outstanding' rating.

He said: 'We judged this school to be good across all areas including leadership and management, teaching quality, and pupils' behaviour and safety.

'All schools must teach pupils about fundamental British values including mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

'That way they will be prepared for the future wherever they go.'

Click here for the original of the article >>> Middle Rasen Primary School denied top grade by Ofsted as it's 'too English' | Daily Mail Online

Now here is the link to my interview with Russia Today – click here >>>

What do you think?


  1. You highlighted the important difference between "multi-racial" and "multicultural". Multi-racial refers to the mix of ethnicities which is a by-product of immigration.
    Multicultural means people arriving from other countries (e.g. Somalia,) creating their own little corner of Somalia here in England and continuing to live here as Somalis. It is, in effect, not immigration but colonisation.
    The Politically Correct, who are ultimately responsible for multiculturalism, proceed from a false premise - namely that England is worldwide public property. From that premise comes the notion that anyone from anywhere, can, at any time come to settle in England.
    England is not public property. The clue is in the name - England. It is the Land of the English and is the property of the English. To live in England should be a privilege - granted by the English to those who can tick three principal boxes. 1. They wish to belong. 2. They wish to contribute. 3. We need what they have to offer.
    I feel sorry for the Politically Correct Head of this school. She has to applaud the OFSTED report for fear of a backlash at the next inspection.
    She expressed her disapproval of the newspaper article above; dismissing it as "spin". She is wrong. The Politically Correct are wrong. England is The Land of the English - a land whose people welcome those from other nations who wish to join us and contribute to our society as friends and fellow English.

  2. As has been said before, it all comes down to numbers; when you get people who are so utterly different from the natives settling in a country in such large number then the different races etc tend to self-segregate and form communities where they feel safe. It has been shown in surveys that pluralist communities have a deficit of the mutual trust which is a characteristic of homogeneous and cohesive communities.
    Events in America are showing this where whites view black society as ultimately very violent as as Mayor Guiliani said they spend most of their time attacking and killing one another. As a result whites fear the blacks, especially the white police and so shoot first and the blacks fear the white police and the whole cycle goes on. And now this mutual fear is coming here. Perhaps the blacks should police their own but then you have separate development. When you reach such numbers separate homelands develop and people do not want to integrate into something which is so wholly alien to them. As I have said enforced integration is worse than apartheid if people do not want to be integrated. Basically, the whole pluralist model is at fault as it is unworkable. In Scandinavia, they are struggling to make it work but the more the alien communities grow in what were, like England, very homogeneous and cohesive nations the more it all begins to come apart. I think the alarm bells began ringing when since the turn of the century, London, the capital city of the English, became a city with an English minority setting the trend for most urban areas in the country as the natives are pinned back in the countryside until the city dams burst and we are pushed further and further back. The inflow should have been stopped decades ago before it reached this stage. As Ian Hislop, who one moment sees himself as politically correct and the next moment isn't, said after the last census; black clouds are drifting across the country and the natives are being confined to the Celtic fringe. No room left for the English then.

    Yesterday, t v showed the Nun's Story set in the Belgian Congo in old colonial days. I have just looked up the Congo on Wikipedia. Yes, the Belgians had their faults but probably no worse than the British or the French but the land shown in the film was peaceful with schools and hospitals for all. As in the Old Rhodesia, all worked, were educated, fed and clothed and their healthcare taken care of. Now we are expected to still provide for Africa and the Indian sub-continent in the homelands and look after them when they flood into Europe. Europe is bankrupt thanks to the bankers. What is the answer? Viewed in this light was colonialism preferable as eventually Europe will no longer have the cohesion, wealth or stability to help the third world at all. America will lead the way with a beleaguered white minority thanks to mass immigration for the same reasons of cheap labour and international socialist ideology but Europe will just follow in the later decades of this century. The present pluralist model is unsustainable.

  3. Ukip is targeting Lincolnshire under the guise of being the "English" party. In fact they are the British party (the clue is in the name, Ukip).
    Two places in Lincolnshire which the EDs should put at the top of their target list are Lincoln, itself, and Skegness - the most impoverished sea-side resort in England.
    Expose the charlatan, anti-English Ukip!

  4. Robin, here is one for you to run with. The once small sleepy market town of Bicester in Oxfordshire is to become a city. They are opening up the old railway line to Oxford so that London commuters can join the other hundreds of thousands who can only find work in the capital. I remember Bicester when it is was still reasonably sleepy but being ringed and ringed with housing estates thus swamping the tiny centre. This is totally ludicrous but more seriously points to the fact that this cannot continue. There will be nothing left of England - especially the south-east - soon as it becomes smothered in houses, roads and high-speed railways. Once Kent was the garden on England. Now it is being turned into another London suburb. This will not matter to the likes of Cameron etc as their aim seems to be to turn England into another Hong Kong. None of them have any feeling for the natives - after all Cameron is proud of his Scottish and Jewish ancestry not his English - or the once beautiful countryside or our history or our culture. Money is all that matters even if it destroys everything. And our economy seems to be based on the City of London and property sale and development. This is why Cameron will never stop immigration even if England is obliterated as he wants cheap labour and more house-building to benefit his party and his chums - the stinking rich and b......... the English.

    In my book on Scandinavia I have reached Sweden and the immigration problem. A third of Swedes now have roots outside Sweden, either they were born there or their immediate ancestors were. The spokesman for the Social Democrats said that Sweden was going to be mixed, it was going to work.. probably banging the desk like Adolf as the anti-Nazis show themselves to be nazis. The Social Democrats have a history of ideology based quasi-totalitarianism. He revelled in the modernism and progressivism of it all and said that the world was going to be international and with mixed populations. I think he with his Marxist spoutings was talking about the hitherto white world in the sense of the "world community" which just means North America and Western Europe. Try telling the Chinese or the peoples of the Indian Sub-continent or black Africa that this is the way the world is going to be.

    Firstly, this is a wholly undemocratic way to run any country where here, as in Sweden, any sign of suggesting that this is not the people want or that it may not be desirable is silenced with the flaming sword of "racism". Secondly, as I have pointed out before, such a world will be a thoroughly boring Americanised consumer-based monoculture in which social cohesion, homogeneity, national culture and ethnicity and history are deemed to be old hat and destroyed.

    Then along came Mark Reckless and raised the "r" word, repatriation and the Labour candidate against whom he was running who was of Pakistani "heritage" asked if he was talking about her and her parents.
    So who knows what the future holds now in both Sweden and England as to whether they will survive or be lost for ever in a monocultural multicultural Europe. We are at a crossroads and the future could be very bloody or like the Swedes we must just resign ourselves to the politically correct political consensus. One thing is certain is that the water, the electricity and the living space are going to be in very short supply - and possibly the food, too - as England is gobbled up by the diggers to accommodate the masses from all over the world, including those reaching Italy via Libya; those whom the Colonel Khaddafi ,that the "West" removed, insisted on holding back for us.