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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Interview on Russia Today

A few days ago I was interviewed on Russia Today television by the lovely Marina Kosareva about the impact in England of the Scottish Referendum.
Here is a link to the item >>>
What do you think?


  1. You hit the nail squarely on the head! The "Yes" campaign claimed that independence would be better for Scotland. The "No" campaign claimed that staying together would be better for Scotland. Neither the Westminster Elite nor the Edinburgh Elite (Salmond, Sturgeon et al,) gives a monkey's fetlock about England (and in the case of the Edinburgh bunch about Wales or Northern Ireland, either).

  2. Well done, Robin. I'm a regular RT viewer so good to see the English Democrats getting some air-time on there.

    The Future of England Survey 2014 was an interesting read. There's some good stuff in the report - especially the knock-down of the regionalisation and localism arguments. I've contacted my MP - a shadow cabinet member - to highlight these points.

    Related to EVEL, I came across an interesting historical snippet recently. In the 1964-66 parliament Labour PM Harold Wilson apparently floated the idea of GB votes for GB matters (to exclude the NI MPs in view of the devolution to Stormont) but this was strongly opposed by the Conservatives!
    see: [p19]

    1. As readers will know I also am a regular RT viewer. The numbers are growing even in America as people realise that the Beeb and all other news media are now the mouthpiece of the plutocratic 1% bent on world hegemony. Plus, as you say, there are few Russian women who are not beautiful!

      Last night we learnt that a buk missile, if it had been used by the east Ukrainian rebels at the behest of Moscow leaves a vapour trail which lasts for 10 minutes. The Malaysian aircraft was shot down in broad daylight with no wind but nobody saw the vapour trail but they did see a Ukrainian jet swiftly exiting.
      Even the Malaysians are on to this but they are the enemies of the New World Order as they held war crimes trials in absentia for Bush, Blair and Cheney over Iraq. The black boxes have probably been destroyed by now. the Malays never realised that the Dutch were all part of the New World Order.

      Have just been down to Oxfordshire where the placards are everywhere against massive house building programmes on green field sites. One placard said we want jobs not houses even down there. We now have the most low paid jobs ever in recent history. This is Cameron's constituency. It is doubtful if UKIP will oust him but tempers are at boiling point down there.
      But nobody mentions the "I" word. The population has increased by 4m in ten years and the indigenous birth-rate is falling. The greens are ousting the Lib Dems in the West Country and I had thought they were anti-immigration. This is unsustainable but they will probably press on with it until they have cooked the goose of the English which is their intention, if not the white race per se.

      George Galloway was talking to a gent who has written a book on Labour and imperialism. Why is Labour pro-Kiev and for more sanctions against Russia? The gent's conclusion was that they are in the pay of the City of London as all main parties are and I even have my doubts about UKIP.

      A Swedish lady on Max Keiser is opposing the monoculture being imposed by the oligarchy in order to make us all rootless, raceless consumers. This is the multicultural monoculture which they are forcing on us all in the name of anti-racism. It is destroying non-white cultures who are made to feel lesser mortals for not being white and it is destroying whites as they are being made to feel guilty and succumbing for being white.

      One of my heroes David Davis was speaking on the Parliament channel about the destruction of democracy through the power of the executive, that is the government; once it was the king but parliament is meant to defend us from such abuse but so many in parliament have now been bought by the one world oligarchy and democracy is disappearing everywhere. We live in a post-democratic post-logical age. My hat is off to Mr Davis. I just hope that he doesn't suddenly have a convenient heart attack like John Smith or Robin Cooke who were removed to make way for Blair.

    2. The Conservatives in the 1960's did indeed oppose Wilson's ludicrous plan and they were entirely correct to do so. ALL British MPs are meant to be EQUAL in EVERY WAY in the Commons. If you start creating in effect two different parliaments in the same parliament you will have absolute chaos. That Cameron thinks EVEL is a good idea shows that £30,000 a year education he received at Eton College was a waste of money. It is an UNWORKABLE fudge and must be rejected if the United Kingdom is to remain united.

    3. Cameron is meant to have an i.q. of around 130 but I have always had my doubts about that. Perhaps because mine is meant to be around 150 I have long ago worked out that Cameron does not think logically in the way that Powell did whose i.q. must have exceeded his by a large margin. Cameron just thinks in terms of the Marxist totalitarian oligarchy of which he is a part. He is one of the chosen 1% bent on world hegemony. His family made money through slavery, bankrolling wars and probably selling arms.
      He is another psychopath without a shred of compassion for anybody. The love of money is his sole reason for existence.

      I referred in chapel last night to the fact that the Islamic State were now massing on the borders of the Lebanon in order to start massacring the Christians there as well. Lebanon was until recently the only major Christian country left in the muslim world in those Mediterranean lands that were Christian until forced to convert. The total encircling of the Mediterranean and then expansion into Europe were only stopped at Poitiers and Vienna and then reduced by Ferdinand and Isabella in Spain. I then referred to the fact that the islamists there regard the West as being Christian and therefore an enemy whose peoples are to be destroyed or converted to islam. However, the leaders of the so-called (no longer but now Marxist) West have removed or partially removed the secular governments in Iraq and Syria and left Christians their to face persecution and death. Messrs Cameron and Blair are meant to be Christian, Blair ostentatiously so in the way of a true psychopath and yet they feel nothing for their fellow Christians left to be slaughtered. I hope I made a few chapel members think about what is really going on.

      Following the battle between salafists in Cologne ( no doubt backed by our great ally Saudi Arabia who are financing the spread of both islam throughout the world and terrorism) a spokesman yesterday said that many Germans are now becoming alarmed at the islamification of our continent. Obvously the European political elite are not; but are pushing things like Chrislam a fusion of Christianity and Islam or the eradication of the former at the expense of the latter. Interesting that all totalitarian movements have immediately sought to eradicate Christianity and yet islam would suit their aims as it puts the emphasis on submission. Islam is perfect for the totalitarian oligarchy and all their meddlings in the muslim world seem aimed at spreading it rather than holding it at bay. Or if that is not the intention then it is the result as 60% of the asylum seekers pouring into Europe as a result of their oil wars et al are muslim. Methinks that this is all planned. And of course the last bastion of European Christian Civilisation, which they have worked at since the 1920s at least on destroying, is Russia, the object of all their vilification and the largest Christian country left in Europe.

    4. Either EVEL or an English parliament will result in the end of the UK. Bring it on.

    5. If David Davis is such a great guy, what is he doing in the Tory party? If he is an English patriot, there is only one party for him, namely the English Democrats.

    6. I have no idea but suggest that you ask him. I suspect that, as a man of London working class stock before London was colonised by the third world, he has a view on all this but would not dare voice it. Just remember that the anti-Nazi brownshirts backed by his own party in the form of UAF are waiting to pounce. Perhaps Robin should approach him. That would be a coup but I don't think it will happen. i.e. his becoming the ED's first m p. UKIP might end up with some after the election if that is any consolation; perhaps not.

  3. There was an interesting incident on the Anissa Nouai news programme on Russia Today last night. RT covered Cameron's bluffing with regard to the £2b that Brussels wants off us and the free movement of labour.
    Cameron will huff and puff until the election when he will promise to renegotiate. He will end up paying the £2b but saying that he won't do it again and Brussels will "persuade" him that free movement is a good thing after all.

    However, the point I wanted to make was that the infamous Godfrey Bloom now with the libertarian alliance then put in an appearance. He started telling us of how our legal system will be rationalised in line with that of the Continent on 1st November through the Lisbon Treaty. This is something that I have asked Robin to publicise but perhaps he has been lent on in the same way that UKIP seem to have been as they are keeping mum as well. Godfrey explained that it will mean that Roman Law will take the place of common law, habeas corpus and possibly the jury system will be phased out along with the presumption of innocence until proved guilty. Just as he was getting going, Godfrey disappeared in such as way that one might think that somebody had cut off his internet/Skype connection. The lovely Anissa promised to try to get him back but perhaps she realised that this was unlikely. Are we becoming too conspiricist or paranoid or are the ramifications of the Lisbon Treaty really being kept away from the sheeple and was Godfrey cut off in his prime by GCHQ? I have e-mailed Godfrey for his view as to why he suddenly vanished.

    As regards the EU, the Hungarian government has come out and described it as a dictatorship. They should have added the Marxist bit as well. The poor old Hungarians are suddenly awakening to the fact that they have swapped one form of Marxism for another, the one communist and this one turbo-capitalist. That is not a contradiction in terms. It would seem that the Magyars from Central Asia have not lost their warlike spirit as they were the first to rebel against communism in 1956 with disastrous results. I doubt if they will dent the armour of the Brussels oligargic elite but the best of luck.

    And now we have a new NATO secretary-general much in the same mould as the last one. He was obviously looking for a job after ceasing to be pm of Norway and was uncaring as to who his paymasters were.
    This is because Stoltenberg - a draconian censor of any anti-Islamic feeling in his native Norway - was once a peace activist who got on well with Russia. All of a sudden Russia is the big bogeyman. Well NATO has to invent one now in order to justify their existence and so that the arms manufacturers have an outlet for their goods. I hope it stays around long enough for Jens to draw a hefty pension but for no other reason.

  4. Some are squealing at the prospect of Scottish MPs at Westminster being stripped of their right to vote on matters that are relevant only to England, on the basis that it would create 'two classes of MP'.

    It does not appear to have occurred to such numpties that the existing post-devolution situation has already created just that. Let me explain:

    MPs who represent constituencies in England are ultimately responsible to their constituents for the decisions they make in Westminster. If their electors don't appreciate those decisions, they can vote the MP out (and replace him or her with someone who will probably prove similarly disappointing...).

    MPs who represent constituencies in Scotland but vote on purely English matters are responsible to no-one at all. Their electors couldn't give an empty bottle of Buckfast about what their MP does to the Sassenachs, because it doesn't affect them in any way. They are able to exercise the proverbial 'harlot's prerogative' as no-one affected by their actions is in a position to hold them accountable.

    If that's not 'two classes of MP' I don't know what is.

    1. There is only one answer to that one, which is an English Parliament and independence for England. EVEL is a joke.