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Monday, 6 October 2014

Is England "Better Together" in the UK? Some Fiscal Facts.

Here are the latest British official estimates of the tax raised in each of the three 'home' nations and province to the end of the 2012/13 financial year.
These figures should not be treated as exact to the last million because there are difficulties in allocating revenue to particular parts of the UK, for example, with corporation tax, but they are broadly indicative of what each country collects in tax. 
There are two sets of figures to show the differences when oil and gas is allocated on a geographical and a population basis.

Table 1 Total HMRC Receipts (Geographical Split of North Sea Revenues), £m 2012-13

UK                England    %           Wales      %       Scotland   %        Northern Ireland %
469,777   400,659 85.3%    16,337 3.5%   42,415 9.0%       10,331   2.6%
Table 2 Total HMRC Receipts (Population Split of North Sea Revenues), £m

469,777   404,760 86.2%    16,652 3.5%   37,811 8.0%        10,518    2.6%
Compare this with public spending for each of three small home countries in the calendar year 2013 (ie Not including UK spending on Welfare, Pensions, Defence, Aid, Foreign Affairs etc):
Scotland      £53.9 billion – deficit  of £12 billion approx. between tax raised and money spent
Wales            £29.8 billion – deficit of £13 billion approx. between tax raised and money spent
N. Ireland         £19.8 billion – deficit of £9 billion approx. between tax raised and money spent
So an identifiable £34 Billion a year subsidy from England to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and no contribution from them for any UK expenditure which therefore all comes from the pockets of English Taxpayers.
Better Together?

NB differences between tax raised and money spent are based on Table 1 figures which give the most favourable interpretation of Scotland’s tax position (£16.1 Billion for Table 2 Figures).


  1. A figure recently quoted was £49 billion, of which £32 billion was to the benefit of Scotland. Has the figure gone down or am I missing something?

    1. Clive,
      Those are the figures given in the House of Lords Report of 2009. I think they are including Welfare and Pensions.

    Who's subsidising whom is all very interesting, but not when there is a by-election in Heywood and Middleton in Greater Manchester, and the English Democrats are giving anti-English Ukip an open goal.

    On 16 September 2014, Rochdale Borough Council published the statement of persons nominated, which confirmed five candidates would contest the by-election.

    Labour candidate Liz McInnes is a local councillor on Rossendale borough council.

    The Liberal Democrats selected Anthony Smith, a local businessman.]

    The UK Independence Party announced on 11 September that their candidate would be John Bickley, a software businessman who also stood in the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election in February, in which he came second.

    The Green Party announced their candidate on 14 September as local Middleton resident Abi Jackson, a recent graduate of the University of Huddersfield with a Masters in Psychology.

    The Conservative candidate will be Iain Gartside

    In the general election BNP got three times as many votes as Ukip.


    1. Once again, it is a matter of resources. I do not have the necessary resources in terms of time (I have to work,) or money, (I don't have five hundred pounds to throw at a by-election.) Are you willing to stand? Do you have the necessary resources? UKIP has millionaire members and backers. It has the resources. The English Democrats has neither. We rely on volunteers and good people who are prepared to risk the (probable) loss of their deposit. No-one who has to work to stay afloat can afford take that risk too often. The forthcoming General Election has to be the priority. In the meantime convincing our apathetic compatriots that they're being shafted by the Westminster elite is a big enough job to be going along with. By the way. I'm
      and you are...?

  3. No matter which way you look at it England always loses and England gets the shit end of the stick from those morons in Whitehall.

  4. Thr fact that many English people are forced to go to work and have no time to fight their corner proves somthinh very sinister nothing like this occurs in the othet psrts of the uk where one slight injustice sgsinst them is turned into a storm in a teacup but major injustices against the English are simply concealed by media dissimulation.


  5. The English have been simmering for a thousand plus years and our British leaders know this. The Welsh even have now been given some measure of autonomy and a chance to re-establish their separate culture and identity. My thinking is that they are just biding their time until we are so split apart by pockets of foreign colonisation and so diluted that, as seems to be happening now, we just give up the ghost and let them do whatever they want to us. The Celtic countries have achieved their independence or autonomy before they reached such a point of near no return.

    Events in the Middle East seem now to have two aims, apart from the security of Israel and control of the oil by the likes of Wall Street and the City of London and this is to spread islam and especially islamic extremism in European Christian countries and destroy them, the eradiction of Christians hitherto protected by the secular governments of Khaddafi, Sadam Hussein and Assad and to force thousands and thousands of muslim refugees into Europe.

    The Kurdish demonstrations all over Europe against what Turkey is trying to achieve in Northern Syria against Kurds there with their Islamic State allies shows how numerous they are in most European countries now. After all, presumably the Kurds in London broke off fighting in their gangs to demonstrate.

    The world is in total chaos and this is no accident. The aim of the totalitarian oligarchy seems to destroy every nation state - an American said that this was being done by the British Empire i.e. the Crown, the City of London which, as on the eve of the First World War, still controls the world econmically, apart from the three countries left they are trying to bring down which is Iran, Russia and China.

    Russia and China are now both too strong econmically and militarily and the banking oligarchy has met its Waterloo. As the very wicked Mr Shakespeare on Russia Today said the other day, the Western economic system is about to collapse and they are in a great rush to achieve hegemony before this happens. Thus they are pouring more and more weapons and men and killing thousands and thousands in an attempt to get their way. England has been targetted since the War and the aim is to remove its natives, along with those of all European nations and replace them with those who are more malleable, a world of brown peoples. Interested to hear the reference to the BNP, the BNP has done nothing but tell the truth for decades and thus has been so villified. However, Rodney Shakespeare then went on to say that there are two great CIA New World Order plots that are about to be exposed. That September the 11th was their work with Saudi complicity ( Saudi Arabia and Israel are the best of chums these days) and the shooting down of the Malaysian aircraft over the Ukraine which had nothing to do with the Russians or the separatists but was the work of the CIA and Kiev. Hence, this is why the rebels handed over the black boxes the contents of which are to take ten years to reveal!! As Shakespeare said once this is all know there will be uproar and they will need their militarised police forces to deal with the backlash.

    One point that was made was that we live in a post-logical age. There is nothing logical about a borderless world or multiculturalism, nothing natural and nothing sensible. This is why Enoch Powell was so frustrated. He knew what the EEC was leading to and what the ultimate goal of multiculturalism was but could do nothing to stop them. Those of the rest of us who are equally logical are just completely at sea as the world is overtaken by the oligarchs' destructive waves sweeping over it.
    We can do nothing about this until the politicians as Brian May said the other evening are stopped as, as was alluded to, politicians are ten times more likely to be psychopaths than the rest of us and this totally obvious in the likes of Blair and Cameron and even Thatcher. They all admired one another as they were all cut from the same cloth.