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Saturday, 4 October 2014


Our Press release on standing in the South Yorkshire Police Commissioner By-election


The English Democrats are pleased and proud to announce that David Allen, who was our candidate in the previous Police Commissioner election, is again standing for us in the coming South Yorkshire Police Commissioner By-election, triggered by the resignation in disgrace of the previous Labour Police Commissioner, Shaun Wright.

In the last election the English Democrats came second and won the vast majority of Second Preference votes. Given the disgraceful behaviour of the local Labour Party machine in South Yorkshire in covering up Pakistani/Muslim child rape gangs and allowing them to operate for years with impunity because of Labour’s politically correct and diversity ideology we aim to win this time. The People of South Yorkshire need and deserve a change from Labour.

David Allen is the challenger to Labour’s corrupt one party state in South Yorkshire and he is the new broom that will sweep clean by remorselessly ordering the hunting down and prosecuting, not only all South Yorkshire’s child rapists gangs, but also all of Labour’s national politicians, councillors, officials, councillors, social workers and police officers who may be guilty of offences, including conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in covering up these crimes and for breaches of their public duty to the People of South Yorkshire.

David Allen, the English Democrats’ candidate said:- “From day one on the job, if elected, I will be tireless in the pursuit of these criminals and in bringing them to justice. The law should be administered without fear or favour and without ideological bias. The scandal in South Yorkshire has not been only the large number of child rape offences perpetrated by men of Muslim Pakistani origin, but also the deliberate concealment of these offences and failure to do their job of many people being paid handsomely out of the public pocket. Often this failure was motivated mainly by careerist, partisan advantage. Anyone guilty of these offences should not be in any doubt that if I am elected they will be rooted out and their political careers at public expense will be over.”

“As for the “grooming” gangs, they should note that if the court and prison service fails to impose an adequate punishment, then every time the offender re-offends we shall aim to prosecute again until they are sentenced for a sufficient time to make them no longer a risk to the public”

“South Yorkshire Police will also be directed to cease harassing people who are protecting their homes from burglars and will instead be directed to concentrate on prosecuting the burglar rather than the home defender.”

David Allen stood in the 2012 PCC elections for the English Democrats and came in second place: he is a foundry engineer by training and has experience is sales and sales management. David is married with two children and lives in Doncaster.

David says: ''If elected I will remind the police of their oaths to enforce the law without fear or favour. It is essential that they keep the consent of the people and that justice is seen to be done. I will pursue those who have failed in their duty and broken the law within the entire establishment, particularly with regard to vulnerable children.''

David thinks that a truly independent inquiry is needed to establish the performance of the South Yorkshire police, he would bring in an independent force to do so.

It is my belief that prevention is better than cure and that visible police constables are a reassurance to the public and a deterrence to criminals. Crime should be prevented on the street and not reduced with pen and ink.

For any of these things to happen the police must be freed from the tyranny of political correctness. It is a restrictive and disabling doctrine that prevents good men and women from doing their jobs properly. Equal rights not special rights

I promise if elected to listen to the public and try hold the police to account on their behalf, whilst supporting and defending them in their duty too.

Vote David Allen, English Democrats - ''MORE POLICE - catching criminals!''


  1. This may be off-topic but perhaps Mr Allen should gen up on the Lisbon Treaty so that he can inform voters that after 1st November the job of the local police may be taken over from armed police from the Continent should the poor and the English begin to riot. And they should be told that they cannot rely on any of the three main parties to just unilaterally leave the EU and prevent this from happening. Cameron is just a born lier. Since UKIP has kept quiet on the Lisbon Treaty we wonder what they are up to as well. I still suspect Farage.

    As regards the Pakistani grooming gangs, he will not be able to tell voters about the backlash against diversity which is coming in America but should be aware of it. I have just been pointed to an article on the Russia Today news website about a study carried out by psychologists from the UCLA in California. A sample of white Americans were told that by 2043 Europeans in America will lose their majority status. Whereas previously they may have tolerated diversity or even welcomed it to some extent they then became violently opposed. You will recall that it was Ted Kennedy who overturned a bill in the 1970s to preserve the European identity of the US but after the assassination of his two brothers probably by the FBI he was under great pressure so to do
    from the usual suspects. What happens in America will be mirrored here and in the rest of Western Europe as Europeans drift towards beleaguered minority status in their own countries. All European countries bar Russia and other slavic nations are now reaching tipping points. This is why most white Americans refuse to give up their arms. They know what the future holds. Meanwhile the black American author of a book on Martin Luther King, also taken out by the FBI, has said that white America is refusing to accept in the media that America is now the most multicultural, multiracial and multiethnic country in the world. There will be trouble ahead and bloodshed in all hitherto white countries. However, this survey shows us what Enoch Powell warned about an that civic nationalism does not work.

    As regards the muslim world, I was alarmed to hear from an ex-CIA man on Russia Today last night that the American and Zionist aim of toppling Assad and the creation of the Islamic State which has just claimed another British beheading victim is now leading to the arming of Saudi Arabia by them. The reason for this is that Russia has vowed to attack Saudi Arabia if Assad is toppled. We are going to hell in a handcart because of these American and Zionist hegemons. These people are total psychopathic paranoid lunatics. And now they have started on China, whilst aiming via Syria at Iran and at Russia as via the Ukraine. China has told America to back off in Hong Kong so it is probably all being stirred up by the CIA with possible Mossad co-operation as they attempt to break Russia and China apart and weaken them. I caught an American at the end of the Larry King show saying that America is the best thing since the start of mankind. This contradicts the view of most of the rest of the world that America is the greatest danger to world security. Until dumb Americans like he wake up we are doomed.

  2. Robin

    I really want Labour out almost at any cost.

    The BNPs Marlene Guest has done an excellent job exposing the entire grooming saga so the chaces are that she will command a very high personal vote.

    On tbe other hand David Allen came second last time so hes got a good chance.

    The worst result of all would be for Labour to be re elected because that will enable them to continue concealing evidence.

    Is there any way the BNP and EDP could work together and a joint candidate because the Rotherham saga is now beyond party politics.

    We are at war with hostile minoritirs who hate us with passion its time to team up with rival nationalists to defeat the corrupt labour liberal con machine once and for all for the sake of the 1400 abused girls.


    1. The BNP aren't standing. Only English Democrats, Labour, UKIP and the Conservatives.

  3. The EDs must go for the Ukip jugular and expose them as anti-English. Their anti-English, pro-UK, views are their achilles heel.