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Sunday, 29 June 2014

No Murdo! Keep your nose out of English Business!


No Murdo!  Keep your nose out of English Business!

Murdo Fraser, the Conservatives' “Enterprise spokesman” in the Scottish Parliament told Glasgow University on Thursday that devolution to the UK nations must be balanced with greater powers to the English regions.
He claimed it would be "straightforward" to create a federal system for the nations by devolving tax-varying powers but full UK federalism would not work "on the basis of England as a single unit".
"It is quite possible to envisage a network of strong cities, or city regions, emerging to which powers could be devolved.”
"We can then add into the mix historic counties with a strong local identity, such as Yorkshire or Cornwall.”
"We do have areas such as the North-East or North-West, or East Midlands, which already have a coherent regional identity, and very quickly the map of England is filled up with a patchwork of local units, maybe not identical in geographic size, population or wealth, but all having an identifiable local focus."
Federalism would also resolve the "West Lothian Question" - the right of non-English MPs to vote on purely English matters - and reform of the Lords, Mr Fraser claims.
According to the Government’s own MacKay Commission Report there is much less support for breaking England up into such “Regions” than for outright English Independence from the UK. 
Perhaps Murdo Fraser MSP is promoting this new attempt to break up England for the same reason as the Liberal Democrats, “Charlie” Kennedy told Dunfermline Lib Dems in 1999 that he supported Regionalisation for England because it was “bringing into question the idea of England itself!”
Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:-  “We don’t want Scottish politicians telling the English that England should be broken up. My message to any such Scottish politicians is keep your nose out of English business.”
Robin continued:- “The sooner the UK is dissolved the quicker the Nations of the former UK can live as friendly neighbours!”
Robin also said:-  “Dissolution of the UK is why the English Democrats are supporting a ‘YES’ vote for Scotland on the 18th September.  Mr Murdo Fraser claims that “UK federalism would not work on the basis of England as a single unit”.  I say ‘so be it’!  Let’s dissolve a Union which  is in any case well past its sell by date!”
Robin Tilbrook
The English Democrats


  1. Proof positive of the hatred of the Scots for England and the English. An atavistic hatred that will not cease.

    1. Eh??? Speak for yourself, I'm Scottish and I don't hate the English

  2. Scotland equaly has strong cultural variances, but this has not been chopped up into regions. England is one Nation, it is none of the business of the Scottish political classes or Scottish in general, some goes for Welsh and N Irish. England needs to have a full English Parliament to balance up the UK, any idea of regionalising will only put the UK back to breaking. Four Nations four Parliaments the only way in a federal system of BALANCE.

  3. Isn't the sole purpose of Scottish politicians to meddle in English affairs?
    It seems that the "regions" thing is back, with a vengeance! These "regions" were initially pitched as European parliamentary constituencies. The Brits appear to be employing the old principle that, if you repeat a lie often enough, everyone will believe it and eventually, you will, too.
    We must refute the lie that England is a collection of "regions" as forcefully as is humanly possible.

    1. Beware 'Europe of the Regions'..

    2. You might be interested to know that SNP MPs never vote on England only matters on principle - a pity others don't follow their example

  4. The Scots want their independence and I want it, too. The recent revelling in the anniversary of Bannockburn showed how much the resent us; but want our money. However, they cannot bear the thought of being positioned alongside a much larger country than themselves and being as Quebec would have been to the rest of Canada. Hence their desire to divide and weaken us.

    Meanwhile, we learn that East European "neo-nazis" have disrupted a Jewish family music festival in Tottenham and brought Unite Against Fascism onto the streets. Most of those shown seemed to be non-ethnic English which shows that there would have been none of it if we had been allowed to keep the door shut. Unite Against Fascism, backed by all three main parties, should be renamed Unite For Fascism for the are the most violent and thuggish crowd you could hope to meet. I was interested to learn that they knew what happened in Odessa when neo-nazis sent by a Ukrainian oligarch burnt 40 trade unionists to death.
    UAF likened anybody opposed to the multicultural one world state to the murderous thugs in Odessa, perhaps not realising that they were involved in a form of ethnic cleansing of the sort that they want for the English. A spokesman, not their chairman of West Indian descent, said that they want to squash nationalists - that will be all nationalists, racists and fascists, whereas they are the most racist of the lot as they actual wish to back the genocide of the indigenous English. But that is what the three main parties are bent on as well. By squash I assume he meant crush to death. Meanwhile Paul Weston has been doing for citing Churchill's White Britain policy.

    We have been forced to witness the charade of Cameron pretending that he was against the election of Jean Claude Junker whereas he is 100% behind the New World Order's one world and a federal non-democratic Europe/World; the Marxist totalitarian oligarchy. Nice to see that Ron Paul has called the US government a tyranny. Same here, same here, Ron.

    Also Mr Cameron has called parliament too white so wants it to be 15% non-white. We are back to quotas and positive discrimination. But as a fellow Tory said, he is after wresting the "ethnic minority" vote from Labour. What will happen when we are a white minority, will we have the quota system applied to us. And on that basis the parliament should be 50% female.

    Further delights of multicultural Britain, an imam in Cardiff has been waving ISIS flags and saying that all non-muslims should be made to wear a red collar. He just happens to be living off the tax payer. And why hasn't he been done for religious hatred against Hindus and Sikhs?
    They don't care about Christians we will be left to our fate as in the ISIS caliphate. But Russell Brand is now pushing for a one world religion, so he must be a plant for the One World Order as suspected. Interestingly, however, he said that America was not a united country. Neither is England any more for the same reasons of civic nationalism.

    As for the Ukraine, France and Germany seem to be joining with Russia to find a solution as Peroshenko drops the ceasefire his neo-nazi army never observed. Nothing of the slaughter on our Washington controlled - or City of London controlled - media. A distressing scene of a Russian cameraman dying before our eyes yesterday as Peroshenko's men fired at a minibus carrying women and children. For the BBC it did not take place. But at least some journalists here are aware of their Russian and Italian comrades' fate courtesy of Victoria Nuland whom I want to see in the Hague with Tony Blair and the rest.

  5. " Mr Murdo Fraser claims that “UK federalism would not work on the basis of England as a single unit”. I [Robin] say ‘so be it’! Let’s dissolve a Union which is in any case well past its sell by date!"
    "Fred29 June 2014 13:44
    Scotland equally has strong cultural variances, but this has not been chopped up into regions. England is one Nation, it is none of the business of the Scottish political classes or Scottish in general, some goes for Welsh and N Irish. England needs to have a full English Parliament to balance up the UK, any idea of regionalising will only put the UK back to breaking. Four Nations four Parliaments the only way in a federal system of BALANCE".
    There are no cultural variants within England as a great as within Scotland with its Erse speaking minority. But Fred is wrong about "a federal system of BALANCE", and Murdo is right that "UK federalism would not work on the basis of England as a single unit". (This is the flaw in Ukip's analysis). Robin is right that the only way for England to have her own parliament is independence from the UK.

  6. UKIP's Roger Helmer is leading the push to team up with Poland and frack the lot of us. Now that the government has passed a bill secretly enabling the sale of public land everywhere to private interests for development or fracking there will soon be nothing left of our countryside. England will lose its soul and the English die of a broken heart. The English will be history. As the Polish foreign minister, Sikorski, recently said that Poland was now America's whore I suspect that the Polish push for shale gas and Ukraine being forced to follow suit is all to benefit the American oil company Chevron who have been sponsoring Victoria Nuland's Ukrainian putsch.

    And now they are starting in the Far East where the prime minister has amended the constitution illegally - it requires two votes in parliament and a referendum - so that America can use Japan and all the other countries surrounding China to get at Peking. So enraged was one Japanese demonstrator by militarisation, to which the bulk of Japanese are opposed, that he set himself on fire. We will soon all, as the plan was, be rootles slaves to the global kleptocracy, the one per cent megarich. The only good thing is that gradually through alternatives to the Western media and to the internet the slaves are beginning to revolt.

    Unlike UKIP, I want an England free of all foreign interference, that of the American financial-industrial and military complex and that of its poodle the EU, although it looks as if the strains caused by the villification of Russia and the sanctions, which ultimately will isolate Washington rather than Moscow, are now pushing Europe free.

    We now face the prospect of a UK population of 70m, more than twice the optimum of 30m. If there had been only a trickle of immigration since the War and England had been allowed to have its population drop through birth control, unknown previously, then we could have achieved that objective. As it is we are going to be crushed to death through the pressures of overpopulation through those who have brought here to achieve population replacement of the Anglo-Saxons. Watching the programme on BBC4 last night about those Aussie imports of the 1960s, Clive James, Barry Humphries and Germaine Greer, I was treated to how London looked as I remember it in that decade, totally multiculturalism free. Nobody wanted it to be swept away but we are powerless against those who want to obliterate it and us for their own evil ends. It is becoming increasingly difficult to believe that such a London ever existence but soon its ancient buildings too will be surrounded by a vile sea of concrete and glass. Mamon rules and God has been driven out.

  7. It becoming more obvious as every day passes, that UKIP is ant-English.