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Friday, 20 June 2014

Karl Marx’s views of England and the English

Karl Marx’s views of England and the English

I have recently been reading a book about Karl Marx. Although I have read some of his works before I have never read a full biography of him. I could heartily recommend, as an interesting and informative read:- KARL MARX by Francis Wheen.

For those interested in Karl Marx’s views of England and the English, he was, of course, one of those refugees, a bit like, Abu Hamza, who lived here for many years but yet never integrated, nor had any great love for us. Just consider the following comments on page 142:-

“After brooding on the lessons of the previous year, (Marx) published a revised revolutionary menu on 1 January 1849:

The overthrow of the bourgeoisie in France, the triumph of the French working class, the emancipation of the working class in general, is therefore the rallying cry of European liberation.

But England, the country that turns whole nations into its proletarians, that takes the whole world within its immense embrace …England seems to be the rock against which the revolutionary waves break, the country where the new society is stifled in the womb.

Every social upheaval in France was bound to be thwarted by the industrial and commercial power of the English middle class, ‘and only a world war can overthrow the Old England, as only this can provide the Chartists, the party of the organised English workers, with the conditions for a successful rising against their gigantic oppressors!. This seasonal game of consequences – which, more than a century later, would come to be known as the domino theory – led to an inescapable and apocalyptic conclusion. ‘The table of contents for 1849 reads: Revolutionary uprising of the French working class, world war.”


  1. A reason given by commentators for England's defeat by Uruguay is that no knows what it is to be English anymore. That also applies to the players.

    1. Interested to read this. I wonder who those commentators are. I cannot remember the name of the player who said that the woes of the England team were reflected in the present state of England, i.e. a total lack of homogeneity. By the way, I see that John Terry's father has been in court for alleged racism.

      Meanwhile, the government are running round like headless chickens preparing for the return to England - as elsewhere in Europe i.e Germany and France - of their nationals who have gone to fight with ISIS forces in Iraq and Syria. It should make us laugh if it wasn't so pathetically infuriating.

      As in Iraq, all these troubles have been caused by the American military, financial and industrial complex and they are wreaking havoc all over the globe with their Marxist policies and claiming to spread democracy whereas in fact the peoples of Europe never ever would have voted for a politically united Europe, a borderless world and mass immigration and multiculturalism.
      Even in America now the realisation is dawning that they have been turned by the one per cent into a wholly totalitarian police state. Democracy means a people being able to choose whether they relinquish their sovereigny to the American controlled EU or give their country away totally to people from all over the globe. Democracy, don't make me laugh. But the time's up now and Europeans everywhere will no longer put up with what has been done to them in the name of supposed progress.

  2. This view of the English is the intellectual inheritance for MIliband senior and junior (s).Indeed it has become the agenda of the political establishment.

    it was galling to note last night watching the footy that as the Suarez celebrated his second goal, the camera panned across the Uruguayan fans,and buried in the middle was a jubilant Scot, be- decked in comedy ginger wig and tam o shanter brandishing a soltire. Interesting to see both the expense and lengths the Scots will go to to display their anti English bigotry.

  3. There are many theories as to on whose behalf Marx was really working. Or whether he was the original useful idiot. There are theories as to who bankrolled the Russian revolution for their own ends as with every war and proletarian revolution since. Labour supporters would have been interested to watch Immigration Nation on Al Jazeera last night about the White Australia policy. Marxists would have assumed that this was the work of "right wing racists" but it was principally the work of the Australian Labour Party who wanted to created a socialist heaven in Australia where the working man would fare better than anywhere else on the globe. Their leader, whose name escapes me, was no international socialist, he was working for the white working man. Non-whites were excluded because many of them were entrepreneurs, like the Chinese, or just muddied the waters. At the end of the First World War with the founding of the League of Nations, there was an attempt to pass a motion outlawing racial discrimination but this was defeated by Australia and President Woodrow Wilson. The Japanese, who were present at Versailles, took exception to this and felt humiliated, so much so that, according to the programme, it led to the anti-Western sentiment that turned them against the West and especially Australia with the 2nd World War.

    I find this a bit difficult to believe. However, there is another point to make. One of those berating the White Australia policy was a Chinese Australian whose mother and sisters had been denied a visa, mostly by means of a dictation test which could be in any European language, not only English. However, what puzzled me, was how the Japanese and the Chinese could complain about White Australia or white anyhwere else whilst, in line with countries in South East Asia, operating the racist and restrictive immigration policies on the planet, something which they still largely do. Why is it that white countries are forced to abandon immigration policies on grounds of race whilst non-white countries are not? I think I know the answer and it brings us back to Karl Marx and those who have used his ideology for their own ends. There will soon be no white countries left, they will all, like Australia, have been forced to accept multictulturalism - so much more preferable according to Saudi based channel ( welcome to multicultural Saudi Arabia!!). The hitherto white world will have been changed to a multicultural mish mash in which the erstwhile white majority are reduced to minorities in their own countries.

    Meanwhile, Max Keiser has told us that the collapse of globalisation is imminent - hurray. This Marxist concept is pure Marxism but has been put in place by the kleptocratic one per cent who have installed it for their own ends and reduced us all to rootless slaves whilst they rake in more and more trillions. Apparently, the southern US states are about to sue Wall Street for the destruction of their towns and cities. We should all follow suit. Texas and California are wanting to secede following the growing pattern in Europe. As I have said, if you join is all together in one multicultural globalised nightmare then the fragmentation will be eve grater than ever as we split into our constituent tribes, even in America.
    The big nations created in the 19th century are falling apart and a good thing too. Small is beautiful and the most trouble in Europe has been caused by France and a united Germany and the biggest bully of the lot in the history of the world has been the collosal United States of America. Back to a patchwork of unique small countries, no more multicultural featureless americanised nothingness.

    1. The English need to restore the English language as New English, derived from Old English - see David Cowley's 'How We'd Talk - if the English had won in 1066'
      This should be a central plank of English Democrat policy.
      Ancwe (Ancillary World English) continues to develop as a "featureless americanised nothingness". E.g., 'prior to' for 'before'; "global" for "worldwide", "decade" for "ten years", "liberty" for "freedom", "final" for "last", and so forth.

    2. I admire your zeal but I believe that if your suggestion were to become a "central plank" of our policy we'd be regarded as quaint and comical by the electorate. We can fix the language, once we're in government but given that we have been known to finish behind the Monster Raving Loony party in by-elections, we could do with concentrating on things that matter to the punters.
      (or should that be, "Weston-on-Sea"?)

    3. Oswald, can you get lessons anywhere? If so, where?

      Many thanks


    4. Clive, How about "Weston-on-Mere"?
      Every theedish onwendness (nationalist movement) stends (puts) speech (language) to the fore of its atighting (aims and objects).
      It would be a matter of educating the English Theed (nation)about its theedish (national) tongue.
      Ancwe (Ancillary World English) is the language of Internationalism.
      When a theed has lost its theedish tongue, it has lost its soul. The English are well nigh to losing their theedish speech.

    5. Paul, David Cowley's 'How We'd Talk - if the English had won in 1066' would be a good start.

  4. Failed Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne is cock o' hoop over the death of the nation state. He may be crowing too soon.

  5. According to the BBC news this morning, a former head of MI5 has stated that there would no no way that those coming back from fighting for ISIS, now put at 500 from Britain, could be classified as to whether they posed a security threat or not. So rather than keep them all out they will probably just let them all in. That friend of all things muslim and one of their great spokesmen at Westminster, George Galloway, is already talking of an anti-muslim witchhunt similar to McCartheyism. Meanwhile, Cameron is foaming at the mouth, pledged to stamp out this extremism. Sadly, it is he for his own ends and his political forebears of every party for the last 60 plus years who have brought us to this pretty pass. But Cameron behaves as if it had all occurred by unknown hand. None of it need have happened at all if logic and common sense had been employed and the views of the English and their Celtic neighbours had been taken into account. But that was not the plan. The plan was to wipe out England and the English for reasons of personal political or financial gain or because of the flawed ideology of utopianism which even the supposedly anti-communist United States is spreading around the world as heir to that first great utopianist revolution, that of France. Interestingly, I have just read that France has been the second nation in terms of addiction to communism, second only to the former Soviet Union. I wonder what would happen if one of those terrorist attacks hit the target in terms of Mr Cameron himself? Some of us now suspect that the Americans put their Shia strongman in Baghdad so as to create such a monster as the Saudi-backed sunni ISIS so as to weaken Shias in Iraq and Syria, with the ultimate prize being the weakening of Iran and by extension, Russia, whose downfall they are already getting on with. This in turn will lead to a weakening of the whole of Europe as well. All the weasel words of Obama and John Kerry with regard to building bridges with Iran mean nothing. Those of us who remember the old cowboy films could recall one frequent protest of the doomed Native Americans - (American) white man speak with forked tongue - and so it has been ever since.

    And today we learn that the BBC has instigated a policy of ensuring that one in six of all the faces we see on our television screens are those of blacks and Asians - not even the United States probably has such a policy as it moves towards a white minority. Other channels will now, presumably, be forced to follow suit. The one in six is probably meant to reflect our now 15% non-white population. As that figure grows to the anticipated 33% in 30 years time or higher in the case of England then that one in six figure will have to be constantly updated.

    Nobody will be allowed to object on grounds of "racism" as this policy is enacted even if it means the willing or not suspension of disbelief as we are made to accept - whether this is true or not - that England was much more non-white prior to 1948 than was the case. Soon those who are old enough to remember the pre-War years will be gone and the young will believe anything they are told. It is now probably too late. In time the chaos that has engulfed the Middle East and elsewhere will be brought to hitherto white countries and probably to China and Japan as well. The aim of the kleptocratic 1% seems to be divide and rule through constant turmoil and to bring about white genocide for their own ends. I keep my counsel when the naive in church pray for an end to the constant wars and bloodshed with which we are now plagued, totally unaware that they will only stop when the oligarchic minority instigating them are brought down; but how that could ever occur is anybody's guess.

  6. Those in the EDs who do not wish UKIP well have a new ally. Sophie Shevardnadze on RT spent time looking bewildered as she interviewed UKIP's founder, the left-wing academic Dr Alan Skedd. Skedd has now launched a rival party to UKIP. Dr Skedd wants an end to UKIP which he sees as a racist, nationalistic monster. Although wanting an exit for Britain from the EU, which he thinks would lead to a domino effect with others following suit, he wants more and more movements of peoples into England. He thinks that immigrants to London have boosted educational attainment and created jobs and that the NHS and many institutions could not function without immigrant labour. Funny how we had an excellent NHS in the days before mass immigration began and plenty of jobs for all before the City of London chose to send them overseas. Knowing that Skedd was a Scot, the shrewd Sophie raised the subject of Scottish independence. Skedd, after revealing his nationality and dismissing the referendum as a means of ensuring Scotland became a minor provice of the EU like Greece, said that he had a home in the Highlands - a place of escape from the multicultural wonder he loves so much? I am sure that Skedd laments the Highland Clearances by Anglo-Scottish landlords. However, he sees the English clearances as a wonderful thing. For that is what we are now dealing with, the clearances of the indigenous English and their replacement by multicultural sheep. Sophie's body language said it all faced with this arrogant left-wing academic idiot on his little cloud. She obviously had much more time for the down-to-earth, common sense, muscular Marine Le Pen. Skedd hates Le Pen as well of course. Marine would floor Skedd in a fair fight. Careful of your body language Sophie!!

    I wonder whether the onward march of non-white Britain on tv will make the bovine English finally see the light; namely that they have been earmarked and are now on their way to the slaughterhouse, courtesy of the 1% kleptocratic elite that is the One World New World Order. More and more Caucasians are beginning to wake up to the awful truth, namely that they are no longer wanted. Even a sharp brained working class chap I knew who left school at 14 had worked it out but was bewildered as to why "they" wanted Britain to be non-white. The white race with their organisational ability, their inventiveness and their individualism seem to be a threat to those who want to rule the world.
    They want a race of sub-humans, people of low intelligence and compliabililty, flocks of servile sheep. The world will regress but that does not seem to worry them, their only goal is to accumulate as much wealth as they can in their lifetimes; totally lacking in empathy they cannot perceive of a Christian heaven where they will be judged for their treatment of their fellow men.

    Still, there is good news. The Polish foreign minister has let slip his true feelings about the American financial-industrial and financial complex.
    He has expressed his frustration at the fact that Poland is now firmly under the American thumb. He phrased it more along the lines of Poland being America's whore. He resents the friction that American dominance is causing to Poland's relations with Germany and Russia.
    Most Poles agree with him. However, this only goes to underline the total lack of modern American kleptocrats' knowledge of Europe's ancient cultures, histories and peoples as she blunders around like a bull in a china shop in her quest to rule all, even if it means, by first destroying every country and their inhabitants and creating a brown soup.

  7. I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry on hearing that the Sunday Times revealed that one of the 500 "British" citizens who had gone to fight with the ISIS forces had vowed to kidnap David Cameron and Teresa May on his return and decapitate them and presumably post the event on U Tube. How utterly terrible that would be!! This reminded me that Anders Breivik had the same plan for the former prime minsiter of Norway, Gro Harlem Brundtland. I think Breivik's intention was to show the Norwegians what awaited them if unrestricted muslim immigration into their small and hitherto homogeneous country was allowed to continue. In view of the statement of this ISIS fighter he may not have been so far short of the mark.

    Meanwhile, the Russians have formally repealed any plan to cross the border with their troops to save their fellow Russians in the Ukraine.
    The Duma originally passed this measure to ensure that NATO did not get their hands on their Black Sea Port in the Crimea. However, I fear that Poroshenko - or rather Washington - will just see this as a sign of weakness and will press on with their aim of ethnically cleansing the Ukraine of all Russians. As it is thousands of women and children have already sought sanctuary in Russia. Still no matter, at least Deputy President Joe Biden's son has got a plumb job. But with the 9b dollar fine imposed by the US on France for breaking the sanctions they imposed Europe is slowly beginning to weary of being America's whore.

    Interested to learn that the stock market began its life in the 16th Century in Amsterdam to finance Dutch colonialist adventures. From there it was taken to London when Cromwell needed money to finance his wars. London proved to be a much safer haven and really overtook Amsterdam in this regard as Britain, too, began to build an empire overseas. Meanwhile when the New Amsterdam on the other side of the Atlantic became New York the British had too safe centres of the Dutch credit so hated by Disraeli, who with his continental background knew what he was talking about. The thinking is that the City is still the real centre of power with Washington being the military wing of this global financial empire. Doesn't it make you proud to be British? Not really but then there is nothing English about it at all. The Dutch on the whole seem to have a much more hard headed approach towards the business of making money that the vast majority of the English.