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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Shhh! Lib Dems are about!

There seems to be something about Liberal Democrats that makes them hate England. At the moment they are, I don’t think the word is too strong to use, conspiring to find another way of breaking England up into “Regions”.

Their behind the scenes activity in think-tanks and discussion groups is all about trying to find another way of energising the “Regionalisation” of England. Their talk is all about trying to confuse people between talking about counties and “Regions” in the same breath so that people do not look at the small print to see that in fact what is intended is nothing to do with counties but everything to do with “Regionalisation”. In their desperation they are even trying to say that the North-east referendum result was not a vote against “Regionalistion”!

Now we have two Liberal Democrat Lords, Lord Purvis of Tweed and Lord William Wallace of Saltaire who arranged a debate for Monday, 16th June in the House of Lords entitled “Plans for further de-centralisation of the UK in the event of a “No” vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum”. Observers of the oily disingenuousness of our LibDem political masters will find no surprise that the key element of the discussion was about how to break up England.

The names that they have chosen to give their titles suggest that these two noble Lords loyalties might lie North of the Border, but Lord William Wallace of Saltaire is in fact an academic who has spent most of his life in England, but has distinguished himself politically by his desire to advance the cause of European integration for which reason he has been awarded the Légion d'Honneur.

So far as Lord Purvis of Tweed is concerned, the Scottish newspaper, the Sunday Post, reported on the 20th October 2013 that “Purvis returns as Lord Jazzer despite ballot box defeat” who reported that “Purvis, a MSP until the SNP landslide in 2011 is a man steeped in constitutional concerns. Nick Clegg has made him Lord Purvis of Tweed to act as a bridge-man between the Westminster and Holyrood parties. Even his title straddles the border. Said Purvis:- “I’ll bring the respect of someone who has been a Member of the Scottish Parliament as a fan of the procedures in Holyrood. It will provide a platform to work on the growing middle ground as an alternative to independence.”” The paper rightly continues “The problem for Purvis, with his talk of accountability, democracy and constitution, is that on Tuesday he will don an outrageous ermine cloak and take his place in the least accountable or democratic place in British politics. This is, after all, a man rejected by the voters returning to front line politics without the need for an election.”

So there we have it, the classic Westminster farce in which people talk about democracy, accountability, citizenship and community, whilst trying to work to deny the English their sense of a national community.

Never forget that a former LibDem leader, Charlie Kennedy told an enthusiastic meeting of Liberal Democrats in Dunfermline in 1999 that he supported the break-up of England into Regions because he said “In England Regionalisation is calling into question the idea of England itself”!

So what should an Englishman do when the LibDems are about? Perhaps we could use US President Teddy Roosevelt’s famous saying: “speak softly and carry a big stick”? 

What do you think?



  1. Britain is running out of land for food and faces a potential shortfall of two million hectares by 2030 according to new research.

    The report, from the University of Cambridge, says the growing population plus the use of land for energy crops are contributing to the gap.

    It criticises the government's lack of a coherent vision on how to make the most of UK farm land.

    The authors warn that tough choices may need to be made on future land use.

    The total land area of the UK amounts to over 24 million hectares with more than 75% of that used for farming.

    Continue reading the main story

    Start Quote
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    Andrew Montague-Fuller,

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    Another factor is the EU, in the shape of the Common Agricultural Policy which now requires farmers to put more land aside to protect nature.

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    The report estimates that all these factors will require an extra seven million hectares of land by 2030.

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    UK land is under pressure from a growing population
    Combined with increased yields and reductions in meat consumption that will boost land for farming, the authors say there is likely to be an overall two million hectare shortfall.

    The report highlights the fact that there are a number of uncertainties about how land will be used, and they point the finger at government for lack of a coherent overall vision.

    "What they are not doing is stepping back and looking at the overall direction and vision for future land use, and making sure that all of these different policies all add up so that we are clear about what our demands are and where the land will be released from to meet those needs."

    1. The population of England is rising faster than anywhere in Europe and is the highest it has ever been.

  2. John (I'll never accept a peerage) Prescott was given the initial responsibilty for regionalising England and creating Regional Assemblies. He claimed that this would deal with what he referred to as "the Democratic Vaccuum" in England.
    Of course, like Scotland and Wales, these Regions had to be consulted in referenda, so he chose the far-north of England, where he expected there to overwhelming support for an overgrown County Council, for the first of these. To his dismay (but to no-one elses!) the idea was overwhelmingly rejected but instead of looking for an alternative solution to his "Democratic Vaccuum", acceptable to the electorate, he just took his ball home and left us all to live in his vaccuum; something we have continued to do to this day.
    The obvious solution would have been an English Parliament but that would have created "yet another tier of politicians". Beats nine other tiers of politicians, doesn't it?
    In England, there is no democracy because there are no English M.P.s. There are only British M.P.s, sitting for English constituencies. These Brits are once again engaged in what I once referred to "Intellectual Genocide" They can't kill off our race with AK47s, so they do it by never referring to England and then regionalising our Nation and People out of existence.

    1. Clive,
      A slight correction. When the North East rejected the elected assembly being offered by Prescott, the government went ahead with unelected assemblies.
      Cameron abolished those and replaced them with secretive "Local Enterprise Partnerships", which have even less accountability.
      The Americans rebelled over 'taxation without representation". The poll tax rebellion saw off Thatcher. There could be a lesson here for the English today,i.e, withhold taxes until the English get an English parliament.

  3. I am afraid I could not stick with Oxana Boyko as she interviewed the former Spanish foreign minister - whose name I did not retain - about the Ukraine last night. Oxana, who revealed herself to be half Ukrainian got quite heated. Of course the Spaniard was a lady which probably lead to the intensity of the fight. Oxana brought up the obvious fact that whilst such as the Spanish lady and EU fanatics want to bring the Ukraine into the fold, whether it will ultimately benefit them or not, many countries in Western Europe have a growing number of their citizens demanding a swift exit. The lady failed to see the irony of the fact that the EU and the euro had reduced her homeland to total economic collapse. Her retort was that of all the euro mps in what she failed to mention was a wholly undemocratic institution i.e. a revising chamber for the diktats passed down by unelected commissioners, only 20% were against the EU. And today we learn that Cameron is his desperate attempt to get UKIP voters back voting Conservative will have failed to block the election of Jean Claude Junker bent on further immigration whereas most of Europe's citizens are opposed.

    Even the odious Alan Skedd, described Cameron as a power crazy opportunist, much like the Blair he so admired and the Liberal Democrats as being spiritually in Brussels whilst sitting in Westminster.
    The Lib Dems are even more Marxist one world utopianists than many in New Labour who are aware that many Labour voters may be opposed and fleeing to UKIP whereas the Lib Dems are now being reduced to their woolly do-gooder core. The epithet Democrats is a total lie. They believe no more in the will of the people than the rest of them.

    As the American financial- military and industrial complex working to the New York banking cartel and the City of London refuse to stop until they have complete world control - we learn that many of the architects of Kosovo's independence, like Madleine Albright, are now working for those American corporations involved in its reconstruction courtesy of the impoverished Kosovan taxpayers and the Yanks are at it again in Syria - so the Liberal Democrats will not rest until we are all drowning in a borderless multicultural brown soup.England, its indigenes and its history and culture mean nothing to them.They are working for the banking cartel whether knowingly or not.

    As regards the AK47s, Clive, an interesting point. Those in the know suspect that the increasing militarisation of the American police and gun control are all in anticipation of the day when the descendants of the founding fathers are reduced to near minority status and rebel. Some have observed an increasing arming of our own police in the name of anti-terrorism, as with homeland security and fear that we may ultimately suffer the same fate. The thing is that, following the Hungerford massacre etc., our gun control has been tightened to such an extent that nobody will have a weapon to defend himself. Or will we just be like Dad's Army arming ourselves with pitchforks and the like.

  4. Representing The West of England Bristol West Constituency,. The Lib Dem MP (Proud to be Welsh) Stephen Williams IS a strong supporter, of "Mebyon Kernow's" Independence for Cornwall ? along with fellow Lib Dem Chief of the Treasury the "Ginger Rodent".
    Who champions special treatment (££££) for Cornwalls small minority, who regard themselves' as " Cornish " .They already get subsided by the EU (Objective One)
    Who ever they are ? displaced emmets ,folk unsure of
    identity, regular holidaymakers)
    Cornwall population approx 400,000 , 2011 cencus 60% said they are English 14% british,I ask the question, so why all this special treatment when so many" 55 million English" are ignored ? Dictatorial discrimination, Racism, ..... this makes me so Angry !
    Now they are trying to promote the Wessex Region. Skullduggery at work here.