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Friday, 6 June 2014

BritScot Twitters:- "Heard you on Essex Radio saying it is unfair Scots get free scripts whilst the English don’t. This is devolution."

I was interviewed on Radio Essex on the 30th May, the day of the launch of the Scottish Independence period.  A twitter conversation came out of that which I think is of some interest with a BritScot, named Scott (sic!) Wardrope.  

The conversation went as follows:-
Scott:- "Heard you on Essex Radio saying it is unfair Scots get free scripts whilst the English don’t.  This is devolution."

Scott:- "The English could have free scripts/university, but choose not to, whilst the Scots do.  What is unfair about that?"

Me:-  "Both paid for by English taxpayers and not offered to us by our British masters."

Scott:-  "I think Scottish taxpayers also make a contribution.  In fairness the Scots also have to pay for Trident and illegal wars."

Me:-  "House of Lords report says England subsidises Scotland to the tune of £32 billion per year."

Scott:-  "Politicians bend the facts to suit their views though.  We will only know for sure if we actually get our independence."

Me :- "Are you Scottish and a yes voter?"

Scott:-  "I am Scottish, but live in Essex, so I cannot vote on the indyref."

Me:-  "Well then you are just as disadvantaged as any Englishman by the current arrangements!"

Scott:- "Indeed!  I am reduced to lobbying friends and family from over the border."

Me:- "If they vote yes then you will have to choose whether you are Scottish or English.  Which would it be?"

Scott:-  "Scottish.  I suspect a few ex-pats Scots will be returning home after the yes votes.  Sadly it seems indy Scotland will join the EU."

Me:-  "Interesting!  Your, and their, ultimate loyalty to Scotland and not England is a further strong argument for English independence!"

Scott:-  "I suppose it is.  Scots have stronger nationalism than the English though.  Nationalism is a dirty word down south."
The twitter conversation was then joined by Scott Laing.

Laing said :- "That is a false choice – option is not “English” but “British”.  Cannot choose to be English surely?"

Me to both:- "You will not be able to be British if Scotland goes!  E + S = GB therefore GB – S + E".

Me:- "As historian AJP Taylor pointed out that is because Scots in England have been pushing Britishness for some 70 years now."

Laing:-  "And what about W and NI?  Even better together folk such as myself would choose S if between S and E."

Scott:-  "The Left have equated English nationalism with racism and other nasty isms."

Scott:-  "Britishness is a dying concept.  Unless WW3 breaks out, Britishness will bite the dust."

Scott:-  "England won’t be able to drop NI Prods there feel more British than most English."

Me to both:-  "Wales was incorporated into the KGD of England in 1536 the NI remnant of the 1801 Union lapses with the dissolution of GB."

Me to both:-  "Not a question of feelings but of constitutional law."

Scott:-  "A YES vote will create much uncertainty in NI then. There is a lot of union flags there that need tweaking."



  1. Your friend Scott the Scot demonstrates that we have Scottish colonists in England. Also, he clearly doesn't "get it". He thinks it's all right for his country to enjoy autonomy - "This is devolution" whilst the English suffer under British rule.
    He thinks it's all right for the English to pay for his compatriots' free prescriptions and (worse still) for their free university education (whilst English youngsters pay £27000).
    Intriguingly, he does recognise that English nationalism is equated with "racism" (a word which has been so mis- and over-used by the Politically Correct, that no-one knows what it means, anymore,).
    If English nationalism is "racist" so is Scottish nationalism. (Sauce for the goose, etc.)

  2. What is meant by Britishness? - look around you on any street in the country and you will see people of every colour and race and hear a dozen languages being spoken. That is Britishness.

  3. There is some understandable confusion. The Scots think that Westminster is the English parliament rather than the British. Scott thinks that Westminster represents the English as the Scottish parliament represents the interests of Scotland. There is no English block grant for us to divi' up as we see fit

    1. The English government will have be moved out of London.

  4. The trouble with the English Democrats, as a party, is they do not understand the importance of having a national language for establishing the English identity. For example, the party motto should be set over (translated) into Old English - 'Por patria Anglorum' might be overset as 'For etheele Englena'.
    Theedish (national) English/New English should be made out of Ancwe (Ancillary World English) as set out by David Cowley in his book - 'How we'd Talk if the English had won in 1066'.
    The importance of having national languages is understood by Welsh and Irish nationaists, as well as Ukrainians, Norwegians, Icelanders, Catalans, a.s.f (and so forth).
    Since 1066 we have not owned our own language which successive generations have seen turn into Ancwe - the international language.

  5. Have just bought a second hand book on Yorkshire dated 1965 by one time editor of the Dalesman, Harry H Scott. It is frightening to realise what has happened in my lifeime. We have been cast adrift on a multicultural sea and now belong nowhere. There are those, principally in Russia, who realise what is going on, The West or the Christian West is now a nowhere land people by rootless individuals. Reading Harry Scott's book I feel that I have suddenly landed back on solid ground again. But the past is another country.

    Marine Le Pen shone in her interview with Sophie Shevardnadze on RT the other evening. Even Sophie said that Marine is normally proved right.
    Marine said that we want a Europe of independent, sovereign nations, working together, with their own currencies and not politically merged into this nightmare as she called it. She wants the old Europe, the Europe we never voted to change into this Marxist totalitarian, multicultural nothing. Don't we all. The woman spoke with such common sense. Sadly, UKIP will not speak to her but this is because UKIP is now being multicuturalisd and probably infiltrated at at a rate of knots. Have you arranged your trip to Paris yet, Robin?

    Meanwhile the controlled media are continuing in their One World 1984 echo chamber of the New World Order. No news on the BBC of the massacre of civilians in the Ukraine, including children and the refugess crossing the border into Russia but story that the "terrorist" separatists had brought tanks in from Russia. Their coverage is so one sided in favour of the One World Kleptocracy that it is quite surreal. I am not alone in saying that.

    Unless something happens soon, there will be nothing left of England, the English or most other West European nations which will end up with non-European majorities. The White Race bar Russia will follow the American founding fathers into oblivion post 2040. The thinking is that they will take up arms in a fight for survival and to avoid the fate planned for them by the haters of all things European. That is what gun control is all about. Is the large number of school shootings in the US an accident? I am beginning to smell at rat.

  6. I wonder how many of my fellow conspiracists were amazed to come across a programme at 9pm on Al Jazeera last night called Goldman Sachs - i.e. the investment branch of the Rothschild banking empire - The Bank that rules the world. So terrified of they of their discovery that they operate from an unnamed building in New York. They were even speculating on futures in the petrolium and aircraft industries as the twin towers were burning. Indeed, a recent placard in a demonstration against the NSA in Germany said 9/11 was an inside job and many of us are now beginning to share that view.

    From the programme we learnt what some of us already knew, namely that the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England with Mark Carney are all peopled with ex-Goldman Sachs employees, as is, of course, the new prime minister of the Ukraine.

    We also learnt that Obama tried to re-regulate the banks but was overpowered by Goldman Sachs who now populate the White House and have made him their puppet.

    More interestingly, we discovered that the United Nations commissioner for migration, Peter Sutherland, is also ex-Goldman Sachs. This is the gentleman who told a parliamentary committee that Europe needed more and more mass third world immigration in order to make the EU work by destroying the homogeneous nations of Europe. The bought mps no doubt nodded sagely. However, this establishes the link between the big banks, the United Nations, the EU and mass third world immigration into both Europe and North America, something which has been long suspected. The programme pointed out the gap which has opened up between erstwhile democracy and this industrial and financial complex and the total financialisation of the globe. Apparently, these bankers are now choosing to employ people with autism who are even more lacking in empathy than their psychopathic selves. The question is where do we go from here.

    I was told years ago that the aim of the Frankfurt School was to study and repeat the factors leading to the fall of Rome in order to bring down European Christian Civilisation. But behind them undoubtedly were these financial and industrial puppeteers. I have just read again a book by JHB Peel called Along the Roman Roads of Britain. He concludes with the fall of Rome and decides that "Rome fell because the Roman people drowned themselves among those whom they had conquered" i.e. Rome fell, as Greece before it, because of mass immigration and multiculturalism. Other recent theories are because of wholesale corruption and militarisation - the boosting of NATO and the attack on Russia and China who wish to maintain financial and political independence from the New World Order's One world - and you can see that we are being pushed down the same path as the Ancient Romans.
    The only good thing is that, as John Pilger said yesterday, we now have the internet and sattelite stations like Al Jazeera and Russia Today and are able to find out the truth and to escape the propaganda machine for the New World Order which is the BBC and all western media, even in Germany, as their politicians and opinion makers are forced to toe the line.

  7. According to Russia Today the yes and no campaigns in Scotland have now reached parity. Sophie Shevarnadze last night was speaking to UKIP's only Scottish euro mp, David Coburn, who was predicting the no campaign winning two to one. Things may no longer be so clear cut.
    Generally, Coburn, was very sound believing in an end to immigration, the banning of sharia law, the EU's responsibility for the chaos in the Ukraine as a result of their low intelligence and incompetence ( only outshone by the American neocons behind them). However, he rejected an alliance with Marine Le Pen on the basis that the Front National had traces of anti-semitism and that UKIP is an anti-racist party. I am not so sure if this applies to all or even possibly the majority of its members. However, sadly, the demographics are now altering at such a speed with the indigeneous English predicted to be a minority by the middle of the century with even all whites possibly being in a minority here by then that bullets are going to have to be bitten on in the coming decades, not only here but elsewhere in Europe. As the American police become increasingly militarised, to the benefit of the industrial complex and arms manufacturers, the day when America will show the way by having a white minority are fast approaching. From being over 90% white just a few decades ago to minority status. The increasing militarisation of the American police is probably in anticipation of the coming chaos and bloodshed.

    It is a sad fact that has to be accepted that nowhere does a pluralist society really work. It might have worked to some extent in the USA with whites being in the vast majority but as the demographics change the writing is on the wall.

    Of course UKIP is caught in the racist trap set for all European nations by the Marxists and their kleptocratic controllers, the 1% of the population as was stated last night, who are bent on ruling the world both econmically and politically. Back to Goldman Sachs on that front, the subject of a recent attack by the Daily Mirror, I have now done some research and discovered the links between the posh boys Cameron and Osborne to their evil empire and even the lovely Samantha Cameron worked for them as well. Funny that. As Coburn said, we are not now talking of opposition to a corrupt and misguided political class; the people of Britain and by extension other Europeans are now on the verge of a revolution - not to led by Russell Brand please. In any case, his lady friend Jemima Khan/Goldsmith brings us back full circle to Goldman Sachs I am told. Yet another coincidence!!