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Monday, 17 February 2014


The EU Commission President, Senor Barosso, has unwittingly confirmed that if either Scotland or England get independence from the UK then they are out of the EU!

On the Andrew Marr show on Sunday, 16th February, Mr Barosso made clear that an independent Scotland was a “new State” and so would be automatically out of the EU.

He was clearly unaware of the UK’s unique constitution structure because he was apparently unaware that in the event of the dissolution of the “United Kingdom of Great Britain” all the constituent nations of the UK would also be “new States”.  Therefore by Barosso’s logic, we would all be out of the EU!  Not a result that I imagine he would relish!

So England can either get out of the EU through a dissolution of the “United Kingdom of Great Britain” either by Scottish secession or by our own English independence!

So thank you Mr Barosso.  Now we have a road map of two easy ways out of the EU maze!

This is what Senor Barosso said:-
“When asked about the Scottish referendum on independence later this year, Mr Barroso said he respected the ongoing democratic processes surrounding the  debate and said it was for the Scottish people to decide on the country's future.

But he added: "In case there is a new country, a new state, coming out of a current member state, it will have to apply and... the application and the accession to the European Union will have to be approved by all the other member states of the European Union."

He went on: "I don't want to interfere on your referendum here, your democratic discussion here, but of course it will be extremely difficult to get the approval of all the other member states to have a new member coming from one member state.

"We have seen Spain has been opposing even the recognition of Kosovo, for instance. So it is to some extent a similar case because it's a new country and so I believe it's going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, a new member state coming out of one of our countries getting the agreement of the others."

(Here is a link to the Daily Express Article about this >>> NO negotiation of freedom of movement says defiant EU President Jose Manuel Barroso | UK | News | Daily Express )


  1. Whilst the prospect of the Scots saving us the trouble of getting out of the E.U. (by voting "Yes") seems attractive, I cannot help but be pessimistic.
    Firstly a Eurocrat cannot be trusted. This Barosso chap could be bluffing, possibly to influence the vote, despite his insistence that he does not wish to interfere.
    Second, It seems unlikely that the British political elite will not have some contingency plan for legislation to enable a U.K. of some description to continue in the event of a Scottish "Yes" vote.
    We have an unwritten constitution so challenges to govenment activity on the grounds that it is "unconstitutional" must be difficult at best.
    If "Britain" = England + Scotland, then simple algebra says that
    Britain - Scotland = England.
    If Britain is governed by the British Parliament, then Scotland's exit means that the British Parliament has no "Britain" to govern; which in turn casts serious doubt as to its legitimacy. Surely the Brits cannot have failed to see this and will legislate well in advance to assure their own survival. I hope I'm wrong.
    Alex Salmond and his side-kick Nicola Sturgeon USED to say that independence for Scotland would mean independence for England. They haven't said that for a long time. Like the British, they never use the "E" word, now. They, like the British, refer only to "The Rest of the U.K."
    I'd like to be wrong. I hope I'm wrong but the English just don't seem to CARE about the injustices under which they live, They seem quite happy for their youngsters to have to pay twenty-seven thousand pounds to go to university, whilst paying for Scottish youngsters to go for free. They seem quite happy to pay nearly eight pounds per item for prescriptions, whilst paying for the Scots Welsh and Northern Irish to have them for nothing. HOW do we overcome that kind of apathy??
    Yes, I want a "Yes" vote in the forthcoming referendum. It will remove a big obstacle to English independence. But the biggest obstacle seems to be the English, themselves.

  2. Kosovo is not in the EU - Scotland is

    1. Kosovo, thanks to the anti-Serbian American-led NATO is now the conduit through which drugs from Afghanistan get into Europe. But perhaps this was the aim so that the big banks - like HSBC - could profit from laundered drugs money.

  3. Courage mon brave

  4. I saw some of the debate in the Scottish Parliament on Scotland in or out of the EU. The thinking was that it would be Scotland and the rump of the UK; but this may not be the case. Meanwhile, events in the Ukraine are beginning to expose what has been going on in Europe and North America at least since the War. The deputy Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, has told the American ambassador in Kiev how the Americans plan to regime change in the Ukraine and how they will stitch up the UN to come on board. Now we hear that in December she spoke at a convention on the Ukraine sponsored by Chevron Oil who want to be free to frack in the Ukraine and challenge Russian supplied oil. I am pleased to hear today that the Russians are in on talks between the Ukrainian govt and the opposition and no immediate sign of the likes of John Kerry. The UN have been in on the act as regards mass immigration and the EU and still are.

    However, the EU will be in Kiev. So what do we have, the US and the EU working together to spread the EU's nominally left-wing totalitarian empire. The structure of the EU is left wing totalitarian but the EU is dominated by big banks and big business and it is the banks that, once they got the structure in place, including the euro, were able to move in and steal and plunder. According to my Guardian-reading brother American corporations are set to asset strip the Ukraine and EU big business and banks are set on the same path.

    Perhaps this explains why at the first meeting of the Bilderberg Group after the War, the Rothschild banking cartel sat down with ex-communists and ex-Nazis (Nazism was in essence just another form of left-wing totalitarianism). The latter were just there to provide the structure of the European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics for the big banks and big business. Both would get their way and there would be no more fighting.

    However, it looks as if France is about to blow and bring the whole house of cards down so we may not need to worry about the EU much longer. Goldmann Sachs have told the French government they have to drop wages by 30% which they have duly done. Small businesses there are failing at the rate of 60,00 per year. The French have said they will not be another Greece as the contagion spreads from the Hellenes north through Europe. They are demanding revolution and Marine Le Pen is set to sweep the boards in the euro-elections.

    I have been reading a crime novel about an Icelander who went to live in Boston, US, as a child and then is asked to return to Iceland to solve a murder. What comes out is the contract between the multicultural cri me-ridden hell that is Boston and peaceful Iceland where, as here, the police do not carry guns. The writer comments that Iceland does not do ethnic minorities and this is obviously a criticism. But what do you want, Boston or Rekjavik; and why should countries not be allowed to choose.
    Perhaps some of you have been watching the repeats of Ever Decreasing Circles; it was only 30 years ago but the last gasp of gentle homogeneous England before multiculturalism, compounded by New Labour's open door immigration policy, took hold. In common with another blogger in the last few months, I am now beginning to loathe and detest multiculturalism and the determination of New Labour and Big Money to turn England into another friction ridden multicultural hell. UKIP is now chasing Old Labour voters who have suffered most from globalism/globalisation. The problem is those Atlanticists in UKIP who want to turn England into another America. This is the message that the EDs must get across to Old Labour voters; that UKIP is split between the antlanticist globalisers and the anti-globalist majority. Only the EDs are truly opposed to globalisation and globalism and want England back as it used to be prior to the arrival of the globalists of Labour and Conservatives or former Conservatives. We are on our way to becoming the ethnic minority in our own land and this must stop.