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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

“Campaign for Britishness” gives cause for a glimmer of amusement!

The Daily Telegraph’s relentless talking up of the Union in its “Campaign for Britishness” is obviously tiresome to any English nationalist but occasionally gives cause for a glimmer of amusement!

Such an opportunity arose in the article, which I copy below by Graeme Archer, in which he obsesses about the importance of the Union because his sense of Britishness arises from his mixed Scottish and English background!  This is in a paper which, like all the Lib/Lab/Con supporting media, usually claims that Britshness is open to all ethnicities in a spirit of inclusive multi-culturalist diversity, a "Team GB", with a tincture of globalisation!

Mr Archer is however clearly speaking for a significant constituency if the results of the 2011 Census are studied.  The results of the Census show that it is clear more than half of the under 30% of the population of England that regarded themselves as being in any sense British, are Black Minority Ethnic (BME) or of White Irish, White Scottish or White Welsh ethnic origin!  So Mr Archer your feelings of Britishness are not so untypical of your ethnic origin!

Here is Graeme Archer’s article.  See what you think:-

First the poetry, then the prose. I’m talking about Scotland, of course. The fight to retain the UK, remember? No? I don’t blame you. Until recently, the independence vote has had insufficient coverage down here – that is, in England, where I live.

The poetry of the Union is simple, but provides the strongest reason to oppose Salmond’s carve-up-a-small-island nationalism: that I was born in Scotland to an English father and Scottish mother, and now live in London.
That’s it. But this one sentence contains the big question that separatists prefer to avoid. Namely, why should my parents be made foreigners to one another, and I to one of them?

The Nationalists brush it aside, because the whole SNP shtick is to pretend that such a profound change can take place with no consequences other than Scottish government policies acquiring an even more Left-wing sheen. But if Salmond wins, my late father is recast as a foreigner, and I will become an immigrant. That’s what being a separate country means. My romantic attachment to the Union is no more ineffable than my love for my mother and father, and its companion desire that we remain citizens of the same country.

The lack of interest among the London media – compare coverage of the referendum with that of the Olympics, whose memory David Cameron yesterday invoked in belatedly making the case for the Union – is strange. A few weeks ago, I came in to the Telegraph offices to meet Douglas Carswell, the Conservative MP for Clacton. During our debate on this paper’s Telegram podcast, he used his precise, passionate intellect to outline the case for withdrawal from the European Union. What could be more natural than for two Eurosceptic Tories to discuss the outcome of the EU referendum, which will be held by 2017?

We should have talked about Scotland, of course. After all, if Salmond isn’t defeated, there might not be a recognisable UK left by 2017 in which to hold that all-important vote.

On the day we met, I heard one brief mention of the Scottish referendum on a radio bulletin, reporting something that Alistair Darling had said about university funding. Why have British politicians, and Tories in particular, had so little to say about a real referendum – the Scottish vote will happen, subject to meteor strikes, with 100 per cent probability – yet so much to say about the EU referendum, which, contingent as it is upon a general election outcome, must still be classed as a theoretical proposition?
Partly English politicians – particularly Conservatives – have held their tongues for fear of helping Salmond. The theory is that the Scots so loathe English Tories that the mere recitation of a desire to maintain the Union, if uttered in an accent not drawn from north of the border, will release antibodies into the political system that will attack the Unionist host.

I’m not so sure. The more extreme nationalists are, fortunately and by definition, atypical, and my family-based anti-separatism is hardly unique. By staying silent in the debate, I worry that English politicians have merely reinforced the SNP narrative, about some mythical, mutually exclusive, foreign nature to our inter-relationship.

The other reason for English diffidence is probably politeness. Disquiet over Scottish preferentialism – over tuition fees, for example – hasn’t boiled into political anger. English votes for English laws, a formula I support, never commanded enough political bandwidth to become a dominant issue. So English politicians think: “This is for Scotland to decide, and anyway I’d only make matters worse” – and end up saying nothing about a vote that could destroy the UK.

Thank heavens, then, that this has begun to change. Last week, Mark Carney visited Edinburgh to spell out the truth: an independent Scotland’s preferences in a future currency union would no more dominate decision-making in the Bank of England than did those of Cypriots within the European Central Bank. Currency union absent political integration is the reason the single currency could never work. This is Salmond’s best currency outcome, remember: his alternative is to join the euro.

And yesterday, from the Prime Minister, at last, some poetry for the Union. Only Scottish residents (not “only Scots”) can vote in this referendum, but its outcome will affect “all 63 million of us”, he said in Stratford. And then: “We want you to stay.”
Perhaps Mr Cameron’s Home Counties accent sounded English to Scottish ears. But then, so did my Norfolk father’s. My own Ayrshire tones aren’t anything like Salmond’s West Lothian voice. It’s not the accent that matters, but the words those accents conjure into existence.

So say it with a Devonion burr, or with glo’al-stopped Estuary. Say it in Mancunian, in Liverpudlian, in Jamaican, in Bengali, Greek, Geordie and Brum. Use the Queen’s English or Yorkshire directness. Say it any way you like, whether you’re a politician or a business leader or just an ordinary Briton, but let Scotland hear it, over and over again: we want you to stay.

(Here is a link to the original>>>If Scotland kills off the the Union, I will be an immigrant in my own country - Telegraph )


  1. If Scotland is off the map for multicultural London, so is England.

  2. 100% of this Englishman wants them to go. GO. GO. It will be one more step to getting the British off our English backs.

  3. The results are in for the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election. Labour won easily, Ukip was second, Tories third and the Lib Dems lost their deposit.
    Unless the EDs fight these northern working class seats, the party will be completely eclipsed by anti-English Ukip in the working class north where the sense of Englishness is strongest.
    And a great chance to raise the flag, in front of the national media, for English nationalism was lost

  4. Laura Smith on Russia Today said that the more the Scots are bullied the more they will be heading towards a yes vote. I would if it was me. But then you wonder if the real aim is to get them to vote yes so as to split up the United Kingdom and split England into regions. All is not always as it seems. As for a currency, if they are not allowed to keep the pound then how about currency union with the Icelandic or Norwegian krona? I might suggest it to Alex Salmond. As for Norway there is now pressure there for a vote on immigration following the Swiss vote. They may vote yes but they will be threatened out of ever being allowed to introduce such a quota.

    Max Keiser on Russia Today says that somebody has described the bankers as having Munchausen's syndrome by proxy. This must be a form or psychopathy as all involved either in politics or the financial world or big business seem to be psychopaths after political or financial power. The bankers have destroyed the world's economic system so that they could be seen to be repairing it for our benefit; but they are not or rather they are repairing it as they want it.

    Meanwhile we hear that South Africa is now wallowing in corruption, crime and poverty, another Zimbabwe on the way with many European countries going the same way as they turn Europe into the third world and with the dilution of Europeans. Here the government has admitted they will never be able to keep track of the jihadists returning from Syria. Perhaps this is what they want, us all in constant fear for our lives, as in Iraq.

    The plan seems to be to turn Europe into a mirror image of the US prior to political union. I already knew that France and Britain are developing drones together but now I have read that the EU is preparing to use drones for domestice surveillance. I believe that all this EU/US rivalry will turn out to have been a smokescreen. Both Americans and Europeans will be subject to instant death from the skies. Yes, 1984 is nearly here with the former white world being reduced to an area of rootless controllable individuals.

    In the end, there will be an eruption all over Europe and in North America and all the hitherto white world. But that seems to be what they want and expecting and are preparing for it. Greece is now on the point of eruption and there have been shots fired at the German embassy. But I do not believe that you can blame the Germans. They are just the messangers, the means to an end. The real control of Europe and the US lies elsewhere.

  5. It is all well and good to talk of England Revolting in connection with your Spring Conference but the problem is to get the English to revolt. Even UKIP is beginning to talk along those lines and I heard on Sky news that voters are meant to be deserting the "fringe parties" and returning to the fold. You have to remember the English terror of confrontation bred into them by the Norman hierarchy. After all the Peasants' Revolt ended in failure. Even with a secret ballot the English may fear their identities will be revealed or rather, more likely, they fear the instability that will ensue if the major parties and the establishment are openly challenge on their globalist agenda. They are afraid to revolt. As it is the West is already descending into a morass of crime and conflict just as the Left planned and the Turbo capitalists, who want to achieve their ends by dividing and ruling, wish. People have been shocked by the looting during the floods - I don't know who the perpetrators are - but I point out to them that European civilisation is now collapsing and that Boris Johnson has ordered his water cannon from Germany at £1m a piece. However, even on the Continent the most so-called "right wing" parties seem to achieve is 30%. People are terrified of disturbing the status quo or being labelled extreme and hence are caught in the web spun by the globalists.

    A psychologist talking about the floods said - whether she realised what she was saying or not - that people generally work together with people they are like. Hence the saying that birds of a feather fly together. This shows the unworkability of "multiculturalism" and the fact that those virtually homogeneous strong and virile giants - have you seen China's new aircraft carrier? - are forging ahead whilst the west is collapsing.
    In that most racist country of India we know that the palest people stick together and refuse to help the darker peoples of the lower castes.
    Also, we know that peoples of the northern hemisphere because of their less favourable climate tend to co-operate more than in the south and this is in their dna. Hence the difference between the aftermaths of the earthquakes in Japan and Haiti. The sticking together is a by-product of Darwinism and the need to perpetuate those genes which will allow survival in their carriers' traditional environments. However much you try to bend human nature those "racist" survival genes rise to the surface.

    As Dr Frank Ellis, sacked for his "right wing" views, told David Cameron "diversity is not strength". But anybody with half a brain can see that. But we are trapped by the Left and the Turbo capitalists. The Left know it but are in denial and stick to their infantile utopianist ideology, knowing in any case that diversity will bring down European Civilisation as they had planned. The Big Money know it as well but it serves their ends as these megolomaniacs seeking world domination are operating a policy of divide and rule.

    Meanwhile in Germany, one in six are now living below the poverty line, with the elderly relying on food banks and unemployment is soaring. One speaker said that Germany cannot maintain its open door immigration policy. Despite this the number in Germany wanting a curb on immigration lies at 50% but they are not the most crowded country in Europe if not nearly in the world as England is. The figure for Britain is 77% per cent, for France 70% and for Norway 60%. Hugh Fernley Wittingstall last night was talking to a Norwegian lady about Anders Breivik and the shock his attacks had caused there. She said that there was a group of people in Norway who think like him. I assume she was talking about the Norwegian People's Party who are calling for the referendum on immgration.