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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

UK is “drinking in the last chance saloon”. "Closing time" is 18th September 2014

UK is “drinking in the last chance saloon”. "Closing time" is 18th September 2014

The "United Kingdom of Great Britain", which is the constitutional foundation stone of the current UK, will be broken up by a Yes vote in the Scottish referendum in 2014.

The UK Government and Political Establishment is now drifting through its last chances for resurrecting a reformed UK after the dissolution of the old merger between the Kingdoms of England and Scotland created in 1707 which formed the then new concept of “Great Britain”.

After the 2014 Scottish referendum it will be too late for the UK if the “English Question” has not already been fairly dealt with by the British Political Establishment.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said that:- “I don’t believe that the British Government and Political Establishment have any serious interest in tackling the "English Question". Their failure to implement even the minimalist recommendations of the MacKay Commission, giving England an officially recognised voice in Parliament and suggesting that the Establishment parties have manifestos for England (as well as their existing ones for Scotland and Wales!) demonstrates that they simply don’t care about the English Nation and about English national interests, let alone bother to attempt to represent them in Parliament! A perfect example of this contempt was the casual decision to close Portsmouth’s shipbuilding in the interests of Scottish shipbuilding in the heart of the independence referendum battle-zone on the Clyde. It is for this reason that the English Democrats have adopted the keynote policy of Independence for England.”

Robin continued:- “There are now pro-independence parties within all the nations of "Great Britain" – Scotland, Wales and England. Already over 36% (ComRes poll) of English people support Independence for England. So there is already more support for Independence for England in England than there is for Scotland and Wales in Scotland and Wales! The English are increasingly ready and willing to end relationships with Scotland and Wales which seem all too one sided and in which vast sums of our hard earned money is wasted by the UK government in attempting to buy their support for the Union in the latter day travesty of Danegeld known as the Barnett Formula.”

The text of the Act of Union speaks for itself in showing that the de-merger of the kingdoms of Scotland and England leads automatically to the dissolution of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Here is the relevant wording:-

THAT THE TWO Kingdoms of England and Scotland shall upon the first Day of May which shall be in the Year one thousand seven hundred and seven, and for ever after, be united into one Kingdom by the name of Great Britain;

That the United Kingdom of Great Britain be represented by one and the same Parliament, to be stiled, The Parliament of Great Britain.

Yours faithfully

Robin Tilbrook
and Chairman of  The English Democrats,

Key facts about the English Democrats

The English Democrats launched in 2002. The English Democrats are the English nationalist Party which campaigns for a referendum for Independence for England; for St George’s Day to be England’s National holiday; for Jerusalem to be England’s National Anthem; to leave the EU; for an end to mass immigration; for the Cross of St George to be flown on all public buildings in England.

The English Democrats are England’s answer to the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru. The English Democrats’ greatest electoral successes to date include winning the Directly Elected Executive Mayoralty of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and the 2012 referendum; We won the referendum which triggered a referendum to give Salford City an Elected Mayor; In 2012 we saved all our deposits in the Police Commissioner elections and came second in South Yorkshire; In the 2009 EU election we gained 279,801 votes after a total EU campaign spend of less than £25,000 (giving the English Democrats by far the most cost efficient electoral result of any serious Party in the UK)


  1. There was a comment elsewhere about who would buy the houses that Ed Davey wants to build all over Portsmouth's naval shipyards as there will be nobody left with a job to stump up the money. The answer will be middle class commuters. The workers, as usual, can go hang. The whole of the south east of England will be commuting into London it seems. A commentator in our local paper here in the more civlised north said he had been down to Surrey and wondered where the men driving the white vans lived as they could not afford to buy houses.He surmised that they were housed in some township like SOWETO out of sight of the rich.

    This is the fate of the workers of England so despised by the British establishment represented by the oily Lord Powell. However, we are not alone, the languid Sophie Shevardnadze has been at it again on Russia Today, this time talking to the ex- head of the European Central Bank, Jean Claude Trichet. He said the euro-zone is now recovering and that Spain is bouncing back because the workers have been reduced to subsistence level. No need for that without the euro; the peseta would just have been devalued and the workers would have been able to eat.

    Then this smug plutocrat went on to tell us that they were pressing ahead with a fiscal union and a Federal Europe - whether the peoples of Europe want it or not. There is a bit of a democratic deficit he admitted - what Marine Le Pen has called a new Soviet Union - and the European parliament will need to be given more powers; not if they threaten the plutocracy ruling Europe and the world now, a mixture of bankers and multinational corporations. It occurred to me that this is not a European Union but a European Economic Empire. If you write that in lower case and twist it round it looks like 666 the mark of the beast; how appropriate.

    Meanwhile the British government is at it again today threatening the Scots. I do hope they have the courage to say get lost and vote to be free of the likes of Cameron. Surely they cannot want to be pushed around by this pseudo-Scot?

    As for England, time is running out. Soon there won't be many English left to care as the whole world sweeps over us. If our manufacturing has to be revived as China concentrates on the home market then you can bet your bottom dollar - or yuen - that the labour to fuel it will be brought in from Eastern Europe or elsewhere whilst the English are pushed out again; as has happened with London's building boom.

    I do notice something rather curious however, namely the fact that our "ethnic minorities" are still under-represented despite the fact that they probably now constitute about 20% of the population of England. Those English names and faces still keep predominating. I still harbour the suspicion that despite the politically correct nature of the establishmen, the BBC etc they are still trying to stop England slipping away whilst claiming such a silent resistance is nothing to do with them.

    Pleased to see that the Labour party or worried about the rise of the populist radical right in Europe. So they should be, you can threaten, cajole, terrorise and coerce only for so long to try to force people to accept your childish utopianist ideology which attempts to bend human nature but when European backs are pressed firmly against the wall something has to give. Meanwhile the New British and the New French and even native converts are teaming up with Al Qaeda in Syria. Oil and water springs to mind.

  2. Wednesdey, ðe twentieðh ov November, is ðe seint’s dey ov St Edmund, ðe true pátron seint ov ðé English folk, and ðe wedding anniversary ov ðe Kween and Prince Philip.
    All true English nacionalists shoud celebrate it.

  3. The people of England have been patronised and ignored and our identity suppressed at the hands of the British Establishment for far too long. There can be no renaissance in England or of England until the likes of Cameron are removed. Until we have a Minister for England, which is a legitimate urgent requirement, followed by an English parliament which our present MP’s refuse to consider even as individuals, we will continue to lose out to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    The Union does nothing for me, so I no longer owe it any allegiance. I reject the Union flag, and I urge all English people to do likewise. It is essential we break free, so good luck to the Scottish independence movement.

    We are denied reform by agreement, there is no option open but to seek the break-up of the Union.

    1. I rejected it a long time ago WD. You will find no Union flag in my house. I also walk out of the room when our national anthem(?) is played before any England games - I reject that as well; what for me is a total insult.

  4. Here Here Oswald ! Happy ST EDMUNDS DAY 20th November should be a" NEW ENGLISH " Bank Holiday St Edmunds Day

    Folks who want to celebrate St George can do so on the same day aswell
    Celebrate both Saints Original & New,we can win alot of new minds to the English cause.

  5. I have been reading again the chapter in Michael Wood's Story of England - about Kibworth in Leicestershire - dealing with the Norman Conquest. I was struck by how similar it was to the Nazi domination of the Continent. The Normans were totally brutal, spoke a different language and regarded the Anglo-saxons as Untermenschen, inferior.

    The Anglo-Saxons had killed or enslaved the native Celts but over time they were absorbed, even though perhaps being in the majority and adopted the Saxons' speech, culture and democratic institutions, they became English and both Saxon and Celt and their mutual offspring featured at every level of society. The same was true of the Vikings who settled down as craftsmen and farmers and became English, sharing common blood and a mutually intelligible language with the Anglo-Saxons.

    The Normans were different. They seized the land and became the ruling class, the establishment, even though they probably only ever totalled 50,000 out of a population of 2 million. They did not feature at the lower levels of society and the Saxon- Celtic- Viking mix constituted the working classes whilst they were the nobility. English became the language of the lower strata whilst Norman French was the language of the nobility, the law courts and the Church. The Normans never bothered to learn English but relied on interpreters.

    Viewed in this context one could say that the treatment of the English working classes with regard to globalism, globalisation, the European Union and mass immigration has perpetuated the divide which they instituted. The fate of the English working classes is still decided by the heirs to the Norman oligarchy. They still regard the English working classes as inferior and to be treated by them as they wish. The democracy which had been such a feature of Anglo-danish society was replaced by a continental dictatorship and we are there again.

    Whereas the Nazis were ultimately defeated our Nazis are still with us. The French still go on about Joan of Arc and the English/Normans and the Hundred Years War but that was five plus centuries ago. We are still living with the consequences of what they i.e. the Norman French did to us.

    The Anglo-saxon institutions of freedom and democracy ultimately rose to the fore until now. Now it seems they have finally finished us off, us being the English still overlorded by them. Democracy has been crushed again as we live under the globalist dictatorship of Marxism and Monetarism. The establishment still seem to regard us as alien and only as a means to their ends.

    1. The way to take England back from the Norman ruling class is to remake the English language as a true English language purified of words from the Latin languages. A nation soul is in its language, we English have almost lost our national soul entirely. We need to eliminate most of our vocabulary and make it English again. Beware of "decade" for "ten years", "aid" for "help", "liberty" for "freedom", "manual" for "handbook" and try out "wordhoard" for "vocabulary", "wordbook" for "dictionary", "wordlist" for "lexicon", a.s.f. ("and so forth" for "etc., et cetera").

  6. Robin, it seems ED has so much in common with UKIP , you might as well amalgamate. God knows our chances of turning things around in this country are difficult enough without so many tiddler parties. We need nationalist UNITY.

    1. When YOU KIP finally realise that the united kingdom is finished, perhaps the Robin might allow some of them to join us.

    2. ED has very little in common with UKIP, apart from expressing opposition to the EU. UKIP is a unionist party: the English Democrats are a nationalist party. UKIP would dishonestly have the electorate believe that the UK can be taken out of the EU intact: the English Democrats are honest with the electorate and do not pretend that the UK can be taken out of the EU intact. England can only be taken out of the EU if she gets shot of pro-EU Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
      Voters will wake up to the con being practised on them by UKIP and the despicable so-called Tory Eurosceptic MPs who prop up pro-EU Cameron and Osborne's discredited National Liberal Party aka the Conservative Party.

  7. Russia Today, which is an escape from the British media's government-inflicted Atlanticist pro-the Amercian globalizing empire's slant, has informed us that there is mounting fury here at the prospect of the population of Britain - that is probably England - increasing by ten million in a generation. If there is mounting fury then nobody dares express it as, as with the mass immigration imposed on us over the last 60 years to, as we have heard from Peter Sutherland, destroy our homogeneity and identity for reasons of European and global union, anybody who dares to express that fury, like poor Emma West, is subject the full force of the pro-multicultural establishment and will be clapped in irons.

    But there is hope. Although there was nothing on the Beeb, the lead story on RT's news last night was the rejection by the Ukraine of EU associate membership. A British commentator - and he was British whereas most of those shown on RT as being resident in London or Birmingham are not ethnically - informed us that the EU has done nothing for Eastern Europe. The EU has closed down their factories as being not up to standard so that multinationals in Western Europe have benfited and the Slavs have fulfilled their age-old role of being slave labour for the West. But even that is no longer working as jobs are short due to the banking kleptocracy's ruination of the economy for their own ends. The commentator said the EU is in its death throes and that the Ukraine would do better for form a free-trade area to the east with Russia, China and Kazakhstan, where the future lies. The EU, like big corporation America, will collapse. It is just a matter of time; so Scotland and England will not need to renegociate membership.

    So as Western Europe turns into the third world to suit the aims of the globalist plutocracy the sun is rising in the east. They have effectively, with their Marxist useful idiots in European politics, who have helped them to achieve the borderless multicultural Europe they needed, destroyed European Christian Civilisation. We knew that this was the aim of the Marxists. Only a few of us realised that it was also the aim of their pupped masters.

    An England of 60m people will be intolerable and the indigenous English will be in a minority much sooner than the 2066 predicted. On another front, the Italians have been protesting violently against the high speed rail line planned from Rome to France saying it is a waste of money - in a country already broke - and will destroy the environment. Perhaps we should take a leaf out of their book. Being terribly nice about HS1 and HS2 has not got us anywhere with the likes of the smarmy deceitful Mr Cameron and his ilk.

  8. The government's Attorney General Dominic Grieve told the Telegraph: "Yes, corruption is mainly found in the Pakistani community, not the Indian community. I wouldn't draw it down to one. I'd be wary of saying it's just a Pakistani problem."

    The Tory MP pointed out that it could also be found in the "white Anglo-Saxon" community but he said it was a growing problem "because we have minority communities in this country which come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic".

    "It is something as politicians we have to wake up to."

    The MP for Beaconsfield added: "I can see many of them have come because of the opportunities that they get. But they also come from societies where they have been brought up to believe you can only get certain things through a favour culture.

    "One of the things you have to make absolutely clear is that that is not the case and it's not acceptable."
    Note Grieve's use of "Anglo-Saxon" rather than the hated "white British" definition. The tide could be turning when it comes to recognition of the English as an ethnic group.

    1. Grieve has been forced to grovel by Cameron and pals for his remarks about the Pakistani community.

  9. BBC NEWS England November 23 (reduced version)
    In less than a year people in Scotland will vote on whether they want to leave the UK. But are there any parts of England that want independence too?

    More than 73,000 people said their nationality was Cornish in the 2011 census
    Cornwall has the strongest independence movement within England.

    The peninsula has its own language, three elected councillors from a nationalist party and thousands of people who identify as being Cornish and not English.

    The setting for most of Thomas Hardy's novels, the area has not existed politically but covers Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire?

    David Robins, who is the secretary general of the Wessex Regionalist Party, said: "It is predominantly still a rural area, therefore sees itself distinct"

    Mr Robins, whose party is also campaigning for similar powers to those used by the Scottish Parliament, said devolution in England would allow policies to be tailor-made for the Wessex region. The old kingdoms have a little bit more colour to them and make sense in the wider European context."

    Jimmy Nail in the BBC series Spender Voters in the North East rejected plans for a regional assembly in 2004
    Northumbria - another ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom - covered much of northern England.

    The Venerable Bede - one of the most highly regarded scholars of his time - wrote dozens of books from his monastery in Jarrow. The kingdom also shared a border - and some heritage - with lowland Scotland.

    Continue reading the main story
    Geordie dialect
    Bairn - a child
    Canny - something or someone that is full of kindliness and good
    Clarts - mud or can be used as in 'clartin on' meaning messing around
    Fernietickles - freckles
    Galloways - pit pony
    Galluses - men's braces
    Hacky - dirty
    Hyem - home
    Pitmatic - words unique to North East coal miners
    Plodge - wade in water
    Snotter clot - handkerchief
    Yakker - a pitman

    Its relative remoteness to the rest of England has led to distinct dialects, but also the first proper push for an elected regional assembly in 2004.

    In 2004 people in the North East rejected plans for an elected regional assembly, with more than three quarters voting "no" in a referendum. The result ended plans by John Prescott to roll out elected assemblies to other parts of England.

    "If autonomy is granted to other parts of the United Kingdom and the kingdom remains united - if there's some way of working that magic trick - then surely there's an opportunity for regions that want greater autonomy, to have it," says Kim Bibby-Wilson, from the Northumbrian Language Society.

    "There is a distinct identity in the North East of England - particularly because of the isolation, due to the North Sea and the Pennines.

    "In Northumbria's golden age we were a leading light in education and culture within Europe."

    Spaghetti junction Mercia covers much of what is commonly known as the Midlands
    "Some people say Mercia is 1,000 years in the past, but maybe it's the future?"

    Jeff Kent wants independence for Mercia - the old kingdom that roughly corresponds with the modern Midlands.

    He is the convener of the Acting Witan of Mercia, which so far claims to have registered 2,000 people as "citizens".

    A "witan" in Anglo-Saxon times was the gathering of the king's advisers.

    "We want to be part of England but self-governing," he said. "In a perfect world Mercia would be part of an English confederation.

    "The Midlands is a region without proper boundaries, however people associate with it. Why is that the case?

    "We believe it's because there's an affinity to the Anglo-Saxon regions - they seem to be more natural to people, and there's a continuing identity."

  10. I think that Dominic Grieve said that it was found in all ethnic minority communties. The Indians' insisting on running their caste system here and browbeating or bribing parliament to go along with it is surely a form of corruption. As for the English, we were probably one of the least corrupt countries in the world. This is probably another example of reverse assimilation. Of course he should have said that the worst are the political class. I thought that corruption was down to iq levels but China with its supposed high iq population is extremely corrupt. Nearly all non-european countries are corrupt and even within Europe the most corrupt seem to be in southern Europe. America now is rotten at the top but probably has been for a long time. Hence the murders of the Kennedy brothers via the FBI for the sake of the big corporations.

    Interested to see that Alex Salmond has set a date for Scottish independence being the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union in 2016. This will be the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings so what better time for England to be free of the Norman/British yoke. I keep meaning to check out the entire Tory Front bench but certainly Osborne and Hammond are two of the names of the brutal ruling class that imposed itself on us in 1066. William the Conqueror was described after his death as the most greedy man ever and they are still at it. He actually begged for forgiveness from God on his deathbed for the way he had treated the English. The Anglo-Saxon ruling class was wiped out. King Harold was dead and about 90% of the thegns fled to Scotland and Scandinavia. It would be great to see the old Anglo-Saxon kingdoms back, provided that this is not seen as the EU's England of the regions. However, the way things are going most of Mercia will be Asian thanks to the Normans' policy of bringing in indentured labour.

    On that front, despite the fact that the Daily Express tells us that a poll has rejected more East European immigration - they are talking of 50,000, that is what Blair said about the Poles and we ended up with 1m - the Daily Telegraph tells us that every request for labour from Bulgaria and Romania by employers - probably the multinationals or big business - since 2007 has been granted by the home office. It is obvious that this government like every other for the last 60 years hates the English. Cameron is trying to stop them coming now as he knows he will be trounced by UKIP and hopefully the EDs in the euro-elections. Michael Wood actually told us that stripped of their indigenous ruling class the English became the working classes, even the remaining thegns were slaves to the Normans.

    A fascinating discovery on Julian Richards' update on some Anglo-Saxon burials the other night. Despite the fact that it is thought that the Saxons as the Vikings were a dominant minority the y chromosome of the English, i.e. the male chromosome, is indistinguishable from that of the Frisians of North West Holland - where the Saxons hailed from - or the Danes where the Angles hailed from. So our male component - unlike the Welsh which is differnet - is 100% anglo-saxon. Either the Saxons killed off the men and married the women or the Saxon gene was so much healthier and stronger than the Celtic one that it edged the latter out. Our Germanic input is evident from the fact that Anglo-saxon England was the richest and most efficient country in Europe, a bit like Germany today. We could have still been that way if the heirs to William the Bastard hadn't asset stripped our country for their own greedy enrichment. Hopefully, 2016 will be the time we get our country back and finally, after nearly 1,000 of William the devil at play, topple them.