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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Did you know that a Yorkshire MP was this bigoted against the English?

Did you know that this Yorkshire MP was this bigoted against the English?

Eddie Bone of the Campaign for an English Parlaiment is interviewed. The item starts at 50.10. 
Just listen to the outrageous remarks of this Labour MP!
Barry Sheerman MP needs to be flooded with complaints about his anti Englishness.
Here is his email address >>>


  1. Coincidentally I have been trying to find out this morning if David Cameron in particular has ever used the phrase 'the people of England' in any of his utterances in the House of Commons, or anywhere else for that matter. I've not been successful - does anyone know?

  2. I have never heard Dave Donald Cameron do so but he was it seems quite happy to say:- “I’ll take on the sour Little Englanders, I’ll fight them all the way”.

  3. Even less likely to say 'The English People'.

  4. More of Labour's anti English stance, this man should be ashamed and sacked.

  5. Bumbling Barry Sheerman does not warrant any attention. The threat to England and Englishness is coming from the European regionalists.
    See from the BBC's news England:
    The setting for most of Thomas Hardy's novels, the area has not existed politically but covers Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire?

    David Robins, who is the secretary general of the Wessex Regionalist Party, said: "It is predominantly still a rural area, therefore sees itself distinct"

    Mr Robins, whose party is also campaigning for similar powers to those used by the Scottish Parliament, said devolution in England would allow policies to be tailor-made for the Wessex region. The old kingdoms have a LITTLE BIT MORE COLOUR TO THEM AND MAKE SENSE IN THE WIDER EUROPEAN CONTEXT"
    If the Marxist inspired regionalist have their way there will be no England.It will be replaced by regions answerable to Brussels. Their crafty move is to pretend that their regions are historical Cornwall, Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria, East Anglia, Kent, Essex, Sussex - that gives them more appeal than the dry bureaucratic South West, South East, West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside and makes them more dangerous.

  6. Regionalisation will just strengthen the English nation. Too many attempts have been made and people are wiser to the lies, particularly of the Labour party.

    The rearing of its ugly head shows that The establishment parties are very concerned about the devolution process and its awakening of English nationalism. Following from the hoo haa surrounding the revelation of the deep Marxist roots of New Labour via Ed Miliband's spluttering defence of his[ English] nation hating father has rattled the commie complacency into black ops, briefing against England with a divide and rule stategy that is distinctly Norwegian and very blue.

    The suppression of the coverage of the alleged Lee Rigby murderers at the Old Bailey last week shows the depth of the concern. After he was murdered a tipping point occurred. Another death like that would signal the end for the multicultural nightmare. There would be open revolt, I suspect.

    No news is good news as far as poor Lee is concerned. No such privilege was extended to the Lawrence Suspects nor indeed 'Marine A'.

    The tide turns slowly, but it turns.

  7. This is the email I sent to Barry Sheerman MP on the 24 November, but he has yet to respond in any way:

    "Dear Mr Sheerman

    The Denial of an English constitutional presence

    I viewed your appearance on BBC TV's Daily Politics Show on 19 November 2013 together with Eddie Bone of the CEP and Iain Dale a Broadcaster & Blogger, and Presenter Jo Coburn with intense dissatisfaction bordering on anger. The Labour Party operates double standards, as exemplified by you when you expressed your opposition to English nationalism saying: "I'm not a nationalist. I don't like the fact that English people have to talk about nationalism. I'm not an English nationalist. I don't want that to become a kind of rallying cry."

    At variance with your prejudiced opposition to nationalism (especially English nationalism), is the record of successive post-war British Governments which promote the idea of a 'British nation' with God Save The Queen as THE National Anthem when, in fact, Britain is a state comprising three distinct nations. I am not aware of any tangible manifestation of your (or, indeed, any other Labour politician's) opposition to the British nation and its 'nationalism'. So, your's and the Labour Party's opposition to nationalism is selective and singles out England to treat less favourably.

    However, the true extent of your's and Labour's double standards in the treatment of England is exemplified by the 1997 Referendum in Wales which was held despite the fact that 79.7% of voters on a turnout of 58.8% had rejected a Welsh Assembly eighteen years earlier in the 1979 Referendum of Wales.

    Worse, a paltry 25.2% of the Welsh electorate on a turnout of merely 50.1% for the subsequent 1997 Referendum of Wales was deemed sufficient to set up a Welsh Assembly, compared to opinion polls in England which, since then, have reported as much as 68% in favour of an English Parliament!

    In Britain, we are supposed to have a representative democracy based on equality under the law. The fact of devolved powers being denied to England as a national entity gives the lie to that supposition, and the Labour Party leads the way in breaching its own statutes which purport to promote equality for the protected characteristic of nationality, in particular English nationality. You are so anti-English that you and the vast majority of all other MPs refuse to allow the people of England a referendum on the question of whether we want a separate Parliament and thereby test your unsubstantiated assertion that voters are 'indifferent'. This is not a matter of nationalism, but a constitutional matter which should not be unnecessarily complicated by prejudice against England and the English in marked contrast to the treatment of Scotland and Wales.

    Yours sincerely

    Alan England

    Prospective English Democrats Lead Candidate for the SW EU Region &
    South West Area Chairman"