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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nick Clegg labels UKIP Un-British!

Nick Clegg has labelled Ukip and eurosceptic Tory MPs "unpatriotic" for their demand that Britain leave the European Union.

The deputy prime minister made the comments on Monday morning... Clegg told a press conference in Whitehall: "I think the view represented by Ukip, large parts of the Conservative Party and Paul Sykes is a betrayal of the national interest and an unpatriotic approach because it would leave many people poorer, it would leave us weaker as a country and it would throw many people out of work, and I can't possibly see why anyone thinks that that is something that in any way represents the long-term national interest."

"There are lots of subtleties in the argument about Britain's place in Europe and lots of debates about this directive or that directive and this European Commission decision or that European Commission decision," he said.

"Actually underlying them is a fundamental view - do you believe we should be in or out of the European Union? I unambiguously lead the party of In."

This isn’t as foolish a comment by Nick Clegg as it seems.  The IPPR has comprehensively polled the people of England and it is now clear that people who identify themselves as British are disproportionately likely to be Europhiles.  It might therefore be credibly said that Eurosceptics are in this sense anti-British!

The people who are strongly anti EU are people who identify themselves as ENGLISH!

The IPPR report says:-
.. Our data shows a strong, consistent and unambiguous link between Euroscepticism and English, rather than British, national identity. For example, when asked whether or not UK membership of the EU is a good or bad thing, negative views are much more prevalent towards the more English end of the identity spectrum. Conversely – and again counter to received wisdom – attitudes  to European integration are notably more positive among those with a more British identity. It is British identifiers who are the Europhile group in England. "


  1. The most notable feature of UKIP is that they anti-English and pro-British. As the IPPR identified, "It is BRITISH IDENTIFIERS who are the Europhile group in England. ". The IPPR might also have said that those who identify themselves as English are the least Europhile group, AND the most likely to vote UKIP. There is a mismatch here.

  2. As the result of immigration, Boston in Lincolnshire should be fertile ground for the English Democrats

  3. John Redwood, on his blog, is commenting on the Scottish independence issue. Some of us may wish to comment there.

    1. Just looked at Mr Redwood's blog. 130 comments and counting!Further comment unlikely to be influential!

  4. Does this indicate what I feared that the New British really don't worry about the EU as they have no ties to the soil. As for Mr Clegg he is half-Dutch with Russian blood and married to a Spaniard. Basically, England is just somewhere he rests his head. There is a sad irony in that Ukrainians are protesting against their government keeping them out so that they can rush here for four times the dosh and most already in wanting to get out of the EU. Paul Nuttall of UKIP said the EU is expansionist; that is because it is an empire; the empire of the banks and the multinationals backed by America and the silly Marxists. An English lady living in Scotland said she would vote yes in 2014 and had no desire to return to England which she implied was now a horrible place to live. Possibly because most of the English have left or are leaving.

    I watched the last of Dominic Sandbrook's programmes on the Cold War. He implied that communism kept capitalism in check until Mrs T came along. The result is he said that we have now ended up with Turbo capitalism as he looked down on the transormation of London into a second New York. He meant that greed is sweeping all before it and we are helpless to stop it; until the economy totally collapses in the West which is what is now on the cards according to Max Keiser. Meanwhile his lovely sidekick Stacy Herbert said she did not believe in the nation state but in globalisation. The silly girl did not realise that globalisation is causing all the woes that Max rants about. As the Traditional British Group has pointed out there is a difference between the nation - a place of blood and belonging and history - and the state which they want to replace it with. Another commentator said that globalism has now run its course. Thank God for that.

    That other result of globalism, mass immigration and the erosion of European homgeneity has been highlighted on RT as well. Analysis of the census results of 2001 and 2011 has shown that massive white flight is taking place within England, to the far north the west and out of England into Wales. Trevor Phillips was horrified. Sorry, Trevor but this is human nature. Most English want to live in what is left of England.
    RT used the expression seeking the comort zone; i.e. wanting to live with your own and it happens as soon as the White British achieve minority status. Presumably following this argument then when the English are in a minority they will just abandon the country for white majority countries, if there are any left. We are now withnessing European ethnic cleansing world-wide. As Paul Weston has said this is unsustainable. What will happen when there are no more comfort zones left? Doubtless the English hating Gordon Brown will rejoice as he achieves his aim of replacing England by another America. Presumbaly Trevor is suggesting enforced integration or stopping the English fleeing, as sort of reverse apartheid. Another comfort zone is watching pre-multicultural films and tv programmes as I do and try to pretend it isn't happening as England vanishes.

    1. 'Another comfort zone is watching pre-multicultural films and tv programmes as I do and try to pretend it isn't happening as England vanishes'.
      This is exactly what I do. I also watch pre 1960 You Tube videos of London. Depending on what mood I am in I either cry with sadness and a sense of loss or fill with rage which makes me all the more determined to fight till the end!

  5. Whilst the Pope and Putin are pleading the cause of the remaining Christians in the Middle east and North Africa the BBC is about to give us 20 programmes on the Golden Age of Islam. Good timing eh and I know which side the Beeb is on. Islam is finishing what it started the forced conversion of what were Christian lands.