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Friday, 1 November 2013

Re: English Independence in Fantastic Facebook success!

Re:  English Independence in Facebook success!
I have sent this to many of Wales' journalists:-
"As you may know on the 21st September the English Democrats adopted as our keynote policy:-
Independence for England
“The English Democrats believe that England should again be an independent nation state and we will campaign to that end.
The English Democrats demand that a referendum be held for the People of England to decide whether England should become independent again and cede from the United Kingdom and the European Union.”
Since then the English Democrats’ Facebook presence has grown so much that despite us not having Plaid Cymru’s resources of paid officials and funds, our Facebook page has now overtaken theirs.
At this rate we can hope that England will be independent of the UK before Wales!"

What do you think?


  1. What difference would it make whether England was independant or not ?
    It is so irrelevent. The difference between ED and others os that nobody
    outside England will ever vote for ED. And most English don't care if England is ' independant ' or not, what they care about is not having their
    country run like a COLONY. Control of immigration, fixing the finances and
    giving back equality to Ethnic Britons are issues that ARE important.

    1. It's highly unlikely that anyone outside Scotland will vote for the Scottish National Party but they run the show up there!

  2. England IS run like a colony by Whitehall. "The difference between ED and others is that nobody outside England will ever vote for ED". So what? Immigration, fixing the finances and ethnic equality for the English depends on we English getting our independence from the EU and the UK. It is certainly not irrelevant.

  3. It is now revealed that 70% of new properties entering the market in central London are sold to overseas buyers before they are advertised in London.
    The numbers being ethnically cleansed from London is twice as large this year as last year.
    For every £5 spent on the arts in the provinces, £70 is spent in London. This pattern is repeated in other areas such as transport, e.g., billions being spent on rail, overground and underground.
    London is getting richer as the provinces get poorer.
    It is increasingly believed that London is emerging as a nation/city state separate from England.
    Its most attractive feature is thought to be its vibrant multicultural population making it an exciting place to live and work, setting it apart from an increasingly impoverished England.
    London is more foreign than Wales.

  4. If that is the case in London, perhaps One Answer ?
    Is to boycott anything that is completely foriegn to England, no matter who you are. Just stand by traditional England.

    1. London is traditionally England, indeed its capital, but it is hard to maintain that the multinational London city state is still England. Perhaps the boundaries of England should be re-drawn to exclude Londonistan, which is alien to traditional England and so rich compared with ethnic England allowing it to buy up English England thereby impoverishing the native English, putting home ownership out of reach for most of the English.

  5. Trouble is " Some" English people grumble about all this, do little,yet drift along, failing to find or generate any other direction.

    Nothing to stop English folk going into one of these Euro bar's having a sing song , knees up "Just treating it like a pub".

    Better still ,start supporting your local Pub organise all sorts of traditonal "English " like St Georges Day,Guy Fawkes,Trafalgar day,World cup day,1066 day,Bangers -Mash Day allsorts of events around the pub

    Pull in the opposite direction, against the Europhiles,the British establishment ruling elite.
    A strong united resistance is required against the brainwashers and destroyers of our English way of life.

    1. The White Dragon5 November 2013 at 07:27

      You are conflating English and British, be careful. And 1066, the year England was conquered by foreign ethnic cleansers, surely not!

  6. We learn today that the CBI at its conference is all behind England staying in the EU. Apparently we are all £3,000 a year better off because of it. Can we have a rejoinder on that one. My bet is that just as with the London property market most of those at the CBI i.e. big business as opposed to small businesses are representatives of foreign multinationals like the Americans who want us to stay in the Capitalist collectivist i.e. communist dictatorship that is the EU for their own ends.
    The Tradional Britain group has just used the expression homo economicus which is excellent as Europe's inhabitants are now just commodities like goods, services and money to be moved around at will for the benefit of the plutocracy who have taken over the world. It now seems as if we are going to have to depend on Marine Le Pen to bring the whole EU edifice crashing down and setting us free.

    And now the Indians and Pakistanis have forced the government to drop the idea of a bond to be paid by immigrants on visas from the risk countries of India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Ghana. They are risk countries because there is a great risk of these people never going home. This is like the Indians here forcing us to drop a ban on the caste system and the fact that blacks and Asians will swing the next election for Labour. We have lost control totally of our own country. Keith Vaz who has succeeded in his aim of making Leicester an Asian colony is pleased. Does he cheer every time there is a successful raid by the border agency on illegal immigrants from the Indian sub-continent. I doubt it. The sub-continent and the rest of Afro-asia are colonising now at a tremendous rate. We are so spineless as to be bullied around by those we once ruled. Needless to say the Lib Dems, plummeting in the polls, thought the bond had to go; they are such a bunch of woolly headed do-gooding fools.

    On Russia Today there was an item about the poor state of African asylum seekers in Italy forced to sleep on cardboard but they are being fed courtesy of the cash-strapped Italian taxpayer. They say they were better off in Africa. This shows they are not genuine asylum seekers in fear for their lives. Italy is broke. At least they are not letting them starve.

    Meanwhile I had to laugh when that clown Kenneth Clark said that he wanted the niqab banned in court but that there is no reason why muslim dress should be banned outside. And now we hear that for the second time a somali criminal - remember the policewoman shot in Leeds? - has escaped wearing a burkha.

    As regards London, eventually nobody will be able to afford to live there and so these rich foreigners will have nobody to look after them. The city will be full of plutocrats and people on benefits. In the history of Russia I have just read the plutocrats who fraudulenty made millions with the fall of communism headed for London. That seems to make sense. In fact watching Russia today there seems to be a representative of every foreign protest organisation from all over the world living there. No wonder there is no room left for the cockneys.