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Monday, 4 November 2013


This image has gone viral on our Facebook Page "English & Proud!" which will shortly overtake the UKIP page.
What do you think?


  1. The White Dragon5 November 2013 at 09:01

    A great slogan! Roll on the leaflets.

  2. Blood, bone, skin, heart and soul.

  3. Nóvember ðe 20th is ðe seint’s dey ov St Edmund, ðe first pátron seint ov ðé English. It is also ðe wedding anniversary ov ðe Queen. All tru English folk shoud celebrate St Edmund’s Day.

  4. The White Dragon6 November 2013 at 09:24

    How is it that the British government is considering restructuring our naval shipbuilding capacity just before a referendum when one nation, Scotland may vote to break away from the UK? Is it not subversive and irresponsible? Why would the British government want to do this? It’s another case of cynically sacrificing English interests and appeasing Scottish ones. All shipbuilding may go to Scotland. The idea that England will do the maintenance is a sick joke.
    They know no-one speaks for England and they can get away with it. Who will build the ships for the Navy of England (and Wales) in future when we have done away with all the skills in England? A foreign nation? Is that a good thing?
    There is no solution other than as a minimum first a Minister for England and then an English parliament. Independence should follow. Why should I in these circumstances wish to defend the Union? It does nothing to defend and further my interests in England.

    This plan must be stopped.

  5. Get ready for the British Govt to cut all/most of the NAVY Jobs in England and vitually close down the historic Ports of Portsmouth and Plymouth.
    So much for being british "ENGLISH ONLY for me" always has been England only, the writing was on the wall, at least 40years ago, its even more so NOW !
    Now will the doubters of England face up to it and realise the undemocratic direction we are being railroaded into ?
    will you face up ?
    Doubt it, some will still make excuses for these traitors.

  6. Look what happened to the Mary Rose, you can't build ships to save yourselves.

  7. I have been thinking again about the referendum in Colorado. This is much the same as England voting to be separate from the London which successive leaders have stolen from us and given to foreigners. I am reminded again of Charles Moore, although an Irishman, saying a few years ago that England will never ever be England again with so many foreigners living here.

    England is hanging on in the countryside, although even there, dispossession is gradually taking place, whilst all our towns and cities become foreign territory. I have just been reading Gwyn Jones' history of the Vikings. He refers to the Danes as being as Individualistic as ever. Perhaps that is why the Danelaw is rebelling against the one world collectivist state; just as Denmark itself is. It is the individualism and the democracy of Northern Germany and Scandinavia that the Anglo-Saxons and their Danish cousins gave to the world. What we are now faced with is an Asiatic style empire ruled by a wealthy elite.

    1. If you're the lone parent of mixed-race children, how do you make sure they have access to both parents' culture? A summer camp in Devon is aimed at mixed-race families.

      A mixed race camp can provide a supportive environment for families with parents from different cultural and racial backgrounds. They're particularly appealing to families who live in the countryside and lack the cultural opportunities available in cities.

      "I found that living in Dorset - if I saw a family that looked like mine - another white mother with mixed race child - I'd want to say hello, yes I'm here too - how is it for you? Obviously you can't have this conversation when you're out shopping but a look goes between you - a shared understanding. There's a visible reference - you know what I know too."

      Squeezed between black and white communities but sometimes not accepted by either, children at the 'brown camp' can meet people who look like them, share experiences and have fun together. But do camps like this have a lasting impact?

  8. The only way they survive North of the border let alone build ships " Is with Englands money", you are your biting the hand that feeds you.........nibble away Jose.