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Monday, 2 September 2013

Wanted - Nicholas Kenyon - £1,000 Reward for Information Leading to Prosecution and Conviction for Anti-English Hate Speech. Last Night of the Proms were "dangerously English" says ex-BBC boss Sir Nicholas Kenyon

Wanted - Nicholas Kenyon - £1,000 Reward for Information Leading to Prosecution and Conviction for Anti-English Hate Speech.

Last Night of the Proms were "dangerously English" says ex-BBC boss Sir Nicholas Kenyon.

I will pay a reward. To claim the Reward report this matter to the Police and get Kenyon prosecuted and Convicted for Anti-English "Hate Speech"!
Any Police Officer who refuses to act and claims that this isn't a Racist remark should be reported to the Police Complaints! 

Section 18 of the Public Order Act 1986 says:
"A person who uses ... abusive or insulting words .... is guilty of an offence if—
.... having regard to all the circumstances racial hatred is likely to be stirred up thereby."

Section 4A of the Public Order Act 1986 says:

"A person is guilty of an offence if, with intent to cause a person ..... distress, he— (a) uses .... abusive or insulting words ..... thereby causing that or another person ... distress."

The Crown Prosecution Service has an agreement with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) that the police will identify a file that meets the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report definition of a racist incident when they send it to the CPS to prosecute.
That definition is: 

"A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person."

So if you consider it so, it is! Insist upon your right to report it and their obligation to act on the report. You merely need to confirm that you feel that Anti-English hatred is likely to be stirred up (Sect. 18) and that you are caused distress (Sect. 4A) and that you see it as Racist.

Race is legally defined as as a "Protected Characteristic" under Section 4 of the Equality Act 2010. "Race" is used in a very wide sense of an individual's race, colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins

As the Daily Mail Reports:-
"It is the flag-waving finale to one of the cultural highlights of the nation’s calendar.
But according to its former director, patriotic fervour should be kept to a minimum at the Last Night of the Proms.
Sir Nicholas Kenyon, who ran the concert series for 11 years until 2007, claimed the event was ‘dangerously English’ until he brought in a host of international musicians to make it more ‘inclusive’.
The former BBC Radio 3 controller welcomed the fact this year’s concert will feature talent from overseas.
He told BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House programme yesterday: ‘The Last Night of the Proms, from being something dangerously English, has now become something totally inclusive.
‘We’ve taken it on and my successor Roger Wright has kept this going – the Proms in the Park in Hyde Park and around the country –  and this has developed absolutely marvellously. It has been a great Proms season.’
Among those performing in the finale at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday are conductor Marin Alsop and opera singer Joyce DiDonato – both American.
Sir Nicholas was responsible for booking the concert’s first American conductor, Leonard Slatkin, in 2001.
The choice drew protests, particularly after Mr Slatkin attacked one of the traditional Last Night anthems – Rule, Britannia! – as ‘militaristic’ and ‘outdated’.
But Sir Nicholas, who is now managing director of London’s Barbican centre, defended his decision to open the concert to the world, saying: ‘It’s a celebration of the best of British, but now in an international context with musicians from all over the world – just like at the Barbican, where we try and welcome as international a range of musicians, artists and performers as possible..."

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  1. Kenyon should actually face a treason trial alongside other well-known traitors like Blair and Cameron. But first we must bring back
    the Death Penalty, for Treason or paedophiles who kidnap, rape and
    then murder children.

    1. I suspect that Kenyon is an Irish patriot, which might explain his anti-English outburst. It is time that the Irish got over the potato famine, which was nearly 200 years ago. They ought to stay at home and build up Ireland instead of coming over here taking English jobs.
      It is noticeable how the Irish seem to have all the top jobs in the arts, the media (e.g., the BBC) and the civil service.

    2. Ðe wey to get back at folk like Kenyon is to find again our good English Tung which has lain buried under a ðhick layer of French and Latin for most of ðe last ðhousand years. It kan be done. We have been made to take on French ðhrough writing, and it is ðhrough writing ðat we kan bring to life true English, in ðe shape of New-English (Inglish).

      Ðe English Democrats (Inglish Folk-righters) should put our tung at ðe top of ðeir list of ðhings to do when ðey take over. In ðe meantime, let ðem take up ðe struggle for New-English to be taught in our lore-houses (schools) and broadcast far and wide ðhroughout England (Ingleland), as Welsh is in Wales.

  2. Blair still doesn't realise how much he is detested and keeps spouting his usual nonsense. He has raised the spectre of Iraq today. I think he thinks he was still right. This was in connection with Syria. Interestingly, according to Russia Today the overwhelming majority of those at the G20 were against military action with only four in favour, America, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia who are prepared to pay America to do it for them. So far congress is against by 199 to 44 with 185 undecided. And yet the BBC told us this mornning there was a major split on the matter in St Petersburg and Cameron told Putin he was wrong. Suddenly, I became aware of the pro-New World Order bias of the BBC. And still no mention of the use of chemical weapons by the rebels in Aleppo.

    I think, however, that globalisation, which was designed to benefit a plutocratic few and has left the world in ruins, has now run its course. Globalism is, I hope, now officially dead and we hope that the election in Germany will start the beginning of a return to a less interconnected world which has turned out to be so destructive, from mass immigration, the EU and euro and multiculuturalism for Europeans to a banking computer system on the brink of collapse and the banks sucking every penny out of us and turning people and nations into credit slaves, not to mention the implimentation of the big brother state which is the only way to control a borderless world rather than a collection of independent, self-reliant and homogeneous nations. Watch Max Keiser on RT to find out have the plutocrats, banksters and others, have enslaved us. By the way I can find no other explanation other than that Cameron, Blair et al have been paid for their parts in this ludicrous and destructive fiasco. And today we learn that our water voles are on the verge of extinction thanks to a country that has been grossly overpopulated through mass immigration.

    1. Globalism is certainly not dead, IT is the power-elite behind the push for
      Syria to be roasted. The Globalists pull Obama's strings and their evil
      plans for World domination would be vastly advanced by the collapse of Syria. There is VERY LITTLE doubt that the intention is to take advantage
      of US global military dominance to push for what they want, which is to
      surround, as much is possible, both Russia and China with dozens of US
      military bases, and then to start WW3 which will of course be nuclear. I
      don't honestly believe these evil Zio-globalists care what the result is, they are that far gone.

    2. Your anti-globalist message is undermined by the anti-Semitism of the last sentence.
      National socialism was a respectable philosophy until Hitler and his Jew hating followers perverted it.
      National socialism needs to be rehabilitated, liberated from its Nazi baggage.

    3. I agree that we must not assume that all those behind the New World Order are of a certain ethnicity. The Rockerfellers are meant to be in on the act as well. However, it is becoming obvious that the whole Arab Spring seems to be benefiting Israel but then this is hardly surprising in view of the dependence of US politicians on the lobby over there, 70% of whom vote democrat.

      Very depressed to read that Russia and China are the real targets as they seem to be the only ones who will set us free from this globalist nightmare. The only remaining mighty homogeneous nations left on earth - unless you count India and black Africa. Interestingly India has gone from boom to bust with the rupee undergoing a fall of 40 to 50 % in value.

      There is to be a programme on America and China on Radio 4. One Chinese girl said that soon China will overtake the US as the world's superpower and the US will no longer be able to bully China. Hopefully then the US will no longer be able to bully anyone.

      As regards Germany, you should have watched the programme about it on BBC News last night in advance of the election there. What a mess they are in and because of their aging population business leaders are calling for mass immigration to fill the empty jobs. At the moment they are trawling Southern Europe for their jobless. Germany is meant to be the country with the most immigrants - are you sure? However, eventually ethnic Germans will be squeezed as ethnic Europeans everywhere. The question will be whether they will be the first to turn.

  3. Interestingly, the last night of the Proms recalls the days of the British Empire and this is why it is deemed to be offensive in "vibrant multicultural Britain". The amusing thing is that Britain would not be "vibrant and multicultural" if there had been no British Empire
    ( which of course the Celts are now blaming on the English). Around 150,000 British ran the Raj and could easily have been done in if the Indians had really wanted to. There were then around 300m Indians. Then the Indians decided they no longer wanted us and could run things themselves. But given the chance they came rushing after us to the point where their numbers and those of Pakistanis in this country proportionately are vastly in excess of 150,00 in 300m. Imagine the mayhem if we decided to follow suit, which may one day be inevitable.

    However, this is not just ours, a post-colonial problem, Sweden is now the first country taking in Syrian refugees into a country being torn apart through mass immigration. The Sweden Democrats say Sweden should help the countries bordering Syria, more like Syria, to help with the refugee crisis but the Left will not hear of it so in come more immigrants to burn and loot and rape.

    As the globalist dream begins to founder on the rocks of its total denial of human nature, little by little nationalism and the old order in Europe are re-asserting themselves and one day perhaps the English will be left alone to glory in their past. If other countries and those who have come here as fodder for socialist and capitalist elites don't like it, why don't they just switch to another channel or wander out as the Germans say. There is no need for this to lead to conflict. There is no problem in a loose association of homogeneous and independent European nations co-operating in non-dictatorial way to the benefit of all. Totalitarian socialism in the form of Marxism (which has the West in its grip now) and Nazism have caused many millions of deaths. Nobody likes living in a prison. Every people deserves a homeland and every people deserves to be free.

  4. How about reviving Disraeli's 'Young England' movement and the 'Primrose League' (named after his favourite flower)?

  5. Too little appreciation of why Britain 'was' Great, leads to the sure squandering of that legacy. Sad it's even infecting beloved music now.