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Friday, 27 September 2013



One of the “interesting” issues that arose over the on/off affair of Mike Nattrass was that the UKIP defector, Nikki Sinclaire MEP, issued a press release and blog item attacking the English Democrats in wild and hysterically vitriolic terms.   Edited highlights of this rant include the bizarre claims that the English Democrats are "extremist" and "now contain and tolerate some of the most undesirable and disgusting people in our society" and "who seem on intent on enlarging themselves primarily first and foremost regardless of normal and social acceptability"!

Nikki Sinclaire had previously sought to persuade Mike Nattrass not to join us.  Mike must have been talking to people about it as he told me that both she and UKIP’s Deputy Leader, Paul Nuttall MEP, had tried to smear us.  Paul Nuttall was desperately trying to persuade Mike Nattrass to stay in UKIP, but for Nikki Sinclaire to try to smear us is a glaring example of all that is worst in those all too many politicians who behave with cynical self-interest and dishonest, manipulative disingenuousness.

This is the same Nikki Sinclaire, who having dropped out of UKIP for reasons that remain opaque to me, launched a new single issue party, with a blaze of negligible interest from either prospective members or the media, calling it “We want an EU Referendum Party”.

In 2010, while she was still a UKIP MEP, she had come to address our Party Conference and had been genuinely welcomed.  Many of our members signed the petition that she was then running, perhaps not realising that one of the things that she was trying to do was build up a useful database.

About two months ago Nikki telephoned me out of the blue at home to ask the English Democrats to enter into a formal alliance with her and her new Party.  Her idea was for us to stand across much of England but for us to allow her and her party to have a free run in the West Midlands and in the other nations of the UK.  Apart from us allowing her a chance of being re-elected in the West Midlands she wanted the Party Election Broadcast. 

As our Party's strategic 5 year plan is to stand throughout England in May 2014, both in order to win seats and thus get the traction and political and financial advantages of winning such seats, but also we wanted the Party Election Broadcast so that we could make further progress in building up our Party.  It was not therefore as an attractive offer to us as she may have thought it would be.  She asked me to come to a meeting to discuss it with her face to face which I said I would be happy to do but she ought to know that we would be standing throughout England. After that reply her interest in having a meeting subsided!

From this it seems blatantly obvious that her attack upon us is an expression of nothing more honourable than naked self-interest.  In doing so she has adopted language that those involved in politics all too often experience from the disreputable end of Leftism and from organisations like Hope Not Hate or Searchlight in their unscrupulous determination to support Labour interests regardless of the truth.

I suspect that the last laugh may prove to be against Nikki Sinclaire who I did not previously think had much chance of being re-elected under the banner of such a strangely named and avowedly single issue party as “We want an EU Referendum Party” but I understand Mike Nattrass is now considering standing in the West Midlands under the banner of a party that he has already got registered of “4 an EU Referendum Party”.  If ever there was to be a likelihood of two parties’ names cancelling each other out during an election, then this must be it!  What do you think?


  1. It appears that Sinclaire has in desperation had a testosterone fuelled rant against the slide into obscurity that is surely coming.

  2. It does seem strange that Nikki Sinclaire and Mike Nattrass should decide to create rival parties with almost identical names.
    It is odd that Mike Nattrass who is proud of being from Yorkshire and being an Englishman should think that he can succeed with a new party when he could have the strength of an established party behind him.

  3. I'm waiting to see an announcement of the result of ED's conference vote on independence.

  4. This lady as she is photographed bears a striking similarity to Boudicca. I wouldn't like to meet her in a dark ally.

    I have no option now but to smile at the contortions which the political class are adopting as they take a homogeneous cohesive ethnic nation with over a thousand years of shared blood and history and attempt to turn it, as they are with nearly every other European nation, into something it had never been nor never expected to be. Smiling is the only way to cope with desperation and despair.

    More and more they are coming up against the obvious; their belief that England and Britain will not change but will remain the same with the same class ruling it even when it bears no further any relation to the country it had always been. None of them really wants the country they and their ancestors grew up in to disappear and yet they are desperate to avoid any accusations of racism if they say the same and smear anybody who does.

    You cannot square this circle. Either England and Britain are one thing or the other. There are no half measures in what they have unleashed on her; they being the kleptocratic elites and their Marxist useful idiots.

    If only somebody amongst them said that this is unsustainable, as Paul Weston has, and it is time to bite on the bullet. The time of confrontation between who those who support this unwanted transformation and the rest, never chosen by the peoples of these islands, is getting closer and closer by the minute. Who is going to have the courage and the common sense to call a halt before that confrontation becomes bloody? All logic and common sense were abandoned in 1968 when Enoch Powell dared to express them. Everybody since has been terrified into silence.

  5. Its not only the self serving career IDIOTS who run this Undemocratic British farce of a so say fair Parliament. We have all sorts of strange minded IDIOTS trying to take over
    "God Help England" and " We English" we surely must make a break through soon. We just need a little bit of help and fortune somewhere down the line.
    Always ENGLAND ! FOREVER ENGLAND ! we can do it. !

  6. We must have nothing whatsoever to do with UKIP. They are a bunch of looneys and fruitcakes.
    The English Democrats are not for sale.

  7. Yet more incredibly stupid and childish personal comments from "Anonymous". I was hoping this was a place for politics. Ah well.

    1. Sorry about that. I was inferring that whoever took the photo did not seem to be aiming to flatter.