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Friday, 6 September 2013



It appears that UKIP is in the midst of a repeat of much the same sort of turmoil over the abuse of its selection procedures as has happened several times before the run up to the last couple of EU elections.

Last time this led to the creation of the splinter UK First Party, whose members are still prescribed from re-joining UKIP.

The trigger to that split was apparently Nigel Farage’s cavalier overriding of the agreed procedures to parachute into first place in the Eastern Region, David Campbell-Bannerman, pushing out the locally selected Robin Page and also in the South East parachuting in
Marta Andreasen (both of whom have, of course, since fallen out with Nigel Farage and gone over to the Conservative Party!).

Now it looks as if a similar situation is yet again developing within UKIP - as the email below, which I was sent, shows.

I was also aware of the situation because the English Democrats have been confidentially approached by some rightfully disgruntled UKIP potential candidates.

We will be happy to discuss the situation, naturally on a strictly confidential basis, with any others similarly interested in talking to the English Democrats.

Here is the article which was emailed to me. I believe it has been widely circulated on email and on the internet. What do you think?


All is far from well in the UKIP camp then !!

The following is from a UKIP activist. If you read it objectively you cannot fail (IMHO) to see that the whole MEP selection process is at its core nothing but a massive deception upon ordinary UKIP members.

What you do about it is up to you. But all of you should seriously consider if this sort of thing is appropriate behaviour for party managers to act???


PS: Note also that the upcoming Conference to be held in Telford was organised behind the back of the Regional Committee and before the selection process started!! Undoubtedly to back Nigel's choices in the Region. Jill Seymour you've got a few questions to answer!!!


I am totally shocked that my two local UKIP members from Derbyshire David Gale one of the best police commissioner results for UKIP, and Phillip Rose secretary of the East Midlands counties committee, has not made the list to be voted on for the MEP selections. As these are two hard working local activists, the fact that they have not made the final cut is dubious to say the least.

Several of the areas are being represented in the MEP selection process by people they do not want. All our candidates have come from two counties so we have no representation from Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, and Rutland. This will impact on our vote at the ballot box. The down side of this is that instead of having four MEP’s in the next elections, we will probably only have one. It has been apparent that the list has been picked by Steve Crowther, Party Chairman, raising doubts about his suitability as future chairman of the party.

In the East Midlands these are the candidates we have been given are as follows:-

Barry Mahoney ~ this man has never done anything in or for the region in the last eight years. He did not campaign in the last European election at all, and was not re voted onto the east midlands committee because of his lack of attendance at meetings.

Roger Helmer ~ came over from the conservatives, supposed to be retiring through ill health. He has not been to an East Midlands regional meeting yet even though he has been in the party a year and a half. He has not contributed financially to the region either.

Margot Parker ~ stood against UKIP at the last European elections. She stood in Corby in the by-election which is a plus point for her. Unfortunately she did not bother to stand for UKIP in a previous council by-election a few months before leaving the seat uncontested. She also left the general election seat uncontested at the last general elections. Her profession is advising people how to get around EU law, so if she obtains the post of MEP we will be adding to her job CV and she will not be inclined to push forward for the UK to leave the EU.

Jonathan Bullock ~ has only been in the party 9 months, he should not be eligible to stand as the criteria is you have to be in the party 12 months.

Nigel Wickens ~ nobody knows who Nigel Wickens is.

The above does not make good reading for anybody in the party that wants to move forward. I thought the national selection process was a good idea and although, I was not in UKIP during the last European elections these results seem to suggest that the regions selection process was a far better process last time. The fact that concludes my thoughts is that Lincolnshire activist, Christopher Pain, has not made the list. He has worked hard for the party for years attained the positions of Branch Chairman, Counties Chairman, East Midlands Chairman, NEC member, County Councillor, organised conferences and had some of the best election results for the party.

We then have to look at Mike Nattrass MEP being told he was not worthy for selection in the West Midlands makes a mockery of the all system. He has been one of the most hard working MEP’s, after Nigel Farage, in the whole party. He has worked tirelessly and donating hundreds of thousands of pounds to the party.

Neil Hamilton has been deemed unworthy to stand for selection in the South West, but his silence has been bought by a high luxury job in the party.

All three of the following are not in the top 10, but 6 people who are not known in the area are above them, why?

In the south east Steve Harris their regional organiser was number 3 candidate on the last MEP list.

Andrew Montclies ex NEC member and policy writer for UKIP

Piers Wauchop NEC member long standing with 8 years plus as a County Councillor, a hard working kingpin in the south east.

In London Paul Oakley is top of the list an unknown character not been a hard working activist for UKIP, yet he has been deemed to be a higher calibre than MEP Gerard Batten.

Then we look slightly further afield Jonathan Arnott has been placed number 1 on the list in the North East. This has dismayed local activists as they have never seen Jonathan Arnott in the region at all, people do not know who he is.

David Coburn has been placed number 1 in Scotland the information coming from Scotland is that he has not been there for 30 plus years.

These are just a few examples of the bazaar selection process that appears to be riddled with corruption from UKIP.

I joined UKIP because I thought they were the party of the people and as an activist I am absolutely distraught at the way many good candidates across the country have been treated and bypassed.....

Fellow activists and I have decided that if this injustice is not addressed we will not be actively campaigning or donating to the European elections at all. I believed UKIP to be a democratic party yet it appears we are taking on the habits of the EU which I despise strongly


A Once Dedicated UKIP Activist


  1. Ukip is the second biggest group on Lincolnshire County Council with 16 councillors.
    Lincolnshire is where most people identify themselves as English rather than British. They have swallowed the line that Ukip represents the English.
    Lincolnshire has to be at the top of the English Democrats' list of target seats.

  2. "Then we look slightly further afield Jonathan Arnott has been placed number 1 on the list in the North East."
    The North East is not "slightly further afield" for folk who live in the North East.
    Presumably "further afield" from the south of England, i.e., Ukip's natural territory.
    The North East is where the highest proportion of people identify themselves as English.
    The English Democrats can't afford to overlook the North East.
    After all, Flodden in the North East was were the English thoroughly humiliated the invading Scots.

  3. Arnott was beaten by the English Democrats in the South Yorkshire PCC elections last year.

  4. The Liberal Democrat ex-minister Sarah Teather is standing down at the next general election. Given the bad odour which surrounds the Lib Dems, she'd have most likely lost her seat anyway.
    Ukip has now replaced the Lib Dems as the party of protest. That will see a collapse of Liberal Democrat representation in Parliament.

  5. Sarah Teather is meant to be standing down because the Lib Dems - because they are shackled to Mr Cameron - are not doing enough for social justice. I don't think she will be thinking of social justice for the English; nobody has cared about that from any of the parties - apart from Enoch - for 60 years; this despite the fact that the Lib Dem mps are sickeningly white.

  6. If Progress can do it in Norway, the English Democrats can do it in England.


    "Norway’s anti-immigration Progress Party, FrP (Nynorsk, 'Framstegsparti') appears on course to enter government for the first time in a parliamentary election.

    Opinion polls published on the eve of voting predicted that Progress, led by Siv Jensen, a 44-year-old admirer of Margaret Thatcher, would win 14 per cent of the vote, putting it in line to form a coalition with the larger conservative Hoyre party of Erna Solberg who is expected to become prime minister.

    Fifty-two-year-old Mrs Solberg has been compared to Germany’s Angela Merkel. Her conservatives were forecast to win some 30 per cent of the vote with a campaign to make Norway less dependent on its massive €560bn oil and gas revenues"

    1. The Norwegians are like the English in many ways and are a very civilised, patient, tolerant and well-meaning bunch but they have now reached their limit as regards multiculturalism.

      This is despite the fact that the Left's Jens Stoltenberg, to whom we must say good riddance, has terrorised anybody who criticised multiculturalism there, branding them an Anders Breivik look-alike. He has stifled all debate by this means and the Norwegians have just packed their bags and vacated large areas of their capital, as well as putting up with the daily raping of their native girls by the New Norwegians, despite their having dyed their hair black to try and fool the rapists.

      We must hope that this election result, coming after the election of Mr Abbott in Australia who has vowed to turn back the boats of - mostly muslim - "asylum seekers", means the beginning of the end for globalism. The Norwegians - like us - have probably left it to the last minute but the Australians - having a bit more about them - are not going to wait that long.

      Incidentally, the BBC will undoubtedly take great delight in pointing out the Breivik was once a member of the Framstegsparti. Framsteg means more something like climbing upwards than marching forward; very appropriate for people like the English and the Norwegians who find themselves at the bottom of the pit. By the way most of Norway's oil money is now going on dealing with immigrants.

      Meanwhile the Russians have stumped the Americans in their next attempt at regime change in the Middle East. Hopefully, anti-globalist/anti-globalizer Russia can get the New World Order to retreat as regards all their other nasty machinations. Jack Straw told Russia Today that he still thought that the New World Order's removal of Arab dictators would ultimately lead to democracy. I have my doubts. It will probably just lead to the Jihad being further pursued in Europe.

    2. Ðhanks for translating (over-setting) ðe Norwegian name of ðe ’Progress Party’ - ’Framstegparti’ as ðe ’climbing upwards party’.

      Ðe English Democrats should adopt a New-English, i.e., national English, name, for example, ’ðe English Folk-rights Party’, as well as its international English name 'English Democrats'.
      After all, English nationalism is also about rebuilding Englishness.

    3. Oswald, I get the general idea with your drive for 'Anglo-Saxon', though it isn't exactly a great vote winner. However, do you agree that the EDP's motto - 'Pro patria anglorum' (probably haven't got that right) needs to be changed to an Anglo-Saxon one ? I have suggested this to the top before, but, as usual, with no response. Perhaps something from the Battle of Maldon, the bit about forming the shieldwall?

    4. I agree ðat if ðe English Democrats are to have a motto, it should be in English (preferably Old English) raðer ðan Latin.

      Alðough kommitment to purer New-English might not be a great vote winner, it is ðe right ðhing to do. Just imagine ðe Welsh nation wiðout ðe Welsh language.

      International kosmopolitan English kannot be a national language in ðe same way ðat New-English would be

    5. One of ðe first ðhing ðat nationalist governments do when ðey kome to power is to purify ðe national language.

  7. I was interested to see Russia Today's coverage of the Norwegian election and "far right" nationalist parties in Europe. We are just behind Sweden but the Finns seem to be leading the field with the True Finns.

    The inference was that nationalism was xenophobic, nationalist and thoroughly nasty. This left me a bit confused as I would have described Russia as probably the only true nation left in Europe, independent, free and homogeneous. However, during coverage of the Moscow mayoral election the losing contender - Novalny? - was described as a former nationalist. I know Robin had some contact with Russian nationalists so he may know more than me.

    So nationalism is officially dead in Europe and internationalism is the only possible creed. Thinking about it, there are only two countries, I think, which officially have nationalist parties in Europe these days and they are Scotland and Wales. Why are Scottish and Welsh nationalists not beyond the pale? The explanation can only be that devolution is all part of the Europe of the regions and ultimately world of the regions One World agenda. But of course this can only be under the heading of civic rather than ethnic nationalism. But the logical conclusion of civic nationalism is the erosion of all sense of national identity and hence a nation might as well be a region in a continent and a world in which everybody is mixed up like a box of liquorice allsorts.
    Scottish and Welsh nationalism are just a step on the way to regionalism.

    Last night Russia Today told us that a Belgian who was supporting the rebels in Syria but was then held by them for five months has told the world - but not us - that he and his colleague heard the rebels say that they had carried out the chemical weapons attack in Damascus. But this morning the BBC tells that Obama said he knows that Assad did it. So it is time to stop believing what the BBC tells us, they are just an organ of the One World regime changing financial and industrial elites of New York who are also keeping interest rates artifically low so that we are entrapped by penury whilst they suck in all the money. And Saudi Arabia wants to build a pipeline to Europe across Syria - and who is backing the rebels?; and who paid for Obama to go through Harvard Law School?
    Perhaps he must do the Saudis' bidding as well or they will let slip that he was not born on American soil and hence has no right to be president.

    1. Barack Obama is the president of Britain: future American presidents will not be president of independent England.

    2. It seems that unrest in the Middle East is a way of keeping oil prices high. So, like Iraq and Libya, it's all about oil after all. (Afghanistan may not have oil but it is the richest country in the world when it comes to other mineral resources.)

  8. For a ðhousand years our English language (tung) and kulture (lore) have been suppressed (shoved down) and despised (looked down on). English school children should not leave school wiðout a knowledge of Beowulf, Ðe Dream of Ðe Rood and Ðe Seafarer, preferably in ðe original tung.

  9. The BBC told us that Barroso had predicted that UKIP would get more euro mps next year than the Tories. Hopefully, the EDs might score there as well. The euro elections, they say, are a time when the English lodge a protest vote. Perhaps it is more that, due to proportional representation, they might actually get their wishes acknowledged in a way that is impossible through the first past the post system. I am trying to find out what prompted Barroso to make this comment.

    As for poor little England, she is still trying to pretend that nothing has changed in many ways. Admittedly the "white British" are still in a majority of around 80% in England and Wales. However, everything is so surreal. The establishment seem to be going along with this pretence that England will survive another 1500 years but we are like people of Pompeii after the initial eruption of Vesuvius carrying on as if nothing will come of it. But the tidal wave of mass non-European immigration is sweeping over our land, like the lava flows of Vesuvius. We know that by the middle of the century we will have been swept away and England will never be the same again. We will be a majority Afro-asian and mixed race country and will have lost any sense of our identity or any identity come to that. This cannot be just fortuitous but must have been planned. There must come a crunch moment. At the moment the English are pensioners on coach trips and SAGA holidays or clogging the old folks' homes in God's waiting rooms. We have been told the demographics by Professor Coleman. The only consolation is that those over 55 tend to vote more so may just finally turn to prevent the disaster planned by our One World plutocratic masters. I have just heard from somebody who stayed in a Quaker Hostel in London. He remarked that there was not even a Brit, let alone an English person, on the staff.

    I have just thought of another new country and that is Catolonia which is to have a referendum on independence from Spain probably before the Scottish one. Perhaps it will influence the Scottish one. Perhaps Robin should cite Catolonia; but it would seem that they want to stay in the EU so will probably just another region in Europe of the Regions.

  10. Ðe Lindisfarne Gospels should stay in Durham Caðhedral and not be sent back to ðe British Library in London.

  11. Having seen a video of Ukip's Godfrey Bloom MEP in action in the European Parliament, the English Democrats must surely be able to take Yorkshire and Humberside from Ukip in the 2014 EU election.

  12. Flodden is widely forgotten today. It is politically inconvenient and perhaps too complicated to remember "the Flowers o’ the Forest", as they are in Jean Elliot’s words,

    I’ve heard the lilting, at our yowe-milking,
    Lassies a-lilting, before the dawn o’ day;
    But now they are moaning, on ilka green loaning:
    The Flowers o’ the Forest are a’ wede away.

    Dule and wae to the order, sent our lads to the border
    The English, for aince, by guile wan the day:
    The Flowers o’ the Forest, that fought aye the foremost
    The pride o’ our land, are cauld in the clay.

    We hear nae hair lilting at our yowe-milking,
    Women and bairns are heartless and was;
    Sighing and moaning on ilk a green loaning
    The Flowers o’ the Forest are a’ wede away.

  13. The Lib Dems' conference in Glasgow is evidence of how irrelevant they are. They've had their day, and about time too.
    Ukip will soon follow the Lib Dems into oblivion with the rise of English nationalism.

  14. From Nick Clegg's speech to the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow.

    "Before anything I want to pay tribute to our team of Scottish MPs who lead the way in Parliament in arguing for a United Kingdom that is strong, secure and together. All under the direction of our fantastic Chief Whip and rally compere.

    Over the course of the next year, our party will continue making the case for Scotland in the UK. And we have the right team to get the job done. In Mike Moore, we have a Scottish Secretary who has delivered more powers for Holyrood, who brokered the deal for a legal, fair and decisive referendum, when so many people said that it could not be done, and who is working with ministers across government, day after day, to make the positive case for the United Kingdom. In Danny Alexander we have a Highlander right at the heart of the Treasury. And in Willie Rennie we have a constant thorn in Alex Salmond’s side, and an enormous asset to our party, making a persuasive case for a liberal Scotland in a liberal United Kingdom."

  15. Lib Dems' Scottish leader Willie Rennie at the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow said,
    “We are for Scotland as much as any [Scottish] nationalist and [English(?)] nationalists should remember it,”. He added: “I know David Cameron is a Tory but I have never doubted his commitment to Scotland. This questioning of loyalty will not help the nation come together after the referendum.”

  16. From the Berwickshire News,

    ”For some from south of the Border, the commemoration was a chance to highlight that they felt the English victory had been underplayed.

    A group of English Democrats, as they described themselves, carrying St George Cross flags lay a wreath commemorating the “memory of the brave Englishmen who came to Branxton to defend their country.”

  17. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Russia Today tells us that Vaclav Klaus and Nigel Farage have just met to discuss next year's euro elections which Barroso says will see UKIP trouncing the Tories. Hopefully the EDs will be in there as well. Klaus, the former Czech president, says that the EU is like the communism he has lived under, well it is the same thing and he wants to see an agglomeration of independent European nations working together not the euro nor the EU.

    He has called on Europeans to vote against both in next year's elections. I hope they heed his call.

    I have also read a piece on the promotion of Islam in Europe by the EU as part of the creation of Eurabia, the linking of the EU to North Africa and the Middle East as a step towards the one world government we all fear. Trugott Schoefthaler of the Anna Lindh foundation has said that "Identity is the root of all conflicts". They are trying to create a Europe and a world in which we are all mixed up and belong nowhere. But the search for an identity is something that is necessary to all, children look for it from an early age. Deny it and you are going to drive us all mad. I am sure that this is going to be a massive increase in mental illness as a result of what they are doing.

    And so we come to the business in Leicester. If you want to see England's future as an Afro-asian country with a white minority then look at the news footage about this "clash of cultures" no mention of racial crime as the perpetrators were not white. There were a couple of Leicester Vikings in the footbal team of which the dead man was the manager but that was all. This is our England to come. Keith Vaz has now achieved his aim of making Leicester an Asian colony so obviously this Afro-carribean was in the wrong place.

    Just keep praying that Europeans have the strength to heed Vaklav Klaus's words and revolt against what is planned for them. Russia Today may be playing a blinder as Gorbachev is meant to have signed them up to the bankers' hegemony and to one world goverernment as well.

    Finally one bit of good news, a recent survey found that mass immigration had brought more disadvanges than advantages with on 17% in favour. Wonder if they were all immigrants, sounds about the right figure.

  18. Sorry that last paragraph should have read that 60% felt that mass immigration had brought more disadvantages than advantages.

    Apparently, Alternative fur Deutschland are set to determine the result of the German election on Sunday and Merkel may have to go into coalition with them. This would mean that she would have to drop her adherence to the euro; meaning that either it will have to be split into two, north and south, or that Germany will withdraw altogether and it will collapse. I have just read that one of their slogans is the euro splits Europe, so does the EU. I see that that lunatic narcissist and all-out one worlder, Tony Blair, thinks that the euro is suddenly going to bounce back and they can press ahead with their one world agenda.

    Without Germany the euro and probably the EU will not function properly. If Alternative fur Deutschland succeed then the Freedom Parties may determine the fate of other countries on the Continent and in Scandinavia and the "far right"in England as well. Hopefully, then somebody will put and end to this madness and they will realise that human nature cannot be bent or kept under to fit their wishes; which differ radically from those of the people. What they are planning is a Brave New World which will be a totalitarian nightmare.

    1. The 2011 census showed that Newham was one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the country. Around 130,000 of the council’s residents were born outside of the European Union.

      Andrew Boff, Leader of the Conservative group on the Greater London Assembly, said: “I don’t think [Sir Robin] actually likes Newham. I think he wants to change it to some other borough. I think he’s a bit ashamed.

      “Integration is either respecting diversity or trying to suppress it and I think there’s more suppressing going on.”

      He added: “What’s happening in Newham is a big backwards step.”

      Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales said: “Far from suppressing diversity, we respect and champion it. We are the most ethnically diverse borough in Europe and the evidence proves our approach of bringing our residents together is the right one.

      “Almost 90% of our residents say this is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together. We bring people together in a large number of ways including a range of annual free community events - attended by almost 100,000 this year.

    2. The "white British" are now meant to be only 17% of the residents of the borough. Presumably, this means the tail-end of the native English who once constituted its entire population. Has Sir Robin considered, I wonder, how he will promote his common identity when - as will happen over time - the native English consitute as little as 5% of the borough's residents or fewer. As for being the most ethnically diverse borough in Europe; this is now the fate of England overall; if not in Europe then in the world when the predominant race or culture will then replace that of the indigenes. On Russia Today we are informed that islam is set to oust Christianity as the major religion in Britain in ten years' time so we can only guess at what that culture will be, subcontinental in identity. My question, Sir Robin, is when did the English ever vote for this or be given a chance to reject it without being subject to the terrifying accusations of racism which drove them to remain silent?

  19. robin will you be supporting the english seperatist motion at your conference

  20. The Anglicisation of British politics (IPPR report Dec 2012)

    The Anglicisation of British politics has not, for the most part, resulted in a highly political nationalism demanding the creation of English-only institutions. Instead, it has led to a more Anglocentric way of thinking and talking about politics, which has bubbled up into the political mainstream in the form of an increasingly Anglocentric view of political priorities and focus. Anglo-British politics is increasingly defined by the very different experiences of recession and public sector cuts in the south east and other parts of England, the growing resentment occasioned by rising inequality and the irresponsible behaviour of political and economic elites, and debates over who counts as a deserving member of the national community (with migrants and those dependent on welfare benefits often framed as undeserving outsiders). Each of these themes has been played out within, and stoked by, the rhetorical repertoire associated with a revitalised sense of English heritage and culture.

    But, while politicians at Westminster are, usually unwittingly, reflecting an ever-more Anglicised set of priorities, it is wrong to think that this amounts to a coherent or strategic response to the various challenges posed by a growing sense of Englishness. There is, in the longer term, a real prize available to the political party that is able to harness the evolving sensibilities of the English and to address credibly the normative claim at their heart – that England merits greater recognition in both cultural and political terms.

    In current circumstances, the greatest threat [the union] faces is not from nationalists in Scotland. Rather, it is from those at the centre of the political system who cling to the assumption that the English will always ‘get’ the merits and quirks of the union and of the asymmetrical model of devolution.

    Already there are signs that leading visions of Englishness are transforming the culture and agendas of British politics – albeit almost imperceptibly. Research has shown that the Scottish parliament and Welsh assembly have generated political cultures that are increasingly detached from developments elsewhere in the UK, but the English equivalent of this trend – the shrinkage in the imagined community addressed by the London-based media – has gone largely unnoticed. London and the South East serves for the taken-for-granted national community addressed by most media coverage of a political system that remains nominally British

    1. Ðe word ’culture’ is found a few times in ðis analysis of Englishness by ðe IPPR. At ðe root of our kulture will lie our good English tung, kleansed of unneeded outlandish words which have kome into it over ðe last ðhousand jears.

      A folk which loses its tung, loses its soul.

      I hope ðat ðe English Democrats (Folk-righters) will take ðis on board when ðey gather in Leicester for ðeir jearly Folk-thing (parliament, like Husting - house-thing).

    2. George Osborne is trying to boost house sales by using tax payers' and savers' moeny to encourage a feel-good factor prior to the 2015 election. The tabloids tell us there is a house price boom - which will be followed by the bubble bursting in two years' time. However, this is something which is only happening in the cosmopolitan south-east. Elsewhere house prices are static if not falling. Time to cut the rope and let cosmopolitan London drift off into the North Sea or to the Afro-asia areas of the world where it now belongs.

  21. Barnsley, Burnley, Doncaster and Hull. These should be English Democrat towns.