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Friday, 27 September 2013



Press Release

At our national conference in Leicester on Saturday, 21st September, the English Democrats adopted the following resolution:-

Independence for England

The English Democrats believe that England should again be an independent nation state and we will campaign to that end.

The English Democrats demand that a referendum be held for the People of England to decide whether England should become independent again and secede from the United Kingdom and the European Union.

For the first time in history there is now a fully-fledged English nationalist party that is calling for England to become independent and to leave the United Kingdom.

At a well attended meeting at the Hilton Hotel, Leicester, the English Democrats Annual Party Conference on the 21st September unanimously adopted as its key note campaigning policy a campaign for the English Nation to be given a chance for a referendum to vote for independence from the United Kingdom.

Independence for England is an increasingly popular policy. In July 2013 the Labour supporting Think Tank, the IPPR, in its paper entitled “England and its Two Unions – The Anatomy of a Nation and its Discontents”, noted that even in “the complete absence of any public debate around English citizenship”, nevertheless “England is emerging as a political community” and up until now “despite no significant political party or actor advocating independence for England those supporting the proposition that England should become an independent country at 34% were only narrowly outnumbered by those in opposition 38%.” Whereas if Scotland votes to become independent “a plurality (39%, compared with 33% who disagreed) then said that England too should become independent. The IPPR report also shows that the constitutional status quo is, across the whole of England and across all social classes, “consistent and less favoured than English independence”.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said: “We are delighted that this proposal attracted such overwhelming support amongst the English Democrats. At a time when Scotland and Wales are moving towards independence it is more than time for England and the English Nation to consider whether we too should become independent. English nationalists are overwhelmingly Eurosceptic and English independence offers, as the EU Commission and Mr Barroso have confirmed in the case of Scotland, independence offers an immediate and automatic exit from the EU. Mr Barroso’s comments suggest that an independent England “would have to re-apply” for EU membership.

Robin Tilbrook went on:- “The idea of an increasingly Eurosceptic English nation “re-applying” for EU membership is hugely entertaining”.

Robin Tilbrook
The English Democrats,
Quires Green, Willingale, Ongar, Essex, CM5 0QP

Key facts about the English Democrats

The English Democrats launched in 2002. The English Democrats are the English nationalist Party which campaigns for a referendum for Independence for England; for St George’s Day to be England’s National holiday; for Jerusalem to be England’s National Anthem; to leave the EU; for an end to mass immigration; for the Cross of St George to be flown on all public buildings in England.

The English Democrats are England’s answer to the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru. The English Democrats’ greatest electoral successes to date include winning the Directly Elected Executive Mayoralty of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and the 2012 referendum; We won the referendum which triggered a referendum to give Salford City an Elected Mayor; In 2012 we saved all our deposits in the Police Commissioner elections and came second in South Yorkshire; In the 2009 EU election we gained 279,801 votes after a total EU campaign spend of less than £25,000 (giving the English Democrats by far the most cost efficient electoral result of any serious Party in the UK)


  1. The BBC have reported from the BNP conference, admittedly in negative terms, but they have reported it.
    Given the historic decision on English independence, the fact that the establishment media have not said or written a thing about the English Democrat's conference is in itself significant.
    The EDs will have to overcome the broadcasting ban that is operating against them.
    The fact of the apparent ban is a measure of the fear of nationalism which pervades the globalists and the British.

  2. As an Englishman I believe in England with the English as Default in all aspects, policies, laws and directives and having its own parliament, in this way the country as a whole can be to some degree multicultural but can never be totally taken over, which is why I have a problem with the Saint George Flag it’s not a true English flag. A flag should symbolise everything about a culture which is why The English White dragon flag is more historical and appropriate. We have a country now full of people with sense & nonsense but no common sense being controlled by outsiders all started in the past by the introduction of the Catholic European saint George flag followed later by the British union jack, neither of which relate in any way to the English ethnic people, it just does not make any sense in my opinion to have this flag as a symbol of England and the English as a independent country, it just won’t work, Its all sense and nonsense to most people but no common sense to a Englishman.

    1. Ðe earliest English flag (white kross on red) is flown by Denmark. It was replaced by ðe England flag (red kross on white).
      Ðe England flag predates ðe adoption of St George as England’s patron saint by about a hundred years.

      Ðe first patron saint of ðe English was St Edmund (Saint’s Day November 20th).

      Ðere is no history behind ðe white dragon, ekscept Geoffrey of Monmouth’s ’History of ðe Kings of Britain’, which does not identify who ðe white dragon represented , possibly ðe Count of ðe Sakson Shore or ðe Duke of Britain.

    2. Ðé English flag was adopted when England's pátron saints were Edward ðe Confessor and Saint Edmund, long before Saint George

  3. It's about time that the party adopted such a position, the Union has become akin to the old Austro-Hungarian empire; no one wanted that either, save for an elite political class.

    Only by relentlessly pursuing the nation-state can a person, or organisation, truly be opposed to internationalism and globalism, and for a folk; the people themselves.

  4. What surprises me is that the BBC and others have made no comment. Why do they prefer the BNP to the English Democrats? Is it because they know an independent England is more likely to become nationalist while Britain remains multicultural. We are near the end game now.

  5. The Tories at their conference in Manchester are beginning to panic. They have a brand image problem in the north, where they have to retain seats that they took in 2010 in order to form a government in 2015.
    They are unlikely to do that on present form. Cameron and his pals are seen as southern rich boys who are out of touch with northern concerns. There is possibly a once in a life time opportunity for the English Democrats to replace the Conservatives as the opposition to Labour in the north.
    The Tories have anti-working class baggage which is not forgotten in the north. The English Democrats have everything needed to appeal to northern blue collar workers and none of the baggage.

  6. I posted elsewhere that the EU would collapse as the Holy Roman Empire before it. Somebody else has referred to the Austro-Hungarian empire with respect to the United Kingdom. The Austrian election is to be held shortly and there, too, there is a backlash against the dictatorial EU, the euro, mass immigration and multiculturalism, globalism and globalisation in effect. You could now call the United KIngdom an EU in miniature.

    Having been called stupid and childish elsewhere I hesitate to continue posting but am only trying to ensure that reason finally prevails over what I would call stupid and childish globalism. I wonder how many others saw the Rock and Roll Britannia programme on BBC4 on Friday evening. It had a strange effect on me and perhaps some others. I wonder what effect it had on those who have never known the 1950s and early 1960s. I suddenly felt that I had gone home. And I realised that many of us now feel that we are trapped in a sort of internal exile in or own country or in a country which bit by bit is ceasing to be our country at all. I have heard similar sentiments in respect of Sweden where the writer wanted to return to Sweden as some of us want to return to England as both countries are losing their historic identities so rapidly.

    Then I watched Great Motorbike Rides in New Zealand on the Travel Channel. Both the presenter and his young producer would have moved their tomorrow as they were obviously growing weary of 21st century England. The reasons given were the friendly people, the beautiful scenery and the room to breathe. It was noticeable that eveybody they met was of British, if not English, descent. As for the room to breathe, this would have been possible to us if mass immigration had never taken place and we had been able to reduce our population. As for our beautiful country, as beautiful as New Zealand, as Robin has pointed out, it will soon be covered in concrete and none of the the three major parties has any intention of putting a stop to this.

    So if we want to go home to England and are young enough then it seems our only option is to head south where the land of 1950s England is still surviving as we English are forced into a disapora. NZ is like our Israel. For those of us who are too old to go, we have no option but to hang on as the country is changed around us into something totally alien and something we never wanted or never expected to see happen.
    The only hope is that the New World Order who have been manipulating us into extinction over the last 60 years might, like the EU, be on the verge of collapse also.

    The great fear now is that the main parties and the media will use the Golden Dawn experience in Greece to tar all "right wing" nationalist parties. But looking right across the continent of Europe now I feel that the time is ticking on their insane, stupid and childish globalist experiment.

    In a programme on luxury in Ancient Greece a modern Greek was heard to comment that globalisation has only benefited the rich and made the rest of us poor, which was probably the aim all along. Perhaps it was the aim of the United Kingdom as well.

    There is a programme this morning on children who have grown up with devolution in the Celtic fringe and none of them seems to want to turn the clock back. No similar survey in respect of England of course.

  7. Asked on the BBC Today programme whether he was a better leader of the coalition than of the Tory Party, Cameron admitted that his priority is securing the country's place in Europe.
    An item from Bolton revealed the worry about immigration in the north. If England does not leave the EU, there will be nothing that can be done to control immigration; not just from the EU, but from the whole world which can come in through the back door.
    The Tories face a wipe out in the north where former Tory voters are considering Ukip although Ukip cannot take the UK out of the EU because of support for the EU in the fringe countries.
    The English Democrats are the only party with a realistic chance of taking an independent England out of the EU and ending immigration.
    That message needs to put out across the north in particular which is where the party has its best hope of making a break through.

  8. Ukip's Nigel Farage was at the Tory conference in Manchester. Did the English Democrats Party have a presence there demonstrating against Cameron's ant-English policies?

  9. Í hope ðat folk have been able tö listen tö Seamus Heaney reading his translacion of ’Beowulf’ on BBC Radio 4 ’Book of ðe Week’, at 9.45 am every dæy ðis week.

  10. Watching the results of the Austrian election on Russia Today I was informed by the commentator what we already know, namely that the working classes all over Europe are ditching the Left who have been wedded to utopianist multicultural international socialism, if not Marxism and have not only done nothing to help their traditional supporters, they have in fact done them immense harm through mass immigration.

    It was interesting that the Mail chose to print what we already know, that David Milliband's father, Ralph, was a foreign-born Marxist theorist who denounced Britain as soon as he set foot here fleeing anti-semitism on the Continent. As a result his grandfather was barred from entering after the War. We also know that Ralph Milliband is buried next to Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery.

    The Tory Mail has no doubt printed this because they are running scared of Labour as people leave their party in droves for UKIP and hopefully for the EDs. Of course, the blue collar workers here as well are turning to the "far right" and abandoning New Labour.

    This is no surprise as for the last 40 years at least the Labour Party here has become the party of Marxist graduates who care more about a borderless multicutural England and Europe than them. Interestingly, in the days when the Labour Party did care about them they were opposed to immigration. But all that changed when those who had come up from the bottom were replaced by the graduates who really sneered at the workers and thought they knew best; just like the Oxford don who thought that to solve the problems of the third world you had to move the third world into the first and turn it into the third world as well. And no, Oxford dons are not that intelligent, less intelligent than the workers whose fate they thought they could decide on.

    The third world is still the third world. The obvious answer was to keep the first world strong and homogenous and cohesive so it could help the third world, if at all possible, and, as Enoch suggested, send those from the third world back once trained and educated to carry out this task.

    Sadly, since 1968, there seem to be few left with the intelligence to see the obvious. They are either thick and rich or just thick, either supporting globalisation for their own self-enrichment or globalism for reasons of childish utopianism.

    1. Trust the Daily Mail to say that Ralph Miliband denounced Britain. In those days he was more likely to have denounced England. Indeed, why should he denounce Britain in view of the support given to the left in Scotland and Wales? And why should he denounce the London/British establishment which shares his cosmopolitan aims?

  11. To paraphrase Ukip leader Nigel Farage at the Tory Conference in Manchester, "if you want to live in an independent country outside of the EU, it's your DUTY to vote for the English Democrats in the elections next year".
    Farage's criticism of Bill Cash and the other Tory "Eurosceptics" was justified. They are simply acting as a fig leaf for Cameron's Europhile party.
    Farage, himself, is seriously misleading English voters. He should know that he cannot take the UK out of the EU against opposition from the fringe countries of the UK.
    And he has done nothing to disabuse the English of the idea that Ukip is a nationalist party.
    English Democrats should have been in Manchester; not only heckling Cameron and his pals, but Farage, too.
    Show him up for selling on a false prospectus.

  12. England gives refuge to the likes of Ralph Miliband and, whether Marxists or Muslims,they immediately set about changing the country with London being the prime example, and beyond recovery.

    1. The Miliband family are soaked with the blood of innocent
      Russian Christians. The grandfather was an NKVD commander
      and is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of
      Russians. Ralph Miliband would have been the same except
      Britain was not a place where mass murder was possible. Ed
      Miliband, a career politician like the traitor Cameron, has no interest in the people of Britain. He has been to Israel and
      prostrated himself, promising his undying loyalty to the people of
      Israel. I have not heard of him doing the same here, yet he puts himself forward as a future PM. What a bloodsoaked family of

  13. In recent days the Tories in Brussels have achieved a number of globalist policy changes to EU law.
    Cameron and the Tory hierarchy are unlikely ever, willingly, to relinquish that amount of power over 500 million people.
    Only the English Democrats have the will, and the means of preventing the Tories from doing the globalists' dirty work - an independent England.

  14. Russia, where Marxism began - or where it was first imposed from beyond the seas - will probably be where the Marxists and those behind them finally are given their marching orders. This would be in line with the Zagorsk Prophecy which thus far has proved remarkably accurate.

    Russia Today often carries items about Britain, with the latest being the Tories policy, stolen from UKIP, to get rid of the Human Rights laws. What amuses me is that Russia Today chooses to show the streets of Tower Hamlets with not a white face in sight as the face of modern Britain/England. It could be that this is all they have to hand. Or it could be that they have an alternative agenda; i.e. this is what Marxism and the bankers - whom they slate at every opportunity - have done to our once great nation. They probably feel we have something in common with them as the Gates of Europe which we have both held closed against invasion. The resilience of the Russians is probably even greater than ours. No, they would never have allowed the multiculturalisation of Russia in a way that it has happened to England.

    As soon as the iron curtain began to fall, or was torn down as all being part of the strategy to achieve one world government, the bankers, the EU and American capitalism made it hot foot to Moscow to get Gorbachev on their side. American capitalism was foiled by the Russia Mafia, whom Putin is now getting to grips with; Russia refused to be ensnared by the bankers and refused to join the EU. Russia now has a budget surplus and Putin will not allow it to go into deficit as he fears that an indebted Russia will be a pawn of the bankers, the fate that has befallen Europe and America. At least showing Tower Hamlets should ensure the tourists stay away but then that and the kleptocratic City of London; from where Cameron and Osborne take their orders; is all we have left.

  15. Tower Hamlets is the modern face of Britain/London. White faces in London are more likely Russian than English.
    Surely, Marxism began, not in Russia, but in Britain/London. Marx is buried in Highgate cemetery

    1. Marx may have sought refuge in London but Russia was their test bed and probably their revenge on Tsarist Russia. What I still wonder at is whether Marx was being backed by the bankers all along.

  16. Who gives a toss ! we know who the marxist are ,we know the liblabcon are a pathetic group of useless treacherous politicians. its them and us.
    Proactive reponse will be better than staring the realities in the face. !
    Stand for Council and MP seats,write to your local paper rally support amongst yer mates,work colleagues,family whatever.
    But please dont moan and do nothing,because thats what the Politicians laugh about ! .......... Prescott, Balls ,Clegg, Clarke etc should never be in Westminster the people who voted them in are deluded and stupid. Stand up for England and your English rights.